Results of SDI Intervention for Chronic and Immediate  Crises

Dr. Savage has taken care of thousands of animals over the course of his life-long career, including pets,
farm animals, animals in the zoo, in the wild, and extinct species. In addition, he has trained special
students to also take care of animals as he does. The following are representative cases of Philip Savage
making the "impossible" happen, especially for animals who don't deserve any of the suffering they have
had to endure for centuries.

    HORSE PADDY – CRIPPLED WITH ARTHRITIS. Paddy, the 19-year-old Irish Cob crippled
    with arthritis for three years, is one of the most famous cases in the world of restoring animal health.

    After one five-minute SDI “treatment” (from a distance), Paddy the horse was RUNNING around
    the field, pain-free, chasing his friend Dolly, a one-year-old filly, who he had previously been unable
    to even walk around with.

    Eyewitness accounts by a vet, a biologist, several farriers and horse owners confirm the remarkable
    results documented on the first, in the world, videos taken after Paddy’s SDI “processing.”

    One undisputed fact is that NO ONE else in the world has videos like these before-and-after videos
    of Paddy, since no one else in the world can do what Philip Savage can do, including produce
    unprecedented results on camera any time for anyone.

    See and RUSH movie. Several of the eyewitness accounts below:

    “My name is Stella Conner, BSc, I am a retired biologist. I have witnessed miraculous changes
    in Paddy, whom I have known for many years. On seeing him before his treatment, he was crippled
    with pain and it was really hard to watch him being made to exercise. As long as I have known him,
    he has severely itchy skin, which he constantly tried to scratch. When I saw him after his treatment,
    he was keen, moving normally, with soundness and suppleness and has beautiful new skin and coat,
    also the new growth of a bushy mane and tail. His eyes are bright and his manner upbeat, able to
    work hard and fast for a long period. Just unbelievable!”

    “My name is Arthur Bell, Dip. WCF. I have been a farrier for the past seven years. I am
    astounded at what I have seen – I have witnessed Paddy deteriorate over the years I have driven
    past his field, often surprised to see him still alive. He would stand, shoulders slumped, head hanging
    down, not wanting to move. I also observed that his body was balding and scabby with his man e
    and tail mostly gone. On seeing him after his treatment, he appears keen, energetic, vital and moving
    totally soundly. He looks wonderfully well and has soft supple skin, covered with thick coat where it
    used to be bald and has new mane and tail. Having watched him trot and canter, and seen him
    ridden, I can say that he is certainly no longer lame! I’ve never seen anything like this. Amazing!"

    My name is Pippa Moorhouse. I am a jockey and horse trainer and work in a large training yard
    in Cornwall U.K. I also have my own horses for many years. I am totally amazed at what has
    happened to Paddy. When I saw him before his treatment, he was crippled with pain. As soon as I
    saw the way he was standing I could tell that he was not capable of any normal movement . Each leg
    was lame and the joints in his body were stiff. His knees were swollen, neck hunched up tight, his
    shoulders drooping and his back swayed. He was suffering terribly from chronic itching of the skin.

    I couldn’t believe that it could have happened, but when I saw him afterwards he was moving keenly
    and soundly, with amazing energy. His coat, mane and tail look great – I’ve never seen a recovery
    like this. He exercised willingly in the field for a long time, seeming to enjoy himself enormously –
    abs olutely incredible is all I can say!! And I’m telling everybody. All my friends need to hear about
    this! ”

  • DOG PRINCESS – CANCER  “I solicited the help of Philip Savage for my dog, Princess, who
    was dying of two cancerous tumors and what the veterinarian diagnosed as Cushings disease. Visible
    signs of deterioration since a seizure in August, four months earlier, included severe panting,
    weakness, and excessive water drinking. Throughout the course of the following five weeks, my dog’
    s life was saved.

    Week 1: panting down 70%, staying awake later at night, laying in upright position rather than on
    side, playing hide and seek, running o utside, caught a bird (which I was able to let go!)

    Week 2: chasing the cats again, no panting, able to climb up on bed and chair again, normal water

    Week 3: a cyst the size of a grapefruit on her side near the stomach has reduced to the size of a golf

    Week 4: running in lower yard down hillside, overall increase in cognitive understanding, rolls on
    back like a puppy. Blood test show a substantial decrease to lower end liver function. Princess is
    happy again.”