Results of SDI Intervention for Chronic and Immediate  Crises

  • DOCTOR REPORT: Danielle’s medical doctor reports that after Philip Savage processed a
    two-year-old girl diagnosed with lung cancer, she no longer needed chemotherapy, and one year
    later the child was still cancer free.  

  • MARGUERITE, aged 68 with breast cancer, refused radiation, sought out Philip Savage who
    processed her four times over five months. She became completely well with no cancer symptoms.

    WATCH MORE (TF1 television show documenting Marguerite's astonishing results.)
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  • MELANIE, in her late 50’s, suffered ovarian cancer and a year of chemotherapy until she was
    bedridden, weighing 80 pounds, and her doctors told her there was nothing more they could do for

    Her husband found Philip Savage, who took care of this woman on what doctors told them would be
    her last weekend.

    The very next day, this woman was out of bed, hungry, wanting to cook her own breakfast. She
    steadily improved to everyone’s amazement.

  • BOB, a middle-aged Silicon Valley computer engineer, was awaiting a stem-cell transplant for brain
    cancer, when his friend (a San Francisco medical doctor) told him about Philip Savage.

    Immediately after seeing Philip the first time, this man was bursting with energy, eager to meet
    everyone else for dinner, and never suffered any more symptoms of the disease he was diagnosed

    In fact, this man’s gratitude brought him back many times in the following 6 months to see and help
    Philip, which resulted in being invited to Dr. Savage’s special “wilderness sanctuary” in Greenland.

    During that unique experience, this man was climbing mountains, fishing in icy water and “camping
    out” in what can only be called, survival conditions, less than 6 months after seeing Philip Savage for
    the first time.  

  • JANET, a young married woman with one young daughter, was suffering a return case of breast
    cancer when her husband’s friend told them about Philip Savage.

    After the first time they came to see Philip, Janet reported that all her symptoms were gone, she had
    tremendous energy, and felt happier than she had in her whole life.

    Janet and her husband continued to meet and help Philip as much as they could, during which time
    they reported that their daughter (and Janet’s mother) were both doing so much better in their family
    relationships and the daughter in her school.

    When Janet’s husband subsequently burned himself severely one day, falling on the exhaust of a
    lawnmower, Janet called Philip for help and her husband experienced immediate removal of pain and
    the rapid elimination of any marks from the burn injury.

  • MRS. S. writes about her husband’s amazing recovery:

    “Last October, Philip Savage saved my husband’s life.

    He was dying of a brain tumor and bone cancer. He only had 3 weeks to live. Philip changed it
    around [in one weekend] and now he is living a normal life again. We are most grateful to Philip for
    Sam ’s life.”

    Their teenage sons wrote notes to Philip Savage the same weekend: “I can’t believe the difference in
    my father. His life energy has increased tenfold. I can just feel the difference in him. It’s hard for me
    to write in words how I feel inside. I really appreciate everything you have done , and I hope
    everything works out for the best. Your friend … .”

    And their younger teenage son wrote: “Dear Philip, My name is…, I am [Sam’s] son. I just want to
    thank you for what you have done for my father. You are welcome in my home anytime, I read
    your case and you sound like a real humble man. Please accept my donation. I know it isn’t a lot,
    but it is all I can contribute at the time. Think of it as a token of my appreciation. Thank you….”

  • ROSE, an older married woman with several grown children, suffered symptoms of breast cancer
    for several years until she felt she would have to undergo medical surgery which she didn’t want to

    A friend told her about Philip Savage, who she went to see as soon as she could, bringing with her
    several of her friends who were also suffering from diagnosed diseases.

    Rose experienced a complete transformation in her health and her overall well-being (as did her
    friends), including a remarkable positive change in her marriage (and other family relationships),
    eventually resulting in her husband also going to see Philip for his own “reset.”

stages of advancement, including what medical doctors said would be the last weekend of their life. The
following are just a few examples.

Noteworthy from these case histories is the fact that the effects of Philip Sauvage's SDI Technology on
people diagnosed with Cancer, regardless of the severity or the circumstances, is so IMMEDIATE that the
very DRAMATIC EFFECTS provide almost instant confidence and satisfaction for the patient and his