Genomics: Hundreds of Isolated Cells
proving "cells have a mind of their own," within the one collective Bio-Mind


Conduct laboratory tests to document the immediate effect of Dr. Savage's Subliminal Influence Mind Control processing, in person
and from a distance, on isolated cells cultures that are burned or diseased.


The hypothesis of Experiment 12 is that all the burned cells that Dr. Savage processes with SDI will immediately NOT die, nor show signs of
burn, and the diseased cells that he processes will become healthy.

Positive results of using only Dr. Savage's Subliminal Influence "Mind Control" technology in the case of isolated cells are clear, reproducible,
easily falsifiable and incontrovertible, and constitute a premiere in bioengineering and genome research.

Since the 1990s, the field of genomics has spread through science research labs around the world. Genomics is the study of genes and how
they function, specifically that part of biotechnology concerned with the entirety of genes in the genome of a particular organism and applying
the techniques of genetics and molecular biology to the genetic mapping and DNA sequencing of that organism. As an interdisciplinary field of
biology, genomics focuses on the structure, function, evolution, mapping, and editing of genomes.

A genome is the entire DNA content that is present within ONE cell of an organism. Whereas genetics refers to the study of individual genes and
their roles in inheritance, (as in Experiment 5, genetic engineering of a fetus with cystic fibrosis), the focus of genomics research is on the
collective characterization and quantification of all of an organism's genes, their interrelations and influence on the organism. Genes are small
sections of DNA within the genome that contain the instructions for a specific molecule, usually a code for proteins, and instructions for individual
characteristics, like eye and hair color. The purpose of genes is to store information. Sequencing an organism’s genome gives a comprehensive
view of this information, with which scientists can understand it's evolution, development and biological functions.

Positive results in Experiment 12 on isolated cells cultures show that the Subliminal Mind Control "mental only" processing by Dr. Savage is able
to bring immediate and concrete biological changes that modify the bodily structure (DNA) and functions of the cell, thereby proving that cells
have some kind of a "mind" or consciousness within them that is capable of responding to (being "influenced by") the Mind-Force-only SDI
processing by Dr. Savage, something no one before or since has ever done.



The results of all the French government experiments on hundreds of isolated cells are positive, extraordinary and unprecedented, as were all
the results on people and animals that Dr. Savage was known for publicly in France.

Most dramatic are all those burned cells that did not die when Dr. Savage processed them, while those that he did not process,
did, indeed, immediately die.


Dr. Savage was very famous in France and Europe. On TV and in the press, he was publicly known as Philippe Gouzh (the Breton translation of
his French name Sauvage, which means wild), and his TV appearances drew the highest media ratings ever recorded. On one occasion in
1990, French TV viewers exceeded 25% of the entire country (the equivalent of 70 million viewers in U.S. terms) to watch a 10-minute segment
of an appearance by Dr. Savage, featured as
"The Unbelievable Healer." Dozens of press articles and radio shows throughout the 1980's
bewildered the French public with Philippe Gouzh's (Sauvage) astonishing results when taking care of people and animals.

Before his public media fame, during the 1970's, Dr. Savage worked for the French government as a criminologist and undercover special agent
for the Bureau of Scientific Police in Paris. It was during and after this service that Dr. Savage participated in "classified" experiments on isolated
cells cultures for the French government research teams in their various laboratories and universities.

In all the experiments he did for the government, the results of Dr. Savage's Subliminal processing was astonishing to everyone involved
including to himself. In all the experiments where researchers burned cells cultures by laser, the ones that Dr. Savage processed did not die
nor show any signs of burn, where the cells he did not process did immediately die.

While the experiments on isolated cells that Dr. Savage processed in France are classified and done years ago, his offer to do the same tests in
private or public laboratories anywhere in the world is current. Starting with tests on burned cells, until everyone interested is satisfied that his
SDI Mind Control processing is 100% successful, Dr. Savage would then be willing to do scientifically controlled and documented
experiments on other protocols.

