Free Global Public Experiments on Burns and Shingles
the incontrovertible primer to crack the reductionist paradigm


Conducted by the FireBurnDoctor team trained directly by Dr. Philip Savage, 2009-present

Conduct ongoing global public experiments to document the immediate effect of remote SDI (DSNB) subliminal processing on an unlimited number of
subjects suffering from burn injuries, who call the FireBurnDoctor (FBD) team for help from anywhere in the world within the first 30 minutes of exposure
to fire, or on the first day of outbreak of symptoms of Shingles virus (Herpes Zoster), regardless of the severity or degree of injury or outbreak.

Use only the victim's name, date and place of birth (or a photograph), so that results are visible, clearly understandable, incontrovertible, reproducible
and absolutely not currently part of any existing scientific paradigm, to ensure that the experiments definitively validate the existence of "transcendental
forces," "a higher power" and another "reality," yet unacknowledged by reductionist science.


Dr. Savage predicts 100% success rate, unheard of in medical research, when his protocol is followed correctly:
Pain is gone in minutes, effects of burn or shingles is eliminated within hours, regardless of the severity of the case.

Burns and Shingles were chosen because there is no known effective immediate solution for the pain and suffering of victims of burns and shingles.
Therefore, when there is an obvious, indisputable, visible positive alteration in the normal course of events of hundreds or thousands of burns and
shingles victims, without physical contact with the subject, results will prove that something is going on that medical science doesn't know about and
should thoroughly investigate to eradicate the suffering, save money and teach people how to help themselves and others when they are burned or
break out in shingles.

Unprecedented immediate positive results of scientifically controlled burn tests on severe FIRE-related burns will also raise dramatic questions about the
actual nature and effect of fire. Science understands that fire "always burns." Medical doctors believe that victims of third-degree burns cannot naturally
heal (reepithelialize) burned skin. Dr. Savage's global public experiments on hundreds of burn victims disprove both these knowledge-limiting beliefs and
practices of modern reductionist science.

However, most important, the shocking results of Dr. Savage's ground-breaking tests on thousands of severe Fire-related burns IS the paradigmatic
primer needed to crack reductionist scientists' stranglehold on modern science and launch the world into the new and higher long-awaited global
paradigm shift.

Experiment 3 offers the incontrovertible evidence we need to make this shift happen while there is still time to help humanity and the Earth survive.

Dr. Savage explains why SDI works on severe fire burns:

When proposing his global FireBurnDoctor experiment in 2009, Dr. Savage used a computer analogy that he knew people
all over the world could understand, describing also the difference in his Protocol for burns and virus:


Dr. Savage launched the free FireBurnDoctor.com Burn Eradication Project in 2009, where volunteer students he had personally trained are
on call 24/7 to take care of burn victims from a distance anywhere in the world. The experiment is public, global, cost-free and done remotely, requiring
only that the person call or text the FBD team’s phone number within 30 minutes of being burned. As soon as the call or text is received, Dr. Savage's
team processes the case, which takes only a few minutes and the person experiences the immediate results. There is no risk, no drugs, no physical
contact or therapy, and no interference with standard medical treatment. The entire process is done remotely.

The FireBurnDoctor (FBD) global experiment only became possible when cell phones were in use everywhere, enabling people to call for help within the
first 30 minutes of burn injury. With virtually free cell phone service, people situated anywhere in the world can IMMEDIATELY contact the
FireBurnDoctor team to report a burn. With minimal information (name, date and place of birth) or a photograph of the burn victim,
the FireBurnDoctor
team is able to process the burn or shingles case within a few minutes of receiving the information or photograph from the victim,
friend, bystander or news reporter.

Immediately when a burn call comes in, the FBD team calls the person back to verify the information, including the level of pain and description of the
marks, and asks the person to call back every few hours to give updates on their condition. Then the FBD team processes the case and waits for the
subject's feedback. When the case is done - when the pain and marks are gone - the FBD team asks the "instantly recovered burn" victims to email a
report of their story of what happened. The FBD team keeps those confidential reports and case information on file and publishes a summary report of
the case with fictitious names on the website, FireBurnDoctor.com.

In 2014, Dr. Savage announced that he would process cases of the Shingles virus (Herpes Zoster), also for free, as part of the FireBurnDoctor protocol
for people, anywhere in the world. Those people suffering from Shingles must call or text the FBD team within the first day of outbreak and have a
medical doctor's diagnosis confirming the outbreak is indeed Shingles. The medical diagnosis is required to be sure that it is a case of Shingles and not
any other kind of people's undiagnosed "rashes."

Since many people who suffer Shingles for the first time do not know in the first day what the problem is, most of the Shingles cases taken care of by the
FBD team so far are people who have already had Shingles before. Those people who do know immediately that they are suffering another Shingles
outbreak are then able to call within the "first day" time frame required by Dr. Savage's Protocol. These subjects also know how to obtain the required
medical diagnosis.

The FBD team then follows the same Protocol to take care of Shingles cases as they do for Burn injuries. The FBD team calls the person back to verify
the information, including the level of pain and description of the marks, and asks the person to call back every few hours to give updates on their
condition. Then the FBD team processes the case and waits for the subject's feedback. When the case is done - when the pain and marks are gone -
the FBD team asks the "Instantly Recovered Shingles" victims to email a report of their story of what happened. The FBD team keeps those confidential
reports and case information on file and publishes a summary report of the case with fictitious names on the website, FireBurnDoctor.com.


EXPERIMENT 3:  FireBurnDoctor.com

"When, through techniques of advanced mental refraction too complex to be described and explained in such a short text, and after we
have collapsed into a workable algorithm the symbolic singularity of any human subject (a video, a photograph or even basic spatio-
temporal coordinates), we immediately provoke a subliminal neuro-bypass which redirects and inhibits the toxic signals of self-destruction
that his or her brain has sent in response to the thermal accident. Since the whole operation takes place from a distance, we have called
this specific SDI procedure Distant Subliminal Neuro-Bypass (DSNB).

"In the whole operation, time is of the essence since those self-destructive processes occur extremely fast after the brain has wrongly sent
its disproportionate signals. For the sake of optimized results in our course of action, it has been decided that the DSNB procedure should
be applied only if we can receive the necessary information and adequately respond within 30 minutes following the initial thermal
accident. After that delay, the deleterious self-destructive processes have taken place on such a dramatic scale that our intervention would
become less and less effective.

"In fact, in cases of so-called third- and fourth-degree burn, in order to have a chance to produce optimum results, DSNB must
be applied within the first minutes following the accident, before the switch between subjective and objective reality
has been turned and has reached the deeper centers of interpretation of the brain

"So that's why I have a 100% rate of results. When you are exposed to fire it creates a horrible pain, but very superficial even when you
are exposed five minutes to flame. Assuming you didn’t inhale, of course, the heart and your brain weren't damaged. It's just like 5
millimeters of skin that have been burned, but all your organs are fine, everything is fine. Just the pain is unbearable and then your brain
gives a signal of self-destruction. And then you start to generate oedemas
, and everything. That’s your body's immune internal
physiological reaction that kills after burns.

"My work is very simple, I bypass those and I do nothing else. It doesn’t cost me a thing. That’s why I don't even have to charge. Ok, that’s
public. You can send me any fireman you want. I could also teach people in half an hour, groups all over the planet, you know some kind
of emergency team in case there would be a nuclear blast, in case there would be something really bad happening. I can teach firemen,
but also volunteers, people how to heal burns. Because they would be doing it on a wider scale, they could be everywhere in every city
where it happens.

"And I guarantee someone who’s been burned third degree, barbecued, they are going to give him megadoses of morphine and
let him die in a hospital, I guarantee when I take care of him he’s going to be able to play tennis without scarification
three weeks later... anyone I take care of."

"In that 'computer context,' I would define myself as 'Bio-Matrix Hacker' and my technique as the way to break into the 'Bio-Fields
Continuum' (the 'Matrix') that interconnects us all with one another (and with all living organisms ultimately) like a global 'bio-internet.'
Then, when an individual computer (a person...) is experiencing troubles, bugs, crashes or an accident (as for instance with a burn injury),
all that I am doing is 'writing' a specific bio-program with appropriate bio-algorithms to resolve and correct the problem, then 'hack' the
bio-matrix to be capable to upload it. It will be then automatically downloaded to the individual 'computer' (the person) that has
experienced a crisis to fix the specific software conflict or problem.

"Just like in the internet analogy where the information itself is stored everywhere and nowhere in the same time but, nevertheless can be
accessed by every individual computer in the world,
all living creatures on earth are interconnected to one another in some sort of a
bio-web. Similarly, all the people's individual consciousness also works in a higher and collective networking pattern in a form of
(the 'Psych- Fields' theory and the 'Jungian Collective Unconscious' theory in modern science).That is why even simple
personal coordinates like name, date and place of birth or a photograph of the burn victim are sufficient for me to locate the individual
computer (the person) within the 'Bio-Matrix' (the psycho- and bio-continuum) and immediately 'download' an adequate existing written
program to fix the problem 'locally' through 'non-local' methods.

"Likewise when there is a major conflict with several incompatible softwares, the computer crashes. This is the same situation as when the
"anti-virus" is disconnected or not properly designed. The worst case scenario (as in some of the most dangerous diseases which afflict
mankind in general, as in a global pandemic), is when an alleged 'anti virus program' turns out to be, in fact, a disguised and lethal virus,
specifically designed to cause damage or downright destroy your own computer. There is no other solution, then, but to install new
compatible and totally 'bug free' software, and a new potent anti-virus after doing a 'hard reset' or 'reformatting' to correct the problem.

"In a fireburn injury scenario, my new program will immediately provoke a neuro-bypass that keeps our brain from sending the wrong
message to our defense and immune systems.
In a severe pathology situation, even in case of so-called 'incurable disease,' [i.e.,
virus] the whole protocol is very similar (although infinitely more complex and time consuming) yet reverse:
Rather than to inhibit
deleterious self-destructive physiological processes like for burn injuries, I must instead write a specific new program to release and to
engage extremely potent defense and immune processes and mechanisms which were either lethally blocked or not accurately
programmed and calibrated, which means prior to writing the new program and downloading it on the person's behalf, there was very little
chance that the person could successfully fight and win. When the software is inadequate or corrupted, the computer cannot work.


Chris Fleming, California, 2/2/10
Pain gone in minutes, Back to work in an hour, Burn visibly gone in less than two hours

Actual real-time tape-recorded "BEFORE" and "AFTER" burn reports:  
Original, unedited voice messages.
(Caution F-word)

Chris Fleming burned himself at work and immediately called the FireBurnDoctor screaming with pain.

Hear Chris Fleming's original voice mails and watch the video interview on FireBurnDoctor.com
Richard C., mechanic, Nebraska:
Astonishing results of
FBD's immediate remote intervention


On May 26, 2009, Richard C., a mechanic in Nebraska, burned his
hand badly, grabbing a metal basket that had caught on fire and was
threatening to burn his house down.

On the way to the hospital, he called his mother and stepfather who
immediately contacted the FireBurnDoctor team.

By the time Richard got to see the doctor, his pain was gone, his
wound was disappearing, and he was sent home "doing fine."

Watch video on FireBurnDoctor.com


This is the document that explains the ONLY way to crack the current reductionist stranglehold
and shift to the life-saving long-awaited higher (transcendental) paradigm

(excerpts from Pursuit of Truth, Happiness and a Higher Power)

Under an apparent semantic paradox, it is through science itself that for the first time in human history, I propose to try to answer what
unquestionably constitutes a most fundamental need of all people: Getting the absolute certainty that some form of a “higher power” does exist and
getting all the proofs and evidence that this “higher power” can be successfully accessed, processed and manifested through some very specific
“transcendental forces”.  

This being done through a comprehensive series of tests of the utmost simplicity, readily understandable, even by people without any scientific
knowledge whatsoever. Tests that will bring forth results of unprecedented clarity one way or another, absolutely incontrovertible and highly
reproducible in terms of methodology.  All of it being conducted under the strictest criteria of scientific control and scrutiny, of course.  And to make
absolutely sure that the semantic outcome of the test results cannot be integrated within any existing scientific paradigm, but
truly validates the existence of a “higher reality”, I will purposively choose a theme and a modus operandi so “far-out” that it shall
not be subject to argumentation or interpretation.

I propose to take care of an unlimited number of severe burn victims from a distance with only the victim’s name, photograph, place
and date of birth as requested parameters for me to “zero-in” on the subject and thus manifest on his or her behalf the
aforementioned “transcendental forces.”

For the sake of absolute incontrovertibility in terms of experimental protocol, all the subjects should be contextually unaware of the operation.  Young
children wherein the “placebo argument” cannot be invoked or adult victims in such severe traumatic condition that they can no longer respond to
“psycho-suggestive stimuli”.  I will take care of victims only when they have been actually exposed to fire traumas (therefore not
those who have been burned by boiling liquid, for instance), as in a car in flames, a house on fire, or in some terrorist action.  Last but not
least, and this represents an absolute sine qua non, a prerequisite to my intervention, I shall not attempt any such operation if I am not
able to get the required parameters on the subject in less than thirty minutes (30 min) after the actual fire trauma has occurred.

