PRIMER:  FireBurnDoctor
to launch the long-awaited new paradigm

Crack the Reductionist Paradigm
with FireBurnDoctor's Incontrovertible Proof

Global news coverage of FireBurnDoctor (FBD) test results IS the "paradigmatic primer"
necessary to usher in the long-awaited NEW paradigm


To actually SHIFT the current paradigm (instead of just talking about it), we must provoke a major dialectical disruption
(a "crack," a "primer") of unprecedented magnitude in reductionist science's common systems of beliefs.

This new "paradigmatic primer" must be of extreme potency and of maximum simplicity, in order to break free
the "old reductionist paradigm" from its immense conceptual inertia,

To be effective, the experimental results of this "primer" must be of such absolute clarity that even the most die-hard supporters of the former
reductionist models are incapable of conceiving any semantic argument to deny or circumvent the scientific and logical consequences of those
results. This is why it is experiments on severe Fire-burn traumas ONLY that can "crack" the old paradigm.

The documented results of Dr. Savage's free SDI processing of severe FIRE burn victims are powerful and simple: Incontrovertible, visible and
easy to reproduce in hundreds of thousands of cases. FBD's "Instant Burn Recoveries" are so immediate, dramatic and complete that they
absolutely defy all the well-known "normal course of events" that currently cripple, maim, deform and kill victims of severe fire burn accidents.

The results of SDI on Fire Burn are so significantly different from anything reductionist science has ever produced or even witnessed that Dr.
Savage's FBD tests constitute the most important heuristic precedent that is essential to provoke the long-awaited paradigm shift.

Dr. Savage explains:

"Such a major discrepancy in the whole logical process puts into question the deeper nature of FIRE.
The need to reassess so dramatically the very nature of a basic physical element that nobody has ever really
thought to question, will initiate the 'paradigmatic primer' that will usher us into a new scientific era."

* * * * *

Childhood development scholar, Joseph Chilton Pearce, was on to the "falseness of fire" in a chapter of his book, Crack in the Cosmic Egg,
which he titled
, "Fire Burns, but Not Always." In that chapter, Pearce recounts his own experience of accidentally pushing a lighted cigarette into
his own hand, then in startled response, he "froze" and soon discovered that his hand did not show any signs of being burned. Dr. Dossey also
reports in
ONE MIND, other examples where "fire did not burn."

No one, however, has ever been able to prove scientifically these "anomalies with fire burn," on cue, in a statistically significant number of
cases, that other scientists could replicate and try to falsify. Scientific scrutiny is what makes Dr. Savage's Fire Burn experiments the most
valuable the world has ever seen.

2000+ people from 58 countries and 50 US states have already called or texted the FBD "hotline" number for help either for
themselves or for someone else. All of those burn victims then received "Instant Burn Recovery" and reported their own shock
and amazement at the immediate results of their pain gone in minutes and the burn "erased" in hours

Everyone can encourage the FireBurnDoctor FREE experiments because almost everyone in the world has been burned at some time in their
life and knows the horrible pain and fear involved, even in a minor burn. People also know there's no effective immediate free treatment for the
pain and suffering from burns, which kill and deform more people worldwide than any other tragedy. Furthermore, there can be no legitimate
objections to the FBD protocol since the remote processing is non-physical, non-therapeutic, done from a distance and doesn't interfere with
medical or pharmaceuticals industries. In addition, it can be taught to anyone in the world, also for free.



Saturate Social Media Every Day + Emails, phone trees, media alerts

    Confirm with everyone you contact to put the FBD phone number in their
    cell phones and CALL immediately when they are burned.

