Results of SDI Intervention for Chronic and Immediate  Crises

Philip Savage has taken care of many cases of depression and suicidal tendencies, as well as the associated
symptoms of other diagnosed conditions and traumas which often include heart-breaking loss, long-lasting
grief and anger, childhood sexual abuse, etc.

Many of these clients reported that their suicidal “darkness” was gone after seeing Dr. Savage once just
like Jeremy (above) did when he stated: “What’s clear to me is that all the undercurrents of my suicidal
tendencies – in behavior, thought and inclinations – are simply gone!"

  • GARY: This is the man reported with kidney failure that was reversed after one “treatment” by Dr.
    Savage, who also suffered years of depression from trauma and loss of his son.

    After Philip’s “processing”, this man was free from depression from then on. In fact, his life and
    level of energy, enthusiasm, happiness and success changed dramatically, unto this day. And he
    immediately canceled his $1 million life insurance policy, which he no longer needed.

    Dr. Jacobsen, the neuro-psychologist who followed this case, documented his findings in a report
    about Philip Savage's unique Subliminal Influence technology:

    "Contemplation of the essentially inexplicable clinical outcomes [I have observed] prompted my
    decision to further explore Mr. Savage's work and the possible underlying mechanisms.... More
    notably, comparable pre- and post-treatment energy measurements obtained from a seriously ill man
    (severe depression and kidney disease) revealed a 100+% increase that was sustained 18 days
    following a single 20 minute treatment. The patient reported dramatic improvements in his mood,
    energy level and urinary output that have been sustained for two years."

  • PETER: Similar results were experienced by another of Dr. Savage’s clients, who, as a young child,
    had lost his mother to depression and suicide.

    After seeing Philip once, this man was completely relieved of that life-long burden of grief (and the
    drug addictions that went with it) and went on with strength and energy to pursue a totally different
    and meaningful life.

    Several friends commented on the changes they witnessed: “ My friend’s boyfriend has been
    transformed from totally unconfident, suicidal depressive to a buoyant positive, happy, self possessed
    pers on.”

    Another friend wrote, “Peter, a dishevelled, suicidal mess who looked like he should be behind bars,
    virtually incoherent drug and alcohol user, is now cleaned up, purposeful, and no longer suicidal. His
    face is soft, alive and very handsome. His strength shows -- no longer dependent and needy. ”

    Deborah: A French news article on Philip Savage reported about this woman, who was depressed for
    ten years and was under medical treatment but was getting worse and worse.  After Philip’s
    processing, Deborah was completely well, no depression and no more need for medical treatment.

  • CT: 26-year old CT suddenly became a widow when she lost her new husband to an unexpected
    disease. Having spent 5 years out of college climbing the corporate ladder in a job she loved, CT tried
    to manage going back to work as soon as she could. However, she failed, since all her co-workers
    and bosses could see she was not functioning well enough to work. At that point, someone at work
    told CT about Philip Savage, and she quickly moved to ask for his help. As soon as possible, her
    appointment with Dr. Savage was arranged and Philip took care of CT from a distance.

    The results of this SDI “processing,” were so amazing that everyone at her work noticed,
    immediately… and no one knew why. CT just went to work, as usual, yet with more strength,
    energy and competence than she had ever shown before. It was as if all her good abilities and work
    were enhanced threefold and CT just went on doing her job. Soon after, got a promotion. Thrilled
    and grateful, CT thanked Dr. Savage… and let the corporation think her “miraculous recovery” was
    due to the company therapist they insisted she work with after she lost her husband.  

  • ALBERT: This man was a client who was on his way to meet Dr. Savage in person when a couple
    weeks before traveling, his father suddenly died. Totally unexpected, the son and the whole family
    were devastated. When Ablert met Dr. Savage, he poured out his grief and regrets and bafflement
    about what happened and how he missed his father.

    After Philip’s “processing,” Albert immediately and dramatically changed. His understanding and love
    grew so strong and he felt a closeness and sharing with his father that he was not able to complete
    before. Albert said he went home uplifted, content and happy with the new experiences he was
    feeling with his father and, in particular, that he now felt that his father was okay and proud of his

  • FRIEND: Dr. Savage is also able to “bypass death" using his SDI technology when one of his clients
    or students is involved in a life-threatening emergency. In this case, it was the brother of a friend who
    put a powerful hunting rifle into his mouth and pulled the trigger. The gun did go off, the bullet did
    penetrate the pallet, go through the cranium, out the top of the skull, yet the young man
    “miraculously” survived.

    He was rushed to the hospital where the emergency room surgeons gave him minutes to live.
    Surviving that and in a coma, they gave him just days to live. After that, he was given a week (and so
    on). Each reassessed prognosis puzzled the physicians and surgeons who really didn't know what was
    going on, so much so that they flew him to another hospital with the best specialists in the country.

    A few days later, this man woke up from the coma, had no brain damage, and just went home,
    surviving to this day (indeed much improved and even "delivered" from a lifelong childhood trauma
    that had never left him in peace before).

    Note: The medical explanation is that the bullet passed through the pathways BETWEEN the right
    and left hemispheres of the brain, exiting out the top of the head, causing no damage. A one-in-a-
    million most unlikely event!