So, why fire?  
There are many reasons philosophical, physiological, and deontological way too complex and far too long to be discussed at length in a text
that I am trying really hard to keep concise.  Nevertheless, I can give a few leads.

On the philosophical ground, there is something about so-called “fire domestication” which in an evolutionary context rhymes with so-called
hominization.  According to all paleontologists, modern man as we know it would not have evolved into his current homo sapiens psyche and
morphology should fire have not been previously “domesticated”.  Without this primordial and solstitial “alliance with fire”, man would not have been
capable to dramatically alter his feeding habits, to conquer new climatically extreme environments, let alone survive a true ice age.  Humans would not
have been able successfully to challenge all sorts of animal predators vastly superior to them in every other respect.  Without venturing into the
farthest confines of the deepest caverns which, from common knowledge, fire played a role absolutely essential in man’s own spiritual awakening, as
well as in his first mystical and ecstatic experiences.

Physiologically, fire traumas seem to produce highly anomalous deleterious reactions.  As most people may not fully realize, it is not usually the actual
exposure of the subject to severe hyper-thermal shock that actually kills them or maims them atrociously.  It is, in fact, their own post-traumatic
physiological inner reactions that cause the irreversible damages.  I am not going to try to give a detailed account of those very complex processes
since anyone interested in that subject can readily get all necessary information from medical literature. Yet what is essential for everyone to
understand is that
my intervention MUST take place BEFORE those processes have begun to take place.  This is the reason why I emphatically
require a thirty-minute maximum time span between the actual fire exposure and the beginning of my course of action.

Secondly, fire hits randomly.  Therefore, I do not have to strictly abide to my extremely rigid “intervention protocol”, as I must in all other scenarios
when someone requests my help in time of existential crisis.  My degree of operational freedom, so to speak, is much greater
in case of fire exposure.

Then for reasons too complicated to be explained there is the question of numbers.  If in any other context, the amount of people I could help in one
day, for instance, is extremely limited. In the case of burn victims, I could perfectly take care of hundreds of people in one single day, like in a major
terrorist scenario, for instance. Furthermore, in fire exposure scenarios it is only a matter of hours – days at the most – before dramatic results take
place. Finally, the very nature and the very magnitude of my usual results on severe burns are such as not to leave much room for speculation,
argumentation or interpretation
 In this specific domain the beneficial outcome of my intervention will be so obvious, so profound and “far-out” that
even the non-specialist shall have no difficulty understanding that something major and utterly out of the ordinary has occurred.

I have picked tests on severe burns also because the dramatic clarity and utter simplicity of what happens when one has been severely exposed to
fire is plain common knowledge.  Who can still ignore what it is like to be exposed to fire?  Who does not know, only too well, the very outcome of
most severe burns?  Indeed, our “alliance with fire” although old by more than half a million years has not been an entirely risk-free joint business
venture since some of the most catastrophic events that ever befell human history (from volcanic eruptions to Hiroshima and Nagasaki) have
something to do with fire.  And, it is with the strongest and saddest emphasis that I can also guarantee/
PREDICT that some of the worst dramas ever
to come up in any near or remote future will too have fire as scorching and most tragic common denominator.

Another, more practical reason why I have picked fire exposure for trying to prove, once and for all, the existence of a “higher power” and of
“transcendental forces” is the utter simplicity and cost-free set-up of the experiment itself. The initial course of testing is meant to be so simple in its
operational set-up and so blatantly dramatic in its beneficial outcomes that it will cost nothing.  It will require nothing more than prejudice-free honesty
and basic open-mindedness from all observers, as well as, of course, some attention to the subjects’ health condition. Then, and this may be the hard
part, we need a little bit of personal courage, of deontological humbleness and of moral integrity from those professionals when it comes to giving us
an objective account of what exactly they have observed and witnessed.  Or to be absolutely precise, what they have NOT observed and NOT
witnessed: That is to say the usual deadly or crippling consequences of such severe fire exposure on people.

What I humbly request from them in such a context is a simple “we-don’t-know-what’s-going-on… but-there-is-something-going-on” kind of
testimony, nothing more, nothing less. Of course, if nothing out of the ordinary is happening, I expect them also to say so.

To set up the whole course of experiments, what it takes is a simple media alert on the issue, as well as the mere okay of decision-makers of
specialized personnel such as firemen, emergency teams and burn units… and just someone on the rescue team with a mobile phone camera who
will send to my headquarters the victim’s photo along with his/her name, place and date of birth immediately after the accident (during the transport to
the burn center, for instance).

Of course, the broader this media alert will be, the better and the faster the first test results shall begin to come up.  

That is why I am aiming at a global international media sensitization in order to collect maximum quality data over a minimum amount of time.  
Also to make sure that a vast segment of the world population could have access to the outcome of this ground-breaking and paradigm-shifting
historical experiment.  Knowing more than anyone else the level of interest which the public is capable to manifest over questions that relate to
“paranormal”, “miraculous healing” and “mysterious forces” , I can only imagine how much of a ratings bonanza it will be for any public or private TV
station to organize such an unprecedented media event.

When you get hundreds or thousands of “we-don’t-know-what’s-going-on… but-there-is-something-going-on,” you have successfully
managed to make your point.  You have achieved scientific and semantic breakthrough in the sense that you have gotten the
mighty power of statistics to play in your favor, not against you.  And you have done so beyond the point of any further
discussion or argumentation.

That’s why, regardless of how successful my first results on severe burn victims might happen to be, I shall not accept to jump to the second phase of
the experiment of training the public before sufficient statistical data have been eventually collected, before each and every skeptic, detractor and
opponent have been, once and for all, muzzled up.  For I want to crush them down to silence under the sheer weight and volume of the test results.
Until then, I shall keep going and going, getting more and more test results, almost ad nauseum, until I have hit the nail strong enough and deep
enough in the very heart of skepticism, ignorance and calumny."


No risk, no cost, no therapy for subjects.
No drugs, no physical contact, no interference with standard medical treatment.

Elimination of any Placebo effect is usually not possible since most subjects, themselves, call the FBD for help.
Some burn victims and shingles subjects, however, are young children or people who do not know that someone else has called the FBD team to
request help for them. Many severely burned subjects are also already unconscious, making the no-placebo factor possible.

Proof is observable and refutable.
Results of SDI processing used by the FBD team can be seen and documented visually by video recordings,
thus affording potential detractors their best opportunity to try to refute the experimental hypotheses.

Tests are low cost and easy to organize and duplicate, requiring a minimum number of people:
1) Subject (burn or shingles), 2) Person who calls for help, 3) FBD team member who processes the case,
and 4) Experts (medical and media staff) who visually document the results.

Large longitudinal sample of statistical data is gathered over many years of experiment.
Up to one hundred cases of burns or shingles may be processed in only one day of experiment. More than 2000 FBD cases are documented to date.
Data on effect of other variables (time, cooperation, accuracy) are gathered, with fifty pages of burn and shingles case reports
on www.FireBurnDoctor.com.

Tests are all done remotely, from a distance.
Subjects can be separated by thousands of miles from the FBD team without any difference in the effectiveness of the SDI treatment used.

The exact location of the burn victim is not required by the FBD team to process the case.
Only a few basic coordinates (name, date and place of birth, or a photograph of the subject) is required to ensure the FBD team is
processing the correct person.

Results are quick and certain, immediately observable and so self-evident, they will elicit no argumentation,
discussion or interpretation.
Burns and Herpes Zoster Shingles cases are very well-known traumas that have been studied and detailed with all required scientific criteria,
results of which constitute the "control group" for the FBD tests. Therefore, any major discrepancy in the logical sequence of events that
normally follows a Burn or Shingles outbreak will stand out immediately and unambiguously.

SDI processing used by the FBD team for burns and shingles is easy and quick to teach large groups of people
(professionals and lay persons) anywhere in the world, for free.

Dr. Philip Savage has publicly demonstrated his SDI (DSNB) technology on severe fire-burn victims, anytime, anywhere in the world, “on cue,”
and for free. When done within the first few minutes of exposure to fire, the results are so dramatic they defy all known limits.

Since the very point of the whole experimental course on fire burn is to demonstrate under strict scientific scrutiny the very existence of variable
levels of reality, in order to obtain a "paradigmatic crack" of maximum magnitude, after collection of these first significant results on severe
third-degree burns, a second battery of tests must now be conducted on a worldwide "remote therapeutic mode" to acquire a
statistically significant number of experimental cases. That is the purpose of the Global Free FireBurnDoctor protocol.

Then, after these FBD results on severe burns are recognized through global media outlets, Dr. Savage will follow with further scientific proof in
increasingly more complex protocols, including the cellular and microbiological domains, such as cancer, AIDS, and independent cells.

While he is not permitted to use his technology within human activities without authorization and justification from clients, when conditions are met
(as they are in his scientific experiments), Dr. Savage is able to produce the most astonishing results that science has ever witnessed.

Proof is the reason Dr. Savage is doing the experiments. To give people everywhere the proof they need of the existence of an accessible higher power
using scientific methodology with visible, verifiable, replicable results (on their own bodies) and 100% success rate (unheard of in medical science).

When the proof is from FireBurnDoctor's SDI intervention on hundreds of severe FIRE-related burn injuries, those incontrovertible results launch the
paradigmatic primer necessary to crack the current reductionist paradigm that is crippling science and medicine throughout the modern world.

Radio show host interviewing FireBurnDoctor's "Instantly Recovered Burn" victims

    "So, what’s your theory???"

    Judge Barnhardt, "Instantly Recovered" FBD Burn Victim:
    "What’s my theory on how it works? I have not a clue. I mean you tell me how quantum entanglement works, I don’t know
    and yet physicists have observed it and they tell me that you change the spin of this electron and instantly no matter
    where it is, the spin of that other electron will change, ok? How does it work? We don’t know!"

    Actress Mary Badham (To Kill a Mockingbird), "Instantly Recovered" FBD Burn Victim:
    "However you want to look at it, I really don’t care what it is as long as it works. But this works, it definitely works.
    You know if it was your child, your grand baby, pulled a pot of boiling water over themselves, what would you do?
    I would call the FBD immediately, as well as 911, because I have seen this work and it’s phenomenal!"

    Scientist Vitali Korobov, "Instantly Recovered" FBD Burn Victim:
    "Well certainly I was amazed with how it worked. You know being somewhat of a scientific background, I have two masters
    degrees, I was basically wondering how it works. And I still wonder how it works. I guess there is more to life than what
    we normally see. There’s more to consciousness than what we perceive – a regular person perceives."

"I just want to cut my arms off right now!"   Tia S., California, 6/1/2017

Tia burned her arms and chest with boiling water and called the FireBurnDoctor within 25 minutes. When the FBD team called her back
a few minutes later, Tia was extremely stressed and said her pain level was 9 (on the scale of 0 to 10). Tia then asked her friend to
video what happens after the FBD processing. When Tia's friend immediately started videoing her, Tia was almost in tears, exclaiming,
"My entire arms are stinging, they’re burning. Can you see that I have little blistery things that are popping up? See, the little blisters?
It looks like goosebumps but it's not, its blisters, it’s raised! I just want to cut my arms off right now.'

One hour later, Tia reported: “Well my arm is pink… a lot less pink… my pink has gotten better but the thing that has been the most
dramatic is my pain went from a 9 to a 4. I couldn’t like function before. And now I am actually not huffing and puffing and like breathing
all crazy. So the biggest thing my pain is a lot better. I still have blistering and redness on my arms. But my whole right arm was pink
and now it’s a lot less pink."

Thirty minutes after, Tia reported again:
“It’s been two hours since I filled this entire blender with boiling hot water, and the top
flew off and splashed all on my arms and on my chest.
I started at pain level of 9, and the fact that I am like calmly talking, even as I’
m talking I feel like it’s going down to a 3. I still have redness and there are some blistering going on. But when I started this, the whole
area was bright, bright pink red. And it really feels like fairly normal and the redness looks a lot lighter than it was before. Yeah just
really grateful, I can function! I was just like flopping around, but now I can talk calmly! So yeah, it’s been like two hours.”

Thirty minutes after that, 2 1/2 hours after injury, Tia reported: “Alright, it’s the first smile (huge smile!) It’s looking really good. I
feel like it's still pink. But my pain level is a 1.5 to 2. So that’s where the smile comes in (laughing!) I am starting to feel so much better. It’
s still pretty pink but again, pink and not red. I actually feel like the actual blistering part; it’s not as poofy anymore, it use to all be all
like sticking out. So I feel like it’s going down. [Tia asks her friend:] Do you? Do you feel like it’s going down? “Yes” says the friend,
“pretty good.” So that’s 2 and a half hours, with a smile!”

Half an hour after that, Tia made a fifth video report, Three hours after the burn, Tia made a fifth video to say that
the pain was now
, adding, tearfully, “Alright, so it’s been officially three hours and, sorry I am just getting emotional because everyone that I have
called and talked to have said it’s going to take a couple weeks for me to feel better and I feel SO good right now!

