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    "RUSH is a film about hope, power and proof.
    Hope for humanity and the Earth. A higher
    Power we all have within us. Proof that when
    we have access to that power, we can do the
    extraordinary things seen in RUSH.  Dr. Philip
    Savage has access to that power, has the key
    and can pass it to us."
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                      Excerpts from film, RUSH

    JUNE 2017     
    "SDI technology can be used to remove an
    otherwise 'irremovable' terrorist leader of some
    hypothetical 'rogue' nation:  After only a few
    days of (unconsciously) experiencing the first
    effects of the initial subliminal strike, the
    targeted person will start to feel a mounting
    disinterest for his former occupational field
    (political, military, industrial, etc.). The internal
    systems of psycho-inhibition that still kept him
    under relative control will collapse. He will lose
    his most deeply repressed (psychotic)
    impulses. This will give way to the worst
    behavioral excesses and intense emotional
    episodes that his personal staff (and his family)
    have ever endured."
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           Subliminal Hypno-Programming

    MARCH 2017     
    "Precisely because it is subliminal and distant,
    SDI far exceeds any known system in the world.
    With SDI the entire “implant” operation is
    achieved without any traceable procedure of
    psycho-suggestion - it cannot be “discovered” -
    and, therefore, it does not carry the potential
    danger to the programmer of later memory
    retrieval by skilled hypnosis experts. SDI is
    uniquely valuable because 'it leaves no tracks'."
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    Subliminal Distant Influentiality (SDI)

    JANUARY 2017     
    "There are unlimited possibilities using SDI for
    social and political assignments, for example,
    removing terrorists, making criminals tell the
    truth, stopping threats before they happen,
    targeting hotspots."  
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      Russian SIFA Film Awards

    NOVEMBER 2016     
    "Rather than to inhibit deleterious self
    destructive physiological processes like for
    burn injuries, I must instead write a specific
    new program to release and to engage
    extremely potent defense and immune
    processes and mechanisms which, for many
    reasons much too complex to be explained
    here, were either lethally blocked or not
    accurately programmed and calibrated."  
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    The Bio-Matrix Hacker

    SEPTEMBER 2016     
    "Sacrifice is the concrete and most important
    element without which acknowledgement and
    repentance would be absolutely meaningless....
    Unlike its modern negative sense, to sacrifice
    does not mean to take away, but to give away.  
    If repentance is the ultimate mental process of
    love, the concept of sacrifice undoubtedly
    constitutes the ultimate act of Love."  
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    Druidic Medicine

    AUGUST 2016     
    "Genuine healing must treat the Ethos, the
    deeper vital and existential essence of all things
    (as in “Ethology” or “Ethics”). Medical cares only
    deal with our physical body, and spirituality
    relates to abstract speculations on the
    metaphysical realm. The necessary interface
    that must unite the physical and spiritual, is
    Etho-Therapy, the science of our mind-body
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    MAY 2016     
    "From a higher bio-planetary perspective, man
    represents an acute form of Earth's
    cancer (anthroposarcoma).  Part of the living
    whole, man himself experiences individual
    and local neo-plastic scenarios as very
    logical bio-cybernetic return."  
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    Avallac'h: Operational
    Procedure of Ethiatrics

    APRIL 2016     
    "If only you could have one sense more than
    you have, as I do, the way you see the  
    universe, the way I’m seeing you or this camera
    is so different. There is no difference between
    the atoms of the wall and your atoms.
    Everything is a flux. Everything is a movement
    of energy all the time....
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        Dr Savage Video Interview

    MARCH 2016     
    "The origination, organization and expansion of
    the macro-universe, the unthinkable
    sophistication of each and every ecosystem,  
    as well as our inner organic, cellular and
    subatomic miraculous processes, all of those
    "natural wonders" should be understood as the
    perfect semantic basis for us to hint at
    the aforementioned "higher power".
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       Anthropomorphic Deism
           (The Warshal)

    JANUARY 2016     
    "The common denominator of all our suffering
    is entropy: The morbid and increasing
    shutdown of our signals of recognition and
    communication within ourself and with one
    another. Our entropy brings us to lack of
    empathy and compassion for other living things,
    for other members of our species and ultimately
    for ourselves."
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    OCTOBER 2015     
    "The boundaries between what we think
    possible and impossible soon vanish and,
    accordingly, shifts of extremely high
    magnitude may happen for those who know
    how to ride the whirlwind of the new
    "transdimensional surreality," the very
    essence of Druidic praxis, that is."       
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     Druidic Medicine

    JULY 2015     
    "Divine Immanence gives to those who give,
    those who still know that there is nothing more
    beautiful, more redeeming and more healing
    than giving."
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    Druidic Medicine, Strategaia
    Operational Procedures

    JUNE 2015     
    "I just happen to be the one right now with the
    key. I have the key, I can pass it to you, you
    can pass it to someone else."       
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     Dr Savage Video Interview

    MAY 2015     
    "What have you done with your talents?
    That's what drives me nuts the most. The
    beauty, the power, the potential within
    people were not even used at 5%. And this
    is what people can see. People who have
    been processed by me just glow; not in an
    exceptional way. They have become
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      Dr Savage Video Interview

    APRIL 2015     
    "All living things are connected to one another
    and functionally interactive. We may not like it,
    but the Earth doesn't belong to us; we still
    belong to the Earth.... Our individual health
    condition reflects the Earth's health condition."
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           Interview with Avallac'h"

