EXPERIMENT 11: Cellular Anagenesis

Cellular Anagenesis (Anti-Aging):
Giant Pandas and Two Women
reversing the biological clock, instantly


Monitor the effects of Dr. Savage's Subliminal Influence Mind Control processing in two cases of aging women over forty years old (processed in
person), and in one case of two Giant Pandas who were not reproducing while living in the San Diego zoo (processed from a distance).


The hypothesis of Experiment 11 is that Dr. Savage's Subliminal "Mind Control" processing will have an
unusually significant effect in each of the three cases, namely:


"Anti-aging" has become a major industry in the world over the last fifty years with significant funding for research scientists and personal profits
for doctors, manufacturers, and retail outlets. While seeking the "fountain of youth" with an eye toward immortality has been a quest throughout
recorded human history, until recently, the path to living longer consisted only of healthier lifestyle factors, such as diet, exercise, sleep, drug
habits, stress control, etc., all of which are known to help normalize the circadian clock, the organism's biological timepiece that is linked to most
cellular metabolic processes and is affected by the organism aging. In general, the scientific understanding has been that aging (not to mention
dying) is inevitable and the predominant factors in the timing of both depended simply on "genetic factors that cannot be changed."

Recent discoveries in bio-genetics, genomics and stem cell therapy, however, are now impacting scientific knowledge and industry innovation to
the point where established researchers at prominent universities and medical centers are seriously working on the possibilities for not only
reversing aging, but also for a kind of immortality in unlimited ability to reverse or replace diseased, damaged or "aging" body cells. For instance:

Many scientists are now confident, as are the various researchers cited above, that measuring the length of cellular telomeres and the
percentage of senescent cell levels are acceptable standards to determine the aging of an organism. A telomere is a region of the DNA that
protects the end of the chromosome from deteriorating or fusing with other chromosomes, and shortens over time. Senescent cells refer to cells
that stop dividing and lose their function, thought to be in response to stress factors such as DNA damage, telomere shortening and oxidative
stress. Successful anti-aging methods result in longer telomeres and lower senescent cell levels.

When Dr. Savage is able to immediately reverse the aging process in humans and animals using ONLY his MInd Control Subliminal processing,
without the use of drugs, cellular implants or physical therapies of any kind, he will have proven that, indeed,
"aging can be targeted and
by mentally controlling the organism "at the basic cellular-biological level." He will also have introduced the possibility of natural
organic human immortality.

Since telomere and senescent cell level testing methods are now readily available, it is possible to document with laboratory data, in addition to
visual data as in Experiment 11, the effects of Dr. Savage's SDI MIND Control processing on any future human subjects, opening up
opportunities for researchers anywhere in the world to conduct their own experiments with Dr. Savage on anti-aging (cellular anagenesis).



Shocking and immediate positive results for the two women in Cases 2 and 3. Unprecedented historic
results for the two giant pandas in Case 1, that over a period of 23 years, was thoroughly
documented by media, resulting in worldwide wonder, appreciation and acclaim.


Case 1.  Reverse Aging 1999
Giant Pandas Bai Yun & Shi Shi

Bai Yun Female (b. 1993)
mother of Hua Mei
age 27 in 2019

The three tests were conducted in different locations and in different years:

In Case 1, Dr. Savage's processing is done from a distance in San Diego, California in 1999, and
there is no possibility of placebo (belief) since the two subjects are animals.

In Cases 2 and 3, the subliminal processing is done in person in Switzerland, in 2004 and 2016,
where both women are already students of Dr. Savage and present during the processing,
although neither woman is aware of the anti-aging focus of the treatment.

In all tests, there is no risk, no therapy, no drugs, no interference with normal medical cares.
40-year-old woman receives
Subliminal "anit-aging" processing
40-year-old woman receives
Subliminal "anti-aging" processing
Case 2. Alison - Total Morphogenic Transformation - 2004

The year 2004 marked a major turning point for Dr. Savage. Finally settled once again in Europe, his American colleagues opened an office in
Switzerland where people from Europe and the U.S. (and anywhere else in the world) could easily travel to meet with Dr. Savage and his
associates. The first meeting in June 2004 lasted about two weeks and was attended by 25-30 people, including colleagues, new students,
and many individuals and families with very serious problems. Everyone who attended this meeting reported amazing experiences and
immediate astonishing results, as well as expressed overwhelming gratitude for the privilege of meeting Dr. Savage in person. (Some
continued their work with Dr. Savage to this day, seventeen years later, as part of his team.)

