PROTOCOL:  Sapiential Bio-Institute

The Sapiential Bio-Institute (SBI)
building structures of wisdom and proof that transcend reductionist science

CATHARSIS - Outlined by Dr. Savage in 1999 (excerpts)
"The Earth is a living and spiritual entity, the most obvious reflection of the original Divine process of Bio-
Creation. Unfortuately, because of human civilizational bio-depredations, the Divine primordial plan has
been critically compromised. If dramatic changes within human consciousness do not occur soon, the
continuation of life on our planet looks quite improbable.

Our main purpose is to assist Geo-Immune reactions to come, in the Earth's struggle for her own
most immediate survival....

Geonoetics is a transcendental science whose purpose is to prove the presence of a Higher Power dwelling
at every level of vital processes. Catharsis is dedicated to the awakening of a higher bio-consciousness
within people to help them break free from their larval condition and reach the Imago phase of a cosmically
integrated real humanity, a new Humanity, ready for the long awaited evolutionary leap that would usher us
into a new all-inclusive paradigm established from a 'proven truth'....

We will implement our global bio-strategy on three tactical domains:


We need to put all our resources and energy on a project that can counter, efficiently and most
concretely, wide-scale bio-depredations here on earth....

The entire ancient Egyptian spirituality and all medieval alchemists, to name a few, were oriented toward
the emergence of some highly subliminal 'collective-psyche,' which they called 'Ka' or 'Egregore,'
respectively. We have to start creating our own subliminal Egregore, a 'super collective-biopsyche,' if we
really want to impact human consciousness according to our primordial agenda of Earth recovery....

The subliminal techniques, which I am ready to share with some, offer a much higher tactical flexibility and
much greater strategic efficiency than their Egyptian or Alchemist counterparts, owing to their employment
on pre-selected pivotal individuals. If one can make a few good 'strategic hits,' tapping directly into the
deeper unconscious of those in charge of the decision-making processes, to force large segments of
people and their political leaders into dramatic changes for them to align their eco-behavioral and bio-
spiritual patterns toward proactive Bio-Consciousness, one can hope to make real and quick differences in
the whole human system of social control...."                           
Expand the work of Catharsis - Biognostic Unit of Geonoetics,
which was inspired by Dr. Savage and incorporated in 1999 in California by a team of medical doctors
and scientists, as a non-profit scientific, ecological , spiritual and humanitarian organization committed
to accomplish the most urgent Earth Survival projects, while there is still time to do so.

Launch the extraordinary Sapiential Bio-Institute
that adds ground-breaking research laboratories, health clinics, teaching facilities and special
SDI project units, including MCC technologies and the Ark of IMAGO Pyramid with the first paradigm
shift necessary for the survival of the Earth and a future human race

The Sapiential Bio-Institute (SBI)

Expand the work of Catharsis and fulfill the goals of the
International Institute of Geosomatics, by adding scientific
research laboratories, health training clinics, and BLENDING
SCIENCE AND SAPIENCE IN the first IMAGO Metamorphosis
Machine to bring in the long-awaited scientific paradigm shift.

Dr. Savage explains Science and Sapience in the 1991 document (excerpts):

"All scientific paradigms are deadlocked. Environmental issues have reached a critical stage. Societal diseases,
such as crime, are out of control. Health concerns outflank medical answers. Psychological and behavioral
imbalances amount to chaos. All current cultural and spiritual patterns are dramatically overwhelmed by
mounting crises of collective and individual identity. The
International Institute of Geosomatics is the synergistic
answer to a like morbid drift. It represents the tool from which a new inclusive paradigm will emerge.

Out of the conjugate work of two streams that were formerly and misleadingly regarded as two antithetic worlds
-- the 'heroic heretics' of Western Science and the Guardians of Traditional Wisdom and Aboriginal Sapiental
Lore -- the blending of these streams of science and wisdom will reopen the doors of tomorrow with the 'lost'
keys of yesterday.

