Results of SDI Intervention for Chronic and Immediate  Crises

  • CYSTIC FIBROSIS: One case of genetic engineering was reported on a French national
    television show, TF1, when Dr. Savage took care of the baby of a pregnant woman that was
    diagnosed (in the womb) with Cystic Fibrosis, an incurable genetic disease.

    After Philip Savage's intervention, the child was subsequently born perfectly normal and the
    hereditary anomaly had also been corrected within the mother. The mother, Valerie, and the baby
    appeared on several television shows featuring the work of Philip Savage in France.

    (See VIDEOS page of to see the TV reports.)   

  • DNA REPLACEMENT: Another case of genetic engineering is the son of a woman who went to
    Dr. Savage for help for herself and her troubled 8-year old son.

    In order to quickly and permanently resolve the traumatic situation, Dr. Savage replaced the child’s
    DNA (of the deceased father who died after a short life of drugs, assault and crime.)

    Afterwards, the mother reported: “Since my meeting with Philip Savage, just a few months ago, my
    whole life has taken on a whole new meaning and a complete turn - around… for the better.

    All my WORRIES, all my FEARS and STRESS have just melted and floated away from me… and
    left me with a new sense of INNER PEACE, JOY and a CONFIDENT POSITIVE attitude, full of
    new vitality.

    Also, my 8 - year - old son who met Philip has responded equally well. What a blessing this has
    been!!! No more tantrums, no more physical aggression! What a transformation! We are so much
    happier… in perfect harmony with each other. We both feel safe and protected. We have been
    rebalanced and enhanced… and much, much more. This is just so fantastic, and I feel so
    privileged… and very, very lucky! I am so grateful.”  

    These results were astounding (including the noticeable physical changes in the boy’s appearance),
    and continued to increase over the next 13 years, where the young man is now excelling at
    University, calm, confident and a genius in computer coding.