As people returned to their respective homes, they continued to notice and report phenomenal changes, many of which are reported in the
Case Summaries documented on PSproof.com. Drug dealers ended those destructive activities, dysfunctional parents took 180 degree turns,
weight loss of excess pounds (kilos or stones) were reported, loving reconciliation of chronically estranged married couples, and the
unprecedented positive lab tests that documented the complete elimination of viral load, as well as 10-years of suffering for the AIDS victim
who attended this ground-breaking meeting,

One of the women, Alison, who attended this meeting with her two young children kept in close touch with Dr. Savage's team, reporting
continual improvement in her life and the well-being of her children throughout the following year. Then in the Spring of 2005, a documentary
filmmaker interviewed Alison and several other individuals who had received the cares of Dr. Savage for their own various situations. When
the first videos for this documentary were ready to view, Dr. Savage's team noticed one of the most astonishing results for Alison. She looked
ENTIRELY different from the woman who attended the meeting in June 2004. The visual change was so noticeable that Alison sent pictures of
her passport, which she had renewed in May 2004 just before traveling to the June meeting.

Even though Dr. Savage's team had heard many reports from Alison and her friends about how different Alison looked, behaved and treated
her children, and how quickly her weight and hair, and mental and emotional attitude changed, once the trauma, bullying and grief she
experienced throughout her life was removed after Dr. Savage's processing, no one was prepared to see Alison looking and acting like an
entirely different woman.  

In Alison's case of cellular anagenesis, it's the picture on her passport and the clips of her speaking in the video that are beyond belief.
In this case of anti-aging, seeing is truly the only way of believing.
50-year-old woman receives
special Mind Control "anti-aging" processing
50-year-old woman receives
special Mind Control "anti-aging" processing

Case 3.  Linda - Cellular Anagenesis - 2015


In September 2015, Linda, a successful and beautiful 50-year-old woman returned to see Dr. Savage to help with his eco-humanitarian
projects, including traveling to two important conferences with other members of Dr. Savage's team. Having originally gone to Dr. Savage
the previous year for help with childhood trauma, Linda was now happy, healthy, focused, free of former troubles and engaged with helping
other people experience what she felt fortunate to have received.

After spending several hours meeting with Dr. Savage and receiving his processing in 2015, Linda emerged from this session visually

Her buoyant youthful posture and demeanor were shockingly noticeable and the physical changes to her face were beyond astonishing.
Linda looked twenty years younger than when she walked in to see Dr. Savage a few hours earlier. In fact, the people close to her at this
meeting thought she looked like her own "younger sister." Since nothing else changed over the next few hours after leaving the meeting with
Dr. Savage, this woman, her friends and Dr. Savage's associates realized the extraordinary physical changes in Linda were not some
"fluke," but actually permanent results of the immediate and deeply-transforming power of Dr. Savage's subliminal processing.

Subsequently, while attending the two professional meetings that October, Linda's associates on Dr. Savage's team asked many of the
bystanders they met to guess Linda's age. Reluctant to ever estimate a woman's age, these people were assured by Linda that she would
be very pleased with their honest responses. Each bystander, independently of the others, and without any idea of Linda's actual age,
answered with guesses UNDER 33 years old, with one young man actually estimating Linda to be 28!

To thank each bystander for participating in the guessing, Linda showed each one her passport with her "old" picture and birthdate. A very
shock prevailed at both professional meetings, especially for the ones with time and interest to ask how this happened to Linda. As
chance would have it, one of those bystanders turned out to be the soon-to-be-world's foremost expert in "telomere research," which at that
point no one on Dr. Savage's team (except for him) had any clue what telomeres even were. Dr. Bill Andrews was most charming,
informative and interested in Linda and Dr. Savage's work, inviting her to his California laboratory for telomere testing, which unfortunately
Linda was unable to do since she lived in Europe.

For Linda and this experiment, however, no one needed a lab test to see the results of Dr. Savage's Subliminal Mind Control processing of
a 50-year-old woman turned 30. The proof was clearly and visibly and immediately quote apparent.
In an exclusive documentary video interview, Dr. Savage explains to the filmmaker:

"You have skills that are quite powerful and unique. Tell me specifically what your technology does to bring me
back to balance so that I don't die or the disease disappears."

