SDI Results for Chronic and Emergency Intervention

A few weeks ago, Philip Savage succeeded in two extraordinary healings. The first one was on a racing horse who
could no longer compete due to his health problems. After one single consultation the champion was absolutely cured
and got consequently even better results than before in the race. The other operation took place in a huge industrial
farm of chickens: All the animals being affected by some unknown killer-virus against which all the veterinarians were
absolutely impotent. In another single treatment, Philip Savage instantaneously rescued all of the many thousand
chickens and saved the industrials from an otherwise unavoidable bankruptcy. Philip Savage is a true Paleontologist,
and also an expert in advanced physics. The Breton healer is a scientist for real. This explains his outstanding respect
for all the doctors: In fact, he orders all his patients to consult a doctor in parallel to his own cares. He is always
excessively prudent on such issues for his own patient's sake. Such ethical standards also vouch for his extreme
professionalism. We are not used to such moral integrity that puzzles the doctors themselves.
FARM ANIMAL HEALINGS (from journal article)

"Mrs.. L, a poor farmer in Philip Savage's neighboring territory, was very alarmed by the sudden collapse of her best
cow, who could no longer eat or move. After the veterinarian examined the animal, he had no choice but to declare the
animal incurable and prepare, immediately, to put the cow out of its misery. The unfortunate farmer was completely
upset. She needed and loved her cow so much that she decided to call another veterinarian, who only confirmed the
fatal diagnosis. He also advised her to put the animal to sleep. Then suddenly she remembered hearing people talk of
Philip Savage in the most enthusiastic way. She decided to call him. He told her to come right away. She brought with
her some of the hairs of the cow. After Philip Savage gave her the assurance that everything would return into normal
the next day, she went back home. The day after, the cow was out of trouble and completely healthy, as if nothing had
ever happened.

Afterwards, Philip Savage cured many other animals of Mrs. L. He even intervened to rescue another cow who
couldn't calve. The veterinarian wanted to do a C-section, but Mrs. L was too poor for such a costly operation. "I
decided then to call Philip Savage," says Mrs. L, "and even without getting hairs from the cow, he established what he
called a "connection" with the animal.... And my cow gave birth without any problem." Small wonder then, in the wake
of such amazing rescues, Philip Savage became the healer of the whole family. After he cured Mrs. L. from excruciating
sciatic pains, he undertook to solve the "incurable" sickness of her own son, who had been born mentally retarded with
multiple and extreme disabilities in his psycho-motricity. He was also prone to terrible fits of violence and was deemed
a lost cause by all the doctors. So much so that Mrs. L. had been advised to put him, forever, into psychiatric
confinement. After Philip Savage started to treat the young boy, notwithstanding their extreme bewilderment, the
doctors could do nothing but confirm his complete and miraculous recovery. Later on, Philip Savage healed the
86-year-old farmer's mother who wasn't even able to move. Not only is she now walking, but she also underwent a
mind-boggling process of total rejuvenation.