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An Introduction to the Work of
Dr. Philip Savage, PhD

Catharsis: Biognostic Unit of Geonoetics
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Philip Sauvage
December 30, 1953     Brittany (France)
Philip Sauvage, May 2005  (from documentary interview)
MM: "Let’s talk briefly about how you could implement the spreading of this
awakening and having other people learn.... Can you go into that at all?"

PS:  "Oh, yes, it’s very simple. It’s a simple catalytic effect. I need to have groups of
people whom I can teach, and who can teach others, and so forth. It can go very
fast. In a year, eight million people can be healers. And then, ah, I’m going to have
a lot of enemies; a lot of people are going to be looking for job, including
governments. That’s the problem. When people are happy, when people are free,
they don’t need doctors, they don’t need priests, they don’t need judges because
there is no crime. They don't need governments -- worst nightmare… or best
dream. And it takes just starting the whole process, priming the pump. Having a
team of a few dozen people whom I’ve taught directly, whom are going to teach
others, and so forth. One person can teach ten, ten persons can teach one
thousand, and it goes exponentially, and very, very fast. Once again from proofs.
That’s why also… we need to have our own laboratories, because when the
scientific corpus is going to understand the danger, the threat to their own
paradigm that’s going to be washed away, we better have our own laboratories to
establish our own proofs. Ok. That’s what people need, once again, proofs, proofs,
proofs. Expericism, not new messages...."

"There is a leap that is long overdue and that’s my project, to turn everyone from its
larval state into an IMAGO complete being. For the first time in my life I’m ready to
delegate, why, because time is running out…. We can’t just sit down and meditate
and wait as the great consciousness raises. We don’t have that opportunity and
that chance today. We need to go fast, to be very effective, to give proofs to people,
give them examples, to associate them, re-empower, that’s it.

"It couldn’t have happened ten years ago. It couldn’t have happened one hundred
years ago. It had, no matter how sad it is, to be that cataclysmic, that disastrous a
situation to the point where everybody’s walking around with their fingers crossed
now, even governments. They know that time is running out and it's exactly when
things look completely desperate and hopeless that actually there is a window of
hope opening. That’s the positive part, that’s the HOPE….  

"I wasn’t ready. You weren’t ready. We all are ready now and we have to do it. Why?
Because its possible. Before it wasn’t. So I’ll delegate people, who’ll delegate
themselves and so forth, and we can change things and keep horrible things to
happen. They will happen, either horribly or beautifully. Lets make them happen
beautifully, peacefully, and painlessly. It's like a birth. It can be convulsive; it can be
otherwise. And the real name, the real concept -- my family, my clan, they call
themselves the midwives of God and that’s exactly how it fits today. We need
midwives. We need to teach midwives for a new birth."   

Philip Savage Extraordinary Brain-Mapping:
Scripps Institute, La Jolla, CA   Dr. John Pollach    2/16/00

                                       Alpha Band



                                       Alpha Band
ALPHA BAND (7-12 CYCLES):   "Power increased 30 to 40 times over right frontal
cortex. This phenomena is "unprecedented."

Scientific Report on Philip Savage's UNIQUE Brain activity. No other human brain
has ever been documented with such an increase in Alpha Band,
an increase of
30 to 40
TIMES from resting to processing activity. This astounding phenomenon
has never before been observed by scientists except in cases of large sea
mammals, such as killer whales.

Polar Origins Rediscovered:
In 1903, scientist, author B.G. Tilak of India published his ground-breaking thesis
The Arctic Home of the Vedas claiming to prove that the ancestors of the Vedic
Rishis lived in an Arctic home in inter-Glacial times… and that
the climate at the
Pole during the inter-Glacial times was mild
, and consequently not unsuited for
human habitation.” Tilak cites other scientists who confirm his claim: “Dr Warren,
the President of the Boston University… in his learned and suggestive work,
Paradise Found
or The Cradle of the Human Race at the North Pole… has
attempted to interpret ancient myths and legends in the light of modern scientific
discoveries and has come to conclude that
the original home of the WHOLE
HUMAN RACE must be sought for in regions near the North Pole
.” Tilak claims
also that, “Two independent lines of research [including American geologists]
unexpectedly lead us to the same result… that the
last glacial epoch closed and
the post-Glacial period commenced at about 8000 B.C.”

Part of Tilak’s theory has recently been proved
in 2004, according to TheTimes of
: “The North Pole, synonymous with all things very cold, once had a
subtropical climate according to scientists now returning from the Arctic. The
international scientific team… has recovered sediment cores from nearly 400
metres below the seafloor, in waters 2400m deep… [and] discovered that the Arctic
Ocean once was ice-free. Said Professor Jan Backman, Stockholm University:
early history of the Arctic Basin will be re-evaluated based on the scientific results
collected on this expedition
Letters from France and America
Prince Henri VI de Boubon (legitimate heir to the French throne):  “I know
very well Philip Sauvage, who always displayed the highest standards of
ethics when dealing with his clients and their medical cares. Philip Sauvage
is undoubtedly one of those… [who is] proven to have an “ancestral healing
gift” capable of relieving so many people from sickness through the centur-
ies, a domain well-documented in the Breton culture. His gift and wisdom
come from his ancestral heritage. I personally vouch for his moral qualities.   