"It’s a proactive process by which you help others be whole. And assuming that the whole world would be whole
there is always a way to make it more whole. This is the pursuit of happiness in terms of evolution and spirituality,
that’s how you are healthy. You’re healthy when you are happy; you’re happy when you are on duty, when you
are one with the Divine and with yourself. To me that’s the definition of health. To me it’s proactive, which means
a dynamic of health, not just being perfectly sound, powerful, young also.

I mean what are those free radicals? Who said we are supposed even to die? We die because we are too many
and we have lost the key. But that’s not necessary at all. It's a way by which nature is getting rid of too many. If
we could go back peacefully to a smaller amount of people in terms of a new evolution there would be no need
for aging, no need for sickness. We’ll be all one with one another and with the Divine and with life. No aging
process, no separation and yet we’d be all different. That’s oneness within differences. That’s the beauty of life,
that’s the beauty of the Divine. There is one God in infinite levels and aspects of realities. But basically every
prophet has said the same. That’s just the ones that followed them that decided otherwise.

My MCC technology stands for Morphogenic Composite-ideogram Cybernetics. It's just taking a person [or
animal], as a whole in terms of her or his own DNA and shape (the morph, the sound of his own voice, his own
movement), shrink it down to some kind of mathematical equation (an ideogram) and then process the essence
of the person, purified, simplified - dehumanized and rehumanized in a different way - and possibly blend them
together, which means I could take care of an entire town [or species] with MCC processing. Just by taking a few
hundred samples, blending them all together through some kind of a morphotype and we could curb crime.

We can just completely reduce violent crime, sexual crime, drug crimes by going to the cause of it. We can do
that to a nation. This has application in terms of counter terrorism. We can just implant into those bad guys a
complete desire to redeem themselves and do something else that is peaceful, and better than black ops and
killing them. And this is in perfect abidance with free will. We just help people do what they want to do, but they
don’t know it most of the time. But they don’t want to hurt themselves. They don’t want to die, they don’t want to
be in a wheel chair, they don’t want to have a lung cancer because they smoke. They want to be happy, they
want to be healthy, they want to be all united, and all different at the same time.

That’s what this technology that unifies people [or animals], that symbolizes them, that shrinks them down to a
point to a unique symbol, can do. And then it comes in handy, my powers to quicken, to catalyze the whole
system in an exponential intensity and rhythm. That’s what I’m doing. What I am doing, as you know, is extremely
difficult to explain. I’ve tried all my life. My clan has tried. I’m even different from my clan of freaks. I’m a freak of
freaks, and its basically impossible. I speak twelve languages. I’ve tried in every human language and I’m not
counting the extinct languages, to try to give metaphorical appreciation to what I’m doing. It doesn’t work."

Once again, it goes back to the experiment. I can prove what I’m doing. People don’t have to understand it, they
just have to experience it and do it themselves. They’ll be glad with doing it and not explaining it. I know a lot of
charlatans who can explain what they don’t do. I can not explain what I am doing. That makes me the opposite of
a charlatan. I can prove my point."
1. Stanford University School of Medicine scientists report that they delivered modified RNA to human cells with results that the cells  
behaved younger, claiming, “Now we have found a way to lengthen human telomeres by as much as 1,000 nucleotides, turning back the
internal clock in these cells by the equivalent of many years of human life.”

2. Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, conducted clinical trials to test the effects of giving volunteer subjects a
"cocktail of drugs" (one growth hormone and two diabetes medications) for a year and then monitored the test subjects’ epigenetic clocks
to understand the effect on how they aged. Expecting "the clock" to slow down, researchers were shocked when they found that
volunteers actually “aged backward," losing an average of 2.5 years from their biological ages, as shown on their genomes, along with
immune systems that improved despite the passing of time.

3. Most recently, in a 2020 study at the University of Tel Aviv, scientists think they may have found the holy grail of staying young not in
water, but in air. Through a process they call “oxygen therapy," researchers used hyperbaric oxygen chambers to target specific cells and
DNA linked to shorter lifespans of elderly volunteer subjects who were placed in the chamber for 90 minutes a day, five days a week for
three months to study the impact on senescent cells, which are associated with tissue and organ deterioration, and to measure the length
of each person's telomeres, the molecule linked to premature cellular aging. To control the study, subjects made no lifestyle changes.

