Clinical Trials of Philip Savage’s Subliminal Hypno-Programming Technology, March 30, 1999
    Summarized Report by Jane Dillon, Ph.D., Department of Sociology, University of California, San Diego
    100% Success in Reepithelization of Severe Third-Degree Burns for Treated Children

I am a sociologist and project coordinator of two double-blind, randomized medical research studies on the efficacy of Philip Savage’s
Subliminal Hypno-Programming (SHP) technology.

The first study, with principal investigators Elisabeth Targ, M.D. and Jerold Kaplan, M.D. (and co-investigator Michael Cantwell) tests
the efficacy of Philip Savage’s subliminal technology on severe third-degree burns. On September 10, 1998, this study received a one-
year approval by the Alta Bates Hospital “Human Subjects Review Board.” It is currently underway at the Alta Bates Burn Center in
Berkeley, California.

The second study, with principal investigators Larry Dossey, M.D. and Ronald Santasiero, M.D. (and co-investigator L. Dee Jacobson,
Ph.D.) tests the efficacy of Philip Savage’s subliminal technology on the pathology known as “Shingles” (Herpes Zoster). This study is
currently undergoing final design consideration before applying for human subjects clearance.

While waiting for the completion of the long-term formal studies, on October 1, 1998, we began preliminary clinical trials on both
protocols, simply designed and easily reproducible, to assess whether Subliminal Hypno-Programming actually benefits people in crisis.
This report documents the results of these first double-blind clinical trials of Philip Savage’s SHP technology on severe third-degree burns
(fn.1), which were conducted at the Grossman Burn Center in Sherman Oaks, California. (fn.2)

After having attained approval for the testing on 12/10/98 from the administrative offices of Drs. Richard and Peter Grossman, I worked
directly with Dr. Matt Young, the burn center’s pediatrician, who was asked to supervise the tests. During the period of time from
12/10/98 to 3/23/99, Dr. Young and I documented the clinical progress of five children who received SHP processing, and five children
who did not receive SHP processing. (All ten of these children received the usual course of treatment from the burn center.) These ten
cases are summarized below, followed by a brief discussion of outcomes.

The primary hypotheses were, a) subjects in the treatment group are more likely to show reepithelization than those in the control group,
and b) subjects in the treatment group are less likely to die than those in the control group. Although further tests are required for
statistical significance, utilizing many more than ten cases, we can at this point say quite conclusively that the effect of Philip Savage’s
SHP technology on the children in the treatment group, as compared with the children in the control group, is 100% successful. This
means that:

    A.   In all five cases in the treatment group, there was significant reepithelization (healing) of skin in areas diagnosed with deep and
    severe third degree burn.
    a.  Compared to no reepithelization of skin of third-degree burn in the children in the control group.

    B.   In all five cases in the treatment group, the children not only survived their critical condition, but went home strong, with
    healing skin.
    a.  Compared to the control group in which the two children in critical condition died within one week of admission to the
    burn center, and the other three children who were not in critical condition eventually went home with grafting of third-
    degree burn areas.

    C.  In all five cases in the treatment group, there was a subjectively noticeable and unusual lack of infection, lack of pain and
    discomfort, vitalization of will, and maintenance of calm throughout each subject’s stay at the burn clinic.

We have been told by every medical authority we have talked with that such dramatic results are, in fact, unheard of in medical research.

Third degree burns, by definition, are not known to heal. If a burned area is diagnosed as severe, but with a possibility of reepithelization
of skin, it is called a second degree burn. All the children in the treatment group showed significant reepithelization of skin in areas
diagnosed by one to three medical doctors as third degree burn. All the children in the treatment group received exactly the same cares as
those in the control group (as well as others previously treated at the burn center). The only difference was the addition of Philip Savage's
subliminal technology to children in the treatment group.