Although utterly bankrupt nowadays, western science has been able to originate a few heterodox pioneers
whose respective research offer outstanding breakthroughs when incorporated on a higher global perspective
and completed by Traditional Wisdom and Sapiential Lore, whereby the heroic heretics of Western science
RE-discover that their work dovetails with the already universal knowledge of universal hermeticism.

On the other hand, Religious Masters, Medicine-Men and other Guardians of all kinds of Aboriginal Sapience
were the keepers of various Grails, ultimately kindred to one another and also, surprisingly, cognate to the
most advanced scientific insights. For instance, regarding basic principles such as interrelatedness and
inseparability of all things or the delusive validity of any 'material reality' that relates only to the imperfection of
our non-awakened senses, their messages match entirely the basic understanding and results of quantic

The problem, however, due to centuries of cultural persecutions perpetrated by our so-called 'civilization,' the
last surviving apostles of Sapiential Lore are as maimed and scattered as the most advanced researchers of
western science. The two dwindling streams of Science and Sapience are both in dire need of being located,
reshaped, resubstantiated and reunited at the very source of a fusional and reciprocal blending with one
science and sapience together .

Basically, the students whose background is essentially scientific, beside their opening to bioquantic new
sciences of life, would be transmuted and reshaped with new unifying ethical, ecological and spiritual
perspectives. Those, who relate to the Sapiential domain, would be intensely 'scientified' in order for them to
acquire a new dialectic and experimental frame of mind that will bring them to better acknowledgement and
practical implementation of their initial Lore, which they have been made, otherwise, incapable to communicate
or to actuate.

The most sensitive part of the mission is to locate the last authentic Guardians of human Sapiential Lore, this
being already quite a task as to their horrendous rarefaction. After having been located, they should be
apprised and taught regarding the whole issue. They have, especially, to be convinced of the global morbid
emergency in which our Geo-Organism has already started to die.

Beside all that, there must be objective scientific means to evaluate the credibility, the validity and the
serviceability of such 'rare pearls,' from both streams, especially regarding their ability to connect and to
influence the psychofields of planetarian bioconscience.

Geosomatics is the Science of interactive relations of our Planetarian Organism. The Earth is a true
unique living entity of formidable complexity in which all parts are interlinked and synergistic. The processing of
information is basic for the very survival of all living organisms. To various extents, all organisms possess their
own systems of communication. The sophistication of such systems is normally proportionate to the complexity
of the organism's related physiological development.

Our Geosomatic program, blending science and sapience, is to find out, to study, to channel and to utilize
'neuro-physiologic' networks of our Geo-organism to try rebalancing our individual and collective equilibria.
Then, by understanding and entering the 'psychofields' of a like planetarian 'bioconscience,' we would be
capable to 'treat' morbid processes of reciprocal somatization,
by which the Earth is dying from Man, while,
Man, as part of the whole, is dying from the Earth."
For more than 20 years, Catharsis has been successfully fulfilling it's purpose and mission, helping thousands of people and animals, training
students and practitioners, contracting with private clients, and implementing global programs to eradicate the pain and suffering from burns
and shingles.

Always, the end goal is to breakthrough humanity's destructive, crippling reductionist straight-jacket with proof of the truth of a higher power
within all life, proof that awakens people's yearning for their original purpose and powers to evolve into the true humanity they were designed
to be as guardians, not betrayers, of their living planet earth.

In 1991, while living in Canada prior to organizing
Catharsis in California, Dr. Savage wrote the structural principles for his new
International Institute of Geosomatics in preparation for the collapse of western reductionist science soon to be apparent throughout the world.

He described the fatal crisis western science was facing and outlined the solutions that needed to be implemented for the survival of humanity
and life on earth. Viewed now as a precursor document, much of what Dr. Savage wrote then has already happened, making it even more
urgent to launch, NOW, the new extraordinary
Sapiential Bio-Institute and usher in the life-saving new scientific paradigm.
Purpose, Vision and Agenda of Catharsis
This formidable task of reconciling Man and Earth has been the overriding duty that
was assigned to Dr. Savage from the time he arrived on Earth.

