Philip Sauvage, whose extraordinary work inspired the non-profit California corporation called Catharsis, offers FREE
ground-breaking scientific tests, worldwide, on victims of severe fire burns from flaming cars and homes, wildfires and
terrorist bombings, to PROVE once and for all, the existence of a "higher reality".

Mankind's deepest need for existential meaning deserves an answer, says Philip Sauvage: "Getting the absolute certainty
that some form of a 'higher power' does exist and getting all the proofs and evidence that this 'higher power' can be
successfully accessed, processed and manifested through some very specific 'transcendental forces' " is in the public’s
interest… the people’s oldest and most fundamental interest.

Sauvage's protocol is exact and requires only four details be sent to his team within 30 minutes of exposure to fire: NAME at
birth, DATE of birth, PLACE of birth, and ANY PHOTO of the burned victims. These data can be texted from any mobile
camera phone to the camera cell phone:

Tests on severe fire burns are simple and easy to set-up under strict scientific control and scrutiny anywhere in the world,
using camera mobile phones, text messages and email. They are non-medical, non-pharmaceutical and public. There is no
risk, no cost, and no interference with standard medical treatment as the processing is done entirely from a distance,
involves no direct contact with the victim, generates no ethical dilemmas and is verified by the burn doctors.

Dramatic results are immediate, clearly observable, absolutely incontrovertible, and quickly reproducible in hundreds of
cases.  Journalists, firemen, emergency workers, and people without any scientific knowledge whatsoever can organize a
burn test and see with their own eyes the unprecedented and unequivocal OBJECTIVE proof, recorded on their own

The broader this Fire Burn alert, the more burn victims can be located – in Africa, Asia, the Mid-East, Europe
and America – and the faster the test results can come in.  After a sufficient number of successes, Sauvage may then
organize a second step to include the training of his own fire emergency teams in response to future terrorist bombings, a
threat that is becoming of central concern to people and governments around the world.

Just CALL or TEXT, within 30 minutes of exposure to fire, 4 pieces of information:

       Full NAME at birth, DATE of birth, PLACE of birth, time of burn, OR text a PHOTOGRAPH of burn victims


ORIGINAL Protocol by Philip Sauvage: “The Pursuit of Truth, Happiness and a Higher Power”
1. The Advanced Science of Subliminal Distant Influentiality (SDI)

    “I cannot think of a person (or a group of persons working together toward a specific goal or
    toward some material outcome) who would not benefit from using my ‘subliminal influence
    technologies,’ to bring about a complete change of attitude (political, commercial, or personal)
    of some targeted individual or individuals.      ( Dr. Philip Savage, Father of the Science of SDI)

Based on the fact that all living things are deeply embedded into a unified field of consciousness that he calls the
“psycho-continuum,” Dr. Savage’s subliminal science is somewhat related to the most advanced concepts of quantum
mechanics (inseparability and a-locality), Jungian theory (synchronicity and collective unconscious), theories of the
morphogenetic fields (Sheldrake) and of the psychofields (Kaznatcheiev).

Using his absolutely unique technology, Subliminal Distant Influentiality (SDI),
Philip Savage is capable of doing
“impossible” things from a distance,
anywhere in the world, with unprecedented results. He is able to “break into the
psycho-continuum,” surf in it with excellent accuracy, and eventually reconfigure it according to specific purposes.

As Dr. Savage writes, “People actively exposed to my subliminal procedure are then driven to do,
unconsciously, things they otherwise would not do [e.g. "compelled" TO tell the truth], or vice versa, not do
things they otherwise would do [e.g. "compelled" to NOT commit the crime].

A few extraordinary features of Subliminal Distant Influentiality (SDI):

  • There are no “anti-subliminal” counter-measures. One cannot avoid the ineluctable (but unconscious) taking over of
    his or her most essential centers of decision (both intellectual and emotional), and one cannot escape his/her own
    neuro-behavioral recalibration according to the predefined specific objective.

  • Precisely because it is subliminal and distant, SDI far exceeds any known system in the world. With SDI the entire
    “implant” operation is achieved without any traceable procedure of psycho-suggestion and, therefore, it does not carry
    the potential danger to the programmer of later memory retrieval by skilled hypnosis experts. In other words, SDI
    leaves no tracks.