Since there is no other medical explanation for the extraordinarily successful results, these clinical trials indicate the efficiency, precision
and efficacy of Philip Savage’s Subliminal Hypno-Programming technology. These tests also confirm that there are no risks in using the
subliminal technology.

Further tests are now needed throughout the medical burn community to:
    1) Document and validate the subliminal technology to others,
    2) Make available this technology, nationally and internationally, in additional testing sites, and
    3) Contribute to the understanding of this new science of Subliminal Influentiality.

CONTROL GROUP DATA [Did NOT receive SDI processing because we were not given the information]

Case #CG1: Seven year old boy (“ANN”).
Third degree fire burn to face, trunk, limbs.
    12/30/98       Diagnosed critical condition at burn center.
                             Usual course of treatment. No SHP processing.
    1/04/99         Died at burn center.

Case #CG2: Fifteen year old boy (“BNN”).
Third degree fire burn to face, trunk, limbs.
    12/30/98       Diagnosed critical condition at burn center.
                             Usual course of treatment. No SHP processing.
    1/08/99         Died at burn center.

Case #CG3: Small child (“CLN”).
Third-degree scald burn to left upper arm (tea).
    1/5/99         Diagnosed at burn center.
                           Usual course of treatment. No SHP processing.
                           Went home with grafting.

Case #CG5: Six month old boy (KV).
Third-degree scald burn to trunk and limbs (coffee).
    1/12/99       Diagnosed at burn center.
                           Usual course of treatment. No SHP processing.
                           Went home with grafting.

Case #CG7: Ten year old boy (AB).
Third degree fireworks burn to lower left leg/foot.
    1/14/99       Diagnosed at burn center.
                          Usual course of treatment. No SHP processing.
                          Went home with grafting.

TREATMENT GROUP DATA [Received SDI processing]

Case #TG4: Three year old girl (CLC).
Third degree scald burn. (1/10/99, 5:00 pm)
    1/10/99     6:00 pm. Diagnosed at burn center, third degree to trunk and perineum.
    1/11         10:00 am. Subliminal processing (SHP).
    1/28         Doing great. Went home in 17 days. No grafting.

Case #TG6: Eight month old girl (AN).
30% of body scald burn (1/13/99, 6:00 pm)
    1/13/99    7:50 pm. Diagnosed at burn center, third degree. Critical condition
    1/14         11:30 am. Subliminal processing (SHP).
    1/28         Doing great. Last surgery. Going home.
    2/3           Went home in 21 days. No grafting.

Case #TG8: One year old girl (BR).
30% of body scald burn (1/28, 10:30 am)
    1/28/99   2:30 pm. Diagnosed at burn center, third degree. Critical condition.
    3:00 pm  Subliminal processing (SHP).
    2/1         First chance to see extent of wounds in surgery. Third degree turned into 2nd and are healing. Tops of feet grafted.
    2/5         In surgery, there was no further grafting. Burns are healing. Doing very well.
    2/10       Went home in 15 days. All healed. No grafting, except tops of feet.

Case #TG9: Three year old girl (DW).
65% of body scald burn (2/3/99, 4:30 pm)
    2/3/99     7:30 pm. Subliminal processing (SHP, en route to burn center).
    8:15 pm  Diagnosed at burn center, third degree. Critical condition, yet very calm.
    2/10        Still calm, little need for pain medication. Risk of infection. Limbs are healing. Overall good.
    2/16        Still doing well, overall. No infection.
    3/1          Off critical side. Third degree burns are healing. Minor grafting of hands, wrists and spot on thigh.
    3/10        Went home in 35 days. All healing. No grafting, except wrists, hands, thigh.

Case #TG10: Nine year old boy (AC).
Third degree explosion burn to face (3/7/99, 3 pm)
    3/7/99     8:45 pm. Diagnosed at burn center. Eyebrows gone, eyes swollen shut.
    3/8         10:00 am. Subliminal processing (SHP).
    3/12        Doing great. Eyes half open. Forehead looks scraped. All healing. Going home this week.
    3/13        Went home in 6 days. No grafting.