Born into the only surviving female lineage of the ancient Hyperborean diaspora of holy people who left Greenland after the last ice age
twelve thousand years ago to re-people western Europe, Philip Savage represents the last lineal Celtic Druid trained in the highest
teachings of science and wisdom brought by his revered ancestors.

As the only male child in the female lineage, Dr. Savage's birth signaled to his clan the end of their ancient tradition (as well as all divisive
world traditions), and the beginning of the long-anticipated great shift this Earth and its inhabitants shall go through in its next huge period
of bio-cleansing (Bio-Catharsis).

Recognized by his great-grandmother as the prophesied hope of englightened unity for humanity's future, Dr. Savage was initiated for
twenty-four years into both the female and male orders as the special “Shiftmaster”
(Strobinneller), receiving a level of powers and wisdom
never before attained in this world, coming as they are from a significantly higher dimension.

Never calling themselves Druids, those holy guardians of ancient traditions, who in fact called themselves
Keldanes (servants of the Divine)
were renowned for many things (e.g., math, science, justice, law, architecture), but probably most appreciated by the people for their
sacred healing powers, passed down personally and achroamatically (by word of the mouth of one, to the ear of the other) through the
generations by the female order of the Hyperborean lineage.

It is these extraordinary powers and abilities that Dr. Philip Savage offers to qualified clients and students, especially those suffering or
dying from their own particular health crisis, those people who are right now praying for a 'miracle' for themselves, their family, and for their
dying Earth.

Since 1953, Dr. Savage has been assigned with the duty and power to help humanity in these end-times of most extreme crises, which he
has sacrificed his entire life to fulfill. The culmination of his divine assignment is to launch the Sapiential Bio-Institute, build the Ark of IMAGO
transmutation pyramid, and provide the "crack" necessary to usher in the new all-inclusive paradigm that can reconcile Man and Earth, in
order to rescue both, before its too late to do either.

One thing, now, is abundantly clear, namely, why none of the progressive “band-aid” solutions (nor even all of them put together)
offered by the thousands of well-intentioned green movement organizations across the globe can (or will ever) solve the current crisis.
This is because the CAUSE of the problem is NOT the water or the air or the forests. Nor is it the fatally destructive human behavior
evident over the last centuries. These are just the symptoms of an underlying cause, therefore, the “band-aids” offered by
environmental groups can merely relieve a particular stress, temporarily.

The cause of the devastating symptoms suffered by humans and the Earth is the separation (the disconnect) of humans from their
primordial source (Nature, their higher self, Mother Earth) and betrayal of their original role (duty) on this planet. As a result, instead
of evolving into mature protectors of life and justice on Earth, our species has devolved into the over-populated destroyers of life and
justice. Dr. Savage describes original humans as Co-Creators in the Divine Plan who betrayed their Divine duty and by doing so, lost
access to those higher privileges and incomparable abilities, and are now in the position of "redeeming" themselves. He says it is
possible to be redeemed and reestablish access to powers that still exist within us, like a frozen connection which he is able to awaken
and reestablish for people who qualify.

Hence, the absolute fact that modern humans, alone, cannot solve the crisis on planet Earth in the time we have left, no matter how
advanced we may think we and our (ecologically sustaining) technologies are, most of which we don't even have yet

Dr. Savage's Experiments prove that he is operating beyond electro-magnetism, beyond what we know of creation, the material world,
which he calls the "Divine Natural Order," the higher collective of which we are an integral and important part. Survival for the Earth
and a future human race is why Dr. Savage's SDI experiments and Mind Control Interventions are the most valuable proven science
and technology in the world. People want this, need this and many know it's possible, but don't yet know exactly what it is, where it is
or how to do it. People worldwide, especially scientists of all kinds, need to know that SDI Mind Control technology is now available to
them, with unlimited applications and testing possibilities in every sphere of their lives and work.

The solution to the crises people (and Earth) are facing today is to reverse humanity's separation and betrayal (and millions of years
of devolution), with an acceleration, a "leap in evolution" of our species, and return to humanity's role of caretaker, to reconnect,
reunite, and reempower humans back to their original blueprint and duty as guardians. Evolution, however, takes time... a long time.