EXPERIMENT 12:  Genomics

Excerpts from Dr. Savage's writings and interviews:

'The range of SDI experiments is unlimited. I can connect my own mind to the mind of cells that have been gravely
disrupted by thermal trauma for instance (severe burn injuries inflicted to the cell and its nucleus especially). I can
also treat cells fatally disrupted in some immunological (AIDS) or oncological (Cancer) scenarios.

In a given SDI scenario, my work consists of channeling, then merging, with the individual or collective mind of the
cells sample and elevating the conflated unit of such merging to higher spheres of bio-consciousness for collective
repair purposes, which I could term: Ortho-Catharsis (purification and normalization). Most obviously such an
operation is not limited to the cellular level. I can work with equal or higher efficiency at the atomic or subatomic
level and, indeed, I have proven on thousands and thousands of animal or human subjects that I can also work
with superlative success on super-colonial levels of 'individual' singularity (the persons themselves, or to be more
specific on the 'personal' mental projection of the whole cellular super-colony that people really are).

My 'mind' does not work as a regular 'human mind.' Where others see things separated, I see things unified.
Where 'normal' humans pose boundaries, I perceive unlimited variable fields of accessible dimensions. What
everybody calls reality is, to me, only one possible matrix amidst an endless unfoldment of surrealities. Eventually,
when owing to his own techno-enslavement and prosthetic co-dependencey, man feels like an object or pawn in
the greater scheme of events and processes, I know that I still have a way to connect, navigate and harness the
continuum of bio-existence, including the mysterious web of 'causes-and-effects.'

Whether I am treating either the global external (environmental) and internal (homoeostatic) ethology of one given
subject (Ethiatrics), or that I am taking care of a smaller cellular group, my work still remains the same: It is to
transfer 'reparative organic order' where, prior to my intervention, morbid bio-entropy prevailed.

* * * * *
We can make experiments completely impossible to make: Cells burned by a laser in the nucleus, we take half of
those cells, working in triple blind system - all of the cells I'm taking care of don't die - all the cells I'm not taking
care of, of course die. We can go even further, that can be done from a distance, simultaneously, on several
samples of cells. And then, we can go even further in absolutely heterodox experiments, up to the point where
people would be ready to see me as a new prophet, a new messiah, and then hold your horses. The idea is you
all are messiah and prophet then. And you are all associated to what I have to do. And I'm not, once again, above
anybody here on this planet.

* * * * *
"When I was in Greenland [1991], I wanted to reintroduce the mammoth in Greenland, very handy by the way to
bring goods from the East to the West through the inland seas, through the ice. It was also a way, it would have
cost just a couple of million bucks, just about cloning cells that already exist into an elephant. It would have been a
way to show, let's say God, 'Hey look! Look at what those little humans have done. They have destroyed the
mammoth themselves, you know, and now they are smart enough to re-introduce it.' Ok, so they start to get the
point. They start to understand that not only they need to preserve what can still be preserved, but they can even
be acting in a proactive way and atone concretely for what they have done, and reintroduce the mammoth. We
can reintroduce a lot of species, the wolf of Tasmania, anything."

It's for me to teach anyone. We take kids, south central LA, in the Bronx, pushing drugs, the dregs of your own
society, the hopeless. Let me spend half an hour with six of them and I will guarantee that half an hour later they
will make exactly the same experiments with the same rate of success I have done myself, which means that I have
just unfrozen your own powers that exist within everyone. I just happen to have been unfrozen in time, awakened
in time. This is possible, to re-awaken, to unfreeze this power. I just happen to have more than your five senses,
hence the difficulty for me to explain what it is. It's like trying to explain to someone who's been born blind what is
the painting of Michelangelo or Botticelli. You just have been cut-off. You have been lobotomized from your own
senses, from your own knowledge, from your sensitivity, from your heart. You have been cut off from one another.
But that can be re-established. I have the key. I can pass it to you. You can pass it to someone else."       

The Subliminal Influence tests on isolated cells cultures were conducted by different government
research teams at the Marie Curie Institute in Paris, France in 1988-1990.

