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CATHARSIS: Awakening Humanity's Full Potential

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Christian Forlani: 20 years of Drug and alcohol addiction, removed in 1 weekend

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INTERCEPTION: Abilities That We Have Now    Short Documentary Film (2013)

19 Year-old Horse Crippled with Arthritis,
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       Before and IMMEDIATELY After Philip Savage's Remote SDI Intervention!

  • Paddy "AFTER" Videos (edited)Over a period of 6 weeks after Philip's SDI treatment

EARLY,  MIDDLE, and LATER -- Paddy After SDI processing from a Distance

Eyewitness Accounts of Paddy's Remarkable Recovery

Veterinarian (retired): Dr. Graeme Doody
Biologist (retired): Stella Conner
Farrier: Arthur Bell
Farrier: James Luker
Jockey: Pippa Moorhouse
Riding Instructor: Sue Fawdry
Riding Instructor: Virginia Landry
Horse Owner: Lavinia Landry
Horse Owner: Rachel Aberdeen
Sauvage Client: Christopher Layton
Sauvage Client: Christian Forlani
Sauvage Student: Jane Clements
Sauvage Graduate: Alison McDermott
Rosie Holt: Friend of Paddy

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Part I - "The Unbelievable Healer", Patrick Sabatier Show (42.1Mb)
Part II - French TV documentary, FR3 (8.4Mb)
Part III - Winning the TV Debate with medical Professor (33.8Mb)

Shielded Room Experiment and AMI documentation of effects (67.6Mb): Bio-Bliss on Tap --
Part 1, Part 2.
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Part I -
Doctor interviews Philip Savage (36.5Mb)
Part II -
Sacred Processing "Corpus Callosum" case (45.3Mb)
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Shingles Case: Pain gone in 5 minutes
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Part II - Monitoring the Effects of SDI Treatment of Shingles Virus (Herpes Zoster)

Dr. Jane Dillon on
Removing Terrorists with Philip Sauvage's SDI Technology
Historic 1990 French TV show, featuring Philip Sauvage

The appearance of Mr. Sauvage (as Philip Gwezh, his Breton name) broke all known television ratings
worldwide, after which the station received millions of letters and calls from viewers trying to contact this
most famous Breton holy “healer," Philip Gwezh.

Host: Patrick Sabatier, 12/28/90    "

Host:               Oh, how is it, Jerome?  Everybody is doing fine?  Yes?

Public:            This man has something to say… and we are here to prove it.

Host:               You’re saying that this person has something to say, and that you are here to prove it?  Come then, come all of


Host:                Ok, make yourselves comfortable. Please come, Madam, with your child. Here, you can sit down there…. So,
this man is a healer, an unbelievable healer. And you might say, rubbish, that’s a lot of bull. So, what’s your name, Madam?

Witness 1:        Denise Le Poupon.

Host:                What did he heal you from?

Witness 1:       From depression

Host:                You were having a depression, and he cured you?

Witness 1:        I had  been suffering from depression for ten years, with a medical treatment, and I was getting worse and
worse, and I saw…

Host:                You are stating this, you are not in collusion with this gentleman.

Witness 1:        Oh, no, absolutely not!

Host:                Your name, Madam?

Witness 2:        Gouzien, Marguerite.

Host:                May I ask you, don’t take it the wrong way, may I ask you your age?

Witness 2:        Sixty-eight and a half.

Host:                You were sick. What did you have?

Witness 2:        Yes, a mammary cancer.

Host:                That is to say a cancerous tumor in the breast.

Witness 2:        In the breast, yes.

Host:                And you had seen some physicians?

Witness 2:        Yes, that is why I knew what I had.

Host:                So you had undergone regular medical treatments, radiation…

Witness 2:        No, no, I refused.

Host:                You went to see that gentleman?

Witness 2:        Yes, I got his address from a colleague at work.

Host:                And, no cancer anymore?

Witness 2:        No more!

Host:                What did he do to you?

Witness 2:        He did a laying on of hands.

Host:                He just touched you?

Witness 2:        Yes.

Host:                How many times?

Witness 2:        Oh, four times in five months.

Host:                Four sessions of handling in five months?

Witness 2:        Yes.

Host:                And no more cancer?

Witness 2:        That’s right.

Host:                And the last sitting took place when?

Witness 2:        That must have been in September.

Host:                That is to say about three months ago.

Witness 2:        Yes.

Host:                Sir, will you take the microphone from this lady?… What is your name?

Witness 3:        Robert Barbotin

Host:                Yes.  Do you know one another?

Witness 3:        No, not at all.  This is the first time that…

Host:                Haven’t you all agreed to conspire together?

Witness 3:        No…, no, no!

