Subliminal Distant Influentiality, SDI
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  •  Subliminalistics
  • Subliminal Hypno-Programming
  • The Omega Brief: to US and Israeli      
    Governments (unaccepted)
  • Full Spectrum Mind Dominance
  • Subliminal Distant Influentiality, SDI
  • National Security Proposal to US
    Government (unaccepted)
  •  Morphogenic Composite-Ideogram    
    Cybernetics, MCC

    Unique technological capability takes Philip Savage's work from
    individual level (Ethiatrics) to the global societal level (Sociatrics).

  •  Quantum Bio-Cybernetician - IMAGO
  •  Thulea: Ark of the IMAGO

Avallac'h: Interview with Philip Savage
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Avallac'h: Operational Procedure of Ethiatrics
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Burn Study: Historic Double-Blind Clinical
Trials of SDI
Burn Eradication Project Project
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Bio-Matrix Hacker  
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Catharsis: Biognostic Unit of Geoneotics
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Druidic Medicine
    Druidic Medicine is a ground-breaking health treatise,
    known in previous writings as Sacrificial Medicine,
    Transcendental Medicine and Transdimensional Refraction.
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Geosomatics Institute
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Lycurgian Order of Entropiatric Psychurgy

Montsalvage's Return
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Nine Fundamental Rules

Phylogenesis and the Involution of the Human

Pursuit of Truth, Happiness & a Higher Power

Protocol of Transdimensional Refraction

Sacrificial Medicine

Strategaia: Earth's Battle Plan

Sapiential Bio-Institute, SBI

Wolf is Out of the Bag  

Warshal: Deontological, Ethical and Scientific
Manifesto on the Origin and Treatment of Evil
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Real-time Video Proof of SDI:

  • Debbie's 40-minute orgasm:

  • Grant the toolmaker:
    "Instant Burn Recovery"
                               preview      full video

  • Paddy the Irish Cob:
    Crippled Horse running 5 minutes after SDI
                             "Before & After"     full "after" video

  • Mary's Shingles Virus (Herpes Zoster):
    Reversed after 5-minute SDI Distant Intervention
                               preview      full video

Nine Fundamental Rules (Warshal excerpts)
    "Rule 3: The fundamental opposition between radically opposed
    and yet complementary forces, the 'forces of unification' and the 'forces
    of separation'. The first ones are more potent when one goes deeper
    into the nano-domain from within and the second ones get increasingly
    prevalent when one goes farther inside of the macro-domain from
    without.... Evil is when the 'forces of separation' begin to insufflate some
    sort of 'reverse consciousness' that from simple bio-separation reaches
    the point of bio-opposition."

    "Rule 9: The World is not inherently irredeemable, man is not
    intrinsically evil. The World is Divine; we are Divine. There are no former
    sins against Life, against Justice and against 'God' that cannot be
    redeemed.... We have been offered the sublime gift of Divine Duties.
    The duty to protect and serve all other living things.... The unfathomable
    joy of our own bio-consciousness and our own bio-duties within the
    unified field of Divine Love is the sole and ultimate happiness which one
    would be criminally insane not to aspire to, with all his or her soul."

    "All those fundamental rules are not theoretical. There are ways,
    concrete and practical highways, to re-access the Divine within, to
    channel its Sacred Forces, to free and cleanse oneself from all previous
    attachments to evil. There are ways to reach absolute Happiness, not in
    another mendacious 'life' but in this one. There are ways to fight and win
    over evil and injustice.... There are infinite parallel multi- dimensions and
    infinite parallel multi-universes. This is 'God's' secret weapon."
The Advanced Science and Technology
of Subliminal Distant Influentiality
"To win a war according to my highest
principles of Absolute Justice, one must learn
not to fight against but, instead, to fight for. To
fight for a 'super-ideal' that no other fragmented
ideals can match. To fight for a cause so
supreme, so complete and so pure that risks of
ethno-cultural disintegration no longer exist.
The first step toward ideological transcendence
is radical transpersonalization.... My biocratic
warriors are fighting for Life, Life in its most
Sacred, complete and transpersonal
Warshal Excerpts
"Did it ever occur to you that your most
immediate ancestors as Cro-Magnons would not
recognize as their cognate the misfits and
dwarves you have become on a mere
morphological level? Do you know that with their
brain fifty percent more voluminous and
convoluted than yours, in both absolute and
relative coefficient, they would not be capable of
communicating with you, much more than what
you attempt doing with your pets? Can you
yourselves communicate with Whales?
Lycurgian Order
"Without even realizing it, people are
destroying themselves when they inflict upon
their Geoself the terrible eco-depradations
which we know nowadays.
Lycurgian Order
"People do not get cancer, the Earth does.
we merely echo the planet's terminal health
condition as 'individual' cells more exposed than
most due to our rank within Geo-organic
hierarchy. People do not 'acquire' AIDS, we just
reproduce within our selves the catastrophic
immune meltdown of our Mother the Earth,
whom we were meant to guard and defend, just
like our own lymphocytes before they defected
and turned against our own body, according to
the geosomatic loop....

"I use the concept of 'Geosomatics' to
describe the bio-cybernetic system of retro-
feedback that causes people, collectively and
individually, to experience health setbacks as
direct and logical consequence of what befalls
their 'higher living self'... the 'Geoself', of whom,
whether they like it or not, people are interactive
and interconnected elements, the 'individual
cells' of a higher 'planetary organism'.... Then
quite logically when collectively or individually
they provoke on their 'higher organism' specific
traumatisms and pathologies, as inter- and retro-
connected parts of this 'organism, they merely
echo and reproduce very similar health
alterations at their own 'geo-cellular' individual
level.... The most essential part of my treatment.
was to incite the subjects to undergo a full 'bio-
atonement' whereby they would have a chance
to 'reconcile' themselves with their 'Geoself' with
all the health effects it entails.

