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In relation to his most ancient roots of spiritual legitimation, the Ethiatrist's procedural name is Avallac'h, also known as Philip Gwezh in his Breton
Celtic nation or Philip Savage in this country. His matriarchal lineage goes back into the Hyperborean age, millennia before our so-called
proto-historic times, through an uninterrupted initiatory legacy of pure and direct oral tradition that has survived many cultural and religious
paradigmatic transitions. Besides being the last living direct representative of the ancient Armorican Druidic tradition, in his own mythical and
spiritual tradition, he is also considered the final Strobineller ("Shift Master") who is supposed to assist man overcome its internal divisiveness and
atone for his bio-secession, within the cataclysimic changes soon to take place.

More prosaically, Avallac'h is a major historical and cultural symbol of Brittany, some sort of unsung Celtic "Dalai Lama," also in exile due to
dramatic political, ethnic and religious persecutions from a foreign power known for its fanatical totalitarianism toward human rights, religious
freedom and ethnic minorities.

Enforcer of Cosmic Justice. Avallac'h defines himself as the "humble Servant of the Divine Natural Order, here on Earth." Yet, coming from a long
lineage of "green-warrior-priestesses," he views himself also as the fierce enforcer of Cosmic Justice, sworn to protect, serve and uphold God's
Natural Laws on this planet. To him, our modern "civilizations" are substantially established on bio-depradation, bio-desecration and criminal
secession from God's Master Plan. In his opinion, when people experience illnesses or existential crises, they are only reaping the consequences
of their individual or collective bio-violations. From a higher bio-planetary perspective, man represents an acute form of Earth's cancer
("anthroposarcoma"). Part of the living whole, man himself experiences individual and local neo-plastic scenarios as very logical bio-cybernetic
return. From being the enlightened guardians of God's original Garden of Eden, men have today become the very agents of the current Earth's
immune breakdown. Now harvesting what they have collectively sown, their own individual lymphocytes are getting back at them with a vengeance.
This illustrates Avallac'h's Geosomatic scenario in which, people, by destroying their own higher geoself, are direct agents of their own pathological


Since the earliest stage of his unique initiation, Avallac'h has been trained to navigate the bio-continuum and "surf" between variable levels of reality
to provoke within groups or individuals dramatic changes in their relationship with their inner or outer eco-homoeostatic equilibrium.

Painfully aware of the primitive nature of the human cerebrum which requires firsthand experience of "miracles and wonders" in order for them to
believe, througout millennia of uninterrupted practice, Avallac'h's Clan has reached an extraordinary level of expertise in that field. Owing to his
being the last Strobineller, more indeed than the "powers" of his feminine ancestors, Avallac'h was also introduced to the "lore and techniques" of
the masculine Druidic Hyperborean tradition, an historical "premiere" in that specific culture where so-called "Druidesses" and "Druids" had
evolved separatively to preserve the diversity spectrum of the whole spiritual system. Therefore, quite logically, at a very early age, Avallac'h was
already able to take up, with extraordinary success, "healing" challenges, for instance, that no one in his Clan has, or indeed would have, ever


Ethiatrics only reflects a relatively small segment of his capacity and expertise when "Sociatrics," the "treatment" of society as a whole, forms a
larger part of his mission on Earth. Through advanced techniques of Subliminal Distant Influentiality (some sort of wide-scale "forcible Ethiatrics"),
Sociatrics could bring any crime rate down to unprecedented levels of social peace. It could lift human consciousness up to a higher degree of
unification. It could strategically remove some of the worst evil patterns or worst evil people (criminals, terrorists, tyrants, etc.) from the human
cultural theater of operations. Sociatrics could indeed successfully reconcile former antagonistic groups whose ethnic or religious hatred dates
back to times immemorial.

Ethos. Avallac'h defines Ethiatrics as the "spiritual science of realigning people's ethos back to their most optimal and original setting." For those
who are not familiar with such a concept, the "ethos" represents the most fundamental spiritual and existential substance of groups and
individuals. Whereas the so-called "ego" forms one's delusional man-made cultural projection, the "ethos" constitutes one's true self, the
legitimate essence of whom we are, God-Made blueprint of our physical and metaphysical identity in this specific testing existential assignment
which we call life.

Actually, the ethos does not represent only the interface between mind and body, soul and matter, our spiritual self and our physical self but,
indeed, its primordial matrix.

Ethocide. When people's ethos becomes "sick," their spiritual self and their physical self are also sick. Without a clear statement of mission as to
his deeper identity, his fundamental dignity and his cosmo-existential bearings (all basic elements of the ethos), man cannot manifest true spiritual
soundness or physical harmony. To Avallac'h, Ethiatrics is to human ecospiritual health what his Anti-Ethocide life-long crusade represents in the
political domain. Because it seems to be inherent to the human mind to understand better "negative" propositions than "positive" ideas (It is easier
for people to conceive what they are fighting against than what they are fighting for.), let us briefly digress on what happens when people's ethos is
annihilated, the very definition of an ethocide.

All the so-called traditional tribal societies that had managed to survive until the 19th Century have been now "ethocided." The brutal removal of their
eco-spiritual systems of beliefs, of their existential dignity, of their cultural identity and, above all, of their psycho-behavioral innocence (They had no
real concept of "Sin," "Evil," personal ownership, greed, ambition, ego, jealousy, etc.), formed a lethal blow from which the so-called "American
Indians," among others, could not really survive. After centuries of ruthless and complete destruction of the most basic foundations of their very
ethos, although it may look like they have "physically" recovered from their terrible genocide (It is said that there are as many "American Indians"
today as in the time of Columbus.), it is clear, nonetheless, that the true native ethos had died in America many years, indeed, before "Wounded

On the contrary, because they have not been deprived of their most basic systems of dignity, identity, culture and religious systems of beliefs,
despite one of the most atrocious genocides attempted throughout the whole human history, the Jewish people have not been ethocided. Instead,
the (re)creation of the Nation of Israel represents one of the most magnificent dreams that has actually turned into true and heroic reality, ever.
Therefore, today, unlike other ethocided victims of other attempted annihilations, the Jewish ethos reigns absolutely triumphant, indeed, well above
all other current human ethoi.

Anti-Ethocide. To various extents, everyone in this world is being ethocided. Ethiatrics, applied on suffering individuals, could bring them to a
healthy condition of eco-homoeostatic balance, both in their external relationship with their societal or ecological environment and in their internal
immunologic and physiological processes.

Avallac'h's ethiatric cares can bring suffering people back from utmost and complete bio-existential disintegration to healthy condition of
eco-spiritual recovery. More than 50,000 subjects (human and animals, as well) have already experienced such successful "healthening" in
Europe, and Avallac'h's ethiatric techniques have been proven valid in some of the best European universities and medical facilities, under the
strictest scientific scrutiny.

What he gives to people is the most fundamental ability to reacquire their own systems of self-regeneration after he has broken in them, the lethal
circle of bio-existential entropy that caused separation from God, from Life, from their own human brethren, and that also created internal
phenomena of self-destruction or self-mutilation. When people have been opened up to their own collective geo-self and have lost inner feelings of
fear, guilt, doubts, self-hatred and, above, all, this fatal sense of loss, meaninglessness and existential chaos, they have at last become once
again their own "healers." They have regained their sense of self-worth and are ready to keep giving to others, to Life, and to God which constitutes
the true purpose and most sacred aspect of their own "healing."


Qualifications. Never ever will it be emphasized strongly enough that the whole ethiatric procedure is a reciprocating operation. In Avallac'h's
philosophical system, there is no room for compromise or bargaining. People who request his help must be entirely convinced that their current
crisis situation (health, existential, etc.) is absolutely hopeless according to their own systems of beliefs and that their complete eco-spiritual
recovery (their existential "bailout"), would clearly represent a major violation of the laws of logic or physics as they know it. They also have to
understand that, from a more religious perspective, for them not to die (when facing a terminal health condition, for instance) forms a serious
violation of God's plans.
Consequently, they must be ready to prove in the most dramatic fashion, why they feel so worthy of trying to counter God's
Will through Avallac'h's plea for Divine Pardon in his unique form of bio-intercession, bio-advocacy or whatever term you would, very improperly,
refer to it.

Method: Reciprocity. Avallac'h's own people, whom he is committed to help, serve and rescue, are the givers, those who still know that there is
nothing more beautiful, more redeeming and more healing than giving. Avallac'h's entire life was a gift, an unconditional gift and a totally sacrificial
gift to God, to Life and to Justice. He has paid the highest price for such existential oblation up to the point of vital crucifixion. All his exploits and his
failures have been done for purely altruistic motives and never ever did he do anything even remotely personal.

When he puts his own life, his entire spirituality and a multi-millennial sacred tradition on the line for people whom he so attempts to save, he
expects them to give in return
to the Source (to God, to Life and to Justice) all they can possibly have to offer if they really want the source to
answer favorably their request for bio-mercy. This is the absolute sine qua non prerequisite without which the entire operation is totally

According to Avallac'h's loftiest principles of Justice, what people should give depends on what they can give. It is most obvious that even the
humble donation of a completely destitute family, struggling for its most immediate survival has more weight than the one million-dollar gift of
people so rich that all this money would only represent an insignificant fraction of their actual wealth.

Theoretically speaking, the minimum threshold of donation that Avallac'h would accept before he enters on their behalf into his bio-intercessional
sacrifice is the price of
a brand new car (the very same type and make as what the "bio-petitioner" drives) when somebody wants to complete a
journey from one given situation of crisis or deadlock to another destination of success or liberation. Avallac'h being analogically the vehicle of their
existential bailout, it is only fair that people donate the price of a mechanistic conveyance as minimum fare for their own journey. When the
"bio-petitioner" requests Avallac'h to plead for his very survival, as in a scenario of terminal health condition or desperate existential situation,
offering of a house
, similar to their own (or the amount thereof is the minimum match for rescuing their temporary corporeal dwelling (their body).