Host:                You have, yes or no?

Witness 3:        No, I am an engineer.

Host:                What did you have?

Witness 3:        Well, I had the after effects of a road accident lingering on for the past fifteen years, and when my wife and my
two daughters and an artist that I know and that I consider as a friend, when all those people were taken care of, I…

Host:                But what did you have yourself?

Witness 3:        Well, among the different problems, the most obvious was an obesity quite severe in…

Host:                You weighed how much?  Excuse me I have to go a little fast.

Witness 3:        Just about 95 kilogrammes  and some, to be modest.

Host:                This is not being obese, 95 kilos. Were you in good health?

Witness 3:        It wasn’t you who had to carry that weight!

Host:                No, that’s true…. So he touched your stomach and it was all right?  A diet?

Witness 3:        No, no, not at all.  Mr. Gwezh thinks that it’s probably better warding off the real cause, and not the symptoms…

Host:                Sorry for being a little in a hurry, but what did he do, so that you would no longer have this obesity, what you call
obesity, what did he do?

Witness 3:        He laid his hands on my head.

Host:                There we are. He laid his hands on your head….  Madam, what is your name?

Witness 4:        My name is Valerie Aguerre.

Host:                Valerie, the microphone.  Thank you for Valerie.

Witness 4:        My name is Valerie Aguerre.  So I was six months pregnant with Antoine.

Host:                With your child Antoine.

Witness 4:        Physicians had diagnosed a cystic fibrosis.

Host:                A Cystic fibrosis for the foetus, at the fetal level.

Witness 4:        Yes, an intra-uterine cystic fibrosis, and I went to see Philippe Gwezh, and the child was born and you can see
that he is well!

Host:                Your child was born in good health?

Witness 4:        She was born in good health, she…

Host:                So, what did he do?

Witness 4:        He laid his hands on my stomach.  Once.

Host:                Very well… Madam, what is your name?

Witness 5:        Veronique Le Fur.

Host:                Were you sick?

Witness 5:        Not me, no, but someone very close to me, very, very close, had an advanced stage of cancer.

Host:                And he went to see Philippe.

Witness 5:        No, no!

Host:                Wait a minute…

Witness 5:        I brought him a photograph.  I brought a photo of him to Philippe Gwezh.

Host:               Wait a minute, are you saying that the person who was close to you, who had a cancer, was healed by sending
a photograph to Philippe Gwezh?

Witness 5:        Yes.

Host:                He looked at the picture?

Witness 5:        He worked on the picture.

Host:                And you’re telling me, you assure us here, there a millions of people looking at this show, you assure us that
the person close to you does not have his cancer anymore?

Witness 5:        For the time being, everything is all right.  And I am going to request Philippe Gwezh to continue taking care of

Host:                An incredible guy, to say the least….  Well, some may be skeptical or not….

P. Gwezh:        That’s advisable, it seems to me.

Host:                Now I would like to know, when did you realize that you were having what can be called, because it is rather
irrational, a gift?

P. Gwezh:        Oh, probably several thousand years ago, that is to say, I cannot answer you about when I realized this
because I was simply trained to be so; because I am a healer just as my mother is a healer, my grand-mother is a healer
and she is 87 years old, and her mother was one as well, her grand-father, as well as…. I am merely a link in an old chain.  
But I was taught how to heal, in its own good time, from the time I was a very young boy, until I became an adult….  And my
five children are trained by myself, my mother and my grand-mother every day, especially my mother and my grand-mother, I
do not have much time myself; I have been trained myself by my mother, my grand-mother and my great-grand-mother, every
day; when I was around seven or eight, I started curing my maid of some shingles, or a skin disease like anyone can have,
and when I was around twenty-five, I set up my practice as a true healer.

Host:                Does that mean, Philippe, that you can transmit your knowledge to another person, who would not necessarily
belong to your family?

P. Gwezh:        I believe so. I maintain that it is not really a gift.  I think that we all have this sense at our disposal, but it has
been fossilized or frozen in some people, whereas in me, it has been awakened.  In the same way, if one does not learn how
to see, feel and listen, this has been tried several times on a young animal with some appliances, when you remove the
appliances, the brain has not learned to see, to listen and to hear, etc…. so you are deaf and blind.  I was taught to heal, in its
own good time, and another child, rather than mine, would have been in my family, I think I would have made a good healer
out of him, in any case, we never tried to take in a stranger, therefore the question is still open, but I try, in the debate between
what is innate and what is acquired, rather than to be considered as an E.T. and as an absolutely extraordinary kind of
person, to be thought of as a human being completely normal in the first place, and who underwent a teaching coming from
ages immemorial, and who is capable of inducing among his consultants, I prefer not to speak about patients, as in fact I am
not a therapist, I am always backing up a physician and with [inaudible] a physician, I recognize I am not competent.