Results after only three months showed,
"The participants’ telomeres had lengthened by an average of 20 percent while their senescent
cells decreased by up to 37 per cent by the end of the trial — the equivalent of growing 25 years younger,"
prompting researchers to
claim the good news that
"aging can indeed be targeted and reversed at the basic cellular-biological level."


One day in June 1999, Philip Savage was meeting with a good friend at his home in Encinitas, California, when a work colleague of the friend
dropped by to visit. This work colleague had heard many fascinating reports about Dr. Savage, and when they were introduced, the visitor
blurted out that a friend of his was having a major problem at her work and asked if Philip could help. Unaware that he was seriously
breaching Dr. Savage's ethical Protocol (which had not been "formalized" or even written in English yet), Philip Savage graciously replied
he would try to help, politely excused himself, and left.

What this man asked for was simple, clear and turned out to be an historical moment,
of which no-one (but perhaps Dr. Savage) could have been aware at the time.

This visitor's friend was the junior mammal keeper of the first giant pandas loaned to the San Diego zoo in 1996. The conservation loan of
giant pandas to reputable zoos around the world is an attempt by scientists and the Chinese government to prevent the extinction of this rare
species and to foster positive cultural and scientific relations between participating countries. It was a very big deal at the time (costing the
Zoological Society $1 million a year) and continued to be an even bigger deal for more than twenty years.

It turns out that the visitor's friend had an extremely worrisome problem caring for this giant panda bear, Bai Yun, since she arrived in 1996. In
the three years Bai Yun had been living at the San Diego zoo, she had not conceived an offspring. Her mate, Shi Shi, who China had sent
with her to reproduce, continued to show no interest in mating with Bai Yun during the three (very short) opportunities she had to conceive - a
period of just two to three days a year, usually in one month of Spring when a female panda is receptive to the male. Since it was already
June 1999, zoo veterinarians were sure that Bai Yun was not pregnant and zoo panda keepers were in a panic, especially the visitor's friend
who wanted to keep her job.

The rest, as they say, IS HISTORY... and in this case is actually true!

Fully recorded in writing, videos and national and international press reports, the phenomenal story of Bai Yun (whose father was the famous
Pan Pan) and her subsequent prolific reproduction rate is unprecedented. Her first cub, Hua Mei, was born that very summer on August 21,
1999 (after artificial insemination of frozen sperm from Shi Shi). Zoo staff were ecstatic and public reports called it miraculous, which in fact it
was, although only the visitor who asked Dr. Savage for help and two other people who were present, knew why. The offspring, Hua Mei, was
the first giant panda born in the US to survive to adulthood and went on to produce 10 panda cubs.

In 2003, China sent a new mate for Bai Yun called Gao Gao, who had been born and raised until 3 years old in the wild. Gao Gao "fell in love"
with Bai Yun and went on to sire 5 more healthy panda cubs over the next ten years, from 2003 to 2013 when their last cub, Ziao Liwu was
born in the San Diego zoo. Renowned in the media as the giant panda "power couple," Bai Yun and Gao Gao are considered the most
reproductively successful panda parents in captivity. By 2019, Bai Yun was the mother of 6, grandmother of 8 and great grandmother of 2
living offspring.

In addition to being regarded by some as the "turning point" in the preservation of the rare giant panda species, the phenomenal record of
care and keeping of "superstar mother" Bai Yun and her family at the San Diego zoo is cited as
"having contributed significantly to the
scientists' efforts."
Various reports explain this valuable contribution:

In a 2019 interview with Dr. Donald Lindburg, the head of the giant panda team when the first two pandas, Bai Yun and Shi Shi, arrived at the
San Diego zoo in 1996, he says everyone was delighted with Bai Yun who bounded out of her cage and did a somersault on the hill, but not
so with Shi Shi. Dr. Lindburg says,
"Shi Shi was very old when he arrived and totally disinterested in anything but feeding." For three difficult
years, this turned out to be the panda keepers' major problem, until after Dr. Savage's "anti-aging" SDI intervention, when Bai Yun was
"miraculously" able to conceive from Shi Shi's artificial insemination.

Apparently unaware of Shi Shi's age since he was taken from the wild only four years earlier without knowing how long he had been there, the
Chinese government was eventually persuaded to replace Shi Shi with a more viable mate for Bai Yun, who, as Dr. Lindburg remembers
"know what he was supposed to do." In addition, researchers also knew how old Bai Yun's new mate, Gao Gao, was when he arrived,
which was about 13 years old and considered in his mating prime of an expected 30 year lifespan.

