Results of SDI Intervention for Chronic and Immediate  Crises
This eleven-year old boy was sick his whole life with asthma, allergies and weakness. His father taught
him all kinds of athletics, which by age eleven he could only struggle to attempt, causing real difficulties
with their relationship. The boy tried to please his father and couldn’t anymore. When his mother heard
about Dr. Savage, she rushed to see him and was immediately relieved of all her own debilitating
symptoms. Then she rushed to bring her son to get help.

Minutes after seeing Dr. Savage, this boy was sitting outside the office, talking with a friend, who asked
him how it went. The boy talked about his great conversation with Philip and then said, “It’s gone.” When
the friend asked what was gone, the boy said, “My asthma.” Startled, the friend asked, “How do you
know that?”
“Because I can breathe!”, the boy answered.

That evening and the following few days, this child never had any difficulty breathing, was running around
and fully enjoying all the activities of their trip. His enthusiasm, humor and overall attitude was changed
like night to day; he was shining, happy and energetic the entire time.

When they returned home, his mother reported that her son, who had been sick from the day he was
born, was now, “On top of the world with his health and his sports and not sick even one day, and we
were all sick every day. It’s amazing!”

Michael suffered from asthma, emphysema and COPD for years. When he called to ask for help, Michael
was coughing constantly, could not sleep lying down, was doubled over with back pain, walked slowly
with great difficulty, could not work anymore and was on disability for years.

After seeing Dr. Savage one time (along with his wife), Michael was able to sit up straight, breathe
normally, stop coughing and sleep through the night lying down.

Then he sent a thank-you: “Pat and I have arrived home safe and sound - a perfect ending to a very
delightful experience with you.  Words seem horribly deficient to describe this definite life-changing
moment…. And my appreciation of your talents.  Nevertheless, the best that can be done is a very
heartfelt ‘Thank You ’ for all you have done for myself and above all for Pat.  She is still aglow, a
changed woman forever…. As for myself. The back pain is gone. I am now able to, for the first time in
almost 10 years, sleep laying down with good quality rest – what a blessing that is.”