And sorry, I don’t mean to be crying… I just feel like… I don’t know… you know when you feel a lot of pain and I thought I’m going to
feel like this all day and
people were saying I’m going to have these burns for at least a week or so and, my pain is literally zero, I
don’t feel any pain anymore! I still have a little bit of redness but I feel great and it hurts a little bit to touch, but my pain is gone, and
I don’t believe in miracle cures, hokey things, this is my roommates idea. It’s just like amazing! I’m just super grateful, this is so
crazy, Yeah, just 3 hours after my burn!”

Dr. Savage explains in his exclusive video interview:

"If we can come back to the burns. Now, that’s an interesting subject because burns represent an anomaly, which I guarantee is
always a 100% rate of success, period. If I fail once on burns, I’m out of the job, take my word for it. Third-degree burns. I could take
care of 100,000 a day without bragging,100,000 people burned simultaneously. Why? Because it doesn’t cost me anything; it doesn’t
cost me an ounce of energy, nothing. It's just like bypassing you completely and shifting reality once and for all.

Do you know that there are people who died of cold in a locked room of a frigorific system who believed that the system was on, but it
wasn’t and they died at 72º Fahrenheit of cold with frost bite and everything? That’s the power of the mind. Under hypnosis, a man
thinks he is holding a pen of some kind of electrical resistance that’s very hot and generates burns, second degree, on the fingers.
That’s the power of the mind.

Burns is also the most simple thing to be tested in laboratories, scientifically. Give me cells, we burn them and we see the difference
between the ones in the batch I haven't been taking care of and the one’s I have.

The "trick" is there is no spoon. There is no fire; fire is an illusion. The Druids, the real ones, had a special concept for fire,
that it was not part of the elements, but it was a usurper of elements. It looks alive: air, ground and FIRE. No, fire is an illusion,
like time, like many things. But this one is so easy to unveil, to expose as an illusion, to experiment with.

So that’s why I have such a 100% rate of results, amazing.

When your mind has given to your body this horrible order of self-destruction, you don’t want this unreality to become real. When it
has become too real, it's like The Matrix all over, you are dead even in your dream. Can you live without your mind? No. Your mind,
even in an unreal fashion, decides that 'that' was the reality and you have to die, you die. Even though it wasn’t real. With fire, it goes
back to infringing on an ancient taboo about fire. That’s why you create a very rapid detrimental response within the body. It’s not only
the pain, there are many philosophical, spiritual and historical aspects.

In general, what I am doing is a reality shift, dropping into and replacing one reality by another. This is because there are
infinite realms of realities once again. As well as there is not a universe, but pluriverses, infinitely.

You know in the thirties we didn’t even know the concept of a galaxy. We thought there was just a bright star. Then realised there are
billions of galaxies, not one universe and one big bang, big bang big crash, that’s just one cell of an infinite level of universes and that’s
in one reality and there are infinite levels of reality within infinite levels of universes and so forth.

My gift, but it's not my gift, you have the same you just don’t know how to use it, is just to surf between realities.

That means, I see a little kid being run over by a truck on his bicycle, I just break into the space/time continuum right away,
break into a new reality and the kid is going to go right through all those wheels without being hit.

That's it, and in another reality he's dead. In one reality you have a cancer and in another one you don’t.
But I guess you cannot understand the way life really is.

ONE page out of 50 (summarizing 2,000 cases)

"My wife is still in awe that this actually worked. I would just like to thank the FBD team for such courteous
and understanding patience. Their work is nothing that I have ever witnessed before."   Fiona R., Wisconsin, 4/2/20
Fiona burned her palm and fingers with a hot metal pan handle and called the FireBurnDoctor immediately. When the FBD team called her back,
Fiona said her pain level was 7 or 8 (on the scale of 0 to 10). One hour later Fiona called to say, "It was an instant relief and the pain level is now
a 2. So it's a little discomfort and wrinkly skin but no blistering." The next day Fiona called to say, "I just have a couple of little red dots no
bothering discomfort." Two days later, Fiona called to say, "Not a trace of the burn anymore!"

"I have never had a burn heal this quickly or pain disappear in less than an hour. It may even save a life!" Tina S., New York, 1/1/20
Tina burned her right wrist in her fireplace and called the FireBurnDoctor within a few minutes. When the FBD team called her back, Tina said
her pain level was 7 (on the scale of 0 to 10) when she first called. One hour later Tina called to say, "The pain is down to zero and it did not
blister." Two days later, Tina emailed her report: "Hello, the burn doctors are amazing! Two nights ago, I burned my wrist in our fireplace. My
wrist felt on fire and was bright red. I ran cold water over the burn and applied ice. My father came into the room and suggested I contact the
burn doctors. I sent in the required information through a text message. Within the hour my pain was gone. I was amazed. When I woke up the
next morning and checked my wrist, I expected to see a large blister or welt. Instead, the skin was a little pink in the place of the burn, but I felt
no pain or discomfort. I have never had a burn heal this quickly or the pain disappear in less than an hour. I highly recommend the fire burn
doctors. If you find yourself or loved ones in need of their service don't hesitate to contact them. There is nothing to lose but so much to gain. It
may even save a life. Thanks again! All the best, Tina"

“Amazing! Tell everyone +1 818 332 6445 and stick it on the refrigerator and… RUSH!”  Reyna M., California, 11/15/19
Reyna burned her inner thighs with hot wax and called the FireBurnDoctor within twenty minutes. When the FBD team called her back four
minutes later, Reyna said her pain level was 7 (on the scale of 0 to 10). One hour later, Reyna called back to say, “My pain level is down to 1. I
want to learn this.”The next day, Reyna called to report: “In November 2019 our electricity is periodically turned off because of fire danger. Being
handed a lit candle, it spills on my thighs, both of them. I call the fireburndoctor, gave my information. About three minutes later, I received a call
back to verify my information. I’d say within ten minutes after they called to verify my information my pain was a one. Amazing!"

Burned eye healed over night - doctor is amazed.  Eliza G., Kansas, 9/7/19
Eliza burned her eye with hot oil while she was cooking and called the FireBurnDoctor within 20 minutes adding, “I thought it was no big deal, but
it is really starting to hurt.” When the FBD team called her back, Eliza said her pain level was 7 (on the scale of 0 to 10), adding, “I am worried I
didn’t get to you guys in time because I am seeing something going on with my eyelid that wasn’t there before.” Twenty-five minutes later, Eliza
called to say, “My eyelid is swelling and irritated, my friends want me to go to Emergency, I want to give this a go first.” An hour later, Eliza called
to say that the pain level is down to 1. The next day Eliza called and exclaimed, “The swelling and blistering was completely gone when I got up
today and no pain whatsoever!!! Thank you!” The next day a friend of Eliza emailed her report: “Hello, I'm an acupuncture physician in Florida.
Last night one of my patients had boiling grease splash in her eye. She had seen "Rush" and kept the phone number, so she called you and
had a pretty amazing healing result. I have spent this morning watching Rush and reading everything on your three websites. I would very much
like to learn this SDI so I can help others. I have a million questions about this healing and would love to talk to someone if that's possible. If not,
then please provide info on any training you may offer. Thank you so much for what you do!"

FIRE BURN - “Once again, the Fire Burn Doctor blew my mind and saved me from that pain.”  Ethan G., Kansas, 3/7/19
Ethan burned three fingers on his hand with a flaming blow torch and called the FireBurnDoctor within fifteen minutes. When the FBD team
called him back, Ethan said his pain level was 10 (on the scale of 0 to 10), adding, “I got massive blisters immediately.” Several hours later, Ethan
called to say, “The FireBurnDoctor said to do something else, just get on with something else and so that’s what I did and all of a sudden in the
blink of an eye, it went from top 10 worse pain to zero pain and it was gone! Just minutes after our phone call. Thank you for this free service
that you provide to anyone who's smart enough to call.”  Three weeks later, Ethan emailed his report: “A few weeks ago I was playing around
with these glass rods and a blowtorch, trying my hand at making those intricate glass works of art that you find at like antique shops. Well, I just
so happened to put my hand directly into the blowtorch stream that was on full blast. Hot enough to make glass pliable. Molten hot. My ring
finger on my right hand caught the brunt of flame and the blister that formed on my finger was enormous and the pain was so intense that the
thought crossed my mind that maybe if I just lop the damn thing off this pain will finally go away! I’m joking. But the pain was mind numbingly
brutal, easily a 10. I've called the burn doctor before a few years back for a bad burn and I remember it working then, and my brother had
burned himself a few months ago and we called then and it worked for him. So, I quickly call the burn doctor and he asked me for my name, how
you see it on your birth certificate, where I was burned and the pain level.  And then asked me my birth date and where I was born. And told me
to just try and go about my day and forget about it. And I said ok I’ll try. When I got off the phone I’m thinking, yeah right how am I gonna forget
about a pain this intense. So, I started to clean up and put everything away because I certainly wasn't going to be doing that for the rest of the
day. And right after I had that thought, not more than a few minutes off the phone, the pain was completely gone!!!! Not numb. I still had
sensation around the burn, it’s just the pain, the same intense pain that I was dreading would be there for the foreseeable future, was gone.
Gone! And I was touching it and like testing it to see if it was really gone and it was. Once again, the Fire Burn Doctor blew my mind and saved
me from that pain. I have no doubt that I eventually will burn again and when I do, I will be calling again. I don't know what kind of Voodoo they
got going on over there, lol, but it works! Thanks Fire Burn Doctor for this free service that you provide to anyone who's smart enough to call.”

"It was like nothing ever happened!"  Wanda L, and Henry the dog, New York, 7/28/18
When a glass jar exploded with boiling hot water, Wanda's thighs and her dog Henry's legs were badly burned. Wanda called the
FireBurnDoctor within five minutes. When the FBD team called her back three minutes later, Wanda said her pain level was 8 (on the scale of 0
to 10) and asked “Can you help my dog too?” adding, “Wow, he’s curled up sleeping.” One hour later, Wanda called to say, “I am feeling better,
the burn marks are fading from my legs, the dog is sleeping. So, thank you for helping us.” When Wanda emailed her video report a few weeks
later, she explained: "About two weeks ago we were both in the kitchen and I was trying to make some tea and I was pouring boiling water into a
large glass jar when the jar shattered and boiling water flew onto my thighs and also onto [Henry] who was lying near the stove. I screamed, he
screamed, we were in a lot of pain. My daughter was there and got some ice and I remembered to call FireBurnDoctor. I had the number in my
phone because I had listened to a radio interview. I called the voice mail and left the information requested and I got a call back within a few
minutes and was told to just relax and wait. By then I was already starting to feel a little bit better, [Henry] was up on my bed and he had laid
down and had fallen asleep. After talking to the gentleman who helped me, I waited for about an hour to call back. Within that thirty minutes, the
pain went from an 8 to kind of a stinging a little bit and then by an hour after, the burn was more just a tingling feeling but not particularly painful.
What was really amazing to me was that although the boiling water had hit me directly on my skin, there was no blistering, there was definitely
redness, but it seemed like it just fading. Later that night, I felt fine and Henry woke up after about two hours of sleeping. It was like nothing ever
happened to him! He was playful and ready to go and do whatever we were going to do. When I woke up the next morning, I had a little bit of
redness on my legs but no pain whatsoever, there was never blistering. I am so grateful to the FireBurnDoctor for helping me, it was amazing,
and I am telling all my friends because this is such a gift to us to be able to heal so quickly. Thank you so much, FireBurnDoctor!”

BABY Screaming with pain - pain GONE minutes later "while texting you!"  Riley S., New York 6/11/18
One-year-old Riley burned his hand on steaming hot rice and his mom texted the FireBurnDoctor within 5 minutes. When the FBD team called
them back four minutes later, Riley’s Mom said his pain level was 9 (on the scale of 0 to 10) when she first called and already dropped.  She
exclaimed, “I have never heard him scream that loud, but then he became calm while I was texting you!  And there was no trace of the injury by
the time FBD called us back.”

"The bronze was 1700 degrees Celsius!" Two hours later, pain was zero.   Nancy B., Oregon, 6/5/18
Nancy burned her finger on a metal forger's crucible of molten bronze and called the FireBurnDoctor within thirty minutes. When the FBD team
called her back twenty minutes later, Nancy said her pain level was 6 (on the scale of 0 to 10) when she first called, adding, “The skin is raised
and beginning to blister. The bronze was 1700 degrees Celsius!”. Less than two hours later, Nancy called to say that the pain was now zero,
adding, “I had forgotten about the burn and thought it would still be painful because what I touched was so hot!”

“Five minutes after I talked to you the burn went away!"  Oscar T., Louisiana, 5/12/18
Oscar burned his finger on a hot barbeque lid and called the FireBurnDoctor within ten minutes. When the FBD team called him back six minutes
later, Oscar said his pain level was 4 (on the scale of 0 to 10).  An hour and ten minutes later, Oscar called to say that the pain was now zero,
adding, "Five minutes after I talked to you the burn went away!"