Case #TG9 is a three year old girl who fell into scalding bathwater with her clothes on, burning 65% of her body
(all except her
head). This child received SHP processing within three hours after the accident, while she was en route from UCLA emergency to the
Grossman Burn Center. By the time she arrived, she was unusually calm. She remained calm, needing very little pain medication, for the
rest of her stay, throughout which most of the third-degree burned areas showed reepithelization of skin. (As noted, several areas on
wrists, hands, and thigh were grafted). Two days after her release from the burn center, the child returned for a follow up visit dressed in
a new dress, red winter coat and leggings. Upon examination of her skin, there continued to be rapid healing and no discomfort for the
child. These results, merely five weeks after an accident in which a child this size could have been expected to die, astounded this girl’s
parents, as well as the burn unit staff.

Case #TG10 is a nine year old boy who was severely burned by a bomb placed in a gopher hole that exploded in his own face.
The boy’s face was burned from the nose up, with eyebrows burned off and eyes swollen shut. He received SHP processing
approximately nineteen hours after the accident. Within four days, his condition was so well improved that he went home the following
day, seeing with open eyes, and his forehead looking as if it had been scraped on the sidewalk. The remarkable healing of skin amazed
both his parents and the medical staff who took care of him.

OUTCOMES: In each of the five cases in the treatment group described above, there has been significant discrepancy in the usual course
of healing (reepithelization) of third degree burns. According to medical definition, third-degree burns do not heal. In each of the treatment
group cases, large sections of the patient’s burned skin were diagnosed by one to three medical doctors as third-degree. The records
show that over a period of time (ranging from 1-5 weeks), most of the third-degree burned areas healed and the children went home with
little or no need for grafting.

The reepithelization in these third-degree burn cases can only be attributed to the subliminal processing (SHP) each child received. Since
these five children received exactly the same cares from the burn center as did other children treated in the past, there seems to be no
other explanation for the discrepancies in the normal course for these five cases. (In the control group of children who did not receive
Savage’s SHP [because hospital staff did NOT call the research team for SHP processing], two died within a week, and the three who
were not in critical condition required grafting of third degree wounds.)

The results attained in the treatment group cannot be attributed to placebo or hypnosis. These five cases are children under three years old
or older children who were unaware of any Subliminal Hypno-Programming. The possibility of placebo or psycho-social expectancy (i.e.,
the effect of belief), although not known to ever affect healing of third-degree burns, is thus eliminated. Nor did these children ever
exhibit any behavior associated with hypnosis. If anything, the behavior of these children has been described as more alert, more vital,
and more willful than other children treated at the burn center.

The subliminal technology used in the treatment group requires further investigation, utilizing more cases, particularly with fire burns
where outcomes are expected by the researchers to be even more dramatic. For some reason, implementation of Philip Savage’s SHP
technology on fire-related burns within the first hours of exposure, is expected to reduce the risk of failure to less than 10%. Strict
respect of this experimental protocol also enables more subjects to be treated each day without affecting the potency of Subliminal Hypno-
Programming (with the probability of successful treatment of many thousands of emergency burn victims per day).

  1. Design criteria included: a) subjects unaware of testing, b) fifteen minute SHP processing within the first 24 hours of burn
    (preferably within the first one to four hours), c) no physical contact between subjects and the source of the SHP (located at least
    10 miles from burn center), d) no interference with usual cares, e) subject information to consist of full name, date of birth, and
    place of birth (city and state), f) clinical observation of reepithelization, infection, and pain.
  2. For documentation of the first tests on Savage’s subliminal technology on Shingles, see the summary statement by Dr. Ronald
Excerpts from Scientific Reports and Testimonies

Letter from Count Hubert de Mirleau and Francoise Dior (daughter of Christian Dior,
whose products are known worldwide), 1992:
... We solemnly testify that we both vouch for
Philip Savage's morality. The two of us have personally experienced with extreme benefit his
"healing" skills which are as genuine as they are potent. ... Because he also took care of some of
our relatives, we know for certain that he is able to cure illnesses that medicine deems
incurable.... We know that he is an authentic and outstanding "healer."