Ethical Standards: Unconditionality. After those prerequisite "tokens" have been offered and following right away the beginning of the Ethiatric
operation on their behalf, the bio-petitioners must contribute by any means they may have, by any expertise they may show, by any contacts
they may have to the sacred Cause of God, Life and Justice. Every day, every hour and every second of the "new" life Avallac'h may have
"snatched" for them from the "claws of Death," henceforth, belongs to Life, belongs to Justice, belongs to God.
Should they fail to remember it
and relapse into their former mundane vanities, their former existential emptiness and their former eco-selfishness, every second he would have
"stolen" from God's initial plan would get back at him and at his bio-petitioners... with a vengeance. This is one major reason why Avallac'h ought to
be extremely circumspect as to the ethical standards and the level of commitment of those whom he, very seldom, elects as the beneficiaries of his
spiritually perilous bio-intercession.

If this sounds already too expensive or too demanding for some people, they should absolutely refrain from going any further in their idea of
requesting Avallac'h for his help because, as mentioned earlier, this only represents the minimum "Fees" and minimum pledge one must take to
have a chance to access his bio-intercession. One cannot enter a "plea-bargain" with God on the cheap. The entire operation has a chance to work
only under the seal of unconditionality. In Brittany, where apparently people had a better sense of Avallac'h's true nature and a sounder approach of
bio-intercessional principles, they always gave more than what would be otherwise required.

This was not only to make sure that the plea would be carried out with the best assurance of successful return, but also because the Celts have
always put a lot of weight on the ideas of freedom and freewill. Unlike the other Europeans or the Americans, for that matter, the Bretons would
never venture themselves into entering some sort of a "Faustian relationship" in which, in exchange for some ephemeral mundane favors, one
would mortgage his very soul....

Phase I: Assessment. However, since mutual trust forms the fundament of a sound ethiatric operation, there is nothing really wrong for people,
prior to committing themselves totally to the whole operation,
to try to assess Avallac'h's bio-intercessional expertise. Fortunately for the
"bio-petitioner," putting God to the test constitutes some semantic impossibility (aside from a terrible bio-blasphemy). Putting God's Bio-Servant to
the test, however, represents hardly anything more than a minor violation of "procedural etiquette" with only a few psycho-behavioral "penalties" to
pay much later down the road of full bio-atonement. Therefore, as long as they would still
"prime the ethiatric pump" with sufficient momentum
before the real bio-intercession begins,
people could get a very instructive demonstration, at a much "lower cost," of Avallac'h's "powers" and
"effects," as some form of preliminary testing and assessment
. Yet, be it known and well-understood that nothing short of the all-or-nothing
principles of unconditional reciprocity
apply as far as true bio-advocacy is concerned.

Basic Protocol. To conclude the modus operandi chapter on a more formal note, it is very important for people who wish to interact with Avallac'h to
realize that he belongs to a cultural universe galaxies apart from their own. People are required to show some restraint in their tendencies toward
excessive social familiarity.

The only right that Avallac'h's bio-petitioners have in the whole operation is of knowing that after he has accepted to bio-intercede on their behalf, he
will do so. He will do so, indeed, with unrestrained sacrificial commitment on his part. Everything else such as direct contacts, direct conversations,
direct teaching and the like, represents privileges, privileges that could be always revoked at a moment's notice should the behavior of the
bio-petitioner be deemed offensive, too personal or unethical by Avallac'h without need for him to have to justify his taking some precautionary
measures for the sake of a more efficient procedural mode within his own bio-advocation.

One last point on such psycho-cultural precautions: Since his earliest childhood, Avallac'h has been totally conditioned not to be responsive to
most of what people would call human emotions and feelings. For the sake of his higher purposes, he has been made entirely impervious to
greed, ambition, lust, physical or supernatural fears, flattery, etho-cultural inhibitions, etc. Similarly, there is no room within his own pyscho-cultural
makeup for compassion, love or forgiveness on a strictly personal level: He reserves his unlimited and highly sacrificial compassion for all living
things, not for one unfortunate individual.

His love, supremely unconditional, is for Life as a whole, not even for one single person no matter how beautiful or giving she or he could be. His
forgiveness is restricted to God, exclusively, not to the insignificant creatures he or we all are. The only way a person could possibly open Avallac'h's
"heart" is when, after an entire life of hubristic altruism and constant sacrificial giving, she or he is ready to relinquish her or his past dominion over
all other living things, surrender to the Maker of Life and of Justice, then give away all her or his vain secular possessions to our sacred
environment, to the children and to more Justice here on Earth.


GAEL and SDI. Besides his projects in the field of Subliminal Distant Influentiality (SDI) that could find extremely interesting developments in
the domain of National and International Security
, Avallac'h would like very much to contribute to the question of human rights by implementing his
Geonational Anti-Ethocide League (GAEL). From a purely apolitical position and only guided by his most fundamental Biocratic principles (Life and
Justice as the only valid source of founding legitimacy),
he could try, through SDI, to untie, once and for all, many horrible ethnic, ideological or
religious "Gordian knots" that have hitherto defied any previous attempts
(Northern Ireland, Balkans, Middle-East, Africa, etc.). Criminality and social
injustice within the so-called "developed nations" would be also very legitimate targets of Avallac'h's SDI and GAEL.

Eco-Humanitarian Work: Avallac'h also would like to continue his eco-humanitarian work on a greater scale than he has already accomplished in
Europe over the last twenty years. Through the donations he receives as compensation for his Ethiatric "treatments," he could
reacquire more of
what is left of our natural eco-systems to give back to God,
the only legitimate owner of all living things of which we have protective custody.
Hundreds of millions of children are dying every year only due to our selfish indifference. Rescuing those children and giving them a chance, in
return, to help us out in future cataclysmic Earth changes (soon to come), has always been one of Avallac'h's dearest priorities.

Scientific Experiments: Another project on Avallac'h's agenda is the peaceful, but radical, subversion of our so-called cultural and scientific
by setting up a series of high-reaching scientific experiments within the very stronghold of western reductionism that would demonstrate
the existence of variable levels of reality, prove the existence of the psycho-fields and the bio-continuum, and establish the presence of frozen
"super-normal" abilities within most everyone that could be synchronistically and adequately liberated for man, eventually to achieve a dramatic
quantum leap in the field of his own higher bio-consciousness.

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Spirituality and health are one single issue. Most diseases arise from the dramatic separation of Man from God, that is, our suicidal secession
from Divine Natural Laws.  In our epoch of total spiritual collapse, people believe that Eastern philosophies form the only alternative to our Western
By its dual nature—spiritual and therapeutic—Druidic medicine is the ultimate answer to those questions. In fact, the philosophical roots of
Druidism make it even more inclusive and holistic than any Eastern paradigm.  
It emphasizes the sacredness of all Life stronger even than any American Indian system; the Druidic model actually represents the most legitimate
native psyche of all Westerners.  Since it also forms the key to reintegrating people into their own internal and external etho-ecological balance,
Druidic medicine gives people the vital fuel and existential focus they have always been looking for. Druidic Medicine not only helps people recover
from their particular pathological imbalances, it also helps them permanently maintain the highest possible standards of health.

But, before explaining Druidic cares from a health perspective, we must first reposition Druidism in its true philosophical and spiritual dimension.


Far from being simply the past cultural heritage of the Celts, exclusively, Druidism was -- and still is -- a spiritual expression of universal
dimension. Druidic wisdom comes from a very ancient, yet extremely advanced, lost civilization. As such, it does not belong to any one particular
human group, but to humanity as a whole. Druids did not come from the East nor from the West. Their Polar origin is reminiscent of the very
mysterious Hyperborea: The Arctic Atlantis that violently disappeared twelve millennia ago or so, surviving only in our mythical unconscious.
Historically. After their Polar “Golden Age” had vanished, the Druids dispersed throughout the entire world. As a result, they are the common source
of almost every ancient spirituality on Earth, from Megalithic Europe to pre-Columbian America and from ancient Egypt to Vedic India.

Unfortunately, the original Druidic expression did not survive the Bronze Age in Europe, and therefore most everything we now “know” about the
Druids is erroneous. For example, the alleged “Celtic priests” who were mistakenly termed “Druids” by the Greek and Roman “historians,” had
absolutely nothing in common with the ancient Northern Atlantean elite. Also, by the time the Greco-Roman historians were writing, the original
sacred and peaceful matriarchy had long since been ousted by aggressive patriarchal patterns. In addition, the unique form of Druidic monotheism
(Hypertheism) had been replaced by idolatry and polytheism, and their first universalism had also been deeply tainted by ethnic reductionism.

Furthermore, to make matters worse, neither the ancient Hyperborean Druids nor their Celtic “successors” trusted written cultural expression.
Thus, there is no authentic historical account that even mentions them. Instead, what exists today are only a few texts of demeaning propaganda,
written by their enemies and victors, that merely allude to the “Celtic priesthood” of the post-Druidic era. More recently, there has even been a
pathetic attempt in England to recreate “from scratch” some form of self-proclaimed “neo-druidism,” after millennia of official extinction,
representing one of the most clownish projects of the past romantic period.

And yet, despite the complete genocide of the Druids, several aspects of their original spirituality still survive in the deepest layers of our collective
unconscious, not the least of which is their unfaltering commitment toward serving and enforcing Divine Natural Laws. For example, the
insuperable “Eco-Religiousness” of the Druids is still legendary. Among several other names, they used to call themselves “Midwives of God”—co-
deputies of God in the sacred processes of Divine and permanent Creation.  The unparalleled extent of their scientific wisdom and the awesome
potency of their “magical powers” still live on. Druids are also deeply associated with values of Justice, Freedom, and sacrificial Selflessness.
Their unduplicated respect for Women has never been approached. In truth, most Druids were actually “Druidesses.”