“This is one of the most unique experiences I’ve ever had. Wow! Thank you for what you do.”  Charles B., Colorado, 4/18/18
Charles burned his hand and fingers on a hot heat gun and called the FireBurnDoctor within fifteen minutes. When the FBD team called him
back nine minutes later, Charles said his pain level was 8 (on the scale of 0 to 10) when he first called and already dropped to a 3, adding that
the swelling in the hand had reduced. Three hours later, Charles left a voicemail for the FBD saying his fingers were "Calloused and sore but
there is no real evidence of a burn anymore." When the FBD team called him back an hour and a half later, Charles said that the pain was now
zero adding, "Is there anything I can do for you? Thank you so much." He also said he had heard about the FireBurnDoctor on a radio show
years ago and had saved the phone number in his phone like they suggested to do. Good thing he did... Charles went right back to work! Three
days later, Charles emailed his video report titled: “Thanks for all you do! It’s only been five hours and I’ve got no pain anywhere I got burned and
it was very painful at the time and this is one of the most unique experiences I’ve ever had! This is WOW, so thank you for what you do.”

FIRE BURN: “There was definitely an angel in the car when it happened!”  Isabella F., Arizona, 11/19/17
Isabella got severe fireburns on her leg and arm in a flaming car wreck and called the FireBurnDoctor three hours later when a friend told her to
call. When the FBD team called her back twenty minutes after that, Isabella said her pain level was 10 (on the scale of 0 to 10) at the time of the
burn, adding, “There was a definite angel in the car when it happened! I had water in the car that sprayed all over me and I know that was an act
of higher beings on the planet that are here to help us! I’ve seen Dr. Savage’s video and he's a really amazing man.” Forty minutes later, Isabella
called the FBD team and left a voice mail to say, “The pain is almost completely gone, actually it feels cool, kind of stimulating, effervescent, light
and cool, and I feel the same way! So, thank you, thank you, very much, I am glad for you guys. I appreciate you very, very much and I guess I
will go to sleep and I will pass the word on. Thank you, Thank you!"

Really bad motorcycle burn - Pain 9 to ZERO two hours later.  Wilma L, California, 6/26/17
Wilma burned her leg on a motorcycle and called the FireBurnDoctor. When the FBD team called her back a few minutes later, Wilma said that
her pain was 9 (on the scale of 0 to 10) before calling and was already down to a 5, adding, “I have three white spots. My friend is making a
video.” When the FBD team called her back an hour later, Wilma said her pain level was now between 2 and 3, adding, “There is less redness,
and of the three blisters, one has disappeared completely and the other two are much smaller.”  One hour later, Wilma said that her pain level
was now a zero and, “the blisters are continuing to shrink!”   

“It’s a wonder and it’s worth telling the world!” says the Medical Doctor in training.  Nicola H., Germany, 3/5/17
Nicola burned her hand and called the FireBurnDoctor within ten minutes. When the FBD team called her back a few minutes later, Nicola said
that her pain was 8 (on the scale  of 0 to 10) at the time of the burn and was already down to a 3. Two and a half hours later, Nicola called to say
that her pain was now a 1. The next day Nicola emailed her report:  Dear team, I called last night because of a burn of my left hand. I fell asleep
while bringing my son to bed - and recovered completely this morning. No pain, no redness, no hyperalgesia. I am really impressed and very
thankful. I will keep telling this, as I am training to become a GP. It’s a wonder and it´s worth telling the world!  

FIRE BURN: “I don't know how you do it! 100% No Pain!!!”  Trevor G., Illinois, 1/15/17
Trevor burned his foot in a firepit and called the FireBurnDoctor within fifteen minutes. When the FBD team called him back five minutes later,
Trevor said his pain level was 4 (on the scale of 0 to 10).  One hour later, Trevor called to say, “The pain is zero, I haven't really thought about it.
It's pretty good.” The next day, Trevor called to say, "I don't know how you do it! 100% no pain!!!

SKEPTIC SHOCK: “I can high-five now, I can clap, I applaud you! You made a very Merry Christmas.”  Arthur B., Connectivut, 12/25/16
Arthur burned his hand on a hot pan right out of the oven preparing Christmas dinner and called the FireBurnDoctor within two minutes. When
the FBD team called him back fifty minutes later, Arthur said, the pain level was 8 (on the scale of 0 to 10) at the time of the burn and was now
zero, exclaiming, "Let me tell you something - there is NO PAIN! I have been doing high-fives and claps! I clapped right away after calling and it
was too soon, it hurt, but not for long! I could clap after about 30 - 40 minutes; that's all! I have to applaud you! You made a very Merry
Christmas. Thank you Dr. FireBurn." The next day, the FBD team called and spoke with Arthur’s mother who said, “At first when I told him to call
the number he said, ‘What are you talking about Mom?!" Then, ‘Ok I will do it for you.’ It was very amazing, he improved so rapidly from when we
called. I heard about FBD years ago, found a video or something on line and saved the info and then lost it and found again and was so happy
that I still had it.” One hour later, Arthur's mother emailed her report, “Hi Fire burn doctor team. Just a short update about my son's burn which
occurred on Christmas day 2016. He called the fire burn doctor at my insistence immediately after he burned his hand while cooking! Although
he looked at me like I was crazy, he did call. Within an hour his pain level went from 8 to a 4 and then it was completely back to normal. No
scars/no blisters just perfect! We love the Fire burn doctor team and have spread the phone number to all we know and love. Thank you, thank
you for your tireless work.”

“I’m a chiropractor, I use my fingertips all day!”  Travis B., Pennsylvania, 12/18/16
Travis burned his fingers on the grill and texted the FireBurnDoctor within ten minutes. When the FBD team called him back six minutes later,
Travis said his pain level was 3 (on the scale of 0 to 10) at the time of the burn and was already down to a 1 adding, “I’m a chiropractor, I use my
fingertips all day!” One hour later Travis texted, “My fingers are doing fine, never any pain and no signs of blistering." The next day, the FBD
team called Travis who said, "I want to tell you I woke up this morning and there was absolutely no sign of the burn whatsoever. In fact, I did not
even remember burning myself until my girlfriend sent me a text ‘how are your fingers?’ and I said, ‘absolutely fine’.  I am very happy, grateful and
amazed. When I had that cold sensation in both fingers at forty-five minutes, I realized that the healing was complete and clean.  So, Thank
you.  As for the importance of calling right away, my girlfriend’s a nurse and we have a motto,
'The Golden Hour' for accidents and 'The Golden Half Hour' for burns."

Ecstatic Mom: “Amazing and Awesome!”  Richie G., Colorado, 11/10/16
Seven-year-old Richie burned his hand on the hot stove and his mother texted the FireBurnDoctor within eight minutes. When the FBD team
called them back, Richie’s mother said his pain level was 5 (on the scale of 0 to 10) at the time of the burn and was already down to a 1, adding,
“We used FBD years ago, when Richie was about two.” One hour later, Richie’s mother left a voice message update, “He says the pain level is
now zero, he hasn't been thinking about it and he's been playing and he feels great! So, thank you all so much. You all are amazing and
awesome!" When the FBD team called them back the next day, Richie’s mother said that Richie’s pain was zero, adding, “Richie has not said a
word about it at all.  He's playing." The FBD team asked her how she heard about FBD and she said, “My husband is a chiropractor and told
her, ‘We need to save this number.''

Man grabs tongs melted on 450 degree metal grill. ONE hour later: No pain, No marks, Using his Hands!  Tony D., California, 11/2/16
Tony burned his hand severely grabbing hot plastic tongs that melted on a 450* hot metal BBQ and texted the FireBurnDoctor within five
minutes. When the FBD team called him back ten minutes later, Tony said his pain level was 10 (on the scale of 0 to 10) at the time of the burn
and had already gone down to a 2 right after he texted. One hour later, Tony left a voice message to say, “Within three minutes I noticed
immediately that the pain had subsided 80%!  Now a full hour has passed and I don't see any marks, I don't feel any pain. I'm washing dishes
and I didn't think I was going to be able to do anything with my hands! So, they are completely healed, as far as I can tell, and usable, so I am
very grateful and would recommend the service to anyone who was interested and had a phone! So, Thank you, good bye.”  Two weeks later,
Tony emailed his report explaining: “I have experienced many burns and I would say this was one of my worst. At the time, I thought my hand was
going to be so badly burnt that I would not be able to perform any basic tasks such as typing, washing dishes, brushing teeth, etc.  Within three
minutes, I immediately noticed a difference, the pain has subsided about 80%. Within fifteen minutes, I was playing cards with my family.  By the
30th minute, expecting heavy blistering and pain, I was typing on my computer. Interestingly, at about 45 minutes, my pain came back for about
five minutes, and then immediately subsided. By the time the hour was up, I was washing dishes and using my hand normally.  No pain. No
blisters. Nothing. Like it never happened.  It has been about two weeks since the incident, and I’m happy to report that I have no pain, no scars,
scar tissue, or blemishes. I have told everyone in my family of this service.  I highly recommend everyone have it in their phones at all times.  I
have no clue how it works and was almost skeptical until I experienced it myself.  I am extremely grateful for the time, attention, and miraculous
service that FireBurnDoctor.com provides."

Physician goes rope-climbing at gym with the hand she burned so badly the day before!  Rosalind Y., Connecticut, 2/28/16
Rosalind burned her whole hand grabbing a hot skillet right out of the oven. Screaming with pain, she called the FireBurnDoctor within five
minutes. When the FBD team called her back three minutes later, Rosalind said her pain level was 9 (on the scale of 0 to 10) at the time of the
burn, 5 - 6 when in cold water and 9 again out of the water, adding that her whole hand is red and swollen. Two hours later Rosalind said, “The
pain now is fluctuating between 3 and 2. There is a sensation of heat and it is still painful to touch. Thank you very much." She explained that
she expected blisters but they haven't showed, that it's less swollen and less red and that she took her mind off it and when she went to a
children's birthday party, that's when the pain dropped. Rosalind said she's a naturopathic doctor and asked how does it work? The FBD team
told her the information is on FireBurnDoctor.com website. Five hours later, Rosalind called to say, “It's midnight here. I'm doing ok now, without
touching it, the pain is now at zero or maybe 1.” The next day Rosalind said, “I'm doing better. The hand is definitely feeling much better. I can
now put it under hot water. I can touch the area without the pain and there's no blisters. I did some rope climbing at gymnastics with my kids; I
didn't expect that. Thank you Fire Burn Doctor team for helping me. I am very excited and grateful you are doing so much needed work."

“I expected a month battle. It’s phenomenal, and only one day out!”  Harry H., Arizona, 2/22/16
Harry burned his face when his oxygen tube exploded and called the FireBurnDoctor within two minutes. When the Fireburndoctor team called
him back five minutes later, Harry said his pain level was 9 (on the scale of 0 to 10), explaining that he had an oxygen supply tube in his nose
and when he lit a cigarette the tube blew up in his face. When the FireBurnDoctor team called back two hours later, Harry said his pain was now
3 (on the scale of 0 to 10), adding, "Doing better. Pain's down, almost gone. All in all, I feel pretty good. This is the stupidest thing I've ever done.
Thank you very much, I really appreciate you." When the FireBurnDoctor team called him back five hours later, Harry said: "It's good, real good.
It's doing really surprisingly well. The pain is down, almost to nothing. Drying out. Not bad, not bad at all. I am very, very surprised at how well it's
doing! Very surprising. The pain is 1 and under, almost non-existent. I haven't blown my nose yet, and won't for a while but it's almost non-
existent. Thank you."  When the FBD team called him back the next day, Harry said, "The sinuses have opened up better. The intensity of an
oxygen fire is a super hot white flame and it was that close to the face, it went up the nose. As far as I'm concerned, this is already phenomenal,
and we're only one day out.” Eight days later, Harry called to say, "I can't even tell that anything happened. Thank you once again for all the
help. How do I become a student?”

FIRE BURN!  “Pretty cool! It doesn’t seem to be hurting!”  Nigel W., Ohio, 2/7/16
Nigel burned his feet, back, arm, wrist and thumb putting out a house fire and called the FireBurnDoctor about two hours later. When the
FireBurnDoctor team called him back two minutes after that, Nigel said his pain level was 7 (on the scale of 0 to 10), adding, “Just got some 2nd
degree burns. There was a stack of cardboard boxes outside of the house, that caught fire from hot cigarette ash flicked out the door. I kicked it
to prevent the whole house from catching." About one hour after that, Nigel called to say, “It seems like, on the wrist, the first degree redness is
pretty much gone away. The blistering on my feet is still somewhat painful, but definitely less painful than before." Three hours later, Nigel called
to say that all the burns were now 0 to 1. "I am doing pretty well, surprisingly well. The only discomfort is pressure from the blister. Thank you
very much.” When Nigel emailed his report several weeks later, he explained when the pain was gone: "I went to sit down at my computer and
watch a video.  About an hour later I sat down on my bed, and was amazed that when I looked at my burns, the red inflamed areas around the
burns had almost completely disappeared, leaving only the white patches of burned skin, surrounded by healthy looking skin.  The pain level
had dropped substantially, and it was no longer uncomfortable to just sit there. In all, the experience was rather amazing. In particular and most
obviously, the quick (within an hour) vanishing of most of the first degree burns and pain.  I have had burns before and know that they can simply
dominate attention for days on end.  In this case, other than the blister, I had very little discomfort and was able to go through my days
normally…. I am very glad I called. Thank you for your good works!”