Letter from Andrew Tioteroken Delisle, Mohawk Nation, Canada (1991): Philip [Savage]
is considered a friend of the Mohawk Nation and we hope to continue our relationship with him
in the future. .. It is evident that he has become sensitized to the plight of our people. He has
expressed his interest in assisting us as he has made valuable contributions to our community in
the past. ... We are interested in the research and development of new approaches to modern
healing methods. ... We plan on working closely and assisting where needed as much as we
possibly can.

Letter from Retired Lieutenant Frank F. Thornton, most decorated combat officer in
the US Navy, former Commander of Seal Team #2, 1994:
... Because of his many positive
attributes and after an extensive background review, I now utilize Mr. Savage as a consultant
for my security and investigative firm.... As a retired Naval officer and a self-employed
businessman for the past twelve years, I consider myself an excellent judge of character. As
such, I can state that a person of Mr. Savage's character and honesty is rare indeed...

Report from Dr. Gaetan Chevalier, physicist from University of Montreal and
researcher from UCLA, 1998
: ... In order to try to understand Philip Savage's technology
with higher levels of scientific methodology, we have subjected him to complete
electromagnetic field deprivation (by putting him in a Faraday Cage, a "shielded-room"). We
have observed that Philip Savage's work is not impaired nor affected by such deprivation, a fact
which defines his work as "definitely non electromagnetic." On another occasion, we decided to
subject Philip Savage to an EEG testing before and during the implementation of his specific
psychogenic technology. As shown in the attached chart, an extremely unusual pattern in Philip
Savage's [Delta] brain waves has been then discovered. Although such figures still remain
essentially unexplained, they clearly demonstrate an unknown higher state of consciousness that
takes place during Philip Savage's processing.... I can only recommend that more testing be
conducted in this scientific field whose potential is one of the most extraordinary that I have
ever had an opportunity to work on throughout my entire scientific career.

Report from Dr. L. Dee Jacobsen, Clinical Neuropsychologist, Scripps Clinic, La Jolla,
CA, 1999:
During the past year, I have personally observed a series of most impressive
biorestorations [healing], including recovery from advanced brain cancer, coronary artery
disease and virulent shingles (herpes zoster). Currently I am monitoring the recovery of one of
my own patients who suffers from advanced Alzheimer's Disease. I have also reviewed the
outcome data from a controlled randomized study in which Mr. Savage provided treatment of
children who had suffered severe third degree burns.... ... More notably, comparable pre and
post treatment energy measurements obtained from a seriously ill man (severe depression and
kidney disease) revealed a 100+% increase that was sustained 18 days following a single 20
minute treatment. The patient reported dramatic improvements in his mood, energy level and
urinary output that have been sustained for two years. When queried about the physical,
psychological and spiritual mechanisms underlying his work, Mr. Savage informed me of the
development of his mind power technology called "Subliminal Influentiality." He pointed out that
this technology can be employed to recover health or for the purpose of modifying a person's
thoughts and behaviors at a

