Results of SDI Intervention for Chronic and Immediate  Crises

  • BUZ CRUMP suffered from AIDS/HIV for 10 years, telling no one including his mother and many
    sisters, all who lived in the same town.

    After seeing Dr. Savage once in June 2004, Mr. Crump's viral load suddenly dropped from 37,000
    copies to less than 50, without any change in medication or diet.

    Mr. Crump’s medical doctor states, “There is in my understanding no medical explanation to explain
    why Buz Crump’s viral load had such a dramatic decline from an average of 37,000 copies to a test
    result of less than 50 copies in August 2004.”

    These results continue to today, 14 years later when Mr. Crump has made an entirely new life for
    himself after the life-saving intefvention from Dr Savage.

    READ MORE  (FULL report, including medical documentation).

  • CESAR TREVINO also asked Philip Savage for help when it became clear he would soon be dead
    from AIDS, as his wife had recently died from the disease.

    Results of Trevino’s case were publicly reported years later and can be read in Dr. Savage’s book,
    Journey Into the Absolute Elsewhere:"

    Immediately, his health underwent an absolute quantum leap. I will not enter into the details of this
    subject's medical file, but the fact that seven years later Cesar Trevino is still alive and outrageously
    healthy, speaks for itself, very especially when one realizes that he never changed his ‘abominable’

    READ MORE (from very dramatic Journey chapter, Lycurgus)


One of the following case histories is from the book Journey Into the Absolute Elsewhere written by Philip
Savage in 1999, that documents the absolutely impossible recovery from AIDS in 1993 of an American
lawyer who tried to help Dr. Savage with the legal nightmare imposed on him in the US at that time.

This book chapter,
Lycurgus, tells not only the fantastic story of one depraved man (a criminal lawyer who
was also a lawyer criminal), but also gives the amazing (and intimate) details about the "protocol" of using
Philippe Savage's Subliminal Technology when the requestor is, in addition to suffering a health crisis, also
a pathetic "bio-criminal."

Noteworthy too, from this story, is the fact that the effects of Philip Sauvage's SDI Technology on people
diagnosed with AIDS, regardless of the severity or the circumstances, is so IMMEDIATE that the very
DRAMATIC EFFECTS provide almost instant confidence and satisfaction for the patient and his family.