300 degrees metal burn, pain gone in just over an hour.  Martin W., Massachusetts, 2/7/16
Martin burned his right palm and little finger on a fireplace poker and texted the FireBurnDoctor immediately. When the FBD team called him
back two minutes later, Martin said that his pain level was 8 (on the scale of 0 to 10) and was already down to a 6½ by the end of the call. One
hour and ten minutes later, Martin texted to say that the pain level was now zero. The next day Martin emailed his report, "After speaking with
FBD team, within minutes my pain had decreased to about a 6. As I followed the instructions of continuing on about my life, my pain subsided, I
didn't even think of it anymore. An hour later, the pain was gone."

"I thought I should see for myself."  Dagmar B., Germany, 11/5/15
Dagmar burned her thumb while adding a smoldering branch to a burn fire and called the FireBurnDoctor within five minutes. When the FBD
team called her back one minute later, Dagmar said her pain level was 5 (on the scale of 0 to 10) when she first called and already had dropped
to a 4, adding "It wasn't all that bad, but I didn't want to take chances." An hour later Dagmar called to say, “My pain is almost gone. I would call it
less than 1. I don’t see any signs of it. Maybe a tad of swelling, but everything else is fine. No blister or anything. So thank you very much." When
the FBD team called her the next morning, Dagmar said, “I can barely see it. There was a little blister on the skin, about an inch long, but there's
no pain, no swelling, no blister now. I'm a happy camper. Funny thing, just the other day, before the burn, I was telling a woman about you and
she said, 'I don't know, it sounds strange. I wouldn't do that'. And had she not said that, I might not have called. But I thought I should try it and
see for myself. And I'm glad I did. I really appreciate what you all are doing. Thank you." Two days later Dagmar emailed her report: "Last week I
burned a small pile of dry prunings. At one point, a twig lay next to the pile, and I picked it up to throw into the fire, not realizing that the twig had
fallen off and was smoldering. It burned the tip of my thumb, I rated the pain a 5 - not too bad. But since I had just a few days earlier heard about
the fireburndoctor, I decided to give him a try. I followed the instructions; the pain lessened quickly and by evening was barely noticeable and
next morning gone. The only visible sign was a slight discoloration of the burn spot but no blister and now back to normal. Thank you so much!”

Grandmother acts fast to help 2-year-old granddaughter.  Ariana R., New Jersey, 10/26/15
Two-year-old Ariana burned her arm and hand on boiling hot soup and her grandmother called the FireBurnDoctor immediately. When the FBD
team called her back four minutes later, Ariana's grandmother said she was whimpering with a pain level of 5 or 6 (on the scale of 0 to 10),
whereas she “was screaming her head off” when they first called. Three hours later, Ariana's Grandmother called back to say, “I’ve been playing
with her, so she doesn't pay attention to it. Ariana is doing much better. Thank you so much." Eleven days later Ariana's Grandma emailed her
report: "My granddaughter was climbing on the table and burned her arm and hand on boiling hot soup. As my daughter put cool water on the
burn, I called the FireBurnDoctor within a couple minutes. Within half an hour after talking with you, she began to feel comfortable. The burn
didn't seem to bother her much after that except for a couple times she bumped it but it was no big deal. Thank you."

“I felt a calming heat and it went away.”  Evan L., Quebec Canada, 10/25/15
Evan burned his arm on a hot stove and called the FireBurnDoctor within 10 minutes. When the FBD team called him back four minutes later,
Evan said his pain level was 6 (on the scale of 0 to 10), adding that he could, “still feel it, but it's dropping.” Two hours and forty-five minutes later,
Evan called to say: "I can barely feel it. Have a good week. Thank you.” When the FBD team called him back two minutes later, Evan said, “I felt
a calming heat and it went away, not a burning heat, it was a calming heat. I don't know what you did, but it worked on me. I'm already telling
people." Five weeks later, Evan emailed his report: “I called the FireBurnDoctor right after I burned my arm on the stove while cooking. I saw a
documentary about his treatment on the Internet. So I called and left a message. Less than 15 minutes later, I received a call from him. He gave
me instruction in a calm and respectful demeanor. After about 30 minutes, I felt better. An hour passed and the pain was tolerable. I used
nothing on the burn. In the evening, I took a hot shower and I only felt the burn but not the pain. The burn mark faded in a couple of days. I
definitely recommend trying this option before going to a health professional. The call and the service were free. Thanks again for healing me."

From 9 to zero two hours later, "I think it works!"   Sarah P., Russia, 8/3/15
Sarah burned her wrist with hot oil while cooking and called FireBurnDoctor within twenty minutes. When the FBD team called her back five
minutes later, Sarah said her pain level was 8 or 9 (on the scale of 0 to 10) and already dropped to 3 or 4, adding, "It's not really that bad. It's
already cut in half!" Forty-five minutes later, Sarah called to say, "The pain is currently a 1 or 2. Not very noticeable. And the redness has gone
down."When the FBD team called her again four hours later, Sarah said, "It's much better. Thank you. There's no pain. Most of the redness and
swelling is gone. It went to zero about an hour and fifteen minutes after the last call. So, I think it works! Thanks. Thank you." Later that day,
Sarah emailed her report: "I had gotten a hot cooking oil burn on august 3rd at 11:40am. My pain was about an 8 or 9 right after it occurred. I
called the Fireburndoctor at about 12 and left a brief description of the burn and my information. By the time I got a call back at about 12:10, the
pain had drastically gone down to about a 3 or 4. Which was amazing. After about an hour there was less swelling and much less redness. The
pain was almost 1 or 2. By 2 pm that day my pain was completely gone and I had forgotten all about my burn. Thank you so much for helping me
with my burn. I certainly will be keeping you in my phonebook for future accidents of burn."     

"WOW!" Watching the pain diminishing and the blister go flat.  Erin A., 12/14/14
Erin burned her right ring finger on a hot pan and texted FireBurnDoctor eleven minutes after the burn. When the FBD team called her back two
minutes later, Erin said her pain level had been 5 or 6 (on a scale of 0 to 10) when she first texted and added, "Now the pain's diminishing
rapidly, very fast. It's 1. It's diminished to just discomfort when touched. The blister is going also. It's flat. It's gone! It's just a red spot now. Wow!
OK!" Two hours later Erin emailed: "I am very thankful for your intervention. There is no burning and no pain at all. I went back to kitchen duties,
including making Christmas goodies and washing dishes right away. It is simply amazing, truly astounding."

“The plastic burned into my skin, it hurts like it's on fire!"  Parker F., California, 8/7/14
Parker burned his hand with melting plastic and called the FireBurnDoctor within four minutes, saying, "It's all white and swollen up. I dropped a
hot piece of plastic on it. The plastic was so hot, when it landed on my finger, the plastic burned into my skin. It hurts like it's on fire! It's bad right
now." When the FBD team called him back six minutes later, Parker explained that a fan broke and he tried to fix it using a blow torch. He said
his pain level was 8 or 9 (on the scale of 0 to 10). Then, in the same phone call, he asked, "Did you do something? Because it's good. The
swelling has even started going down. It had been on fire. And now the pain is about 0, definitely less than 1." A half hour later, Parker called to
say, "Yeah. That worked. So whatever you guys did, it's cool. It's pretty good now. And it actually looks like the swelling has gone down. It's like
the 10th time I've called you guys, and you have done this. I love you. I don't know how you do it, but it's cool. Thank you."                             

“I can't feel it!"  Larry H., California, 1/4/14
Larry burned his finger on a lava rock heating stone at a restaurant and his grandmother called the FireBurnDoctor within fifteen minutes. When
the FBD team called her back four minutes later, Larry told his grandmother, "I can't feel it," like it was numb. She guessed his pain had been 6
(on the scale of 0 to 10) before the call, adding that, "He was hysterical as well as being tired, crying and cranky because it was bedtime." When
the FBD team called back an hour and a half later, Larry's grandmother said, "Thank you, bless you guys," adding that Larry told her again he
couldn't feel his finger. The next evening, Larry's grandmother called to say, "I just wanted to let you know he's doing much better today. He says
it doesn't even hurt at all. He seems to be doing well. So I'm very grateful and bless you all for your work. Thank you so much. Thank you."

Child's pain and crying gone in minutes. Ursala R., New Zealand, 4/14/13
Thirteen-year-old Ursala burned her hand pouring boiling water and her dad called  the FireBurnDoctor within 10 minutes.  When the FBD team
called him back about 5 minutes after that, Ursala's father said her pain had been an 8 (on the scale of 0 to10), came down to 5 and now, "she's
calmed down and stopped crying." The next morning, Ursala's father emailed his report: "Our thirteen year old daughter was pouring out boiling
water into a bottle when she slipped and poured it over her hand. It became red and inflamed immediately, so we put it under cold running water.
As my daughter was crying, and her mother comforted her, I was trying to find the details of the fireburndoctor I had saved on my phone after
hearing him on a radio show. I sent a text message from New Zealand to him in the US, and within a minute or two he called back.  [Ursala]
calmed down quite quickly, her hand was still sore but the redness disappeared and she managed to get to sleep soon after. The next morning
her hand was essentially fine. Thank you to the fire burn doctor for your help."

Son to the rescue! Blisters "just weren't there anymore."  Evelyn F., Illinois, 1/25/13
Evelyn burned her fingers on hot steam in the kitchen and her son called the FireBurnDoctor within 5 minutes. When the FBD team called then
back 5 minutes later, Evelyn's son said he didn't want to tell her he was making the call so he could see it work. He said her pain was 6 (on the
scale of 0 to 10) and her fingers were already blistering. One hour and 10 minutes later, Evelyn's son called to say, "Just following up, wanted to
let you know. Her fingers are better, they're just red. Some tingling, no blistering anymore. So they are better. Thank you very much. Thanks a
lot guys." Two days later, Evelyn's son emailed his report: "Hello, I called yesterday afternoon after my mother had burned her fingers with steam
from a pot while cooking. It wasn't a serious enough burn to go to the hospital, but painful none the less. After about 5 minutes of all of us trying
to alleviate her pain with cold water & ice I remembered I had your phone number saved on my iPhone. I heard an associate of yours speak on
the radio, and she emphasized how important it was to call your number as soon as possible after a burn occurs. Her fingers were blistering at
this point, so I gave it a try. I left a message on your voicemail, and was surprised how quick I received a call back. Long story short, within an
hour after my call back my mother's fingers no longer had blisters. They just weren't there anymore. She was no longer in pain, just had a
tingling sensation.  I think it's great what you guys are doing. I will do my best to spread the word about FireBurnDoctor.com, and keep your
phone number handy at all times (hopefully I won't have to use it again). Keep up the good work! Thank you very much."

"In a word, Stunning!"    Harold C., California, 1/2/13  
Harold burned his finger with a cigarette lighter and called the FireBurnDoctor within twenty minutes. When the FBD team called him back two
minutes later, Harold said his pain level when he made the call was 4 (on the scale of 0 to 10) and had already dropped to 2, adding, "I can feel it
getting better now, wow, this is frickin unbelievable, not even a 2 now!" About one hour later, Harold called to say, "It's down to about a zero pain-
wise. I don't know how to thank you guys. I'll get on your website and make a donation or something. What a service, what a frickin gift! Not
much else to say." When the FBD team called him back 8 minutes later, Harold had more to say, "Zero pain. This blows me away. Great service,
great gift, what can I say?... Do you offer training in this?" Two days later, Harold emailed his report: "In a word, stunning. I was playing around
with a cigarette lighter and somehow burnt my thumb, rather badly. I am somewhat of an expert on burning my hands and fingers because as an
electronics tech, I had a soldering iron on all day. I would burn myself a few times a week until I finally got use to having it within reach. This was
many years ago. When I burnt myself a few days ago, I could tell immediately it was going to be a blister the size of a spoon, so I ran cold water
over it for about 15 minutes, but could still feel the burning, so I called the burn doctor and gave them my info. It had been about 20 minutes
since the burn. They returned my call almost immediately and asked me for a little further information about my date of birth, etc. After a few
questions I was asked how my pain level was, on a scale of 1-10 and I believe I told them it was a 3-4 before I called, but surprisingly it was down
to a 2 at that time. I was almost aghast at what was happening, because I could actually feel something that was descending from my thumb tip
towards my hand, moving in a smooth motion, essentially erasing the pain. Then there was a 3 minute pause before a second wave of pain-being-
released continued in a smooth motion from my 1st knuckle toward my hand. It moved with almost mechanical precision. It was astonishing to
watch my thumb as this very definite pain-relieving motion took place. I could see nothing, just the feeling of pain being relieved.  Quite
surprising! I called them back about an hour later and reported my pain was now at zero and there was no blister whatsoever, or any pain at all
from the injury. There wasn't even any redness. Like I said I knew exactly how much of a burn I received at the time of the accident due to my
extensive experience with small hand burns, and I'm telling you emphatically it should have blistered and bothered me for several days. The next
morning (this happened in the evening) I had completely forgotten about the entire incident until a lady here who witnessed the whole ordeal
came to my room to ask me how my thumb was. Then I remembered ! I tested my thumb and felt absolutely no sensation of pain, itchiness or
redness. Perfectly back to normal in every way... Thank you for the service you provide. This is truly love in action...."  