Dr. Savage was asked to "process" cells cultures that were burned or diseased.

Laboratory researchers burned the cells by laser to compare the difference in effects on those cells
processed by Dr. Savage and those that were not processed by him.

All tests were done in person by Dr. Savage, who personally witnessed the results.

All  test results became the classified property of the French government.

In all tests, there was obviously no placebo effect as all subjects were isolated cells.

There was also no risk, no therapy, no drugs and no medical intervention to cells in any tests.
Dr. Savage explains:

"By use of specific subliminal techniques which mentally channel bio-forces with unprecedented resultant potency,
we want to establish the inherent consciousness of Life within the cellular domain.

If, through Mind-Force only, we are able to affect significantly the functioning of individual or collective cells under
the strictest scientific methodological supervision, we will have proven that cells have a mind of their own and that
such a mind can blend with another mind of a higher level with observable results. If we are so able to repair the
functioning of those cells back to healthy criteria of bio-normalcy, it will also bring some hope on how to reintegrate
man (deviant cell of the living planetary organism) back to his original homoeostatic niche within the Earth's most
essential vital equilibrium.

But, I do not want to prove only that cells have a mind of their own and that such mind can be accessed, influenced
and repaired. I want to demonstrate the oneness of the Mind per se, not only the organic unity of all cells' mind
within one given physical body, but also the interconnectiveness of all 'individual' minds within some higher unified
field of consciousness, the Bio-Mind.

If I can achieve to alter the mind of preselected cells with clear observable clinical results by blending my own mind
and the cells' mind into one single mental unity of higher rank, I would have blazed the trail toward providing the
reality and potential connectivity of the Bio-Mind itself. That is why ONLY 'Mind Force' technologies must be
employed if we want to have a chance to meet the epistemological criteria of such an experiment.


Cells burned by laser - change their "minds," change the outcome: they don't die!

Scientists can clone species from existing samples. Dr. Savage can RE-introduce already extinct species
by changing the DNA from a closely linked species.

The key to unlock the One Collective Mind - the Bio-Psychocontinuum, the Unified Field of Consciousness...
He has that key and can pass it to you.

Dr. Savage's extraordinary results are possible because the POWER of the infinite mind actually does control the body, including the brain,
which is just another gland and not necessarily the most important one (since all glands are important for their unique purposes). The brain,
an "organic technology" that functions as an antenna to receive and translate signals, is never the originator of the signal.

The originator of the signals the brain receives is the One Collective Mind, the Bio-Psychocontinuum, the Bio-Mind that includes all the
existing infinite multiple realities and parallel universes of all life forms. In his experiments on cells, Dr. Savage proves that isolated cells can
be influenced (changed, bioengineered) with SDI, which means they have some form of consciousness, whereby their "lower mind" can be
changed by Dr. Savage's "higher mind," that then changes the subsequent "normal" outcome of events.

The fact is that Dr. Savage can do "impossible" things no one else can do. He is able to use Transcendental Forces, FROM the Higher
Power that is within all life, to provoke the unprecedented (in this reality) scientific results he produces. He can access the
Bio-Psychocontinuum, the One Collective Mind, and control what happens.

This is what Dr. Ambrose Pare, the founder of modern surgery, refers to when he says,
"I just provide my patients with the first cares, but it
is God who heals them,"
and what Dr. Savage means when he says "I am not a healer, I make healers. I'm just surfing and making
impossible things happen, that were impossible in one reality, but so easy to do in another one."

Whoever can access and CONTROL the one collective mind, can change the outcome in any circumstance in ANY reality.

Dr. Savage is the one right now with the "key" to access the One Collective Bio-Mind and can pass the key to us. This is why he sacrifices
so much for so long to bring us proof and tools and a "way out." He is here at this critical time in human history with the "assignment" to help
Earth and humanity get through the upcoming cataclysmic "SHIFT," to reconcile Man and Earth, which at this point is our only option.

Right now, SURVIVAL is the ONLY priority - for the Human Race and for our Earth...
We are out of time for anything else