Letter from Dr. William J. Saccoman, M.D., DAFFT, DABCT:
"This brief note is tendered
as an introduction to an extraordinary healer by the name of Philip Savage. Philip has inherited
this incredible gift from a multigenerational line of Celtic Druids or "Holy" people capable of
engendering intangible healing forces which our Creator instilled in primitive man and animals. I
have seen tangible and laboratory proven changes in human patients who have had the benefits
of this healer's prayers. Philip is a pure spirit who is blessed by God. I feel privileged to
introduce Mr. Philip Savage."
David M., Minnesota, 8/6/10   At 9:25 pm, Central time, David had finished
his hand, embedding it in hot plastic, and his hand was smoking when he pulled
it away. In his initial call to FireBurnDoctor, David said, "I can't get it to stop
hurting. I put solarcaine and everything on it and it doesn't -- won't stop
hurting. So I'm calling you." When the Fireburndoctor team called him back,
David described his pain as a 6 (on a scale of 0 to 10), even with pain reliever.
When the Solarcaine wore off in half an hour, his pain increased to an 8. But,
another half hour later, David said his forefinger hardly hurt at all, and thumb
felt better as well.  The next day, David sounded very happy to report, "Hi burn
doctor guy... Yeah, it's down to a low, like 1 or 2, you know, I'm just aware
that it's there.... Anyways, it's doing just fine. Thanks for your help. I
appreciate it very much. Have a good one, and I'll tell my friends about you
guys. Alright, bye."

Sam G., California, 8/8/10  At 11:36 am, Pacific time, Sam burned his finger
on a soldering gun and called the FireBurnDoctor within 5 minutes. He didn't
call sooner because he was applying a technique he said has worked for him in
the past. He claimed that applying pressure with a finger to any kind of injury
and by pressing on it and making it hurt, it will heal much faster than otherwise.
He says it's worked well for him in the past, but this time it just wasn't
working; the pain was actually getting worse! On a scale of 0 to 10, Sam said
his pain had been a 6, then 7 then 8. He claimed he has a high pain tolerance,
but this one really hurt. When Sam's called the FireBurnDoctor, he found to his
amazement that although his pain was an 8 before the first call, 7 minutes after
calling the FireBurnDcotor, his pain was completely gone. Shocked, Sam said
he could even apply heat again!  Sam's words: "Wow, thank you. There's no
blister! It's totally gone!" He said he has already told all his friends, family and
email network about the FireBurnDoctor and asked what else he could do.
Mimi A., Utah, 8/8/10  At 1:00 pm, Mountain Time, Mimi burned a finger on
her right hand by touching the hot metal of a grill. She called the
FireBurnDoctor within 16 minutes of the burn, when the pain level was a 6 (on
a scale of zero to 10). Just 7 minutes later, her pain was at a 2 and on her next
voice mail, Mimi reported, "It is  52 minutes since I burned myself, half an hour
since I last spoke with you. You asked me to call and leave a message following
up... The pain is down to a level 1. I've been using it. I actually had to do
dishes, so the last time we spoke half an hour ago, I did have ice on it when I
told you the level was two. That ice is now off and I've had to do dishes with
hot water, so it has vastly improved! Pain level is down to 1, and I don't really
feel it any longer. Thank you."

Richard K., Washington, 7/11/10  Richard called within 1 minute of his burn
after stepping barefoot onto coals that had fallen out of a bonfire. His pain level
was a 6 to 7 (on a scale of 0 to 10). 40 minutes later, he called back to say his
pain level "has gone from a 6 or 7 now down to a 1, 2 or 3. Immediately after
waking up the next morning, Richard called to report, "I'd like to say that my
burn from last night has gone down from a 6 or 7 to a complete zero. Thank
you very much. Have a great day."  Richard then emailed his story: "I called the
Fire Burn Doctor around 12:30 AM after stepping on hot coals that fell out of a
fire pit, and after 30 minutes, my pain level was down significantly. I've called
the burn doctor several times in the past for family and friends and it's worked
every time. It was awesome to finally experience how quickly the pain goes
away for myself. Thank you very much, you are highly appreciated."