Philip Duquesne (author, a.k.a. “Randa”, and leading cultural figure in
 I have in my possession many protocols on the procedure used by
Philip Sauvage in his own practice…. I want to emphasize strongly the fact
that I have known Philip Sauvage for many years and that I have always been
highly impressed with the intensity of his religiosity as well as the extent of
his scientific knowledge. His expertise in the field of biology and
paleontology is extraordinary and I, myself, had the privilege to read his
dissertation on evolution. I also remember perfectly well how much the
environment and all sorts of endangered species were constantly at the very
core of his thinking and his worries.

Serge de Becketch (journalist, radio editor, Leader of French Catholic
 I know Philip Sauvage, with whom I interacted on a
professional basis… and have read many of his scientific protocols
organized around the double-blind experimental methodology….

Coincidentally, during this same period of time, I became extremely sick,
running a high fever with dangerous encephalic complications, which
reached an unbearable threshold. Ignorant of my terrible health condition,
Philip Sauvage came one night to my house and despite the gravity of my
disease, I wanted to meet with him, if only to excuse myself.  

Being made aware of my health situation, Philip Sauvage immediately
offered me his help. I had then nothing to lose, and I was also extremely
intrigued by his skills, therefore, I accepted his cares. I was totally
bewildered when I realized that less than five minutes after he had helped
me, I was back to perfect health. NO fever at all. No more encephalic pains,
etc. Since then, I never experienced any health problems….

I am personally grateful to Philip Sauvage, not only because he saved me
from a hopeless health condition but, above all, because he has raised my
own human consciousness up to a greater awareness of the whole
sacredness of Life.

Dr. L. Dee Jacobsen, Ph.D., Clinical Neuropsychologist, Scripps, CA:             
I encountered Philip Savage and his remarkable works of Biorestoration
(healing).... During the past year, I have personally observed a series of
most impressive biorestorations, including recovery from advanced brain
cancer, coronary artery disease and virulent shingles (herpes zoster).
Currently, I am monitoring the recovery of one of my own patients who
suffers from advanced Alzheimer’s Disease.

Dr. Elisabeth Targ, M.D., Dir., Complementary Medicine Research Institute,
California Pacific Medical Center:
I have known Dr. Savage for the past 3
years during which time I have had the opportunity to collaborate with him in
developing two medical research projects in the area of spiritual healing. Dr.
Savage brings an extraordinary combination of humanitarianism and
rigorous science to his research and writings in this field. ‘” [He] is not only a
scientist but also a generous and lucid teacher and counselor.

Alison McDermott, Psych Nurse:  Since moving to Los Angeles, I have met
people who have astounding stories. Jeremy Newman is a World Class
Wheelchair Triathlete who was paralysed from the waist down after a horrific
skydiving accident 12 years ago. After seeing Philip just once in August, he’s
had extraordinary results of physical and emotional healing. He’s already
beginning to walk and is no longer suffering the debilitating pain from
childhood sexual and physical abuse....

Tad Dodge is a proofreader who was in a near-fatal car wreck that broke his
neck in the same place as Christopher Reeve. He asked a bystander to call
the number of Philip’s team and ask for help. By the time the ambulance got
Tad to the hospital, he had no other serious injuries and the tendons in his
neck were ‘holding.” Results of Philip’s help were so dramatic, Tad was
back to work in a week.

Christian Forlani (brother of actress Claire Forlani) had wasted 20 years of
his young life addicted to drugs and alcohol. After one visit to Philip three and
a half years ago, Christian has been drug-free ever since. He suffered  no
withdrawals or pain, and experienced incredible energy, power and physical
abilities immediately after seeing Philp.

Washington Post: “Sauvage has collected thousands of… testimonials, full
of ‘bewildered doctors’ and ‘complete and miraculous recoveries.’ Cancer
‘erased’; AIDS ‘halted’; Alzheimer’s ‘reversed.’ People with shingles ‘healed
overnight.’ Double-blind randomised tests on 10 children with third-degree
burns healed in record time. A child born basically a vegetable who, within
three months of treatment, could feed himself and talk.... Sauvage: ‘I wanted
to … rock the boat of the scientific establishment…. I would pick randomly 12
children and teach them to do what I do…. I would create a wave of healing.'”

Headlines From Europe: “Cystic Fibrosis in utero: gone from the genetic
structure of baby and mother.” “Olympic Athlete suffering Sclerosis: gone…..”
“Rescue Dog: …” “Race Horse: … “ “Severe epilepsy, coma with
malfunctioning lungs, Cystic Fibromatosis: cases of astonishing healing
THE Myth to Live By
Philip Sauvage’s Worldwide Work
This special little booklet on the work of Dr Philip
Savage, is made available electronically to the public
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The Unprecedented Science of Subliminal Distant Influentiality
SDI: A Secret Weapon
“In battle one engages with the orthodox, but one gains victory only through the unorthodox.”     (Sun Tsu, The Art of War)
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