To evolve the human species, QUICKLY, is the only solution left to raise human consciousness in time to be capable of doing its duty
of guardianship of Earth. This is what Dr. Savage brings us, the way out of our final extinction crisis, the answer to the unsolvable
EARTH BETRAYAL, and the key to our own evolutionary leap with his
Sapiential Bio-Institute,  IMAGO Metamorphosis Machine, and
the strongest, available, scientifically proven way to "crack' the current outdated, knowledge-crippling Reductionist paradigm.

When Dr. Savage organized Catharsis in 1999, he wrote a document entitled Strategaia: Earth's Battle Plan and explained exactly what was
going on with the Earth crisis, why it was happening and what humanity, we, would have to do at that time to help the Earth save itself and
humanity to secure its own future. Excerpts from
Strategaia are extremely relevant today in understanding the urgent need to launch the
Sapiential Bio-Institute and build the first IMAGO Transmutational Pyramid, and why it is now OBVIOUS, it's the only option left.

While over-populated humanity is destroying life on the Earth and causing dramatic disastrous effects such as the lethal compromise of
ecological balance, the Earth is responding with self-regulating activities to fight for its own life. Dr. Savage calls this crisis, Earth’s cleansing
or Bio-Catharsis.

The problem for humanity is that while Earth’s self-regulating responses will certainly enable it, the Earth, to survive, those same responses
are extremely destructive to
current human ways and means of existing on this planet. As Earth’s natural catastrophes increase, the ability
of modern humans to survive decrease. Even if all the best scientists’ solutions were miraculously implemented (including the ones we don't
have yet), the massive chain reaction of catastrophic climate effects now in process would still continue to eliminate the human population.

Ultimately, humans have no chance of winning a war against Nature, our Earth’s fight for it’s own survival.  
And, now we are CLEARLY out of time.

The ONLY emergency option left is to use Dr. Savage's extraordinary powers to help us help ourselves. Launch the Sapiential Bio-Institute
to help mitigate Earth’s inevitable (and much needed) Bio-Catharsis to be less destructive, instead of horrific, on the human (and
animal and vegetal) populations and build the IMAGO Metamorphosis Machine to secure the survival of a fully-evolved future human race.

With Dr. Savage's unique abilities and access to Transcendental Forces and higher powers that yield immediate vital results, documented
with a 40-year track record, we may even be able to reverse some of the most catastrophic effects of Earth’s Bio-Cathartic purification.
Dr. Savage explains his proposal to organize the extraordinary Sapiential Bio-Institute, SBI
(excerpts from The Warshal, 2001)

"The purpose of SBI is to use the current scientific paradigm’s own methodology and most advanced tools to
expose its fundamental inadequacy until final meltdown…. To help people unite in a new 'hyper-paradigm,'
which I have already termed 'Peiradigm' (from Greek 'peira' = proof, an entirely new 'body of knowledge'
established on 'proven truths,' no longer on axiomatic conjectures)…. To unite the best scientific pioneers of
biology, physics and medicine with the last Native 'Shamans' who have managed somehow to survive the
civilizational holocaust after 'processing' with my multi-millenarian wisdom and my own scientific acquisitions….
To use those most advanced technological breakthroughs, added to my own 'inter-dimensional' Alchemy. To
‘delegate’ vast segments of my Powers on specially selected candidates that could, very soon at their turn,
'sub-delegate' upon others, until there is an unstoppable 'Health Epidemic' that begins to spread out all over
the world....

I have the greatest respect for medicine and physicians. When medicine knows how to remain in its own
legitimate preserves, like surgery and traumatology, for instance, I am honestly one of its greatest admirers. It
is not for nothing that most of my collaborators in Europe and in America have always been physicians....