    FEBRUARY 2015    
    "The third and most fundamental step is to fight
    for something so high, so sacred, so righteous
    and so sublime that never ever would there be
    any sort of ideological, political or spiritual
    values that could replace it, surpass it, make it
    obsolete or subaltern, or transcend it. My idea of
    Absolute Justice fits perfectly that definition."
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    B'rith Esh

    DECEMBER 2014     
    "I may not be able to turn absolutely everybody
    into "Bio-Justiciary Warrior-Monk," whose
    Mastery and Servancy far exceed any
    documented knighthood and priesthood, yet
    I could transmute nearly all decent good-willing
    persons into remarkable Gaiatricists (Earth
    healers) whose mind-force powers (in the field
    of eco-health, especially) would surpass
    anything as yet known to man."
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    OCTOBER 2014     
    "The 'original weapon' was more indeed some
    energy source, some long since forgotten inner
    grail. Something so potent and so frightening
    indeed that the evocation of its very existence
    was deterrent enough never to have to use it.
    The 'Primordial Sword' was more a divine
    symbol than an actual weapon."
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    JULY 2014   
    "There is a 'war' out there, a 'war' between
    'forces' the nature of which people have no idea.
    In case you have not realized it yet, you are
    right in the middle of the battlefield.... The only
    thing that matters is your eventual state of
    awakening. In a situation of such acute cosmic
    conflict wherein your own planet is on the verge
    of giving up her ghost, trust me... even a brutal
    awakening is infinitely better than no
    awakening at all !"
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         Call to Warriors
    (excerpt from The Warshal)

    MAY 2014    
    "Contractual Hyper-Love only means that within
    Divine Immanent processes, your altruistic
    compassion and sacrificial protectorate toward
    all living things triggers Hyper-Love in return. It
    is contractual in this sense that Divine
    Immanence gives to those who give."
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    MARCH 2014     
    "And we can change things and keep horrible
    things from happening. They will happen, either
    horribly or beautifully. Let’s make them happen
    beautifully, peacefully, and painlessly. It’s like a
    birth. It can be convulsive; it can be otherwise. It
    can be also beautiful. And the real name, the
    real concept.... We need midwives. We need to
    teach midwives for a new birth."
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    Dr Savage Video Interview

    JANUARY 2014     
    "Owing to the current situation of acute bio-
    spiritual crisis on Earth, we are completely
    running out of time for us to work on a new
    progressive agenda of slow bio-awakening to
    raise human consciousness up to the level that
    the Earth's terminal health condition requires."
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    Catharsis: Biognostic
    Unit of Geonoetics

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"That is why, once again, I am calling upon the  
former foes now to become brethren. Stop fighting against
injustices, divided injustices. Merge together, transcend your
former divided selves, become a proud higher self and then,
take arms once again against INJUSTICE. Use your
selflessness, your heroism, your audacity, indeed your
fanaticism, and then transform yourselves into JUSTICE

It is always easy to know what to fight against. Prove that you
have the capacity to find out what you should fight for. There
is Life out there with its "Divine Natural Laws" that are worth
dying for. There is Justice up here, the truest and purest
expression of your Love, that is worth living for. For you and
for me, living is fighting. We cannot conceive Life without
combat. For you as well as for me, there is no higher
"happiness" than in war.

Then, do not defile or betray your own Sacred Warriorness
in unworthy illusions of 'war.' Do not accept a counterfeit idea
of what war really is. Commit yourself to THE war.... the war
for absolute Justice for which there is never enough heroism,
never enough combats and, emphatically, never enough

If, for you, war is simply inconceivable without enemies to
fight, trust me I shall offer you more foes to fight, more
adversaries to crush and more fiends to annihilate than you
have ever dreamed of. The foes of Life are innumerably
metastatic. The adversaries of the Law are dark legions and
the fiends of Justice are everywhere. They even have been
in you when you were killing your own brethren.

I am THE enemy of your true enemies.... never turn again
your Sword against your own brethren. Turn together your
old Swords against the common enemies of Life, of the Law
and of Justice. Then throw them away in a lake. From her
own Sacred Lake that dwells in all of you, Our Lady Justice
shall give you a better Sword.... A Warrior who has no
Weapon is no Warrior. A Warrior who does not love, indeed
venerate, his or her Weapon is no Warrior. A Warrior who
does not dream of 'the ultimate Weapon' is no Warrior.

I am no Warrior, for I am a Warshal, be it a very peculiar one
with highly special status.... You too can become a Warshal.
Warshals do not love Weapons, Warshals worship THE
Weapon. The Divine Source from which THE Weapon hailed.
Yet, Warshals do not need... Weapons. Warshals ARE
Weapons, THE Weapon.

There are powers within you, the potency of which you did
not know it could possibly exist. There are Power-Weapons
within you which turn all others as mere symbolical objects.
Whether you want to keep defiling your primitive 'weapons'
using them against your own brethren or whether you will
purify them in the blood of your true enemies for you
eventually to feel worthy of receiving THE Weapon which,
unbeknownst to you, had been within yourself all along, the
choice ought to be yours, if only for the last time... Once the
Warrior chooses the path of the Warshal, the first casualty of
their Holy War for Divine Life, for Transcendental Law and
for Sacred Justice, is precisely his or her capacity, further, to
make sinful choices like fighting one another....   

"There is a 'war' out there, a 'war' between 'forces' the nature
of which people have no idea. In case you have not realized
it yet, you are right in the middle of the battlefield.... The only
thing that matters is your eventual state of awakening. In a
situation of such acute cosmic conflict wherein your own
planet is on the verge of giving up her ghost, trust me...
even a brutal awakening is infinitely better than no
awakening at all !

    Call to Warriors
    (The Warshal)