FIRE BURN "I don't know what you all did, or how you did it, but it's fantastic!"  Victor B., Tennessee, 4/1/12
"Thank you fireburn doctor. I was burning some brush that I had piled up on my property, trying to set fire to it and it would not get started. So I
had some old fuel in a jug and I dowsed the brush that I thought was out, but I guessed wrong. As soon as the fuel hit the brush it went up in
flames and so did my hand. I quickly set the jug down because it was on fire along with my hand. I smacked the fire out on my hand by throwing
dirt on it. I ran to the house to wash it off and saw it was really red and was burning really bad. I called you all and gave my info. You called back
in a couple minutes and I was really amazed at how quick it stopped hurting. In about ten to fifteen minutes my pain level went from a 6 to a 1. As
I send this e-mail my level is 0. The redness is all gone and my hand looks the same as the other hand which had no burning at all. I am going to
tell everyone I know about this and send it out to my complete mailing list. It is truly unbelievable. Thank you again so much for what you did. I
was burnt several years ago on my leg and that was the worst pain I had ever experienced in my life. This time was a life changing experience."

"My heroes! I've got your number everywhere in my house."  Olivia C., Texas, 2/8/12
After Olivia burned her finger on a red-hot match and called the FireBurnDoctor for help, she left a message to say, "Hey, this is just amazing!
Because just since the last time I called you, it's totally, totally, pain is gone. Jeez, amazing! And, you know that site that was dead skin, that's
melding back together. There was a little yellow when I talked to you before. It's all pink now, and it's weird! I am so glad I called. The skin that
was white and dead and separated up from the surrounding living tissue, had all gone back into the flesh state. It was yellow/pink and no longer
white. Now it's just shiny, but all pink. It feels good to pinch and squeeze the tip of that finger now, whereas before it was raw feeling. I applaud
this man/ these folks who assist him, and the principal behind which heals. What a good, good thing you do in this world."

When you ask him which hand is Ow, he looks at both hands and he shrugs his shoulders."  Larry S., Louisiana, 12/2/11
On Friday Dec 2, 2011, my two-year old grandson burned himself on the wire rack in the 400 degree oven, while trying to help me cook. It
was quite painful for him - maybe a 7-9. I called fireburndoctor right away (it is in my cell phone) and gave the required information on the
answer machine. [The FBD team] called back within four minutes. In that time the pain level had dropped to about a 3-5. I was told to call back
in an hour to say how my grandson was doing. When I did, his pain level was 0. He did not say 'Ow' even when reminded about the boo-boo
earlier, or touching where he had burned his hand. I have called in the past when either my daughter, myself or my grandson has been burned -
and the outcome is always the same: pain free and no mark. Thank you so much for your help - we just love you and what you do so much!"

FIRE BURN - "Horrific to have the clothes you're wearing burn."  Leila H., Georgia, 11/20/11
"Hello, I am so thankful for the fireburn doctor. I really have no words to express my gratitude except for THANK YOU. I was cooking on a
gas stove and the sleeve of my blouse caught on fire. I don't know exactly how it happened but suddenly my sleeve was on fire. There were
flames burning the sleeve and moving quickly up my arm. I ran to the sink and sprayed my arm with water but not before my arm had been
burned and the back of my seat of my trousers had been burned through. Fortunately my backside was not burned, but my upper arm was very
red and felt like it was on fire. I attempted to put an ice pack on it and then I remembered the burn doctor I had used once before with
unbelievable results. So I called and the burn doctor gave me instructions and calmed me down and the burn I had received healed quickly
and completely. When I called, my burn was rated as a 10 by me and I really didn't feel that the burn doctor was going to be able to help, but
they did and when the allotted time had passed and I called back to report, the pain had resurfaced for a few moments (it went from a 1 to
about a 4) but as soon as I hung up and started back to my work, the pain vanished and never returned. I have no marks or bruises or physical
remembrances of the burn. Thank you burndoctor for your amazing technique. I don't know what it is but it really, really works. Namaste."

“I'm a wound care nurse and am amazed. This is the most accelerated healing I have ever experienced."  Sandra B., Arizona, 8/6/11
"I sustained a burn on my right thumb lighting a sparkler. It was instantaneous and very painful. I immediately put ice on the burn, but did not
remember to call fireburndoctor until 30 minutes after the burn. The pain went to a 7-8 on a scale of 10. I had programmed the fireburndoctor
number into my phone after hearing a Radio show regarding FBD about two years ago. As soon as I remembered I had the number, I called and
received a call back in four minutes and was instructed to go about my normal routine and 'forget it.' Within an hour and a half, the pain was
gone. I went kayaking for over six hours the NEXT MORNING. I never noticed it, and had a great time. There is no blistering or redness...maybe
a bit of induration, which is limited to the skin that was burned white, but no pain, no redness, and I already have sensation in the area! This is
something big and I am really excited!!! Not to mention intensely grateful! Thank you so much."

"Everything is fine. I have no pain, no scar, nothing. Thank you again."  Bonnie O., California, 11/25/10
"This past Thanksgiving, my family and I were having dinner at my cousin's home. I was cooking the turkey and my brother was helping me
take it out of the oven. He picked up the turkey baster to squirt the grease into the bowl, but I guess I didn't move my hand fast enough and it
went all over my hand. This was a bad grease burn. My cousin called the FireBurnDoctor and, I don't know how or what they do, but there was
no pain and not a mark on my hand. It was like it never happened. All I do know is that it worked, thank god. Thanks again to the Fireburn
Doctor. Everyone should have your number.”

“Pain free, no chafing or peeling...pretty darn amazing!"  Diane T., Budapest, Hungary, 11/24/10
"Greetings from Budapest.... [Diane] came to work one day with a pretty nasty burn on her arm that she had received while ironing her
blouses for work, she showed me and I called the burn doctor for her. He immediately called back and we gave the information needed. At
the time [Diane] had a pain of 5 to 6 on a scale of 10 and the burn was very tender, swollen and had white specks on the skin around the
edges. The Burn Doctor asked that she continue her day and we should call back in 30 min. We did, and with amazing results: The swelling
was gone, the white specks were gone and the tenderness was gone to the point that one could run the entire hand over the burn area with no
pain at all. The pain went from a 5 to 6 down to zero in 30 min. Needless to say she was astonished, she had not believed something like this
could work and was laughing when I called for her.... she has passed this number on to a great many people. Thanks!"

BEARD CAUGHT ON FIRE! “You guys are amazing! It was like the burn never happened.”  Sam K., Kansas, 11/10/10
"I burned my neck and face lighting a fire in my fire place. At the time I had about ten inches of beard hanging down which caught on fire, I
had no idea until the pain tore into me. It was a decent burn, instantly super red. My wife went to look for the burn spray when I said, 'Hey
let's call the fire burn doctor and see if it really works," which we did. Good thing too because we couldn't find the burn spray. I called, left the
information asked of me and waited. By the time the fire burn doctor called me back, my pain had gone from a 6 or so [on a scale of 0 to 10]
to a 3. But I just thought it was because time had passed. The doctor verified my info and told me to go about my daily routine just like I
normally do and call back in half an hour. Well I kinda did what I normally do except for the fact that I was watching the clock for the thirty
minute mark waiting for my pain to go away. At the thirty minute mark I called them back and left negative feedback. I really wanted it to work
too. At that point, I kinda just threw it out of my mind and filed it away as another let down. About ten minutes after I put it out of my mind
and went about my normal routine (like the doctor had said) my pain was completely gone, the redness went away it was like the burn never
happened. So I am here now to withdraw my negative feedback for 100% positive feedback. Thanks."

"It's miraculous, like a miracle, it's fabulous what you can do, it's a wonderful service...."  Cathy W., Nevada, 11/8/10
Cathy burned her arm, from elbow to wrist, when she poured very hot micro-waved tea water on her arm. In a panic with what she thought
was a second-degree burn, she drove to the pharmacy to get burn cream. To her surprise, the pharmacist did not recommend anything on the
shelf, but told her instead about the FireBurnDoctor. He said it was a free service accessed by phone which he'd heard was getting great results.
She had nothing to lose, so she called the FBD phone number immediately and left her information. Since the pharmacist also wanted to see
the results, Cathy went about her normal activities making business phone calls standing right there in the store. About a half hour later, both
Cathy and the pharmacist were amazed, and Cathy called the FBD team to report: "I called you all earlier. My burn went down considerably.
It had been all the way up my arm, and now it's like 3 things, 3 little spots. With the stuff I was doing, I didn't pay much attention to it and I
realized that it didn't hurt anymore. Then I looked at it and it was considerably smaller. A pharmacist gave me your number. It is amazing.
And I am a Christian, and I believe in faith healing, which I KNOW that's what you gotta be doing. But you're doing a wonderful job. It
worked really good and I'm going to send you a picture of my arm. Thank you."

OPEN FLAME TORCHES FACE! "Almost as if it never happened. Absolutely amazing." Henry G., Washington, 10/19/10
"Within two minutes of burning the skin near my cheek to the right side of my mouth, I called the Fire Burn Doctor at 818-332-6445 number
and was immediately called back. The flame from an open torch had just grazed my face very briefly, but I could feel the pain growing and
was wondering if it would blister. While I was leaving my details in a message, I could feel the pain continuing to increase. I would say it
went from a zero to a 3 or 4 while leaving the message. By the time I was called back it was pushing 4 or 5, but that was as bad as it ever
got. I was asked to call back in thirty minutes and by that time it was almost as if it never happened. No blistering, no swelling or anything.
Absolutely amazing. This was my first time calling for help and I was not in an area where I could get ice or cold water on it quickly. As it
turned out I didn't end up putting anything, no ice or cold water, on it. The Burn Doctor's process worked amazingly fast."

"I can't believe it. But hey. It works!!!"   Michael H., Ohio, 1/7/10
Two-year-old Michael burned his hand on a hot oven rack. His mother said his pain level was 8-10 before the call. When the FireBurnDoctor
team called them back, Michael's mother said the pain dropped to zero almost immediately. About fifteen minutes later, Michael's mother emailed
to say, "I was told about this number from my father-in-law who heard it on a radio show. He had just mentioned the number to us when my son
walked over and grabbed onto a hot wire rack from the 400 degree oven. Immediately, we put his hand under cold water and my father-in-law
told me to call the number. As I was giving the information, the burn and pain level was disappearing. By the time I got a call back, seven minutes
later, my son seemed as if it didn't even happen. I can't believe it. But hey, it works!!! Thank you so much and I'm going to tell as many people as
I know about this."

"Thanksgiving, boiling hot gravy onto the palm of my hand. It hurt so bad it was making me sick!"  Dale T., Ohio, 11/26/09
"Dear Fire burn Doctor. While visiting my mother on Thanksgiving, my whole family was in the kitchen and we were all getting our food to
sit down. While putting boiling hot gravy right from the stove  on my mashed potatoes, I accidentally put too much and it ran over onto the palm of
my hand. It was all I could do to keep from dropping my plate because the burn hurt so bad. I then remembered that I had put the Fireburndoctor’
phone number in my cell phone. I immediately called and gave my birth name, date of birth, birth place, city and state and place where the
burn occurred and time which was within two minutes after it had happened. Shortly, I received a call back from the Fireburndoctor team
who asked me what my pain level was. I said ‘Wow how did you do that? It is like maybe a 1 or 2 at most.’ He asked what it was previously.
I said it was an 8 or higher. In fact I commented to my family that it hurt so bad it was making me sick. But everyone else was in total
amazement. I then received a second call from the Fireburndoctor, and by that time my level was 0. I am giving everyone I know this
phone number to call. Thank you for this wonderful blessing, I was saved from what surely would have been at least a second-degree burn…
I am so glad I programmed the number into my phone when the woman on the radio said to do that.”

“My family and I are freakin out!"  JLM, Washington, 12/3/09
"I burned my hand approx four hours ago and now I am pain free and healing is well on its way. I am a paramedic and my wife is an ER
nurse. We are both speechless in my recovery. Don't hesitate, this works."


“It’s like it all decided to pack up and go!” Cecilia L., Wyoming, 7/5/20
Cecilia got Shingles (again) and called the FireBurnDoctor a week later. When the FBD team called her back 30 minutes after that, Cecilia said
that her pain and itch levels were both 10 (on the scale of 0 to 10), adding that she got the FBD number from her daughter. When the FBD team
called her the next day, Cecilia said her pain level dropped to a 7 and that she has no itching anymore. Two days later, Cecilia called to say, that
her pain level was 2, adding, “I can’t begin to tell you how much this means, it’s just amazing, I don’t know how, to me it’s a miracle. The lesions
have dried up, no pain, no itching, no swelling, it’s amazing, it’s like it all decided to pack up and go. I’ve never had it leave so quickly. It was very,
very severe, full fledged ready to stay here for a month and a half, before it starts to dissipate. My energy levels are up and I don’t have that fear
it’s going to get me again. I can just feel prayers, feel something happening and every time it happened it was something good. Every time it
happened the pain was unbelievable. You are my angel, God continues to send angels in my life. I am so thankful.”