  • The practical outcome of being exposed to SDI is the same for all subjects: a partial or complete “brain-reset,”
    involving major readjustments in the neurological centers of decision-making processes. Depending on the specific
    assignment, subjects soon demonstrate some form of deep psycho-behavioral change, with dramatic consequences  
    in their professional, legal, political and familial circumstances.

  • Details of classified information are not required for successful use of SDI. Clients provide only minimal coordinates to
    begin the process, followed by whatever “local feedback” they have available until the specific assignment is

The science of SDI is precise, efficient and fully tested with laser-like results. Its uses are unlimited in the fields
of health, business, legal, government, politics, criminology, economics, athletics, family, ecology, and private
and international security

  • Health: Bio-restoration of patients, including animals, suffering or dying from any kind of disease, including so-called
    incurable ones. Rejuvenation whereby the degenerative aging process is reversed. Recovery of individuals, families,
    groups from any trauma, crisis or threat:, i.e. victims of rape, genetic defects, children’s problems/retardation, cult
    abductions, drug dependency/addiction, fire burn, viral epidemic, etc. (Ethiatrics)

  • Enhancement and optimization of active people: Athletes, CEOs, racehorses, mothers -- anyone in competition to
    “win.” ”Be all that you can be:” Partial or complete “brain reset” (a new existential "blank slate"), depending on the
    need of the individual.

  • Morphogenic Cybernetics: Digitally blending the DNA and morphic images of different persons in order to bring about
    the dramatic results predefined by the client in the fields of criminology, business, politics, ecology, military, legal,
    security. For the first time, now that advanced morphing computer systems and digital scientists exist, the world’s only
    Cybernetician can carry out previously unattainable huge-scale projects. (Sociatrics)

Examples of practical effects of SDI on targeted subjects:
  • Witnesses, politicians, informants are compelled to tell the truth.
  • Despots, rogue rulers, leaders abusing powers are compelled to “step down."
  • Terrorists, criminals, junta agents are compelled to “make mistakes” and get captured.
  • Threats to families (drug dealers, unfaithful “friends,” cult members, “bad” influences) or to businesses (cheating
    employees or partners, advisors, competitors) are “removed” (in ways beneficial to everyone, including the “threat”
    who gets healthy and moves on).
  • Athletes and racehorses get “subliminal neuro-bypass,” on-the-spot “legal steroids.”
  • Celebrities, businesspersons, dignitaries (and their children) get absolute unequalled security and protection
    anywhere in the world, unavailable from any other “service.”
  • Agents in any field get enhanced and equipped to “rearrange events” in order to successfully complete assignments.
  • Victims of accidents, injuries, sudden attacks (e.g. terrorist, criminal, heart, viral, bacterial, drug overdoses) get
    emergency “protection plan” and accelerated recovery.
  • Large groups of criminals (rapists, murderers, thieves) get “subliminal readjustments” that “improve themselves,”
    dramatically reducing crime rates and public fear, and increasing well-being in residential communities, cities, states
    and governments.  (Implementing MCC digitally can potentially bring these effects to the global level).
  • Besides the obvious relief of suffering and dying in individual health crises (cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer’s, etc.), Philip
    Savage’s SDI and MCC provide a “Bio-Shield” in the case of viral epidemics and an immediate “emergency response”
    task force in case of fire burn, from any source, including international terrorist attacks or biological warfare.

Results of Dr. Savage’s advanced science and technology of Subliminal Distant Influentiality have been
documented for more than 25 years
in laboratories and universities in Europe and America on thousands of people and
animals, especially in the field of health recoveries, any of which are reported on his website. Dramatic results in the fields of
politics, economics, criminology, and security involving “changing,” previously “sick” (e.g. criminal) minds are confidential and
obtainable only through personal consultation or classified files.

SDI has no competitor in the world. It constitutes the most powerful (and exclusive) technology in existence today,
forming a complete and insurmountable non-lethal weapons system, providing unmitigated hope for a peaceful, swift, and
irreversible solution to any conflict, national or international, social, political, economic, or ecological.

What matters most about SDI is that it works. Highly controversial (from a philosophical and ethical point of view), its
extraordinary value and potential make its use essential for the welfare of the world and the future of Life on the planet.