Most astonishing, even to their opponents, is the fact that Druidism has very seldom been lumped together with “paganism,” “witchcraft” or
“superstition.” Some of the most important theologians, for example, were highly impressed with the strength and quality of Druidic spirituality (a
super-monotheism with no temples, no idols, etc.). Origen, for instance, the most considerable figure of the early Christian church, forbade anyone
to see Druidism as “pagan.” In fact, based on its strict Monotheism and some even more amazing confluences, Druidic Spirituality was categorized
by him as truly “Pre-Christian.”

Needless to say, the false allegations of “human sacrifices” are simply examples of the lowest propaganda against Druids, some of the same kind
of political slime that labelled the first Christians as “cannibals” due to the Eucharist. The unique and extremely rare instance in which anyone may
have been given the green light for practicing some sort of voluntary sacred self-sacrifice was when a particular Druid, and a Druid only, decided to
reach martyrdom for the highest glory of God, not unlike the early Christian Saints. Sometimes, also, in the exercise of their Sacred Healing
practice, Druids could have gone so far as to offer their own life in exchange for the survival of the individual or the community they were committed
to save.


Druidic Medicine is a spiritual medicine in its highest and purest expression. Although, licensed medical doctors (D.O. and M.D.) could happen to
be in charge of the operation itself, it does not require the use of any form of medication or physical manipulation. The entire therapeutic procedure
takes place in a completely different realm of reality: A bio-spiritual dimension in which theoretically, the consultant, the therapist, Life and God are
all reunited. To do so, the therapist uses very advanced techniques of intercessional Psycho-Processing to help the consultants transcend their
micro-self (individual) to merge with their Geo-Self (the Earth), and then to merge further with their Bio-Self (Life itself), and ultimately merge with
their highest Divine-Self (God in its creative aspect).

Theosomatics is the very bedrock of Druidic Medicine. In the very well known domain of the so-called “psychosomatic diseases,” the separation
between consultants’ mind (psyche) and their body (soma) creates an internal conflict with severe pathological consequences. In our theosomatic
scenario, it is because people are being increasingly separated from God that they, themselves, “somaticize” their own health problems.

Again, the etiology of most diseases goes back to our basic separation from Divine Natural Laws. People have lost their connection with God. They
have unilaterally divorced themselves from their own Mother, the Earth. They can no longer experience the oneness of all other living things and of
the human race. Their global separation is so extreme that nowadays people go so far as to practice self-hatred and self-mutilation which,
undoubtedly, represents the most pathological signal of terminal disconnection.

When our external homeostatic processes of global interaction are so deeply compromised, there is no way that our inner homeostasis may even
superficially maintain any sort of lasting health balance.

Without even cIearly realizing it, our individual health condition reflects exactly the health condition of our living planet. The Earth and us are actually
much more interdependent than we ever imagine. Every human being is part of the living whole, as are all other living things on Earth. Furthermore,
in relation to the special nature of Man in the greater scheme of Life, our “organic assignment” is absolutely critical: In the Sacred Plan of Divine
Everlasting Creation, God has deputized us, not to abuse, depredate, or tyrannize all other creatures, but to protect and serve them with equal
commitment. Man’s immense privilege is to be the “elected enforcer” of God’s Natural Laws here on Earth. God has knighted us and given us the
“Excalibur” of our Holy Free Will to practice loving Justice and sacrificial vigilance.

In a more organic scenario, human beings are like both the genetic and immune systems of our living planet. Meant to fertilize, adapt, and defend,
unfortunately, the “lymphocytes T4” we once were have now become the main factor of our Earth’s immune breakdown, and the “structural genes”
we were meant to be have turned into the most malignant oncogenes of our Globe’s neoplastic condition. We are the cancer of the Earth and that is
why we are getting cancers. We are the very cause of the immune deficiency of the Earth and that is why we are reaping AIDS in return. As part of
the whole (a very strategic and fragile part, as a matter of fact), we are just echoing the pathologies we are inflicting, ourselves, upon our own
planetary macro-organism.

The extent of our suicidal self-destructiveness reaches “twilight zone” dimensions. Not only are the parts fighting against the whole, but the parts
are fighting each other and even fighting themselves.  Everywhere Mind and body conflict. The guardians of Life have become eco-tormentors. The
co-deputies of God have turned against Divine Creation. Man is at war with Man. Our ego has replaced the Self, and accordingly, we now maim
ourselves more and more. Is it by fear or through ignorance that people are making themselves so sick? Or is it some kind of dramatic and
unconscious self-punishment that already anticipates an inescapable form of Judgment to come, in a time or dimension where accountability for
all that we have done can no longer be postponed or denied?

To counter such processes of self-destruction, Druidic Medicine is essentially propitiatory. The intercessional psycho-processing from the therapist
must be a direct reciprocation to the consultants’ impetus to engage themselves on the path of unconditional self-atonement, reconciliation with
God, with Life, and eventually with themselves.
In Druidic philosophy, to be truly legitimate, atonement requires three indispensable elements:

  • Acknowledgement comes from first seeing that without a clear and sincere understanding of the whole circle of “causes and effects,” there
    is nothing but a blasphemous attempt against God to circumvent the ineluctable consequences of our actions.
  • Repentance is the personal acknowledgement of one’s own responsibility in what has gone wrong in the wheel of “actions and reactions.”
    The idea of repentance has nothing to do with fear or guilt, otherwise it would amount to sheer attrition. To repent is an act of courage and,
    above all, an act of ultimate love. It is the way by which we vindicate the Divine for all evil. God did not wrong us; we did it ourselves. The
    duality of our deeper nature causes evil. God dwells in a non-dualistic dimension where only Justice, Love and Harmony reign. By repenting
    unconditionally, we absolve God and choose to walk on the path of our own absolution.
  • Sacrifice is the concrete and most important element without which acknowledgement and repentance would be absolutely meaningless.
    Etymologically, sacrifice signifies “to work the Sacred out.” Unlike its modern negative sense, to sacrifice does not mean to take away… but
    to giveaway.  If repentance is the ultimate mental process of love, the concept of sacrifice undoubtedly constitutes the ultimate act of Love.
    We are living in a world of insolent egocentrism in which we take without giving. A world of delusion in which we believe we have so many
    “rights,” but never mention our “duties” in return.  People can fool one another. They can still fool themselves. But they cannot fool God.

On the path of Divine atonement, there is no free-ride.

How can you want to be given to, if you do not know how to give? In the world of God, credit no longer works. One does not “purchase first” and “pay
later.” One does not even give first in order to receive later. The very Idea of getting something in return is like trying to bargain with the Divine. God
does not cut deals. There is nothing one can really give to God, since God already has it all. This is precisely one aspect of the infinite magnanimity
of God, to let us have the comforting illusion that we can “make a difference,” that we even own anything, when everything belongs to God. Even our
sacrosanct concept of free will may very well be a similar illusion, when actually the only real choice we may have may just be to say “yes” to God’s
plan for our life. Unconditionally. The best -- if not the only way -- to give back to God what already belongs to God is to help rescue the Divine
Natural Order, which is the very purpose of Druidic Medicine: Not to heal God by natural means, but to heal nature by means of people themselves.


Before even being accepted for Druidic cares, the consultants must first prove as clearly as possible their absolute understanding of the whole
operation. They especially have to adopt a non-ambiguous attitude as to the purely spiritual nature of those cares. People do not necessarily have
to be spiritual themselves; they just have to accept not to contaminate, with materialist intents or with anti-spiritual attempts, the implementation of
the Druidic Procedure. When they are treating their consultants in the Druidic mode, the Physicians are actually no longer physicians. They are
closer to practicing an intercessional ministry than to being conventional therapists. In point of fact, when they are performing Druidic cares, the
physicians are exercising their individual religious freedom, not practicing medicine. And since there is no medication or manipulation involved in
the entire system, they cannot be held responsible for any kind of medical malpractice. Likewise, they cannot be held accountable for the nonadvent
of beneficial outcome on the consultant’s health.

As stated before, Druidic cares are essentially “intercessional processes.”  Through specific techniques of extreme mental concentration that take
place on a deep subliminal level, the healer transfers upon the consultant important amounts of Druidic bioenergies. Although those energies
typically pertain to the definition of the “subtle energies,” they do not have anything in common whatsoever with alleged “psychic energies.” Druidic
bioenergies do not relate to the so-called “healing energies” either. What Druidic Medicine can do (on animals, for instance, or in the domain of
severe burns most observably) is way beyond the range of “spiritual healing” or so-called “psychic surgery.” Druidic Medicine is a very advanced
scientific field that is currently undergoing thorough scientific investigations.  It can be taught and experienced in the laboratory. Above all, Druidic
Medicine has already been implemented with unprecedented success on thousands of people in Europe.

The theoretical bases of Druidic Medicine relate to a spiritual and scientific paradigm absolutely unique. This alone distinguishes Druidic cares
from any sort of ‘therapeutic” or “spiritual” healing practice.  In the Druidic paradigm, there is no such thing as a well-defined single form of reality.
Very much like in the most advanced theories of physics, there are actually many levels of variable realities. In fact, unlimited layers of parallel
realities. Our cultural conditioning and the anatomic limitation of our remaining five senses tend to keep us from approaching the real makeup of
our surrounding universe. In its processional mode, Druidic Medicine connects a higher level of human superconscious that escapes our usual
limitations. In this specific mode, where space and time, for instance, no longer have the same degree of separation, it is possible to travel from
one reality into another. Then our factual and existential universe becomes much less rigid or unalterable. The boundaries between what we think
possible and impossible soon vanish and, accordingly, shifts of extremely high magnitude may happen for those who know how to ride the
whirlwind of this new “transdimensional surreality,” the very essence of Druidic praxis, that is.  

