Results of SDI Intervention for Chronic and Immediate  Crises

The following representative cases are typical of many people Dr. Savage has taken care of over the
years, people who go to him for various reasons, yet also have drug, alcohol, violence or sex addictions.
As a “side-effect” of their treatments, these clients (and relatives of these people) become free of their
addictions, leaving their first appointment with a new-found power and control.

  • CHRISTIAN FORLANI, the brother of Hollywood actress Claire Forlani, was a violent drug and
    alcohol addict for 20 years. After seeing Philip Savage once in 2005, he has been drug-free ever
    since. His “rehab” was “without rehab,” in other words, painless, no withdrawals, and immediate.

    Christian reports, ”The afternoon I walked out of Philip’s office, I wept with relief, I sat and
    meditated, and I went for a walk in unfamiliar mountains and I was navigating and doing physical
    movements better than I have ever done, I was green to the whole situation. There was no pain, just,
    a blessed relief from a huge painful burden and habit which I had, that I no longer have.”  

    This case is documented in the award-winning film, RUSH and on it's own page on PSproof.com.

  • KEN, another drug addiction case with immediate results was a man who was ruining his family life
    with his drinking.

    His wife asked for help and soon reported: “The very first effect we found after I formalized my
    proposal with Philip Savage was a clear and decisive strike against my husband’s undesirable habit of
    drinking beer on the weekend. Philip told me my husband would only want to put healthy foods into
    his body. If he tried to do otherwise, his body would reject it.

    Sure enough, the next night when my husband tried to drink a beer, on each swallow he gag ged and
    had to spit it out!”  Shocked, yet knowing about Dr. Savage (who had helped their dog recover from
    cancer), the husband looked up and asked the (smiling) wife, “Did Philip have anything to do with
    this?”  The wife nodded happily and the husband acknowledged it’s time to quit. Family harmony
    quickly ensued that included their child and the grandmother who was living with the family.

  • DRUG DEALERS also change (immediately):  Rachel was a disheveled, constantly agitated drug
    dealer before seeing Philip. One year later, she had grown in stature physically and emotionally, was
    centered and calm and clear in her expression and presence.

    One friend reported: ”Amazing things have also happened to all the people I know who have gone to
    see Philip. My friend Rachel was a drug dealer, of all sorts of drugs. Never smelt clean, like she
    never washed, really bad dirty body odour. Black fingernails from a build - up of dirt. Was smoking
    pot from the time of waking to the time of sleeping, every day. Chose boyfriends who mistreated
    her. Very secretive about herself. Illusive scruffy, dirty appearance. Walked with a hunch back. Very
    tense in her posture.

    After Rachel saw Philip, she was walking upright. Clean and tidy appearance. Clean beautiful
    fingernails. More womanly appearance in her structure, posture and portrayal of herself. Beautiful
    long curly, clean flowing hair. Bright eyes, bright smile. Smells clean and fresh. Taking a lot more
    care about her appearance. More confident about what she wants from life. Wants a normal family
    life. No longer taking or selling drugs, of any sort. Working taking care of the elderly in their homes.
    She is feeling happy at her future prospects on a personal level and completely out of abusive
    relationships with boyfriends.”