Results of SDI Intervention for Chronic and Immediate  Crises

Dr. Savage has taken care of many cases of people diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (or ME/chronic fatigue in
the UK), along with many other complicating symptoms and autoimmune diagnoses.

Often these people were also the victims of childhood abuse (physical, sexual, verbal, emotional), which
when “removed” by Dr. Savage’s processing, the symptoms of the diagnosed diseases also disappeared.

The first case below is representative of all the other people that Dr. Savage has helped, as the painful,
exhausting symptoms described by Helen were also experienced to some degree in all the other cases.

  • HELEN: This 40-year-old woman heard about Philip Savage from a friend in March and got on a
    plane in May to see him.

    Literally dying from her severe health crises, she was in chronic pain and ready to do something
    about her desperate condition, confirmed by many physicians: Fibromyalgia (CFS), anemia, IRB,
    lymphitis, high blood pressure, ulcers and depression. She was on many medications a day, very
    strong pharmaceuticals and barely functioning.

    After seeing Philip Savage once, Helen wrote, “ I have not had one medication since…. It is the
    most amazing, miraculous experience that there is, because I’ve tried everything: Western, Eastern,
    Alternative, and I would get some relief that never lasted. Nothing worked except for this. And very
    easy, it didn’t take any time. It was great. Thank You Philip.”

    A month after her first appointment with Dr. Savage, Helen sent an updated report: I went to see
    Philip Savage because I was sick – it felt like I had been sick all my life. I couldn’t get out of bed
    without dreading what was in store for me that day. My head, neck, torso, arms, legs, all hurt. Some
    mornings, the pain was so excruciating I cried. I didn’t understand why every single day I felt like
    collapsing. Every day it hurt to be alive! My legs felt like they weighed a thousand pounds as I tried
    to go up the stairs. Ordinary tasks grew more and more difficult to handle.  

    Then after one visit, I became a person free of sickness, depression and pain. Even though I did not
    understand how his processing works, the results for me were so immediate, thorough and
    astounding, that it did not matter if I understood or not. I felt such a deep sense of peace and inner
    knowing. The pain was gone and I could feel that the depression, anxiety, fear and heartbreak was
    no longer inside myself.  

    My life changed immediately. I am no longer a person limited by illness, pain or fatigue. I am alive!!!
    I wake up after a restful sleep with energy. I accomplish so much in every day. I look forward to life
    now with vigor and joyfulness!

    It has been a month since my initial processing with Philip and I have watched the swelling disappear
    from my cervical spine, where I once had a “hump” from the inflammation and swelling from the 38
    steroid injections I had in that spot. The weight I gained (30 lbs) from the steroids and other
    medications started melting off me in the first week. My blood pressure is completely normal. I can
    eat without being sick!! I can hold my own head up throughout the day without crying in pain! I can
    run up the stairs all day long with no fatigue! Everyone has noticed the expression on my face being
    one of happiness, gratitude and joy! I am in love again……with my own life!

    My children are so happy to see their mother without sickness and pain. To see me active and
    smiling instead of listless and crying! My prayers were answered and now my real life begins…  just
    because I went to see Philip Savage. I thank you, Philip, for my life.”   

  • ANNA was a 35-year-old, divorced mother of a 10-year-old son, who had spent 5 years of her life
    moving from her bed to the couch suffering from all kinds of ailments associated with her painful,
    exhausting disability diagnosed as ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis).  Her son never saw his mother
    attend school functions, make friends, or really even smile.

    After hearing about Philip from a friend, Anna went to see him, and experienced her symptoms
    immediately eliminated. This complete transformation of Anna and her health was one of the most
    remarkable experiences ever witnessed by the people also attending this week-long meeting with Dr.
    Savage. Watching Anna, for hours, talking, laughing, telling stories, exhilarated at her new energy,
    vitality, unstoppable happiness was breathtaking (and unforgettable) to behold.

    When Anna returned home, her son was stunned, able only to hug her the next day and remark that,
    “ It’s nice to have a happy mom.”

    Over the next weeks and months, Anna thrived in every way: Improved family relations, new
    friends, graduate school, and the emergence of a strong, confident, extraordinarily beautiful and
    intelligent personality.

    Eventually, she returned to see Philip with her son, whose experienced his own transformation from
    a sad, introverted ten-year-old to a vibrant, strong athlete and “green warrior” whose ambition was to
    save the elephants in Africa (and reconcile his relationship with his alcoholic father).

    Anna’s heartfelt note to Philip expresses her new life: “ I love you so much, and I am so grateful for
    everything that you have done for me. Thank you! And thank you also for everything you are doing
    for others and for the earth.”   

  • BELINDA: During a successful career in media and consulting, Belinda suffered for 6 years from a
    very debilitating and painful diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, eventually losing everything. Her condition
    worsened to where she was bedridden most of the time, taking medicine for the enormous pain,
    which doubled her weight to almost 300 pounds.

    Belinda could barely walk when she came to see Philip Savage, after hearing about him from a
    trusted colleague. Her very sad story also included years of sexual abuse as a young child by a family
    member in Africa, which left her depressed and suicidal.

    After seeing Dr. Savage once, ALL of her symptoms reversed. Immediately, Belinda was not only
    able to walk, she was agile, energetic and bursting with happy conversation about everything she
    loved to talk about.

    She returned home and enthusiastically resumed her consulting business (and her indigenous spiritual
    practice) where friends, neighbors and local monks were astonished at her very visible and
    remarkable transformation.

    Belinda sent to Dr. Savage a few of her own words to express her very personal and humble
    gratitude: “After my session with Phillip, the Truth of my being has actually become stronger in
    every way. It is an Edifying Realisation. It is My Signature as Soul, my I AM. It is the Platform or
    Springboard from which i can serve… with no stress, guilt and anxieties - Most of all, Divine
    Inspiration is imbued in me and each person I meet/talk to. This is the Truth!  Please reiterate my
    Divine Love for Philip and my Homage to his mission which I honour most ardently. Thank you
    most Kindly.”

  • DON suffered for many years from a diagnosis of ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), during which he
    lost most of his abilities to work, perform music and enjoy or care for his family. After hearing about
    Philip Savage from a friend and seeing him only once, Don’s health condition changed radically,
    enabling him to spend the following days, weeks and months with no pain and full energy to work,
    play and take care of his children. His gratitude for Dr. Savage: “ Thanks for the Ninja magic! What
    a special being! Unbelievable!"