Most of the students of Avallac’h (the founder of Druidic Medicine) are Doctors of Osteopathy. This is because, although vastly incomplete from a
purely scientific perspective, and not as clearly spiritual as it should be, osteopathic medicine is, all things considered, closer to what true medicine
should be than any other Western therapy. Dr. Still, the father of Osteopathy, drew heavily from the American Indian heritage, in which the interaction
of all things and of all processes is part of an organistic and holistic Native philosophy. When applied to human health, the cybernetic functioning of
our body as a whole (bones, muscles, physiological systems, and psychological aspects) represents a much better therapeutic approach than the
divisive and non-inclusive paradigm of traditional Western medicine. Actually, to become Druidic Medicine, Osteopathy only needs to be completed
with Theosomatic spirituality. To the internal interactions of the individual, external eco-homeostatic interactions must also be integrated to
reposition people into their higher geo-holistic perspective. Eventually, Osteopathy must break free from all the mechanistic patterns that still
hamper its eventual unfoldment and maturation. Other non-divisive therapeutic paradigms (Oriental medicines, for instance) may very well be
prone to evolving into Druidic Medicine. However, their excessive allegiance to the idea of “Chi” and their relative philosophical dogmatism creates
certain semantic limitations that Osteopathy does not have.  Because every consultant is unique and because problems are different from one
person to another, the duration of the cares, their effectiveness, and their cost are also different. Druidic Medicine is the most individualized form of
treatment there is. Since the treatment is very often synergistic (several spiritual physicians working simultaneously or sequentially on the
consultant), and because it requires much more attention, time, and expertise than any other medical procedure, independently of any other
spiritual or philosophical issues, Druidic Medicine is relatively expensive. It compares very well with surgery, although that also requires much time,
much attention, and much expertise. Furthermore, Druidic Medicine is fundamentally sacrificial. Since the spiritual physicians sacrifice themselves
heavily when engaged in their technique of “empathetic catalysis,” and ultimately put their very health and life at stake for their own consultants, they
expect from them some true reciprocation.

In accord with the aforementioned Druidic atonement which is an essential part of the whole process, the consultants are expected to compensate
the spiritual physicians in their work as advocate, by nothing less than what they would spend in a legal battle with a well-renowned attorney. After
all, Druidic Medicine is nothing short of an existential and Spiritual plea through specific techniques of intercession, for people, to try to win their
case, even though they have already, repetitively, dramatically and blatantly broken Divine Natural Laws. Their situation of transgressors of the
higher bio-legal system puts them in a position of “defendants.” In addition to paying the price of “etho-spiritual surgery,” the consultants must be
ready to face the cost of their own “bio-Legal vindication.”

IV.  AVALLAC’H [Philip Sauvage]

Scientist. Besides being the last lineal Druid on the face of this Earth, Avallac’h is also a pioneer in the field of scientific research. His
achievements in the fields of Ethology and Criminology are outstanding. However, it is his work in the domain of Phylogenetics (the science of
human and animal evolution) that forms its greatest contribution to scientific knowledge. His treatise on “reverse evolution” gives science an
entirely new perspective on the deeper phylogenetic processes. This work denounces most accepted theories of evolution (especially Darwinism)
as utterly obsolete and completely inadequate in explaining the reality of paleontologic facts. In his detailed description of the dramatic involution
that most living organisms (human phylum more than all others) are experiencing, Avallac’h invites us to a radical, although extremely frightening,
revision of the entire picture of our ultimate origins.  

Historical Figure. Avallac’h is one of the most important living cultural symbols of Celtic culture.  Since immemorial ages, his direct ancestors have
been the perennial Guardians of the most ancient and biggest Megalithic sanctuary on the face of this planet. When they first came in contact with
the Eastern invaders of the Bronze Age (improperly called the “Celts”), the male Druidic order opted for a compromise. Absolutely antagonistic to
the violent, non-egalitarian, and deeply patriarchal culture of the invaders. The female Druidic order immediately went underground. Also, full of
contempt for their cheap polytheistic, pagan superstitions, the Druidesses decided to become the secret keepers of the purest original expression
of the ancient Hyperborean spirituality. Thus, the Druidic order only managed to survive secretly in the region of Avallac’h’s Clan because the area
had been much more deeply “Hyperboreanized” than “Celticized.” Independently of the much greater depth and higher antiquity of the Hyperborean
influence on this area, a few geographical and historical advantages from a survival point of view were also at play to select Avallac’h’s homeland
as the very last clandestine stronghold of the ancient Polar Atlantean tradition. This tradition that has thus far survived more than forty centuries of
ethnic genocide and cultural holocaust.

The spiritual heritage of Avallac’h comes from a direct and unadulterated oral tradition. The secret initiatory transmission of his Celtic Clan’s
wisdom and powers come from twelve millennia of Hyperborean Diaspora, making him a living library of knowledge long thought to be extinct.
More, indeed, than being only this anachronistic cultural treasure, Avallac’h is also the last
Strobinneller (“Shift Master” in ancient Celtic). According
to the most ancient Hyperborean tradition, when the time for a major transition will come, from the ranks of the female Druidic order, a “Gate-
Opener” will rise up. For the first time in the entire Druidic history, he will have the wisdom and powers of the male Druids and the Druidesses,
alike. This shall also mark the very end of the Druidic era, the end of ethnic and spiritual differences, and the beginning of a new Covenant between
Man, Life and God. It is the great-grandmother of Avallac’h, his guide and master during his first eighteen years of initiation, who first recognized
him as the last
Strobinneller. She did so according to secret processes and marks of recognition not totally unlike the Tibetan system used to label
some exceptionally historical reincarnations.

Environmental Hero. Having reached unprecedented fame in Europe after several scientific experiences of his exceptional healing abilities, Avallac’
h became a media star on an unheard of scale. He used his renown on the European TV to promote his philosophy of Life and his eco-
humanitarian projects. All the funds he raised through his healing practice were used to rescue the environment (dolphins, elephants, and rain
forests) or distributed to several humanitarian operations (rescuing the American Indians, the Eskimos, the African children. and saving the last
Osnias in Israel, etc.). It was not unusual for Avallac’h and his humanitarian foundation to receive thousands of letters a day from people begging
him to heal them from their terminal health condition. In exchange for their sacrificial contributions to fund his eco-humanitarian projects (all the
consultants had to donate in advance several thousand of dollars as a mark of repentance and as a sign of respect for the Divine Natural Order),
Avallac’h thus rescued thousands from the most dreadful, allegedly incurable, diseases.

Avallac’h practiced his “Sacred Art” in one of the most enigmatic and holy locations in all the Celtic Nations: A 12th Century Monastery that
represents the last “Castle” of the mysterious Celtic Knights-Templars, whose roots go back directly to the “Red Branch” and the “Holy Grail.” This
Medieval Sanctuary had also been established on the mythical hermitage of Gwenc’hlan who represents the last known “male Druid” in the official
history. The sublime respect of the Celtic Knights-Templars for this specific historical figure tells us a lot about their deeper and true heritage.


After having traveled worldwide, Avallac’h has chosen America to start up the climactic phase of his existential achievements. According to him, only
here still exist the eco-spiritual thirst, the pioneering temperament, and the machinery for change. Furthermore, many well-known American values,
such as Freedom, Justice, and religious self-reliance also happen to be essential pillars of the ancient Druidic system. Being exactly as practical
and “matter-of-fact” as most Americans, Avallac’h would first like to prove himself from a purely scientific perspective. He wants to organize series
of scientific experiments that will forever authenticate his “Druidic Powers” and, furthermore, distinguish his form of “healing” from any conventional
or unconventional known therapeutic technique. For reasons that would be too long to explain here, the initial experiments will deal exclusively with
severe burn-related traumas. Because one of the many objectives of those tests is to eliminate once and for all the “placebo argument” in his
“treatment,” Avallac’h wants most of those experiments to be performed on animals or on human subjects who are unaware of the research
protocol. This being done, Avallac’h will agree to stage further scientific tests, in the field of molecular biology, for instance.

For the first time in his life, Avallac’h has decided to delegate. He has started to teach a few persons (mostly physicians) and plans to acquire, as
soon as possible, the first experimental center in which people will learn Theosomatic philosophy and healing techniques. When his first team of
students have eventually acquired a sufficient level of operational knowledge, they will open, in turn, new experimental centers and, in so doing, will
contribute to educating the public on what health and spiritual issues really mean. They will also strengthen Avallac’h’s environmental and
humanitarian projects. His ultimate goal is to reconcile Man with Man, Man with the Earth, and Man with God. To do so, there is nothing better than
showing clearly and practically that it is really possible. Theopraxis is the immediate and concrete work for God, by God, and God only—to show
God’s absolute reality and almightiness through Sacred Healing and “miraculous violations” in the “normal course” of alleged incurable diseases.
We show to God our respect, our love, and our gratitude by reinstating Divine Natural Laws here on Earth in helping as much as we can our
environment, regarded definitely as Sacred.

One cannot own the Earth since we belong to her. Still, we can buy back the Earth -- with money -- and give it back to God. That is why people have
to give away, as sacrificially as possible, in the very process of Druidic atonement: Not only to save the environment from our terrible ecological
depredations. Not only to acquire “green territories” in which animal or human endangered species will be safe. Not even only to recreate “Arks of
survival” in which the thousands of children who are dying every day could eventually find some hope. But also to reintroduce -- in what once was
the true “Garden of Eden” -- species who have been regarded as “extinct” (because of recent human depredations), and that we would have “re-
actuated” in our own biogenetic research centers.

In doing so, we would perhaps show our Maker that we have begun to acknowledge the problem and that we have started to fix it ourselves. Many
people are waiting for God to make a move, to send us (again?) a “Redeemer” for the Earth to become (again), the Divine Natural paradise she
once was. Why couldn’t it be the other way around? What if God was actually awaiting for us to start the whole process on our own before sending
us this “Dharmic Redeemer” and reestablishing with us a new Covenant?

“Instead of asking what God can do for you, just ask yourself what you can do for God.”