The next day, Cecilia’s daughter emailed their report: “I have been trying to get my mom, 70 years old, to call in for many, many years for her
severe shingle outbreaks. I don't think she believed it was possible. She didn't know what I was trying to get her mixed up in....as distance healing
is a new paradigm for her generation. She has been suffering with Shingles outbreaks for at least two decades. When they would hit, she would
barely be able to walk as the nerve pain was all the way down the back of her legs and very debilitating. She said it felt like it had a hard, knotted
grip on her muscles and tendons. Walking was pure torment and all she could do was sit in it until it lost its grip. I finally caught her on a fresh
outbreak and hounded her until she called. I had been helped by Fireburndoctor about three years ago with a severe burn on my hand. I was
convinced of your work and wanted the same for her. She called and was told not to put any pain relief on it or take any pills for pain. She
listened. That was Monday July 6th, 2020.  Today, July 9th, 2020, she feels so grateful, so happy and on the miraculous mend. The first day, the
burning and stinging went away and the open sores began to dry up! The next day, her nerve pain began to diminish. So much so, she was able
to run a few errands, a bit slowly but still, she said she wanted to take advantage of the moment and get some stuff done. This is something she
never would have been able to do normally! Yesterday, her nerve pain was down even further. To the point that she was able to go on even
more errands and do way more walking! Unheard of before this. Today, she says the pain went from the starting point of 10 to a 2 and her sores
are completely scabbed over. She feels so grateful. So happy. So in disbelief and she prays they never come back. I pray that for her too. I don't
think they will. Thank you. Thank you for your work. I have shared your name, Fireburndoctor, on my facebook with my own testimonial and can
now share my moms. The greatest healing isn't in saving the world, it's in loving our own piece of the world from the deepest heart. May more
and more of us do it. I hope you open a way for people to offer donations for your blessings. With a deep sigh of gratitude, that I don't have to
worry so much about my mom...Thank you so much!”

Naturopath Doctor surprised Shingles healed so well and fast!  Martin C., Oregon, 9/5/19
Martin was diagnosed by his Naturopath with Shingles on his lower back and his wife called the FireBurnDoctor on the same day. When the FBD
team called them back, Martin said his itching level was 4 (on the scale of 0 to 10) and that the Shingles broke out this morning. Six days later,
Martin’s wife called to say, “As of yesterday, his rash turned brown and started to heal and like scabbing up. It never blistered and it never
spread. There was only one area it filled in a little bit. But that was it. I was doing other protocols as well, like vitamin C and other supplements.
But his Naturopath passed by yesterday and was surprised that it healed so well. And we’re very grateful. Thank you so much!”

"Wow! I fully expected to be laid up for a week and to take a month to recover like in my last attack. Thank you,
thank you Fireburn Team! I am so grateful for the work you do!"   Leo C., Washington, 11/30/2018
Leo got shingles, and called the FireBurnDoctor for help, with a doctor’s diagnosis, within two days of the first symptoms. When the FBD team
called him back ten minutes later, Leo said his pain and itching levels were both 6 (on the scale of 0 to 10). The next morning, Leo called to say
“The pain is now a 2 and the itching a 1! Thank you, it’s almost gone! It’s nothing like the attack I had years ago when I took a month to recover!”
The next day, Leo emailed his report: "Thank for helping me with a couple of burns in the past. I was very pleased to hear that you now treat
shingles. I am a 65 year old male and had a previous shingles attack about 10 years ago. This time, I had just spent a stressful 10 days caring
for my 92 year old father and first noticed the telltale tingling and itching on my lower left abdomen just below the beltline upon my return to Long
Beach from Seattle. I had commitments all day the next day and I could feel it get progressively worse - turning red, more itching and increasing
pain. Friday morning, 11-30, the redness and pain was much worse with white blisters appearing just under the skin but not surfacing. I went to
the doctor and was diagnosed with shingles and prescribed Valacyclovir which I started to take immediately. Later that night, a friend told me that
you now also treat shingles so I called and received a callback within a few minutes. I woke up the next morning with the pain and itching greatly
diminished - like from a 6 to a 2, the redness was greatly diminished and the white blisters completely gone. I did take a photo then. I just took a
photo today (12-2. See attached) showing that the redness is almost gone. The itching and pain is almost gone. Wow! I fully expected to be laid
up for a week and to take a month to recover like in my last attack.Thank you, thank you Fireburn Team! I am so grateful for the work you do!"

"You are a bright light in a world that seems to be getting darker by the minute." Sally J., Texas, 3/13/18
Sally got shingles on her midriff and called the FireBurnDoctor for help. The next day, Sally emailed her report: “Feeling much better today. No
pain or redness. No more flu-like symptoms” Two months later, Sally emailed her report: I have been trying to send you the recordings I made on
the days we were in touch. Since I can’t seem to send them, I will just type the information. I send you immense thanks for the rare and wonderful
work you are doing. You are a bright light in a world that seems to be getting darker by the minute, in terms of one’s right to wellness."

"It was driving me nuts! Thank you very much for what you do. If I need you again, I'll call you first." Gary G., Ohio, 3/16/16
Gary found out he got shingles and called the FireBurnDoctor. When the FBD team called him back five minutes later, Gary said his pain and
itching level was 7 and 9 (on the scale of 0 to 10), adding, 'It's driving me nuts!" Two weeks later, Gary emailed his report: "I developed my first
case of shingles on my face and in my left eye. Not really knowing what to do I searched the internet for some answers and found a site from
www.fireburndoctor.com. I contacted them and got an incredibly quick response by phone. The gentleman I spoke with was exceptionally
supportive and polite. The advice I received from them was nothing that I would have expected to hear. Distract myself from the problem was it
and it will go away faster than if you're messing with it. So I occupied my time by doing something. The worst time I had was the shingle I had in
my eye. The advice was great and even more amazingly they followed up with me several times during my uncomfortable condition. Getting
progress reports from me better than any doctor I have ever had. The shingles dried up relatively fast and the hospitality still continued to follow
my condition until I was clear of the shingles. For anyone who gets shingles I would highly recommend making contact with fireburn doctor. Even
for burns I would make a big wager that they will be more supportive and helpful than by wasting your time at a Doctor's office. You will be
followed up on and be treated great. Thank you for your time and consideration.”  

Today, I don't have pain or itch. My legs are not heavy anymore. I had a good night's sleep, went out in the sun, took a shower.
And there's no fear!"  Leo R., Philippines, 1/28/16
When Leo got a Shingles outbreak, he got it diagnosed by a medical doctor and called the FireBurnDoctor two weeks later. When the FBD team
called him right back, Leo said his pain and itching were both 9 (on the scale of 0 to 10), adding that he had a burning pain, like something
boiling under the skin and that it was bleeding because he was scratching so much, on the side of his body and belly, over his chest down to his
feet with a swollen leg. He said the medical doctor told him there's no treatment." Seven hours later, Leo called to report his pain was now 4 and
dropping: “I just want to thank you guys. I was able to go to sleep and rest. Thank you, thank you very much. I don't know what remote thing
you've done, but I believe this is remote healing. I saw PSproof two days ago, and read a lot about Dr. Philip Savage, but I didn't call. Today, my
boss asked me if I'd called the FireBurnDoctor and told me to call and see what you could do. The pain is 4 now, even less than that. I don't
know what's happening. I get more relief as I'm talking to you. The pain is 2 now, less than 3. I was panicking when I called you guys today. I felt
my skin was heavy, thick with scabs and heavy, but now it's lighter. The itching is not that bad now. It's worst after I shower, that's when the
itching is worst, so I’m going to get cleaned up and see what happens. Before, I wanted to grab a knife and scrape it. But now I can tell there's
definitely something going on in my body. Even the open wound is drying up. It's not even painful to the touch. I would even call this a miracle.
Thank you. Thank you very much. I appreciate this very much." The next day, twenty hours after first calling for help, Leo sent a text with photos
saying, "Thank you. I don't have pain or itch. Even my fear is gone. I appreciate everything, and may humanity's full potential awaken!!!!" An hour
after that, Leo texted to say, "I'm a massage therapist and I'm very interested to help in any way. My legs are not heavy anymore. I had a good
night's sleep, got up and went out into the sun, took a shower. And there's no fear!  

Itching and pain gone in minutes!  Kelly P., Mexico, 7/5/15
Kelly woke up with shingles symptoms, recognized from prior outbreaks, and called FireBurnDoctor shortly after that. When the FBD team called
her back eight minutes later, Kelly said her pain level was 5 or 6 and her itching level was 6 or 7 (on the scale of 0 to 10) when she first called,
and both had already dropped to 2 for pain and 0 itching, adding that it was red on her rib cage and she felt feverish. With pain and itching
reduced so quickly, Kelly commented, "This is just phenomenal. What you guys do is wonderful. Thank you." Two hours later, Kelly called to say,
"It's been 2 hours. I don't feel any pain or itching, and the redness is pretty much gone. I found a phone I can take a picture with, but there's not
really much to see now. Thank you so much. Thank you so much." In her email report three hours later, Kelly added: "I am not surprised that
FireBurnDoctor helped with this, because I have had a previous experience with FireBurnDoctor in regard to a burn and found it nothing less
than miraculous. I'm amazed the whole world does not know about this wonderful work going on. I will do my best to spread the word."

"My shortest shingles outbreak… I went to look at it and it’s going away!”  Audrey G., California, 12/6/15
Audrey recognized shingles symptoms and texted the FireBurnDoctor within one hour of the first symptom. When the FBD team called her back
three minutes later, Audrey said her pain level was 3, and her itching level was 4 (on the scale of 0 to 10). One hour later Audrey called to say,
"Right now, I don't have any pain, and the itching level is 2. Thank you." Four hours later, when the FBD team called, Audrey said, "I have no
itching and no pain," adding that the pain was gone right after she had spoken with the team member for the first time. Three days later Audrey
emailed her report: “So I started getting shingles outbreaks two years ago. The last time I had an outbreak, I called the FireBurnDoctor right
away. I woke up with burning and itching and sent a picture of the rash via text. I received a call back from a FBD team member within the hour
and continued to text in updates. The next morning, the rash was drying instead of getting worse. It continued healing throughout the day. I
continued to text in my progress and then next day was happy to report that it was almost completely gone. That was the last day and the
shortest shingles outbreak I've had. I'm so grateful to the ladies that shared the contact number and to the FBD for this amazing new
opportunity! I can't wait to share my story with all my friends and family!”

"A soothing cool sensation took the itching and the pain away.”  Ronny M., California, 12/30/15
Ronny noticed a new occurrence of shingles on the left side of his neck and texted the FireBurnDoctor within twenty-four hours. When the FBD
team called him back three minutes later, Ronny said his pain and itching level was 6 and 8 (on the scale of 0 to 10). After several updates of
reduced pain and itching, Ronny emailed his report five days later: “I have been suffering from shingles periodically for two years since being in a
car accident. I met a FBD supporter and she told me about the FireBurnDoctor. My girlfriend also suffered from shingles. We went to a doctor
who diagnosed it and gave her a shot and some pills. She went three months without shingles, and it came back. So she called the
FireBurnDoctor and it went away like magic. I recently got a new shingles attack on a new area. I called the FireBurnDoctor and within minutes
and hours there was significant change. I felt a soothing cool sensation that took the itching and pain away. Normally, a shingles outbreak could
last from a few days to a week or more. It was as if the shingles was going through its cycle at an accelerated rate. It dried out and healed over
with no marks. Thank you."

“I'm astounded how quickly it went away. My doctor was also amazed.”  Pia C., Greece, 1/7/14
Pia erupted in shingles on the right side of her face and called the FireBurnDoctor within eighteen hours with a doctor diagnosis. When the FBD
team called her back five minutes later, Pia said her pain was 3 and itching was 6 (on the scale of 0 to 10). Six hours later, Pia called to report:
"Pain level non-existent. I don't have any pain at all. The rash that I thought was spreading to the rest of my chin is subsided. The redness is
really gone down a lot. Blisters are still there, but they're not irritating me. My face feels a lot more comfortable. I can't thank you guys enough. I
really, really appreciate it. Shingles is a horrible thing. I didn't realize how horrible it was. I've never had it before. Anyway, thank you very much."
The next day Pia called to say, "The tingling and nerve endings have settled down and there is no pain or tingling. It completely stopped by bed
at about 11:30pm. I'm astounded how quickly it went away. The cheek had been completely sunburn-red but dramatically gone by bed time. Now
I don't know I had it unless I look in the mirror. I'm ecstatic. Before calling you, I was in a panic that I might lose my job because of the shingles."
Three weeks later, Pia emailed her report saying, "Within three hours of calling, the tingling and discomfort started to ease and my face looked
less pink. Within 24 hours the blisters looked contained and less moist. Within three days they had dried up and started to flake off and within a
week all traces of shingles were gone. No scarring, or pain, just a bit of pink new skin. I am so thankful for the work you do. I can honestly tell
everyone that this works. My family and friends who rolled their eyes at my calling have become believers. My doctor was also amazed. Thank
you all so very much."