I am mentioning the field of my 'health accomplishments' because my unique powers in this domain may be
the ultimate key to my ultimate role within the 'Doomsday scenario' soon to befall. Perhaps also, when
replaced in its rightful context, my 'health powers' represent the most remarkable 'secret weapon' within my
own entire arsenal when the time has come for the Earth’s great Bio-Catharsis…. I am not absolutely sure
which of all the many horrendous systems of 'immune response' your living planet will eventually resort to in
order to make man pay for so many millennia and millennia of rape, desecration and depredation…, but I
know for a fact that I shall have the capacity, whatever hits them, to rescue those who would have sworn
allegiance, through unconditional bio-atonement, to Life and Justice here on Earth, BEFORE the great Bio-
Catharsis had begun…. The sole exception to this … being of course the children who, by definition, are
innocent of the bio-crimes of their parents....

If this can in any way assuage your fears, I can still give you a precious clue as to which kind of 'Geo-Immune
microbial agents' shall soon, very soon, teach man the ultimate lesson of his malignant history: Since it is
through the wrong criminal covenant with 'Fire' that the whole story began and that the worst torments to the
Earth have been, [and] still are, perpetrated, it shall be through 'Fire' (or the highly burning sensation thereof)
that it will all end!

Whether through sub-contracting for some 'newly enlightened' World’s government or through 'private
venture,' I would immediately set up the most extraordinary 'Sapiential Bio-Institute' (not 'scientific,' indeed,
something much more elevated) that this Earth has ever known, to rescue the Earth and a future human
species from eventual annihilation."

     Working together with New Pioneer Scientists and Ancient Shaman Wisdom Keepers

1. Scientific Research Laboratories: Set up our own laboratories to expand research and establish our
own proofs of the unprecedented effects of SDI, MCC and FBD that will provoke the paradigmatic primer
needed to usher us into the new scientific era.

2. Raise Consciousness: Unite the best scientific pioneers of biology, physics and medicine with the last
Native Shaman after being purified with Dr. Savage's vast repository of ancient wisdom and advanced
subliminal processing.

3. Health and Teaching Units: Healthening Clinics in cities where people (and animals) can be taken
care of in person or from a distance, to receive the health miracle they're craving and the self-healing
powers to maintain it.  

4. Quantum Biocybernetic Evolution: Build and activate the IMAGO structures, those athanors of
transmutation, where the bio-cognitive evolutionary leap long overdue for the human race can take place…

5. Special Subliminal Influence, SDI Projects:

  • Crime: Set up Morphogenic computer systems with qualified scientists to use MCC (Morphogenic
    Composite-Ideogram Cybernetics) at the global level to reduce crime and fear, and increase well-
    being in cities throughout the world.

  • Climate Change: Green Think Tanks where “remote doing” strategies can be developed by
    advanced scientists and the last of the ancient shaman to mitigate some of the worst bio-retaliatory
    measures hitting the Earth.

  • Genomics: Research and scientific experiments in Genomics, the domain of biology and genetics, in
    order to bring back to life animal and vegetal species that man has already driven to extinction, if
    only to demonstrate to the “Higher Intelligence” in charge of the great evolutionary processes that we
    are willing ourselves to repair what mankind has criminally destroyed.

  • Security - National, International, Private: Offer SDI to proactive governments and citizens
    groups the unlimited possibilities to accomplish social, political, economic and non-lethal military
    strategies in removing terrorists, making criminals tell the truth, stopping threats before they happen
    and targeting geo-political "hotspots" as they emerge. For example, sub-contract for a world
    government that is amenable to our ecological agenda, in exchange for its assistance in the field of
    the environment.

6. Funding: Once initial funding to build the first IMAGO Metamorphosis Machine is received, the
Sapiential Bio-Institute laboratories, staff, and projects will be entirely self-sufficient.
1. Research Units - Experimental Scientific Researches:  By use of specific 'subliminal
techniques' which mentally channel bio-forces with unprecedented resultant potency, we want to
establish the inherent consciousness of Life within the cellular domain. If, through Mind-Force only,
we are able to affect significantly the functioning of individual or collective cells under the strictest
scientific methodological supervision, we will have proven that cells have a mind of their own and that
such a mind can blend with another mind of higher level with observable results. When we are able  
to repair the functioning of those cells back to healthy criteria of bio-normalcy, it will also bring some
hope on how to reintegrate man (deviant cell of the living planetary organism) back to his original
homoeostatic niche within the Earth's most essential vital equilibrium.