Taking Philip Savage's advanced technology from Ethiatrics (the individual level) to Sociatrics (the global level)

Morphogenic Composite-Ideogram Cybernetics, MCC, is the APPLIED Science and Technology of making composite digitalized ideograms
blending the DNA and Morphic images of different persons in order to "process" those ideograms to bring about the desired and requested

Going beyond theory and methodology, Cybernetician Philippe Sauvage and his team, apply the MCC computerized technology in criminology,
business, private security and health.

While our immediate objective is to make available this most powerful multi-billion dollar science and technology to those in a position to use it
(government agencies, police criminologists, politicians, medical doctors and scientists), our common (long-term) interest is most clearly to
"change the world" in order to literally save it.

To accomplish humanity's goal of "survival", we shall overturn the current reductionist, materialist paradigm dominating all 20th century scientific
endeavors by replacing it with a new peiradigm (a concept very dear to Philippe Sauvage) based on PROOF (of the Truth.)

[Incontrovertible empirical evidence documenting some of those most extraordinary "proofs" utilizing Mr. Sauvage's most advanced
"archeofuturistic" science and technologies (which, objectively, could be considered coming from outside of our own space/time dimension or
our illusion thereof) are placed in his website section titled "AVALLAC'H".]

MCC may be applied in ANY CRISIS - personal, existential, business, political, economic, health, etc.. Every person has a need for MCC and CAN
use it. Every organization and agency with their particular agenda, every group and nation with their internal and national security issues has a
need for MCC and CAN use it.

MCC is designed to "go after the bad guys," defined however the client, customer, patient decides. In a legal case, it's the "adversary." In the
political arena, it's the "opponent." In criminology, it's the "criminal." On the international front, it's the "terrorist" and the "rogue dictator." In health,
it's the "disease," the "illness," the "meaninglessness."

There are three generalized modes of application for MCC:

1.    ENHANCEMENT: is basically about the unified field of consciousness. Philippe Sauvage simply has techniques, a methodology, about how to
connect all that - including Jungian archetypes, Sheldrakian morphogenetic fields, and Katznechievian psychofields. "I enhance people - unify
people. It's optimization: 'Be all you can be without knowing it." Applied to athletics (human and animals) and to intellectual competition, MCC
enhances the "energetic potential" to undreamed -of levels of possibilization.

2.    HEALTHENING: reversing the entropic degeneration at the individual (ethiatrics) and collective (sociatrics) levels - health and wholeness for
people, animals, athletes, families, groups and societies. "Health is not only the mere absence of sickness, just as happiness is not only the
lack of disaster and misfortunes. Health is a proactive proposition generally very much misunderstood. In our point of view, health is a natural
state of absolute wholesomeness, of vibrant homeostatic harmony, of deep existential self-fulfillment and of true personal meaningfulness."

3.    REMOVAL: the ability to "mess up the mind of just about anyone" who deserves it... provoking crisis, chaos and symptoms of dysfunctionality
within the given negative circumstances. As sinister as this may at first sound, you must understand the context. For the hypothetical scenario,
negative circumstances exist which cause harm in individual lives and society. The negative influences may be "removed" simply by altering the
causal individual's perception on life whereby they no longer are motivated (consciously or unconsciously) to cause harm. Hence, the pre-
existing mental state of the target is altered to provoke existential crisis allowing remedy to set in. For example, a child molester can no longer
meaning and family life. In a saint, it removes the "obstruction" to the Divine Self. (Actual cases of MCC application in the removal mode are
understandably "classified.") As you will read elsewhere in this site, Philippe Sauvage is prevented by Higher Protocol from directly causing harm
to anyone, even the worst individual bio-cosmic criminal. The result of Sauvage’s process simply restores direct relationship for the offender with
Infinite Justice.

MCC is capable of making people "do what they otherwise would not do and, conversely, NOT do what they otherwise would do."
Mind controls (or influences) body, but what controls the Mind -- the so-called individual and collective human "mind"?  Philippe Sauvage
operates at a dimension beyond human experience and is able to bring about (influence or control) CHANGES OF MIND.

Applications are unlimited - limited ONLY by the requestors' imaginations. The PROTOCOL of Transdimensional Refraction relates to the
specific processes and sciences of bringing about the "impossible." Our strategy is to rock the boat of the scientific establishment by
DEMONSTRATING to scientists and medical doctors on their own territory and in their own labs, the existence of multiple BIO-FORCES beyond
what they can see, know and understand.… To DEMONSTRATE a baseline of the interrelatedness of all Life, multiple dimensions and
Consciousness in all Life -- at the cellular level and then beyond -- by showing PROOF that matter has been influenced (changed according to
the pre-specified demand).

Philippe Sauvage's Subliminal Influentiality dialectic has frequently focused on individual application, but MCC can and does also TREAT
(process) huge groups of people at the same time, with results predefined by clients who want to influence or control the changes in
government, ecology, politics, crime, finances, and other institutions according to their own agenda. In this way, we control our future by
"blending" (merging) individuals and groups needing change with those they want to be like. MCC raises consciousness and eliminates the
destructive behavioral patterns of individuals and groups. For example:

BUSINESS: "Subliminal 'enhancement' is one of the more popular benefits of our technology. In business, this means that high performance
corporate executives could compete more productively in the global marketplace. Likewise, subliminal enhancement of a company's sales force
should guarantee absolute loyalty of the personnel, and a much higher output of their professional energy. But of course, in the ruthless jungle of
real business, more indeed than any form of marketing or sales-force enhancements, it is the subliminal elimination of the competitors (and to a
lesser extent the removal of no longer desirable employees or disloyal partners) that forms the most invaluable asset of our subliminal
technologies. ... In commercial 'warfare', the main competitor processed by [MCC] may also decide to retire prematurely with what he already
accumulated rather than work fourteen hours a day (without family life, and always on the verge of losing everything he has acquired), to risk
losing further economic investments."

FAMILY: "The subliminal removal of an undesirable element, foreign to the family unit, whose mere presence constitutes a serious danger to
family harmony is only one of the immense possibilities of [MCC]. The quick and favorable conclusion to some 'messy' divorce forms another
asset. The subliminal recovery of some brainwashed child or some abducted parent (heavy drugs, gang affiliation or any criminal 'cults'
scenario), is a tool unique of its kind to bring back to sanity, and where they belong, any person suffering from some 'mind-kidnapping.'"

ATHLETICS, INTELLECTUAL COMPETITION: "The subliminal enhancement of human athletes (individually or as a team) can increase the
energetic potential by as much as 20%. In case of animals, the subliminal enhancement can go even higher. 'Subliminal Hypno-doping' [via
MCC] on race horses, for instance, is not only legal but nothing short of phenomenal. Subliminal intellectual enhancement of someone who
needs to tackle new professional challenges (or exams) is absolutely remarkable."

LEGAL: "A false witness, rather than testify in court and thus put his own life in peril, could decide instead, after brain-reset, to go fishing or to
disappear in the snug comfort of anonymity.... The tremendous edge [MCC] gives the legal team who uses it is so decisive it needs no further

All requests and applications of MCC are based on the essential laws of RECIPROCITY -- give and receive. All donations are received by our non-
profit organization, and are used to fund, protect, and pursue our mission and projects to save the Earth and replace the human species with
higher consciousness.

Bar none, the most potent and valuable science this planet has yet to experience is right here, and right now!  Available on this website... It is
called Morphogenic Composite-Ideogram Cybernetics, using the power of Transdimensional Refraction to usher in the Archeofuture, wherein the
best of infinite eras and ages, dimensions and realities are merged into a complete whole of Absolute Immanence.

The long and the short of it is this: Philippe Sauvage is "not of this world". Though physically born and raised on this planet, he is of an alternate
reality and of multiple realities (which overlay our own), the existence of which quantum physics is just beginning to recognize. As he describes
himself, he is an 'interdimensional being', able to travel at will between multiple realities and dimensions. His phenomenal results in all
applications of his "powers", simply put, result out of the infinite variety of possible outcomes available, and pushing (or pulling as the case may
be) that pre-selected outcome to the front. "Manifestation" of that new reality is then achieved as a matter of course.

The only external dynamic that affects the outcome is, then, the commitment of the requestor to their own self-improvement. Value for value, the
'scales of Justice' must be balanced. You cannot expect to receive the benefit of Sauvage's gifts without contributing of yourself to the balancing of
the scales.

A Rescuer of
Earth, Life and Justice, not a "healer" or "spiritual master" (i.e. not a guru responsible for souls of humans). Philippe Sauvage is
responsible for bailing us out of the hell we've created and to give us a chance to redeem ourselves and BUY OUR WAY OUT! In this way, we
become part of the solution instead of part of the problem, the latter of which is to be "sunk" into the current destructive, degenerative,
materialistic pseudo-scientific, religious, social-political paradigm.

Our job, our duty actually, is to IMAGINE and USE MCC now that the time has truly come. The Earth is ready to shake down and RISE UP - we're in
position to assist by making the "SHIFT" less hard, less violent, and more peaceful. MCC is the DIVINE INTERVENTION -- in the form of a tool, a
technology, a Power, the non-lethal WEAPONS SYSTEM -- SUBLIMINAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY -- that we need to SURVIVE and move
into the next phase of Evolution (Reversal of the Devolution of the Species).

Who do you know who's suffering or dying?  Who wants to see the proof with their own eyes of this unprecedented science and technology?  Who
wants to say they're sorry for the damages humanity has done to Life on this planet and the Planet itself?  Who wants to take the most exciting
"journey" they couldn't even imagine? Tell them about this website and the extraordinary "person)" (and forces!) behind this phenomenal work.