Bai Yun and Gao Gao then went on to produce five more cubs, who all survived and reproduced thereafter, making history as the "Panda
Power Couple" who helped turn the tide of giant panda bear extinction to where it is today: With 2000-3000 pandas in the wild, the species
has recently been upgraded from endangered to vulnerable.
According to the San Diego zoo, "When the pandas first arrived in San Diego, the species was on the verge of extinction.
Decades of conservation efforts by the team of scientists have helped bring the wild panda population in China to nearly
2,000. By working together, the US and Chinese researchers were able to learn more about the giant panda's biology and
behavior and what we've learned will help them in the wild."

Due to the agreement with China that required the return of Bai Yun in 1919, the San Diego Zoo issued their proud
"From a scientific perspective, we've had an unparalleled opportunity to study this rare and elusive bear to a level
of detail rarely experienced in wildlife science. And through our long-term collaboration with the panda team in China, we’ve
been able to extend our studies to the panda breeding center at Wolong and beyond -- to the study of wild giant pandas. Our
long-term studies of the panda’s behavior and physiology have given us important insights into the requirements for
successful reproduction, maternal care and foraging -- key elements of individual survival and population sustainability."

When Zhang Ping, the Chinese Consul General in Los Angeles, attended the international ceremony at the San Diego zoo on
April 6, 2019 he remarked on the partnership and deep friendship between China and San Diego:
"I think it's a very
successful program, and it helps the cause of giant panda conservation in China, and helps the population to grow. So this is
very significant. Giant pandas are popular here, many people love them and they have become a symbol of China, and they
become a special envoy to bring our two peoples together, so I think this is also wonderful as far as our bilateral relations are
    a)  Indisputable and immediately visible 'anti-aging" results for the two aging women.  
    (In physiology, cellular anagenesis refers to regeneration of tissue.)

    b) Documented reproductive evidence of the birth of a newborn cub in the case of the
    two pandas who were unable to procreate for three years at the San Diego Zoo in

    c) Clear, significant, reproducible, easily falsifiable and incontrovertible positive results
    in all three cases.

In Case 1, soon after Dr. Savage's SDI intervention, there was documented reproductive evidence of the
conception and birth of a newborn cub for the two pandas who were unable to procreate for three years at the
San Diego Zoo in California.

In Cases 2 and 3, there were immediately visible, indisputable "anti-aging" results for the two women.

In all three cases, the positive results of SDI processing are clear, significant, reproducible, incontrovertible and
easily falsifiable.
Shi Shi Male (b. approx. 1977)
Father of Hua Mei
baby Hua Mei Female (b. 1999)
subsequently, mother of 10 cubs
Gao Gao Male --- Bai Yun's second mate
Panda "Power Couple"
Hero Father of Bai Yun's 5 cubs

Mind Control vs Mind Power

In Experiment 11, Dr. Savage's Mind CONTROL protocols of Cellular Anagenesis (anti-aging) are proven to work extraordinarily well on two
aging women and two wild animals from a species "threatened" in the wild, notoriously difficult to sustain in captivity, and bordering on extinction.

In Case 1, after two giant pandas received Dr. Savage´s "anti-aging" Mind Control processing to boost their fertility, successful reproduction and
eventual survival in their captive settings, the experimental results exceeded all expectations, as documented in the twenty-year reproductive
career of the female panda, Bai Yun, who became the mother of 6, the grandmother of 8 and the great-grandmother of 2. This Giant Panda
case at the San Diego Zoo is the most famous and successful natural breeding program in any zoo´s history thanks to Dr. Savage's "emergency
intervention," unofficial to the public and the zoo keepers, known only to the few people directly involved in conducting the SDI intervention.
From ensuring old Shi Shi was still viable, that young Bai Yun was able to conceive, and that their baby cub Hua Mei reached adulthood, to
surpassing the reproductive rates of giant pandas in captivity for the next three generations, Dr. Savage's "Anti-Aging" protocol breaks new
ground for what is possible for the future of all wildlife throughout the world.

The experimental results of Cases 2 and 3 documented the instant rejuvenating effects that both women experienced immediately after Dr.
Savage's "in person" Subliminal Mind Control processing, even though neither woman knew that the focus on cellular anagenesis (anti-aging)
was specifically included in the processing. Both women were aware of the many other benefits that they requested from Dr. Savage, and were
delighted at the instant visual transformation "bonus" (better than a beauty spa or plastic surgery) that had them glowing in youthful health from
head to toe. When observers were asked to guess the ages of these woman following Dr. Savage's Mind Control processing, the general
consensus was ten to twenty years younger than their actual ages.