2. Healing and Teaching Units - Subliminal Bio-Advocacy Within Human Spiritual Health:
To bring people to reconsider their deleterious existential priorities, we offer new dramatic scientific
proof that is so immediate and beneficial to themselves that they eventually show interest in attaining
their own health and survival with a solution better than any other option they have previously tried.
The subliminal treatment of the mind, that in turn dramatically affects the body, is to renormalize
human consultants, with the end result of bringing their most essential homoeostatic functions back
to a perfect health condition of psycho-behavioral normalcy.

3. SDI Units - Collective Bio-Channeling to Enlarge and Realign Human Consciousness:
Owing to the current situation of acute bio-existential crisis on Earth, we are completely running out
of time for us to work on a progressive agenda of slow bio-awakening to raise human consciousness
up to the level that the Earth's terminal health condition requires. Even people with better ecological
consciousness than average do not fully realize that we have already reached the point of no-return
of life recovery on this planet. We do not have, anymore, the option of patience.
In an encouraging conclusion to The Warshal, Dr. Savage writes:

Fundamental Rule 9

"The world is not inherently irredeemable and man is not intrinsically evil. The World is divine; we are divine.
There are no former sins against Life, against Justice and against 'God' that cannot be redeemed, as long as
one's level of bio-Atonement and bio-Commitment makes up for one's previous bio-crimes. We may not be the
only ones in this universe, but we are still the 'chosen ones.'  We have been offered an unthinkable 'Gift' for
which we will never be capable to repay the Magnificent Divine Source, the only one that is capable of
expressing so much pure and absolute Love.

When all other living things have been conferred 'rights,' such as the right to exist, the right to experience
bio-harmony, the right to love and to be loved, also the right to be protected, we have been offered the sublime
gift of Divine Duties. The duty to protect and serve all other living things, the duty to partake of the Divine Plan
as sacred 'Co-Creators' and the duty to abide and uphold Divine Laws here on Earth.

Our only 'right' is that of our own awareness of those sublime privileges. There is no 'happiness' outside the
enthusiastic obedience to our Divine Bio-Assignment. The unfathomable joy of our own bio-consciousness and
our own bio-duties within the unified field of Divine Love is the sole and ultimate Happiness which one would be
criminally insane not to aspire to, with all his or her soul."


  • Small investment for HUGE potential return - become real planetary heroes with access to
    unlimited power and actual immortality,
  • Very quick returns – see tangible results within first weeks and months
  • Enormous immediate personal and family benefits to “investors:” Guaranteed protection,
    health, happiness – receive the full benefits of meeting Dr. Savage, which are far beyond your
    best imaginings, as we who know him have also received
  • NO-risk, Win-Win-Win situation. Not a gamble. You can trust because you are learning about
    Dr. Savage from someone you know, a reputable friend or colleague. You see for yourself,It
    works, by experiencing his powers and abilities in your own life.
  • Initial donations are less money than many people normally spend on unnecessary luxuries in
    six months (i.e., vacations, adventures, conferences, business ventures, causes, campaigns,
    charities, jewelry, weekend cottages, etc.)
  • NO publicity – absolutely private -- not “Foundation business” – no company record-keeping –
    no press – completely PRIVATE PERSONAL donation – your "sacred gift" given in exchange for
    his "sacred gifts."
  • Your chance to make a real difference in our future - not a band-aid or "further studies" type of
    solution: Have input into critical "environmental hits" -- the coming "shift" can happen horribly
    (disastrously) or beautifully (new birth), and it's literally up to us and our resources.
  • He says IMAGO and SBI can rescue ourselves and our Earth: Why not see for yourself? No
    choice, really, butt to support Dr. Savage with the resources to do his emergency work. Imagine
    what differences he can make. And ask yourself, "What if it's true and I didn't do it?"

STRATEGAIA: Earth's Battle Plan (1999) (excerpts)

"Modern science has become the technocratic civilization's new religion. Scientists and especially medical
doctors are the high priests of the new reductionist churches. Their entire system of values reposes on their
dogmatic certainties. Just dissolve one of its feet of clay and you will see the paradigmatic giant collapse, never
to rise again.