Host:                Philippe, let us look at a documentary.  [A documentary is shown… see II below].  Look. Is this where you live?

P. Gwezh:        Nearby, yes.

Host:                Nearby.  What are you doing there?

P. Gwezh:        Apparently, I am laying on my hands, on a place where a person was suffering, an old person suffering from
non-inflammatory arthritis.  That was the first time I saw myself, actually, in the process of healing.

Voice in film:          What is happening, actually, at that time?

P. Gwezh:                I do not know.  To be quite honest with you. I do not know.  The important thing is that I should heal.

Woman in Documentary:  [inaudible]… it is as you say.  He is healing because he has the gift.
[End of documentary segment]

Host:                So you have always had this gift….  And you founded the “Ordre des Guerisseurs” [National Healers

P. Gwezh:        The Board of the National Healers Association, which is a provocation, of course, but not a provocation with
regard to my physician friends and co-workers. I say it again to you, this is an office that I respect and with which I work daily,
insofar as what they can do, I cannot do by definition, and vice versa.  There is a sharing of our skills. Well, I always work with
the physician, but in a completely different area.  I was taught how to heal, that is, I am going to explain to you very sincerely
what it is.  I think that we all are like self-cleaning ovens, we are all self-healing, but this has been forgotten.  So, my role is to
reawaken those self-regenerating processes, which may go very far.  This is of course the same phenomenon as the well-
known placebo effect that everybody knows in medicine, that is to say the taking of a make-believe medication, like lactose,
for instance, or honey….

Host:                Wait a little, I believe you, but this could last for hours, so we are going to interrupt here.  So when this woman,
who is sixty-eight, is suffering from a breast cancer, any doctor who belongs to the Order is reliable. I do not say that you are
not, since there are proofs, and they cannot be denied, so you can say, it is necessary to intervene, it is necessary to do this.  
You, you place four times, in your special way, your hands on this woman, and within five months, this woman no longer has
her breast cancer.

P. Gwezh:        Yes, but even then, this is not something so remarkable.  Why Mrs. Aguerre is more interesting as a case,
actually, is that a child has been healed beyond its consent, without any psycho-suggestion. What I want is to do away with
the well-known saying, “You have to believe it to make it work.”  So really this kid, just like the person with a very advanced
cancer on behest of Mrs. Le Fur, neither this kid nor this person knew that I was taking care of them.  And yet, they were
healed.  This kid not only did not get the disease of cystic fibrosis, but is not even a bearer of the 508 mutation.  That is to say,
that when tests are being done, whereas in Necker [Hospital] tests had been repeatedly taken on the woman, the father, the
child by amniocentesis, when it was born, those tests show that there is no cystic fibrosis, that is to say that I have corrected
the genetic inheritance, which seems to me to a first-time happening.

Host:                So, we will interrupt here….  We are going to receive hundreds, thousands of letters.  What do we do with them

P. Gwezh:        You can always send them on to me.  The problem is that I am not dependent on this process.  Unfortunately, I
always have more demand than supply.  I try to take people in reasonable good health, and not to confuse my activity with the
after-sales service of Mr. Scharzenber [?] or of Lourdes.  That is not to say that one cannot do the impossible, that is.  I try to
take animals, racehorses,… a healthy man who comes to see me to get a little better off. This is much simpler than if people
come to see me [inaudible] as a last resort.

Host:                We will send you on the letters that we shall receive.  Is that all right?

P. Gwezh:        Of course.

Host:                Because I suppose that tonight, for many people, at the close of this year 1990, for many people who are
looking at us, you are also a hope.

P. Gwezh:        This is a kind of Christmas present…

Host:                But you must not be a quack.

P. Gwezh:        This is the reason I founded the National Healers Board; it is to fight against quackery.

Host:                So, he is not a quack?  You can say so, right?  Don’t forget that we have a responsibility; we are on television,
and people are watching.  Can you say so?

Public:             Yes, of course we can!

Host:                You are committed and I hope with all my heart that what you are doing will be able to bring relief!

P. Gwezh:        I think this is wonderful.

Host:                And so do I.  Now we can applaud, right?….     [Host turns to the audience and the tape ends].

Certified translation by a Federal court-appointed translator: “I, Edith JONSSON-DEVILLERS, a duly appointed translator for
the Superior Court of California, county of San Diego, CERTIFY that I have translated the attached document from a FRENCH
video into ENGLISH and DO CERTIFY that it is correct to the best of my ability and judgment. 14 June 2000, Dr. Edith
Johnsson-Devillers, Ph.D., San Diego, CA  92117
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