P.S.  As Philippe Savage has written in 1999, "Among the wealthiest of my clients, I am surprised that there has never been one specific
individual who, too rich to have anything to lose or just for the sake of the most interesting gamble of their life, did not try to reach my own
dualytic limitations, if such limitations do exist.…
This then represents some very ancient 'fantasy' of mine, almost an obsession and forms
also my oldest scare.… What should happen if I meet someone on this planet that would fill up my own 'dualytic tank' to a point where all my
projects (even the most utopianistic of them) could be all of a sudden put in action and in motion? What would be then the magnitude of my own
reciprocation?... " (
Journey into the Absolute Elsewhere, 82-83, 1999).    

Subliminal lnfluentiality as a science and Subliminal Hypno-Programming as an ultra-practical technology both repose on the same strikingly
new idea of:

The new science of Subliminal Influentiality and the advanced technology of Subliminal Hypno-Programming, originated by Philip Savage, have
been tested over a period of twenty-five years on thousands of human and animal subjects in some of the most reputable scientific institutes of
Europe. No longer theoretical, this fully developed science can be activated from anywhere in the World and hit any human targets (individual or
collective) wherever their location. There are no “antisubliminal” countermeasures. One cannot avoid the ineluctable (but unconscious) taking
over of his most essential centers of decisions (both intellectual and emotional), and one cannot escape his/her own neuro-behavioral
recalibration according to the client’s specific objective.

Although the “product’ we are putting on the market, Subliminal Hypno-Programming, has arisen from a science that has been documented for
well over a century, our technology has almost nothing to do with hypnosis, deprogramming, or any other such device. Precisely because it is
subliminal and distant, our technology far exceeds any known system in the world.  [(1)  Actually, it is simply for the sake of semantic clarification
that we use the concept of hypnosis at all, and in fact, we use the term very loosely. Our technique is really not a form of “hypnotism.” The field of
hypnosis as a scientific technique simply provides a framework that people can at least try to understand, and a product to which they can
attempt to relate.]

Hypno-programming, in general, means to implant deeply hypnotized subjects with specific conditioning for them to respond automatically to
some post-hypnotic stimulus. It is well-known, for instance, that after they have been effectively suggested or “programmed” to take off some of
their clothes when the doctor puts his glasses back on his nose, or scratches his ear (or some other visual or sonic signal), people obey the
signal like sheer automata. According to Dr. Herbert Spiegel, M.D., psychiatrist and professor at Columbia University Medical School, regarded
as a worldwide expert in the field of hypnosis, “It is possible to instruct a highly hypnotizable person to perform many acts including

Dr. Spiegel is one of the many proponents of the “hypno-programming theory” in the case of the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy by Sirhan
Sirhan, whom he defined as a “hypnotic virtuoso.” According to Dr. Spiegel, only five percent of the population is as highly hypnotizable as Sirhan
Sirhan (who has never been able to remember what happened during the assassination, a fact confirmed by all the psychiatrists involved in the
case), making him the ideal subject for some of the most fascinating experiments ever conducted in the domain of “influence technologies.”

Furthermore, more than sixty witnesses testified that Sirhan Sirhan was at least three to five feet away from and in front of his alleged victim,
whereas the coroner who performed the official autopsy of R.F.K. (Dr. Thomas T. Nogushi, chief Medical Examiner, Los Angeles) confirmed that
the gun that killed the presidential candidate was pressed against his back (where the Senator’s skin was burned with gun powder residue). In
addition, local and federal law enforcement officers reported finding more than the eight bullets contained in Sirhan Sirhan’s revolver, suggesting
the existence of a second unidentified gun.

Reinforcing the conspiracy theory and the setup of Sirhan Sirhan as a “patsy” is the fact that the laboratory ballistic tests have never matched the
bullets that killed R.F.K. with Sirhan Sirhan’s gun, pretty well documenting the existence of a second revolver and of a wider plot to liquidate who
was then very likely to become the next president of the Untied States. We are interested in the R.F.K. and Sirhan Sirhan story only to emphasize
the potential reality of hypno-programming and its use as a fundamental basis of the “influence technologies” now used by the U.S. and other
governments throughout the world. [(2)  For further information on the details of the R.F.K. conspiracy theory, contact Philip Melanson (Director of
R.F.K. Assassination Archives, University of Massachusetts) or Lawrence Teeter (Sirhan Sirhan’s current attorney who is committed to reopen
the case in the light of the new hypno-programming evidence).]

What is new about our product, and which makes it absolutely unique and light years beyond the possibilities of conventional hypno-
programming, is the added theme of “
distant-subliminality.” This means that our technology, Subliminal Hypno-Programming, can “implant” the
unconscious sphere of specific human subjects much deeper (i.e., at the subliminal level), more effectively, beneath the threshold of the subject’
s awareness (i.e., eliminating completely the placebo or belief factor), and from an unlimited distance (i.e., theoretically, anywhere in the world.)  

Philip Savage explains why this is so,

“To use my technology’ only requires the collection of minimum symbolical parameters before it could be set up. [This] means that direct contact
between the human subjects and the psychogenic source is highly redundant. Distances also are irrelevant: A few microns or thousands of
kilometers ... it is just the same. There is no separability of people, things or events. They all inclusively belong to a higher unified continuum.  
The concept of an individualized “ego” is just as metaphorical as our alleged spatio-temporal separation. Those ideas only exist within the
modern Western cultural paradigm. In my theory, there is no such thing as one single well-delineated reality, but an unlimited amount of them.”

Clearly, the power of hypnotic suggestion, in general, still remains grossly underestimated, unexplored, and unexploited in science, technology,
and military/commercial uses. Even more so is the potency of subliminal influentiality, which has even greater potential since it taps into the most
fundamental and ancient animalistic layers of our deepest unconscious, the yet undiscovered areas of the brain that are so far inaccessible to
any conventional or unconventional hypnotic technique.

This means that with Subliminal Hypno-Programming, the entire “implant” operation is achieved without any traceable procedure of psycho-
suggestion and, therefore, it does not carry the potential danger of the programmer of later memory retrieval by skilled hypnosis experts.
In other
words, using Subliminal Hypno-Programming, leaves no tracks.

Method.  Subliminal Hypno-Programming works when we are supplied with specific and accurate intelligence on human subjects whom we are
contracted to process. Our technology can then provoke a complete recalibration of the most essential neurobehavioral functions of those
people, which takes place without the subjects noticing anything special happening to them. Depending on the personality of the subject, his
professional or political importance, the urgency of the contract, and other similar variables, the complete resetting of his brain may take from
several days to several months of subliminal processing.

The practical outcome of being exposed to our subliminal technology is the same: Due to major readjustment in the neurological centers
involved in their decision-making processes, the people subjected to our “distant thought-implants” are no longer capable of performing
effectively whatever they were doing prior to our subliminal work. In response to being exposed to the effects of the Subliminal Hypno-
Programming, any chosen human target will soon demonstrate some form of deep psycho-behavioral change, with all the professional, legal,
political and familial consequences it entails. This could include a complete “subliminal brain reset.”

The more those people were operating at high levels of responsibility, the more devastating is the impact of our processing. The more they are
working “on the edge” (CEO’s, political leaders, etc.), the deeper they are affected by the resetting of their most basic intellectual functions. An
analogy is the dramatic impact of a bird hitting a jet traveling at Mach 2 when compared to the insignificant impact from hitting a car traveling at 55

Consequences. The distant subliminal resetting of someone’s brain could very well signify for such a person the nearly immediate termination of
his/her own (professional or political) career.  For instance, in the case of some government contract to remove from his position of power some
infamous dictator of a hypothetical “rogue nation,” a complete subliminal brain reset could very well entail the physical termination of the tyrant
himself by some “fringe elements” of his own personnel.

Although such termination is a potential consequence of using our technology, we emphasize that the Subliminal Hypno-Programming
technology itself is not, in essence, harmful. On the contrary, our technology brings back to the subjects their most basic and natural inborn
condition: Use of the technology erases cultural suppressions, intellectual conditioning and ideological programming that have been imposed
upon the persons from their earliest childhood. The results are akin to putting the brain back to a clean “blank slate” and reintroducing into the
subjects’ intellect their most basic and ancestral behavioral patterns (including self-preservation) that drive them to rethink entirely their own
immediate priorities. In fact, beneath the threshold of their awareness, business teams, athletes (humans or animals), special units, political
staff, etc. show dramatic and beneficial responses when they are purposely subjected to this technology.   [(3)  In many specific cases, this also
includes their most natural human inclinations to love, give, and “do good” in their families and communities.]

The concept of “brain-reset” can, thus, be defined as follows:

The radical and complete debugging of the subject’s neuro-cultural software, back to his/her most primitive and animalistic original setting.

EXAMPLES.  Varying with the intensity of the subliminal exposure, such brain-reset would induce a ‘bestial” criminal, for instance, to act on the
compulsive desire to amend himself and shift his need to belong, from gang affiliation to a harmonious reinsertion into this “normal” socio-
cultural fabric (his family or school, for example).

On some politician, the same exposure could provoke a drive toward privacy and family values as far removed as possible from the “debilitating
grind” of media and politics. Furthermore, if the desire to extract oneself from such a stressful career were not enough, the subliminal brain-reset
would drive the said politician to say the truth, regardless of the consequences, and set loose his most hidden secrets or prejudices, which as
we well know, could constitute the political suicide of many politicians.

In the case of a dictator, if he did not turn into some “born-again” or “do-gooder” that would mark his swift (and violent) demise from power by his
own henchmen, after brain-reset, he should have the intense need to pack up his family and flee his country (sometimes with some
misappropriated funds) for a safe haven in some non-extraditable nation.

Similarly, a false witness, rather than testify in court and thus put his own life in peril could decide instead, after brain-reset, to go fishing or to
disappear in the snug comfort of anonymity. In commercial “warfare,” the main competitor processed by Subliminal Hypno-Programming
technology may also decide to retire prematurely with what he already accumulated rather than work fourteen hours a day (without family life, and
always on the verge of losing everything he has acquired), to risk losing further economic investments.