Spread the Word - Tell All, Just Call
"Don't believe it, just watch!"
+1 818 332 6445

"To protect and serve our own planetary life support, its biodiversity, the sacred
synergy of all ecosystems and, ultimately, for the Super-Ethos of Divine unfolding
creation here on Earth, represents the most concrete, immediate and self-fulfilling
return that any potential crusader could dream of."
  Philip Savage

As the world struggles with government control, climate change and pandemic chaos, Dr. Savage is
relentlessly fighting to neutralize the forces behind that chaos, while his team searches for the
people to build the structures that will catalyze the more-than-ever needed paradigm shift
to usher in a new Transcendental Science and Medicine.

While fires rage worldwide in unexpected and deadly ways, we all can urge global TV to broadcast the
    Amazing FBD Story so millions of people around the world can be quickly trained, for free,
    to eradicate the suffering and pain of fire burn.


Call within
first 30 minutes of burn injury

+1 818 332 6445

NO pain, NO grafting, NO scarring, NO risk. FREE worldwide.
No interference with standard medical procedures.

In your cell phones under "BURNS,"
on the refrigerator door, in the car, on your backpacks,
all the places you'll see it first in an emergency.

    1. Help the FBD team find the "One Silent Sponsor" to PARTNER with Dr. Savage to build
    the IMAGO pyramid and metamorphosis Machine.

    2. Contact the people interested in launching and being part of the Sapiential Bio Institute.

    3. Promote the worldwide until global TV broadcasts the amazing
    FBD story that ignites the shift.
This is a scientific revolution, a real one

Be part of the solution instead of continuing to be part of the problem
Our survival, and our Earth's survival, depend on it

For most people, Transcendence (Cosmic Consciousness., Holy Spirit, whatever you prefer) is something that exists beyond
the electromagnetic "creation" that we live in and represents only a concept, theory, hope, prayer, a "mere belief.

What matters now is that Dr. Savage is the only one you know (or can physically know right now), who can prove to you,
persoanlly, the actual existence of that Higher Power - anywhere, on cue, on camera - and as often as you want or need, in
order for you to realize that it is true and very real.

This is what he offers that no one else can: :PROOF that a Higher Power, Transcendental Forces and the One Collective
Bio-Mind exist, which he can access, and with proper "transformation" he can pass 'the key" to you. This is the "key" that will
provoke the critical, dramatic and global 'primer" necessary to crack the old Reductionist paradigm and bring us into the new.

The choice is yours, since no one, not Philip Savage, not angels, gurus, avatars or "the real God" itself...
no one can interfere with human "free will."

Humans have made this mess on Earth. Now, it is up to humans, us/YOU, to fix it.
"Tell others? Why not/ It's painless to try!"
Award-Winning Documentary
"Pain is literally zero. It's amazing! I'm just
super grateful. Just 3 hours after my burn!"
As Dr. Savage says,

"It's very simple, a simple catalytic effect. I need to have groups of people whom I can teach, and who can
teach others and so forth. It can go very fast. In a year, eight million people can be healers. And it takes just
starting the whole process, priming the pump. Having a team of a few dozen people whom I've taught
directly, who are going to teach others. One person can teach ten, ten persons can teach one thousand,
and it goes exponentially, and very, very fast. Once again from proofs.

That’s why, also, we need to have our own laboratories, because when the scientific corpus is going to
understand the danger, the threat to their own paradigm that’s going to be washed away, we better have our
own laboratories to establish our own proofs. That’s what people need, once again, proofs, proofs, proofs.
Expericism, not new messages.... It couldn't have happened 10 years ago... 100 years ago.... We are all
ready now and we have to do it. Why? Because we can."
Spread the news QUICKLY throughout the world on ALL social media platforms that FireBurnDoctor
is available and free for ANYONE who calls or texts
within 30 minutes of any burn injury, so that
eventually some GLOBAL TV networks are forced to broadcast the 'Amazing FireBurnDoctor Story,"
due to the overwhelming number of positive results,

Not only will the ratings for that TV network skyrocket, the broadcasting of FBD on global TV platforms
will inevitably provoke the paradigmatic primer necessary to QUICKLY "shift paradigms."