Results of SDI Intervention for Chronic and Immediate  Crises

    • DEBORAH, CONCERT PIANIST: Deborah was a 45-year-old concert pianist, single, never
    married, no children, living in a major East Coast city, completely devoted to her career, until one
    day she discovered that she didn’t care anymore and realized that this “decline” had been slowly
    descending on her for the last year or so.

    When Deborah heard about what Philip Savage had done for her friend, she called immediately for
    help. She already knew there was nothing else she could do and didn’t want to lose her exceptional
    ability as a pianist or her business or her upcoming gigs.

    Since it was an emergency and Dr. Savage can do what he does from a distance, there was no need
    (and no time) for Deborah to travel to meet him in person. After sending a substantial donation in
    overnight mail, Deborah saw Philip in a dream that night (she had no websites or pictures of him at
    that time) and woke up completely changed.

    Her enthusiasm for her career returned and her abilities were enhanced. She was able to meet her
    commitments to perform that week and all the following weeks. Amazed, Deborah was forever
    grateful to Philip (and to her friend who told her about Dr. Savage).

    • ARTHUR, ATHLETE: This young man is the 22-year-old son of Harry (“Family” report above)
    who landed on his father’s couch, depressed for two years (doing drugs and lost in the big-screen
    TV), after his entire future career as a successful professional athlete was suddenly ripped from him
    in 2008 due to the complete elimination of funding for professional volleyball, his chosen sport. He
    had trained for this career his whole life, including 4 years of university.

    Two years later, in 2010, Arthur’s totally distraught father heard about Philip Savage, researched
    everything he could find and then called for help, first for a dying friend (whose family didn’t want
    help!) and then for his son who, fortunately, did.

    Within days of first contacting Dr. Savage’s team, Harry’s son noticeably changed. Harry asked if
    Dr. Savage had “done something.” Yes, and it continued from then until after seeing Philip in person
    and for years after. Harry’s results of working with Dr. Savage are included in the “Family” and
    “Business” sections above.  

    Arthur’s results are immediate and amazing. He “woke up” from the couch, began talking to his
    father about his life and future, was completely open to seeing Dr. Savage as soon as possible, and
    when he did, his energy soared, his excitement was palpable, his focus and determination about his
    future was clear and single-pointed. Arthur knew exactly what he wanted and what he was going to
    do about it. After his father first called for help, Arthur began to work as a coach and assistant coach
    for two college volleyball teams. He also picked up where he left off working with a musician friend
    on marketing their music.

    Then he met with Philip in person and immediately upon returning home, Arthur watched both the
    teams he was coaching WIN their games, which was a complete surprise, since neither team had any
    real chance of winning. The team Arthur was assistant coaching was lucky to even be in the
    competition, and the team for which he was head coach had no real chance of winning that game.

    Arthur was completely shocked and amazed when he saw, with his own eyes, what Philip was able
    to do for him and his teams. As each team was playing, Arthur saw those players’ abilities
    “enhanced”, doing things they were not capable of doing before. They performed like they were all
    on “legal steroids” and surprised everyone by winning their games. Only Arthur (and Harry) knew

    In the following months, Arthur’s career as a coach and a trainer and a fitness expert, as well as his
    music partnership, boomed, where eventually Arthur owns several of his own businesses. His family
    life also unexpectedly improved, when he (and his father) were able to reconcile with Arthur’s
    mother, whose health situation and dysfunctional relationships had caused Arthur terrible pain his
    whole life.

    Shortly after seeing Dr. Savage, Arthur’s life-long pain surfaced in an emergency health crisis, which
    Philip helped him resolve and which never returned again. Following that recovery, Arthur was able
    to visit his mother, with his father, after which his mother moved back to live near them. Soon the
    family was functioning well and eventually Arthur’s father actually married his mother. Something no-
    one would have previously ever even thought possible.