A.    National and International Security. We do not need to emphasize again the benefit to any government of having the option to remove an
otherwise “irremovable” terrroistic leader of some hypothetical “rogue” nation.

According to Philip Savage,

“After only a few days of (unconsciously) experiencing the first effects of the initial subliminal strike, the targeted person will start to feel a
mounting disinterest for his former occupational field (political, military, industrial, etc.). The internal systems of psycho-inhibition that still kept
him under relative control will collapse. He will lose his most deeply repressed (psychotic) impulses. This will give way to the worst behavioral
excesses and intense emotional episodes that his personal staff (and his family) have ever endured.”

We will mention, however, that through Subliminal Hypno-Programming, such a procedure would be done legally, nonviolently, and untraceably,
saving for example, the cost, both financial and human, of organizing and implementing a risky armed popular insurrection.
At this level,
Subliminal Hypno-Programming may represent the best instrument ever devised for utilization in the field of government intelligence, the first
entirely nonviolent weapon system available for use in a hopefully more humanistic global society.

B.  Criminology.  Our technology affords the possibility of curbing the crime rate on an unprecedented scale. By using advanced digitalized
systems to synthesize the images of thousands of specific criminals of violent crimes into one “holotype,” these criminals can be subliminally
processed as a whole. In this way, crime reduction can be dealt with at the city, state, or even federal level of law enforcement.

Explaining this procedure, Savage writes,

“This criminal “holotype” will then combine most psycho-vibrational features of nearly all other criminals who predate in the same criminological
area.  A protracted and high intensity subliminal work on such a “holotype” would affect, to some extent, the deeper functioning of the CNS
(Central Nervous System) of all criminals and potential criminals in this particular area. Consequently, the crime rate will drop in direct relation to
the magnitude of the subliminal procedure.”

C.   Business.  Subliminal “enhancement” is one of the more popular benefits of our technology. In business, this means that high performance
corporate executives could compete more productively in the global marketplace. Likewise, subliminal enhancement of a company’s sales force
should guarantee absolute loyalty of the personnel, and a much higher output of their professional energy.

But of course in the ruthless jungle of real business, more indeed than any form of marketing or sales-force enhancements, it is the subliminal
elimination of the competitors (and to a lesser extent the removal of no longer desirable employees or disloyal partners) that forms the most
invaluable asset of our subliminal technologies.

D.    Stock Exchange.  Although such a domain also related to the sector of business, it deserves to be herein, separated on grounds of its own
idiosyncrasies and its own specific rules. No one better than the professionals who are familiar with the seemingly limitless psychological
fluctuations at play in a place such as Wall Street, would appreciate the extraordinary benefits that Subliminal Hypno-Programming could bring
them when it is employed with surgical precision and optimum synchronicity on the right players. Such a technology affords the beneficiaries to
create new financial trends of their own, as well as to abort abruptly the wave of trust that made the stock of their competitors soar, prior to being
exposed to our subliminal processes. Nowhere else in the battlefield of business, could the complete brain reset of some major opponents yield
returns of more dramatic importance than in the economic warfare of modern stock exchange.

E.    Legal.  Any skilled lawyer will understand right away the unlimited possibilities of using Subliminal Hypno-Programming to brain-reset some
false witness, for instance, or any other party directly or indirectly involved in a difficult court case. The tremendous edge Subliminal Hypno-
Programming gives the legal team who uses it is so decisive it needs no further explanation.

F.    Family.  The subliminal removal of an undesirable element, foreign to the family unit, whose mere presence constitutes a serious danger to
family harmony is only one of the immense possibilities of Subliminal Hypno-Programming. The quick and favorable conclusion to some
“messy” divorce forms another asset. The subliminal recovery of some brainwashed child or some abducted parent (heavy drugs, gang affiliation
or any criminal “cults” scenario), is a tool unique of its kind to bring back to sanity, and where they belong, any person suffering from some “mind-

G.    Athletics and Intellectual Competition.  The subliminal enhancement of human athletes (individually or as a team) can increase the
energetic potential by as much as 20%. In case of animals, the subliminal enhancement can go even higher. “Subliminal Hypno-doping” on
RACE HORSES, for instance, is not only legal but nothing short of phenomenal. Subliminal intellectual enhancement of someone who needs to
tackle new professional challenges (or exams) is absolutely remarkable.

H.    Politicians and Lobbies. With our technology, it is possible to sway a targeted electorate or enhance the image of particular candidates. By
implanting a compulsive desire to tell the truth, we can also completely remove from the public scene a notoriously corrupt or criminal politician.

According to Philip Savage, Subliminal Influentiality works better “non-diluted,” being implemented full force and with unabated consistency on
ONE individual rather than being applied on numerable human subjects:

“The smaller the population sample, the more accurate and consistent the subliminal work. This does not mean that subliminal technologies
cannot be successfully utilized on thousands (even indeed millions) when the objective is to sway large segments of any given population (e.g.,
against criminals or in a political scenario). It just means that we are not talking about the sane setup and the same processes at play.

“For example, if perfect accuracy and complex strategical parameters are required, as in the case of removing from office the political leader of
some hypothetical “rogue nation,” my technology must be calibrated very differently than when it is used to implant unconscious thought-
processes on thousands. It is like working on very high-frequencies in the first case, and applying extremely low-frequency on a much broader
spectrum in the other.”

I.  Health.  Doctors are dealing with illness, not health. There are thousands of various definitions of pathological conditions in medical terms, but
not one single definition of health. Health is not only the mere absence of sickness, just as happiness is not only the lack of disaster and
misfortunes. Health is a proactive proposition generally very much misunderstood: In our point of view, health is a natural state of absolute
wholesomeness, of vibrant homeostatic harmony, of deep existential self-fulfillment, and of true personal meaningfulness.

“HEALTHENING,” the term we have given to the subliminal treatment of the most fundamental centers of human homeostasis, emphasizes the
positive proactive element in the process of health reposession. In the case of health, which is much more than some specific brain-reset,
subliminal processing aims at a more comprehensive neuro-physiological resetting of the most ancestral and natural functions of human well-
being.  Since people’s systems of beliefs are dangerously instrumental in the decline of their health, it is only through subliminal conduits that
one can bypass with such unprecedented efficiency this morbid mind-body disconnection.

Because it represented the “semantic smoke screen” through which Subliminal Hypno-Programing has been tested and implemented with an
unheard-of rate of success for more than twenty years and on thousands of “patients” in Europe, it is quite obvious that the worth of such a
technology when applied to health issues does not need to be further emphasized. Very especially, if one remembers that such “subliminal
treatments” were at the peak of their niche of employment when they were used in cases judged “desperate” or “terminal” by traditional medicine
or by the so-called alternative medicines, as well.

The science of Subliminal Influentiallity has been tested in Europe over a period of more than twenty yeas on more than 50,000 people and
animals with remarkably successful outcomes. Documentation of these tests and experimentation is available upon request.

Philip Savage, the originator of the science of Subliminal Influentiality, is a 45 year old European scientist with an outstanding background in
Anthropology, Ethology, and Criminology. He has also an impressive civil background, as the youngest Lieutenant in his generation and expert in
counter-terrorist activity during the 1970s. When European nations were on the verge of political collapse due to an unprecedented wave of
domestic and international terrorism, Savage was a leading field operative whose deep undercover work significantly contributed to the
(temporary) eradication of terrorism (in the form of both Communist and Neo-Facist subversion).

After leaving the field of “special operations” and after completing his own scientific researches, under the convenient cloak of “distant subliminal
healing,” Philip Savage later gained an undreamed-of celebrity status in Europe. His work was tested in leading medical universities (such as
the Curie Institute in Paris) with exceedingly positive results, especially when the “subliminal treatments” were on babies, fetuses, or animals
where the possibility of placebo or psycho-suggestion was eliminated. In all of these cases, Savage’s testing purposely ruled out, once and for
all, the possibility of later argument that his success was due to any form of placebo. For these overwhelming results, he repetitively broke all
known records of European TV ratings.

Knowing that Americans are noted to be as pragmatic and matter-of-fact as he is, Savage is currently subjecting his science of Subliminal
Influentiality to a series of randomized, blinded studies in some of the best scientific institutes, research centers, and medical hospitals. Various
on-going clinical trials have begun in the U.S., for example, with renowned medical scientists, including Elisabeth Targ, M.D. and Larry Dossey, M.
D.  Such research will undoubtedly contribute substantially to the continued validation of this new science and its full spectrum of Subliminal
Influence Technologies.

Philip Savage is not a theorist or an idealist. He is a diehard skeptic who believes only in verifiable facts and pure scientific methodology. In
Europe, Savage was Chairman of a skeptic foundation (The Ethical Committee of Alternative Sciences) whose sole purpose was to debunk the
frauds and charlatans who make preposterous “psychic” claims and also to give any new valid scientific theory with true heuristic potential (even
if somewhat far-fetched), the opportunity to be validated or invalidated solely through the most stringent experimental methodology.

As originated by Philip Savage, however, the science of Subliminal Influentiality and the technology of Subliminal Hypno-Programming are not
based simply on his background as research scientist or “counter-terrorist agitprop.” They are founded on his own multi-millenarian Celtic
heritage which has integrated mind-body interaction and “factualizing intentionality” over a period of thousands of years of practice, combining it
with the most futuristic breakthroughs of quantum physics and post-Jungian theories of the Psychofields.

The new science of Subliminal Influentiality is based on the theoretical assumption that all living things are deeply embedded into a unified field
of global consciousness which Savage calls the “psycho-continuum.” His theory is, thus, not unrelated to the most advanced concepts of
Quantum mechanics (inseparability and a-locality), Jungian theory (Synchronicity and collective unconscious), and theories of the morphogenetic
fields (Sheldrake) and of the psychofields (Kaznatcheiev).