Released from a month of itching and pain from Shingles in one day!  Sanchez F., Mexico, 12/22/14
"Visibly, it's 90% gone. I had symptoms for one year. Now there's no pain or itching. Previously, even when it was only a zit-like small mark, there
was itching. But now even with some minimal appearance, there's no itching. Feels like new skin is regenerating. Considering the time frame,
I'm very pleased!" One month later, Sanchez emailed his report: "I want to say a big thank you to the FireBurnDoctor team for helping with my
Shingles. Even though Shingles cases need to be reported within the first 24 to 48 hours of a flare-up for best results, I contacted the team more
than a month after my symptoms first appeared and with a full-blown case of Shingles. Within 24 hours after the call, the rash, pain and itchiness
significantly diminished. It was unbelievable! Thank you so much for your assistance and care. You do wonderful work."

"God bless you guys!"  11/24/09

"God bless to the whole fire burn doctor team."  11/8/12


"God Bless the FireBurnDoctor team for their compassion, care and such powerful healing energy."  1/20/13

Brady's mother called the FireBurnDoctor within 20 minutes after her daughter burned
herself and was crying with a pain level of 9 (on the scale of 0-10). One hour later,
Brady's mom sent "before and after" pictures of her happy daughter, who was
clapping her hands, saying,
"See, no pain! Thank you very much!"

"Burns, The Most Horrible Pain in the World"

In a 2010 news article reporting on the work of the FBD team, one
European medical doctor reported that a burn is one of the worst
injuries a person can experience and explained that it is actually the
brain’s unconscious overreaction to the extreme level of pain caused
by the burn, and not the burn itself, which causes the devastating
blistering, scarring and disfigurement that people are familiar with.  

"Dr. Savage's SDI processing essentially mitigates the brain’s
unconscious response to thermal injuries through preventing the
neural shock and overreaction from the brain to body-immune and
defence mechanisms. Consequently the body can allow normal skin
repair (epithelial reconstruction) to take place immediately after the
pain subsides, thereby redirecting and inhibiting the physiological
destructive signals that the burn victim’s unconscious overreacting
brain would have sent in response to the thermal incident.  

This ground-breaking intervention-method for all degrees of burn
injuries does not interfere with standard medical treatment and is free
for anyone in the world. By means of one phone call, the
FireBurnDoctor Philip Savage takes care of the burn victim in the first
30 minutes after the accident. This intervention leads to instant pain
relief, fast skin recovery and reduced scarring. In severe burn injuries
with a high risk of dying, the method is able to save lives."


If you or someone you know is burned or suffering from Shingles,
CALL or TEXT within 30 minutes of burn injury or the first day of Shingles outbreak!

+1 818 332 6445

SAVE the number in your cell phone, under "BURNS" (and "Shingles"), and STICK it on the refrigerator door,
in the car and on the computer.  Tell all, just call... and pass the word!

No pain, no grafting, no scarring, no risk! Free remote processing, no interference with standard medical care.
Call on the way the emergency room.  
Voice Mails, Videos and Burn Reports from "Instantly Recovered" FBD Burn Victims
excerpts from 50 full pages of case reports on FireBurnDoctor.com website

"AWESOME! How'd you guys do that?!"

"Really cool! How can I learn to do it?"

"Surprising, Amazing, Really Amazing, Just Amazing, This was Amazing!
"Incredible, Marvelous, Wonderful, Thrilling, Unique!"

"Thank you, Thank You so Much, Thanks, Thanks again!"

"I've become a True Believer!"

"Now it feels Great!"

"I cannot thank you enough!"

"How can I learn it?"

"Still Can't Believe it!

"This is Camille I spoke to you about an hour ago. I just wanted to thank you so much.
My pain is literally at a zero and the burn is like, you can hardly tell that there’s a burn there. It’s pretty much all healed.
But I just wanted to thank you so much, and I am definitely going to pass the word to everybody about this."

Hello, this is Mitchell and I wanted to say thank you again for helping me with my pain relief in my burn situation and let you know
that it’s now down to less than one as far as the pain scale goes from a scale of one to ten.
I can’t thank you enough and I will tell everybody I know!"

"This is Clarissa, calling you back. This is not quite thirty minutes, it’s been 22 minutes.
All pain is gone. Thank you very, very much."

"Returning your call at the half an hour mark as requested, this is Scott.
I feel no pain. I haven’t been thinking about it. I thank you and I am going to go to your web site and pass the word."

"Hi, this is Yolanda. Thank you very much and the sting and the pain is completely gone.
And so it’s just amazing and, quite amazing that the pain is gone and it feels completely fine now.
So I don’t know how you do it, but I really appreciate it. Thank you so much."

Maria, Registered Nurse:
"So I called them and the burn went away, the pain was gone but I kind of just thought, nah, that’s not really, it would have gone away anyway.
But then at Thanksgiving, when it was very hectic and the turkey grease flew out of the pan and on to my foot and it was VERY painful.
And it was red and I remember just thinking, 'Oh this really hurts,' and she [sister] said 'Call the fireburndoctor!' So I’m like, 'I don’t have time.'
'Call the FireBurnDoctor!!! So I called, gave them the information and I can say, within 20 minutes the pain was considerably less like from an 8
or 9 down to a 4. And then within another 20 minutes, it was about a one.

"Yeah. I think it would have been much worse, it would have been one of those things that hurt for days.
And the healing process was miraculous, you just say miraculous. You know something that would take 36 hours took, you know, 36 minutes.

|And it was, it’s very, it’s miraculous. it’s amazing. It’s almost like 'THINK AND IT HAPPENS.' It’s that fast. It's very amazing."

More than 2000 cases from 50 US states and 58 nations of the world,

ALL with the same unprecedented results:
Pain gone in minutes, burn (or shingles) gone in hours.

All these people did was call the FireBurnDoctor global hotline
within 30 minutes for Burns and first day for Shingles.

First 30 minute FBD DOCUMENTARY FILM, 2014

KIMBERLY - A BAKER  11/24/19

Baker spills hot boiling syrup on her hand!

Kimberly burned her hand, badly (doctor report: "full thickness third degree") at work, and texted a picture to the FireBurnDoctor four
hours later, on the way to the hospital ER. The doctor ordered a skin graft, but while waiting for approval, Kimberly's hand was so much
better the next day (and she had NO pain) that she returned to work 24 hours after the injury. The doctor later canceled the skin graft
and remarked that in all his many years of treating burns, he has never seen a severe third degree burn heal so quickly.

When the FBD team talked to her, Kimberly said she is a baker and was at work icing donuts when the whole container of VERY hot
sugary syrup got knocked over and spilled on her hand between first finger and thumb. When she rushed to wash it off the faulty
plumbing at work gushed a high pressured jet of steaming HOT, water onto her already injured hand, stripping the skin right off. The
doctor diagnosed third degree burn and told her it would take weeks to heal. Kimberly was back to work the next day and never had
pain or infection. Two weeks later, the doctor released her completely from his cares, a full week earlier than expected and repeated
his amazement at how quickly her hand had healed and that she never needed grafting.  Kimberly then emailed to the FBD team her
burn report, doctor's reports and all her pictures:


"Thank you for assisting me in healing my burn! Not even a scar or discoloration and no skin graft needed!! I am a Baker and I use my
hands daily so this burn would have definitely put me out of work for a while had you not stepped in and helped me. My doctor, who
had seen many awful burns while working in the Amazon jungle in his early days, told me he had never seen a third degree burn heal
so quickly!! He was amazed!

"On November 24 2019, a just a few days before Thanksgiving, I burned the skin completely off my right hand from spilling a hot sugar
solution that boiled my skin right off so much that I had to go to the hospital! My doctor ordered a skin graft referral but by the time the
approval came through the burn was completely healed and I was already back to normal work activity without a bandage of any kind!

"Within 24 hours I was already healing quickly and back to work (limited activity). Within two weeks I was 100% healed and released
back to work FULL activity. The new skin had grown back and knitted itself back together to perfection in record time. No pain! At all !

"What you did was nothing short of miraculous. Thank you for working so hard for me I am very very very grateful. You truly work
miracles. Thank you so very much. You definitely do very very important work that truly brings fast effective results! You can't even tell I
burned my hand let alone the extent to which it was burned! You truly brought it back into it's original form!! Thank you again!!! Before
and after pictures attached along with documentation from doctor confirming third degree (full thickness) burn). All my love...."

Video Transcript

“My name is Richard Cox. On May 26th 2009 my
bedroom caught on fire, this room we’re standing in.
In the course of putting out the fire, I grabbed my
metal hot trash can which had caused the fire, to
put it out. Received second degree burns.

That night I went to the hospital. While I was in the
hospital waiting to see the doctor, pain started
going away. My hand as you can see is healed.

People were healing me from a distance. I didn’t
even know it. Two days later my step dad told me,
‘Hey, there were people praying for you.’ I’m
blessed, Thank you guys so much.”

About calling the FireBurnDoctor for help:

"Why not? It's painless to try!

"You have to understand,
my hands are my tools!"

Voice Message at 4:19 pm:
(Frantic screaming) Oooh! Oooh!!! Ok, my name is (spells name, info). I just stuck my hand on a f'g pressure washer
motor right now and it's burning hot and my whole f'g hand’s on fire right now! It hurts really, really f'g bad!! I'm
getting burn cream. Oooooh!!! (gives phone number).

Voice Message at 6:10 pm:
Hey Man, whats up, this is Chris (gives telephone number). I just want to call and report back to you about the pressure
washer burning my hand off. When I called you Dude, I was on my way down to Rite Aid and I called in
excruciating pain
and I couldn't even think straight. My whole hand was throbbing, it hurt really bad Dude. And I don’t know what you
did, but, I love you man. Thank you so much. I don’t know how you did it or what you did, but whatever you're doing, It
I'm going to tell all my family, and my friends, give everyone your phone number, cause it worked. Whatever you did,
man, I don't know but ah
my hand’s not even red any more Dude. The only thing like that you can tell it got burned is that
my skin looks like it got, like, ah, like what, ah, like wrinkley. There’s a little bit of sensation, but
my pain is at like 1, and less
than that. Some times it’s 1, but most of the time it's less, less than 1
. But ah Dude, thank you so much. Don't know what
you did, but ah, you’re great Dude, thank you.   

Chris explained in a later video interview that he was working when he left that second message at 6:10pm. That he had
gone back to work an hour after his first call.
First, he had sat for awhile looking at his computer. Then, after about ten
minutes, like an instant thing, his hand
didn't hurt at all anymore. Chris said he had to think, "Wait, it should hurt. I
shouldn't be hopping over the fence, using it to pick up something, you know, it should be hurt." He said he had
been afraid he would be out of work for a week.

Voice Message at 9:43 pm:
Hey Doc, what's up, this is Chris Fleming, I called you earlier. I just wanted to call you again because I haven’t got back to you
Dude. You told me to call you back and let you know how I’m doing.
This thing is amazing Dude. I don't know what you did
or how this is happening, but like, Dude, I love you. Fantastic!
I can't even tell that...  (then asking another person who
was there) “Can you even tell that there's anything wrong with my hand? (No). it looks like nothing even happened.
I should
have taken a picture because before it looked like my whole hand  would blister up, it was all swollen, it was all red,
and there's nothing wrong with my hand, like, Dude, like nothing ever happened to it.


INTERCEPTION features stories from people who have experienced first-hand an
ancient and once secret technique of healing, now offered to our world. Being burned is
arguably the most painful of bodily traumas: Instant, excruciating and without effective
relief. In this film you will hear Actress Mary Badham (Scout in
To Kill a Mockingbird),
former nurse trained in a burn unit, saying she knows this works: "If there is a way to
prevent people from having to go through that suffering, I'm all for it. It's amazing. It's
I just thank God everyday that this is the ability that we have now."



FBD Instruction VIdeo (on Videos page)
What to do if you or your loved one is burned.

IMMEDIATE Emergency Intervention for BURN victims world-wide. Just call FireBurnDoctor at
+1 818-332-6445 within the first 30 minutes, on your way to the hospital.

Distant processing is FREE. No pain, no grafting, no scarring and no risk. No interference with normal
medical procedures. SAVE the phone number in ALL your cell phones, under "Burns."  

More people have died of burns worldwide than from AIDS since 1981. Tell All, Just Call... save a life!

Grant Fryer, Texas, 7/20/10

A First in Human History - Footage like this doesn't exist anywhere else in the world!

First EVER "Before" and "After" VIDEO of actual LIVE FireBurnDoctor case recovering in front of our eyes!

Grant Fryer burned his hand on a compressor's hot copper tubing and the pain level was off the charts, 10+ on a scale of 0-10. His
friend, professional photographer, Jed Dole was soon there with his camera catching the whole event on video. Then they called the
FireBurnDoctor for help... and got it!

Watch the video on FireBurnDoctor.com and see Grant's UNEDITED reaction to the immediate elimination of his pain and the next-day
eradication of the burn itself. All Grant did was make one phone call to FBD, and his pain went to 0 within minutes.

Grant's conclusion about giving everyone the FBD phone number:
"Why not? It's painless to try!... "You have to understand... my hands are my tools!"

Watch video on FireBurnDoctor.com