The Washington Post in 2001 highlighted the value of Philip Savage's SDI technology as an unprecedented “remote doing”
weapon in the war against terrorism:
“It was a weapon with varied and highly relevant powers: To make reluctant
witnesses talk, to heal burn victims. Not a bomber or a vaccine but a man, or more like a superman, named
Philippe Sauvage….”

Philip Savage can demonstrate SDI
on severe fire-burn victims, anytime, anywhere in the world, “on cue,” for free. When
done within the first few minutes of exposure to fire, the results are so dramatic they defy all our known limits. He will then
follow with demonstrations in increasingly more complex scientific protocols. While he is not permitted to use his technology
within human activities without authorization and justification from clients, when his conditions are met, he is able to produce
and the results are unprecedented.

By using SDI and MCC on a global scale (Sociatrics), people’s deepest, most immediate needs, as well as Dr. Savage’s only
agenda –
forcing a shift in human thinking that will change the world -- shall be accomplished. SDI is the secret
weapon people have been dreaming about to accomplish their most difficult “jobs.”

SDI is available to people who need it and can afford to use it.  Those who are dying of terminal illnesses, terrified of
personal and economic losses, wanting to control, influence or outshine their competition, can now use Philip Savage's
exclusive technology for their own advantage...
IN EXCHANGE FOR an equally valuable concrete material gift. Those
reciprocal contracts with people, organizations, and businesses, that trade their resources for the results of his "Influence
Technology” make it for Philip Savage to achieve his foremost Life-saving goal --
Project IMAGO: Save the Earth and
rescue the children -- the most amazing cosmic project in all human history that will literally change the world and the future
of the human species.

Last Chance for our children, our Earth and the future of our species
Philip Savage's Unique Eco-Humanitarian Projects:

  • IMAGO structures where the long-overdue bio-cognitive human
    evolutionary leap can take place... quickly. The most amazing cosmic
    project in all human history: "Immortality for whomever enters my IMAGO
    Bio-Transmutational pyramids."
  • Healthening Clinics where people (and animals) can be taken care of
    in person or from a distance, receiving the "scientific miracle" they're
    craving and the self-healing powers to maintain it.
  • Green Think Tanks where "remote doing" strategies can be worked out
    by a specially trained team of advanced scientists and the last of the
    ancient shamans equipped with the tools to reconcile Man and the Earth.
  • Laboratories to provide continual proof of the unprecedented effects of
    Subliminal Influentiality and Morphogenic Cybernetics that will provoke
    the paradigmatic primer to usher us into a new scientific era.
  • Morphogenic computer systems and the scientists to use MCC at
    theglobal level to reduce crime rates, fear, and destructive human
    activities, thereby increasing peace and well-being throughout the world.
  • Wilderness Windows of Hope  Buy back the Earth and set up  
    pristine Nature Enlightenment Centers where abandoned children can
    be rescued, "reset" and live in symbiotic union within a restored natural
  • Urban Biognostic Green Schools where every child can learn the
    previously unknown miraculous mysteries of Nature right in the middle of
    their own city.
  • Training facilities where a few dozen Gaiatricians (Healers of the
    Earth) can receive the "key" and, in turn, pass it to others creating,
    exponentially, a wave of healing where we can have 8 million healers
    worldwide in one year.
NEXT:  Earth Crisis -- Ark of IMAGO
SDI,, IMAGO, Sapiental Bio-Institute, the Key

"I may not be able to turn absolutely everybody into "Bio-Justiciary Warrior-Monks," whose Mastery and Servancy far exceed any
documented knighthood and priesthood, yet I could transmute nearly all decent good-willing persons into remarkable Gaiatricians
(Earth healers) whose mind-force powers (in the field of eco-health, especially) would surpass anything as yet known to man."  

Philip Savage,
Strategaia: Earth's Battle Plan
Distant Subliminal Neuro-Bypass (DSNB)

Proving for the First Time the Existence of a Higher Power by Scientific Means

1400+ "instant burn recoveries" from 50 U.S. states and 58 countries,
all documented with the same results: pain gone in minutes, burn erased in hours

Contact Person: Dr. Jane Dillon, president, Catharsis  (+1) 760-415-4550
Instant Burn Recovery PSA video with Fire Chief Joe Lowe

Statistically more people have died from burns since 1981 than from AIDS!   
This human tragedy is no longer necessary

Global Burn Eradication Project -- THIS is the ability we have now
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