Knowing that the whole modern and western paradigm is reductionist and separative in origin, the main thrust of
our efforts must be heuristico-expansionist (capable of enlarging the boundaries of our knowledge) and
all-inclusive in effects.

The idea is to strike a lethal blow in the reductionist system of beliefs by proving the dramatic inveracity of the
current scientific and medical paradigm. To provoke events, processes and phenomena absolutely
non-assimilable in their own logic and which conflict so much with all their basic dogmas that their theoretical
founding principles will implode under the weight of their semantic contradictions. Most obviously, to get such an
impact reductionist science must be confronted on his own terrain and according to his own methodology.
Which means that it is within his own universities and laboratories and by challenging its own high priests on
their own methodological altars that our efforts must focus.

First and foremost we are going to need a third party, the media, to witness, then report, our tactical successes.
Without media involvement, the powerful elite of reductionism and their so-called skeptic agents could attempt
to stifle us and downplay the extent of their downfall.
With the media on our side, trying to discount our
proof would be much more difficult.

Without giving strong and factual reassurances to the chemical and pharmaceutical industry that we are not
and never will represent a threat to their own business and their very survival, we are finished before even
starting. Much more indeed than most uninformed people may think, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry
indeed belong to the world of "Mammon," not of science.

What we are fighting for is crystal clear: Justice and Life. Without Life, Justice would be an empty proposition
and without Justice, Life would not be Life, period. What is so important in Life? To me the answer lies in its
Divineness. Life is inherently spiritual. Therefore, our main thrust against science and medicine has to be an
attack against materialistic science and reductionist medicine. Our objective must be to prove and establish with
highest methodological criteria the
intrinsic spirituality - consciousness - of Life wherever you look at it.

To regroup on a strong, valid and extremely heuristic new concept, it should bear on the very spiritual nature of
Life on all levels,
the Mind-Body interactions occurring at every level of all vital processes, by conducting
experiments at the cellular level, treating the cell as a whole within specific cyto-pathological scenarios where
the normal homoeostatic balance of normal cellular mind-body interactions has been dangerously compromised.

I want to demonstrate the oneness of the Mind per se,  the interconnectiveness of all "individual" minds
within some higher unified field of consciousness: The Bio-Mind.

* * * * *
Most importantly, I am ready to re-associate people to their own health recovery, both on a planetary and on a
personal level. The idea of being so re-empowered, of 'healing' themselves by healing most concretely their
own Geoself, forms the basic idea of Gaiatrics, which also represents people's very bio-redemption, people's
final self-realization or, better, self-lealization (from the semantic root 'leal' from which the ideas of loyalty and
legality arise).

The end result of my work upon them and with them, should be for people to transcend their sick human nature
and access to the next fortunate evolutionary leap after proper bio-purification, to bio-transmute those
'ex-humans' into a new species of Bio-Guardians and a new breed of Divine Law Enforcers: the pillars of
Bio-Justice [fully evolved IMAGO beings.]

In this next major shift within human history, I am assigned to assist the birth of a new future and prepare the
ground for a new covenant between Divine Life and man's fortunate replacement. I have the duty to try to help
my 'children' (you) go relatively unscathed through times of dramatic building the first 'Arch of
survival' to ride the post-civilizational tsunami looming at the horizon.

When people's whole system of pseudo-certainties would have begun to collapse, it is obvious that my
bio-apocalyptic ideological message should then gain broader attention. Only when humans are reaching the
very threshold of their FINAL existential course, when they are facing their own death, do I have a solid chance
to get their full interested attention

For those of you who make the choice of life through me rather than death without my help, the whole of us
MUST prepare for imminent geo-survival.  And for those still undecided, just as a final piece of advice,
any late atonement is better than no atonement at all."
Catharsis - Biognostic Unit of Geonoetics
operating successfully since 1999
President: Dr. Jane Dillon, PhD
Purpose, Vision and Agenda of the Sapiential Bio-Institute (SBI)