Ellen P., Washington, 8/15/10  At 7:00 pm, Pacific, Ellen burned her outside
thigh on the exhaust from a Jeep. She called the FireBurnDoctor 45 minutes
later when a friend told her about the FBD phone number and told her to call.
Within 5 minutes, Ellen said her pain went from a 10 (on a scale of 0 to 10) to a
4. Then 43 minutes after that, Ellen called to express her thanks and added that
the "pain is a zero now."
Carol G., Idaho, 8/11/10   Carol burned herself with a hair curling iron. At
the time of the burn, her pain level was a 9 (on a scale of zero to 10). Within 7
minutes of calling the FBD, the pain dropped to a 2. She said the mark was
still white in after making the first call, Carol reported that she was doing "just
great! The skin is only a brown spot now."  Later, Carol emailed her amazing
story: "On Wednesday @ around 6:30 a.m. I was getting ready to go to work
and bumped my arm against the iron that I was using. I did not think it had
been that bad and continued getting ready. At around 6:45 a.m. I called the
Fire Burn Doctor because I was in pain and the arm was very red. After
placing the call and leaving the information that was required, I went about my
business. Within 10 minutes of the call the pain was gone and I was on my
way to work. Thank you again for all your help."

Lee T., Wyoming, 8/15/10  Lee had just turned off a torch and set it down,
got distracted, then turned his face into it, and burned his cheek on the hot
torch tip. Having already gotten extremely positive results from calling the
FireBurnDoctor for a previous work-related burn, Lee immediately texted his
complete and accurate details to the FireBurnDoctor phone number, all within
18 minutes of the injury. Seven minutes later, Lee's pain dropped from an 8 or
9 (on a scale of 0 to 10) to a 7. Then a little over an hour later, Lee texted
again to report: "Thank you. The pain from the burn on my cheek is absolutely
gone. Once again, I completely forgot I'd even got burned. This is just
awesome. Thank you, again."

Roberta B., California, 8/17/10  Roberta burned herself and called
FireBurnDoctor just 1 minutes later!  In 8 minutes, her pain level dropped
from a 5 or 6 (on a scale of 0 to 10) to a 4 or 5. When the FBD team asked
her to send in her report, Roberta emailed her pain and burn were completely
gone:  "This morning, I was preparing a hot mocha, and had nearly run out of
my special stevia-sweetened chocolate powder. So, I added a little boiling
water, capped the lid and shook the jar to get the last little bit. The My
forearm immediately turned red and I felt a pain of about 5 or 6 on a scale of
10. (It was a burning pain, as hot water and steam can do, but I didn't see
blistering.) I called into the Burn Doctor after about a minute or two to report
the burn. I was asked to call back in about 30 minutes to report how I was
doing at that point. I reported that the pain then was still about a 4 or 5, but
the redness was decreased. About 2 hours later, the team at the Burn Doctor
called me back to see how I was doing, and I had totally forgotten about the
burn. There is NO pain, NO redness. I am most impressed, and most grateful.
Thank you!!!

Ron T., Colorado, 7/16/10   Ron was enjoying the summer weather, riding
his Harley in shorts. He stepped off and his left calf hit the hot muffler. His
pain was an immediate 8 or 9 (on a scale of 0 to 10). Within 13 minutes, he
texted his information to the FireBurnDoctor phone number. About half an
hour later, he reported, "The pain has gone down from a 7 to about, I don't
know, probably a 4. It stings, but not really bad. Thank you." The next
morning when he pulled his sock off, "there was no pain or blister. The pink
area was little bigger than a quarter, where it had been larger than 4 quarters."
Four days later, he told the Fireburndoctor team, he had "totally forgot it even
happened," and asked how does it work!  The FBD team directed him to
Reports 10 page where he could read about the "Bio-Matrix Hacker!"  Ron
emailed later: "I burned the side of my calf on the very hot muffler of a Harley
Davidson. Luckily, (even though I was wearing shorts at the time), it wasn't a
major burn, but it was still painful. I've called FireBurnDoctor in the past,
(because NOTHING else works better or faster), so as soon as it happened, I
checked the time & called 10 minutes later. Within 1/2 an hour, I completely
forgot it had even happened & I've had absolutely no pain since. If you don't
believe me, try it yourself. No burn is TOO small to call. It's completely free,
so you have nothing to lose. It really works. Sincerely, RT."