From the ancient cultural legacies of traditional myths and creation stories to centuries of scientific data gathering from the fields of medicine to
anthropology and especially psychology in the last one hundred years, the evidence is clear that the mind has a key role in altering the effects
of physical experiences and physical abilities, especially in sudden and imminent circumstances of potential and actual harm. From walking on
fire unburned with bare skin exposed and articles of clothing aflame to people able to lift vehicles off trapped victims in crisis, the One Collective
Bio-Mind demonstrates it's infinite power.

Such effects of the POWER of the Mind can be demonstrated in controlled scientific experiments on pathological diseases, as in virus or thermal
trauma on people and in cell samples, to prove the point that all levels of matter in form and function can be controlled through the power of the
Mind. The experiments in Section 4 on Cellular Anagenesis, Brain Reset and Genomics highlight to the farthest extent the point that with Dr.
Savage's ability to access and CONTROL the One Collective Bio-Mind, his SDI processing is able to immediately effect complete changes within
the bodies of beings at all levels of stature and function from atoms to plants, animals and people (and, although not shown, even the weather).

Dr. Savage's herculean production of so many positive outcomes over such a vast spectrum of health and existential problems, as well as within
many scientific experimental settings in more than forty years of testing has provided science the most valuable contributions to proving (or
refuting) the existence and efficacy of Mind Control when applied within its proper legal and reciprocal protocols, by himself or when SDI
processing is done by students trained and authorized directly by him. Of further value, Dr. Savage´s inherited traditional skills and powers,
whose origins date back to the pre-Neolithic era, bear the auspicious recognition as having come from the real "Cradle of the Human Race at
the North Pole" as researched by some very respected leaders in the sciences, as far back as the early 20th Century from East and West,
B.G.Tilak the Indian historian, and Dr. William Warren the original President of Boston University, for instance.  

Dr. Savage never had to seek such power. He was shown where, what, how, why and when this power is to be used and
that is all he is here to do, to show us what he knows through the most stringent scientific methodology possible.

Clearly, the scientific study of consciousness is vital to gain a better understanding of the mind/body/spirit concept, which many scientists and
experts are now connecting to the existential crisis all life is facing on the planet today. Our understanding of this crisis, and lack thereof, is
linked to consciousness and its role of responsibly securing a healthy future for all of us here on Earth.

With a publicly and scientifically established track record of helping thousands of people and animals around the world, Dr. Savage´s SDI
Science and Technology (The Quantum Mind Force Control of the Unified Field) is considered by many to be
experimentally and
the principal prover of the Mind/Body/Spirit connection compared to all other traditional cares and therapies, bar none.

Furthermore, the documented results of Dr. Savage's ability to access and control the collective One Bio-Mind, the Bio-Psychocontinuum
demonstrates the radical difference between Mind CONTROL and Mind Power. The Collective Mind, the Unified Field of Consciousness is
infinitely powerful, way beyond what modern humans can even conceive, as demonstrated in innumerable cases and events throughout history.
That is the innate primordial always-present power of the One Collective Mind that indeed controls the brain and the body of all living organisms.

Mind Control, on the other hand, is the ability to access and CONTROL that infinitely powerful collective One Mind, the Bio-Psychocontinuum.
This is the CRITICAL difference between Mind Power and Mind Control and is what makes Dr. Savage absolutely unique.

Indeed, as previously cited, Dr. Savage writes, "
Specifically, subliminal processing is breaking into people's (or animal's) mind from a distance
without them noticing it, to insert with surgical precision specific new thought-implants into their deeper unconscious, for them to alter
dramatically their former usual behavior according to a particular plan or strategy."

Subliminal Mind Control is what Dr. Savage is doing in all these experiments and is doing in each and every intervention he processes, which  
humans no longer have the ability to do. Through its own suicidal self-destructive misuse of their so-called "free will," humanity has lost the "key"
to access the One Collective Mind, the Bio-Psychocontinuum, the key to their own health, happiness, purpose, meaning and duty on Earth.
Ban Yun   ATTRIBUTE AUTHOR By Matthew Field,
http://www.photography.mattfield.com - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,