Results of SDI Intervention for Chronic and Immediate  Crises

    • JUDY: This woman’s husband was suffering terribly from a coronary artery disease, badly
    affecting their marriage of many years. After they asked Dr. Savage to help, Judy wrote a very
    grateful note saying “You give me hope as well! Love Judy.” The doctor who referred Judy and her
    husband to Dr. Savage reported that he was quite impressed with the “inexplicable” outcome of this
    man recovering from coronary artery disease.

    • MICHAEL: Many of the people who Dr. Savage has helped who were suffering from various
    diagnosed illnesses also had dangerously high blood pressure levels. In Michael’s case, his situation
    was especially risky since his pain level was so high and always there, and his Emphysema, Asthma
    and smoking (!) kept him in an exaggerated and constant state of physically and emotional stress.
    Doctors told him that he could “go” any minute. (They also told him to stop smoking.)

    Immediately after seeing Dr. Savage one time, not only was Michael sitting up straight (no pain),
    breathing freely (no asthma), laughing and telling stories during dinner, not smoking (no longer
    “suicidal”), his blood pressure was normal.

    While Michael’s results were very dramatic, the same thing happened for everyone with high blood
    pressure who Dr. Savage helped for whatever other reason they came to him.

    • DICK: A friend of Dr. Savage had a brother who had suffered through several heart bypass
    surgeries, radically changed his lifestyle habits and was working his business and family life well
    enough until his doctors told him his heart was failing for good this time and that he needed a heart

    After waiting in the hospital for many anxious months, his wife called the friend of Dr. Savage and
    said everyone was giving up hope of ever finding a heart that matched for the transplant.

    Within a week of his friend mentioning this situation to Dr. Savage, Dick's wife called again to say
    that not only did her husband get a match, but it was the heart of a physically fit 35-year-old police
    officer. Everyone was now thrilled and only worried about whether the husband’s body would
    “accept” the new heart (and not “reject” it for one reason or another).

    Sure enough, weeks and months went by and the husband was continually doing “better than doctors
    had ever seen before.” This husband and brother of Dr. Savage’s friend was now able to live freely