Results of SDI Intervention for Chronic and Immediate  Crises

  • PATRICIA's Immediate Enhancement: This woman reported that after seeing Philip Savage,  
    “My sales at work tripled in the first month, pulling me out of the worst seasonal drop. Although I am
    already always the top salesperson in my company, my sales continue to increase with more lucrative
    and bigger accounts every week.

    At work, I have also seen visible, unexplained shifts in the attitudes of co-workers, colleagues, and
    bosses. For example, one co-worker simply gave me her largest account because she wanted me to
    have it. My husband’s income has also increased, with more availability of overtime hours.”  

  • HARRY's Unexplained Increase is Employment: Harry reported his amazing results to a friend
    with a heartfelt testimony: “ Last year I was invited to the work of Philip Savage. Since that time, my
    life has made an exceptional turn around.

    Without a doubt, as a result of seeing Dr. Savage, my attitude to my family improved dramatically, I
    have closed two sales on difficult to sell properties, with transactions completed smoothly, for near
    asking price and in very short time frame. Just after mentioning my job goals, my work schedule
    tripled – for no apparent reason, whereas for the three years previous, I had been sinking
    unrelentlessly into debt, foreclosure and almost no job offers.

    All of a sudden, I was working every week. Every day, sometimes for ten days straight, then
    unexpectedly, I was called onto a 6 week project… on a feature film.

    Looking back in the past 6 months , there is no other explanation for my sudden success in my every
    endeavor – business, finance, personal - than my direct communication with Dr Philip Savage and his
    team. My story is only one of hundreds (probably thousands).

    I wish to tell you in order to encourage you both to take a very deep and concentrated look into the
    materials enclosed. That’s all I did in June – I read – searched and investigated all the info I could
    find on the internet and some calls to names and numbers I found and quickly realized that if any of
    this is true, it’s probably the biggest thing happening right now – certainly in America and my own
    little life.

    Your highest dreams can come true – your son’s legacy can be fulfilled – your lives can be
    completed – I can tell all of this is right now happening for me. You will certainly find that it can
    happen now for you. DO as I did – research, call and you’ll be surprised (as I am) – thrilled.

    Test the work of Dr Savage in your own life, to enhance, empower, to accomplish all that you can in
    very short period of time. Then you will know what I know. It’s the biggest thing happening right

    • DAN's Removal of Interference: Dan was building a successful business in the field of helping
    disadvantaged teens and their families on government benefits. It was difficult and exhausting work
    for he and his wife and their small number of employees.

    At one point, they became inundated with harassing visits by the IRS agent assigned to audit Dan’s
    business accounts. The harassment he felt wasn’t so much about the actual accounting, but what he
    experienced was abusive treatment by the IRS agent he had to meet with so many times. It became
    so bad that Dan couldn’t find any way to reason with the agent or come to any fair agreement.

    After Dan was introduced to Philip Savage, he asked for help dealing with the IRS agent. The next
    meeting with the agent took place as expected, except for some more astonishing changes.

    The agent arrived in a most cheerful mood (for the first time ever), graciously accepted the
    refreshments offered, and cheerfully and quickly dealt with all the issues they needed to work on,
    which were completely resolved in an agreement considered fair by Dan. Shocked and incredulous,
    he and his wife gladly wished the agent well as he left in record time, an hour later.

    BOB's Removal of unproductive and disruptive Accountant, who suddenly and simply decided
    to quit. Bob is the successful businessman (in “Family” section above) who used Dr. Savage for his
    health, his divorce, buying a new home and his cat’s life. His most remarkable case, however, is the
    story of his accountant:  

    One day when meeting with Philip, Bob was complaining about the new accountant he hired for his
    large building materials company after his former accountant of 30 years died. While this new woman
    was technically competent, she was socially and professionally a daily nightmare. Every day when
    Bob arrived at work, this woman could be heard and seen in the hallways, screaming at one of the
    department managers. Bob’s habit was to quietly slip around the scene and hurry to his own private

    When Dr. Savage heard this situation, he asked Bob what he wanted to do about it. Bob replied that
    he didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t just fire her because “she’s a woman.” He had tried to
    reason with her, which never worked. No one else could figure out how to deal with her at all.

    Then Bob threw up his hands, exclaiming “I just wish she would quit!”

    Philip replied, “When?”

    So, they made a plan, which included exactly what date Bob wanted the accountant to quit.  

    When that day rolled around about 2 weeks later, Bob arrived at work and as usual, the accountant
    was standing in a manager’s doorway screaming about something. As he tried to slip by, the woman
    stopped Bob, shouting, “I’m so mad, I could just quit.” Bob told the accountant that if she’s serious
    about that, to just come to his office any time and give her resignation notice. Then he hurried away.

    Later that afternoon, the accountant came whirling into Bob’s office exclaiming that she’s here to
    give her 2-week notice. At that, Bob stood up and told her that if she really means it, he would give
    her full severance pay right then and there and she could be done with the job. She said that’s exactly
    what she wanted and was then gone forever with her big fat check.

    When asked if he had done anything different that day, Bob replied, absolutely nothing different, it all
    just happened just like he and Dr. Savage had scheduled it.Amazing!