"It seems that I have been given the
extraordinary, yet burdensome, capacity to
'suspend' for an undetermined period of time
the bio-existential sentencing of almost anyone,
as long as the
intention of being bio-redeemed
has been unequivocally and most concretely
ascertained. In some Buddhist or Hinduist
analogy, this would amount to helping people
break free from the allegedly 'inescapable'
wheel of karma and indeed transcend 'dharmic'
accountability. When they have
proven their
complete understanding of such 'bio-grace',
people are ready to enter the ultimate process
of 'bio-atonement' which I call unconditional
Montsalvage's Return
"To protect and serve our own planetary  
life support, its biodiversity, the sacred
synergy of all ecosystems and, ultimately,
for the Super-Ethos of Divine unfolding
here on Earth represents the most concrete,
immediate and self-fulfilling return that any
potential crusader could dream of."
Dr. Philip Savage  
"We have to start creating, right now, our
own subliminal super 'collective bio-psyche' if we
really want to impact human consciousness
according to our primordial agenda of Earth
recovery.... If one can make a few good
'strategic hits,' tapping directly into the deeper
unconscious of those in charge of the
decision-making processes, one can hope to
make real and quick differences in the whole
human system.
Catharsis: Biognostic Unit of Geonoetics
"Definitely non-Darwinian, verging on
neo-Lamarkism, I described the whole
phylogenetic movement as globally regressive
yet selectively anagenetic for a minority of taxa,
all of which being deeply embedded into a
higher teleologic blueprint.
Phylogenesis and the Involution
of the Human Species
"Your Earth will not go without a fight....
This desperate bio-immune reaction from a
moribund planet may not save it durably - in
terms of evolutionary perspective, since its
essential bio-cybernetic agents would have
become extinct - but this, at least will give S-3  
an opportunity later on to expire on her own
choosing, in peace and with the necessary
dignity its special status deserves.
Wolf is Out of the Bag
"My agenda, you already know it: To offer
those who do not entirely deserve it, a chance
to bail out from the sweeping 'Bio-Catharsis'
imminently to befall. Then to transform
themselves, in evolutionary terms, to
bio-evolutionary Imagohood."
Montsalvage's Return
"When there is no longer room for untruth, there is space
for the TRUTH - not before."
Montsalvage's Return
"Biggest secret in the universe...          
there is no time or space....

Dr. Philip Savage Video Interview
"SDI has no competitor in the world.    
It constitutes the most powerful (and exclusive)
technology in existence today, forming a
complete and insurmountable non-lethal
weapons system. SDI provides unmitigated
hope for a peaceful,
swift, and irreversible
solution to any conflict -- national,
international, personal, political or
There are no “anti-subliminal”
counter-measures. The “targeted individual(s)
cannot avoid the ineluctable (but unconscious)
taking over of his or her most essential centers
of decision (both intellectual and emotional),
and cannot escape his/her own neuro-
behavioral recalibration according to the
predefined specific objective.

Subliminal Distant Influentiality
"Whether or not I am putting 'in motion' my
'transdimensional powers' at one inch from my
'subject',  or at ten thousand miles (or
parsecs...), it is exactly the same.

Transdimensional Refraction Protocol
"With Subliminal Distant Influence, SDI,
technologies, Philip Savage is capable of doing
'impossible' things from a distance, anywhere in
the world, with precise results. His unique ability
to 'break into the psycho-continuum' allows him
to 'surf  in it with excellent accuracy' and
eventually 'reconfigure it' according to specific
purposes, authorized by his private clients
Subliminal Distant Influentiality
"I would define myself as 'Bio-Matrix Hacker'
and my technique as the way to break into the
'Bio-Fields Continuum' (the 'Matrix') that
interconnects us all with one another (and with all
living organisms ultimately) like a global
'bio-internet'.... Then, when an individual
computer (a person...) is experiencing troubles,
bugs, crashes or an accident (as for instance
with a burn injury), all that I am doing is 'writing' a
specific bio-program with appropriate
bio-algorithms to resolve and correct the
problem, then 'hack' the bio-matrix to be capable
to upload it. It will be then automatically
downloaded to the individual 'computer' (the
person) that has experienced a crisis to fix the
specific software conflict or problem.

In a fireburn injury scenario, my new program
will immediately provoke a distant subliminal
neuro-bypass [DSNB] that stops our brain from
sending the wrong message to our defense and
immune systems. In a severe pathology situation,
even in case of so-called 'incurable disease,' the
whole protocol is very similar (although infinitely
more complex and time consuming) yet reverse:
Rather than to inhibit deleterious self-destructive
physiological processes like for burn injuries, I
must instead write a specific new program to
release and to engage extremely potent defense
and immune processes and mechanisms
which,... were either lethally blocked or not
accurately programmed and calibrated."

The Bio-Matrix Hacker
"By use of specific subliminal techniques
that mentally channel bio-forces with
unprecedented resultant potency, we want to
establish the inherent spirituality of Life within
the cellular domain. If, through Mind-force only
we are able to affect significantly the functioning
of individual or collective cells under the strictest
scientific methodological supervision, we will
have proven that cells have a mind of their own
and that such a mind can blend with another
mind of a higher level with observable results.
"If we are able to repair the functioning of
those cells back to healthy criteria of
bio-normalcy, it will also bring some hope on
how to reintegrate man (deviant cell of the living
planetary organism)  back to his original
homoeostatic niche within the Earth's most
esssential vital equilibria.
Catharsis: Biognostic Unit of Geonoetics
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