Results of SDI Intervention for Chronic and Immediate  Crises
Statistics of child sexual abuse throughout the world are staggering. Children of 3, 6 and 9 years old who have
been violated sexually suffer terribly from these damages in their adult lives. The few cases that are documented
on, represent hundreds of lives that were changed “overnight” when these people received
Philip’s “processing” either in person or from a distance.

Child sexual abuse is a major cause of adult depression, violence, anger, hatred, guilt, shame, lack of self-worth,
fear, failure and crime. Statistically, the prevalence of child sexual abuse worldwide (including all western
countries) is horrific. To date, there is no evidence of successful treatment for victims of this global human
degradation. The unprecedented and immediate results of Dr. Savage’s “processing” in child sexual abuse cases is
the only known “treatment” to remove the cause of these people’s life-long suffering and societies’ shameful

  • TONI BOURKE was 67, a successful government employee, married with four sons, several grandchildren
    and a new home, when she asked Philip for help. She had been sexually abused by a neighbor when she was
    7 and 8 years old and had lived with that pain and trauma her whole life. After one appointment with Dr.
    Savage, using SDI from a distance, Toni had this to say: “ AMAZING! And he’s ocean’s away from me. I
    knew it was him – it felt like meditation. H eard a ringing and then my name, my full name [Antoinette] that
    no one ever uses. Felt tingling all over. Then fell asleep. I awoke to find: No more sore throat, coughing ,
    allergies – all gone. Heart fluttering like a butterfly . My eyes are clear and healthy looking and the chronic
    pain in my knees from a car accident three years ago is completely gone. I’ve been poking them, trying to
    make them hurt, and they don’t hurt a nymore.” A few days later, Toni reported that everything continues to
    get better, increased range of motion in neck, highly increased ability to handle duties and stress at home and
    work. She said she feels a dramatically different happiness that shows in her face and voice to everyone she
    meets and concluded that, “I didn’t realize what a huge painful burden it was and how much it had been
    dragging me down until Philip took care of me and it was gone. Tell people he’s a bargain !” (Toni B., report
    in video documentary Catharsis on

  • AJ: One of the most horrific cases of child sexual abuse that Dr. Savage took care of is recounted by friends
    of the abused victim: “AJ was my friend for 5 years. She had been raped virtually every year since she was a
    baby. Throughout her 28 years she used ma ny drugs and alcohol, had two children with different fathers,
    and was continually in and out of unsuccessful relationships. She walked pi geon - toed and had a stoop.
    After seeing Philip, I saw her walking tall, purposeful and upright. Her feet were no long pointing inwards.
    She looked pure, bright and youthful. She was absolutely glowing. Her first comment was, ‘it never
    happened’”. It was obvious that Philip had removed all the pain and suffering of all those years of horror.”
    Another friend reports about AJ: “ A friend of mine suffered a life of sexual abuse and rape since she was a
    baby. Her physical posture and verbal expression revealed deep perturbations; it was clear she was deeply
    traumatized. After seeing Philip Savage, she could stand straight and p roud, a liberated woman, declaring
    ‘none of it ever happened’”.

  • MOTHER: Another client who personally received such dramatic positive results in her own health situation
    from one meeting with Dr. Savage, thanked him for her life, adding: “ And yes, for my children’s lives also,
    both of whose miraculous stories will follow shortly after my own.” In her next report, this woman wrote: “I
    am so grateful , and I came back and I grabbed my kids and I took them, my daughter was suffering with
    some emotional trauma from sexual abuse as a young girl and it had wrecked her health and she had lost her
    passion which was dancing. After one visit with Philip she came back and is not suicidal. She found her
    passion again so it brought the joy back for her and her dancing and she just made it on the international
    dance team , so I mean, I’m so thankful.”  

  • JEREMY NEWMAN was sexually abused by a relative when he was 7 years old, and consequently led a
    daredevil life of drugs, weapons, depression and suicidal tendencies. When he first heard about Philip Savage
    from several people who had experienced life-changing results, Jeremy jumped at the chance to meet Dr.
    Savage in person. His story is remarkable and fully reported on . “If you w ere to look at
    my life from the outside, it might appear "pretty together". International motivational speaker, World Class
    triathlete, personal trainer to the stars and successful entrepreneur.  On the outside I appeared "together", old
    to suicide and spending a large part of my child and young adulthood being abused both sexually and
    physically, I used drugs and alcohol to numb the pain. It would be safe to say that I was miserable. Then, at
    29, when skydiving had become my latest "thrill," I suddenly hit the ground at 100 mph in a terrible accident,
    which was, looking back, an unconscious suicide attempt. The abuse I sustained as a child and the dam age it
    caused were at the roots of my accident, and although I survived, so did the pain . I heard about Philip
    Sauvage from a colleague who introduced me to one of Philip's clients. She had also been sexually abused as
    a child. I called , made an appointment and was soon on my way to meet Philip . Though he never laid his
    hands on me, it felt as though he was touching me from the “inside.” Afterwards, alone and awake , I began
    to experience an incredible sense of freedom – freedom from pain! All of it – completely relieved. Freedom
    from the nightmare of my childhood trauma – gone! That freedom has stayed with me ever since -- I AM
    FREE, truly FREE from the darkness that used to grow inside of me like a flesh - eating disease, since I was
    a very small child. Since I have returned from seeing Philip, m y friends say I'm shining -- literally glowing --
    with a new happiness and ene rgy. They say I'm focused (not scattered anymore!)  They're astounded !
    What’s clear to me is that all the undercurrents of my suicidal tendencies – in behavior, thought and
    inclinations – are simply gone .”