According to Philip Savage,

“What is usually referred to as individual consciousness represents in fact, minor epiphenomena and temporary singularities of an infinitely
higher level of reality and collective consciousness. This sensorial reductionism comes form our fragmented understanding of our actual
spatiotemporal environment and of our true higher self.”

“[With my technology], I am able to break into the psycho-continuum, “surf” in it with excellent accuracy, and eventually reconfigure it according to
specific purposes. People actively exposed to my subliminal procedure are then driven to do, unconsciously, things they otherwise would not do
(or are driven unconsciously not to do things that they otherwise would do).”

Physicist and Lab Director, Gaetan Chevalier, Ph.D., of the California Institute of Human Science, who for two years studied the effects of Philip
Savage’s science and technology, states that, “It’s practical efficiency exists beyond a shadow of a doubt.... I can only recommend that more
testing be conducted in this scientific field whose potential is one of the most extraordinary that I have ever had an opportunity to work on
throughout my entire scientific career.”

See also Dr. Chevalier’s attached summary report and lab test, documenting the extremely unusual pattern in Philip Savage’s brain waves,
which he claims clearly indicates an unknown higher state of consciousness that takes place during Savage’s subliminal processing.

The product that comes from this new science of Subliminal Influentiality—which we have termed Subliminal Hypno-Programming—currently
maintains an absolute monopoly and unprecedented exclusivity, as well as an extraordinary value and potential to the public and to the realm of
business. In other words, the technology has no competitor in the world. Precisely because of these conditions, the sole problem is to validate
and explain the very reality of the scientific claims in a way that any reasonably educated person can understand.

Furthermore, due to its highly controversial nature from a philosophical and ethical point of view, it is imperative to try to highlight not the potential
misuse of subliminal influence technologies, but rather emphasize its greater benefits to mankind as a whole. Atomic energy, genetic
engineering and the like represent fantastic assets to the world. They also represent high risks that should arouse legitimate worry in every

Instruments and technologies are neutral, however. They are not intrinsically good or evil. Automobiles don’t kill people; bad drives do. Guns don’
t murder innocent victims, criminals do. Likewise, the science of Subliminal Influentiality is not the devil of “mind-control” that some may fear and
criticize. In fact, it is often those who do express irrational censure of scientific progress who may be responding to undercurrents of evil lurking
within their own deeper psyche that could potentially drive them to make use of such technology for harmful purposes.

We already know, for example, of the widespread research by the American government in mind-control experiments through advanced
microwave technologies, among many others. Reports of this research on the so-called “influence technologies” are drawing increasing public
attention. Because this research on such subliminal weaponry is considered highly classified and controversial, its use is consistently denied by
the U.S. Government.

Nevertheless, many private researchers dare to try to investigate the secret and disquieting uses, such as the MILAB phenomenon (illegal Military
Abductions of civilians for ultra sensitive government experiments). Given this documentation, it no longer seems doubtful that hypno-
programming technologies are being used on certain preselected, highly hypnotizable subjects in order to accomplish some specific secret
agenda. With our technology, however, Subliminal Hypno-Programming — which reaches so much farther than any known or unknown
technology that has yet been tested or attempted to be tested by the U.S. government — we have the absolute edge.

According to Philip Savage, our tasks are to,

1)        Find people who are intelligent enough to use, for their own best interests, my futuristic technology (which is immediately available) that
authorizes them to complete or exceed their industrial, strategical, political agenda (whatever that agenda may be).

2)        Convince those people who could work with me, but who cannot afford to have the slightest doubt, as to the very reality, frightening
efficiency, and insurpassable value of my technology.

The ultimate point to consider is that, in the entire course of human history, never have we seen a scientific discovery this invaluable be
successfully suppressed or eliminated due to misplaced ethical concerns. Once a new body of knowledge such as subliminal influence
technologies exists, it is here to stay — to be studied, documented, and used by those who first discover it. Rather than doubt or argue as to its
ethics or future use, critics would be better to join the project at the ground-level in order to try to control the use of the technology from getting into
the wrong hands. Why waste time crying out to the scientific or governmental communities about a new conspiracy against civil liberties? This
science will not simply “go away.”
On the contrary, why not see those new technologies as the ultimate safeguard against tyranny, and possibly
even the last stroke for freedom as we approach the third millennium

“I cannot think of a person (or a group of persons working together toward a specific goal or toward some material
outcome) who would not benefit from using my “subliminal influence technologies,” to bring about a complete
change of attitude (political, commercial, or personal) of some targeted individual (or individuals).”   

                                        (Philip Savage, Father of the Science of Subliminal Influentiality
“In battle one engages with the orthodox, but one gains victory only through the unorthodox.”   (Sun Tsu, The Art of War)
Breaking into people’s mind from a distance without them noticing it, to insert with surgical precision specific new
thought-implants into their deeper unconscious, for them to alter dramatically their former usual behavior according to a
particular plan or strategy.

What in your opinion is the number one cause of disease in this country?

In this country, as anywhere else, the number one cause of disease is our seceding from the Divine Natural Order. All living things are
connected to one another and functionally interactive. We may not like it, but the Earth doesn't belong to us; we still belong to the Earth.
Our planet is our real "higher self," what I call our "Geoself." Our individual health condition reflects the Earth's health condition.

Our globe is sick from our environmental degradations. As parts of the whole, we just echo the Earth's pathologies. While we are in the
process of committing a collective suicide on a global scale, we also constantly defy all the natural laws when it comes to our individual
lifestyles. People live in absolute separation from their environment. They eat, drink and breathe the most toxemic substances without
thinking of the consequences. And when our body tries to get rid of such anti-natural poisons, we no longer trust our own systems of self-
reparation. Since we have lost most of our signals of recognition as to what a beneficial physiological response is, we interpret such
detoxification as "bad" or "uncomfortable," and we rush toward new toxemic abuses which we call "medications."

Instead of trusting blindly the last synthetic gimmick of our techno-chemical civilization, people would be well-inspired to keep faith in God
and Nature a little bit. Our divinely thought-out immuno-physiology, after hundreds of millions of years of evolutionary perfecting, may offer a much
better alternative to what we call sickness than many pharmaceutical substitutes. Now, if you ask me what is THE ultimate cause of
such secession from the Divine Natural Order, you have to understand that it is precisely the ultimate answer to the ultimate question on
human nature. I am convinced that I will have an opportunity to address the problem all along the interview.

Please explain why you believe that food and diet are irrelevant in the healing process... that a person can eat whatever they want? Does
this apply to healthy people? And what about people who are suffering from diseases, allergies, addictions, etc.?

I have never considered food and diet irrelevant. On the contrary, I always advise the people who consult me to eat as much in accordance
with the laws of Nature as they can. Raw food, if possible, and of course free from any chemical or unnatural method of production. However, I
think that one cannot solve the most threatening health conditions by only going on a diet. A healthy diet is only one element of a more global
process that we call therapy. And, in my view, therapy is only one element of a real healing.  Therapy takes care of the effects, the sequels or the
symptoms of an imbalanced health condition. If one doesn't try to solve the causes of such a condition, the cure can only bring relative or
temporary relief.

The cause of most diseases is a collective or individual dramatic alienation from natural laws. To a bio-existential problem, only bio-
existential answers may apply. All things being equal, I will give better chances of recovery to people who have reconquered their natural
self, who have overcome previous feelings of guilt, shame or self-hatred. Persons who are getting back a potent sense of existential self-worth
and commitment. And who are eating with deep vital appetite whatever their fundamental instincts tell them to. In my view, their prognosis may be
better than in the case of people obsessed with health food and health products, but who still don't understand the ultimate bio-existential nature
of their imbalance.

Although you have had many years of working in close collaboration with physicians, you do not believe in the use of medication of any sort.
Please explain.

I am an etho-spiritual teacher, not a medical doctor. My role is not to give advice to my consultants on whether they should or shouldn't take one
type of medication or another. I am not even supposed to talk of such subjects. Truly, for a consultant of mine to address me on such issues
would be the most ascertained way to be dismissed from my cares immediately. In about twenty years of uninterrupted practice, I have never ever
infringed on the territory of medicine. I have been constantly working in perfect intelligence with physicians. I respect their line of work more than
anybody else. Our two domains are complementary, but absolutely different. What they can do, I cannot and what I may do, they may not, that's
clear. I deal with the "pilot" and the "driving;" physicians deal with the vehicle. I am in charge of the "software;" they take care of the "hardware."
However, as I mentioned before in my first answer, from my philosophical and spiritual point of view, sometimes the best possible medicine is
just ... no medicine at all.

Or to be even more specific on such an important subject, in certain circumstances God's natural medicine may work better than most of our
chemical techno-crutches. As far as I am concerned the role of a good medicine is to keep patients alive long enough so that their natural
self-healing abilities take over and bring them to ultimate recovery, right? Ambroise ParC, the true father of modern medicine, used to say, "I
just cure, God heals!" After him, I would say myself: "Doctors may cure, but only God and Divine Nature can really heal." I am just one of the
many instruments to reach such a Healing.

When you work with a person, you say that you take on their guilt, fear, imbalance, trauma and suffering. How, exactly do you do this? Is it a
process or a technique? Should novices try it?

This comes from the concept of "empathetic healing" which relates itself to the higher idea of "Reciprocating Sacrificial Procedure" that
forms the touchstone of my whole philosophical system. After twenty-four years of initiation by my family and almost twenty years of practice
in my own field, I am more than ever convinced that only when "healers" go as far as taking upon themselves the suffering of their "healees,"
is there a chance that they can get beneficial results. The "medicine-men" of all aboriginal cultures throughout the world used to practice
"empathetic healing." It is well-known that American Indian "holy-men" went as far as physical self-mutilation to obtain the healing of their
patients. More than other cultures on Earth, the Celts have always put sacrificial processes at the very pinnacle of their system of beliefs.

Accordingly, when I undertake the reconciliation of some people with the Divine Natural Order, I have no other choice but being absolutely
ready for the ultimate sacrifice of myself on their own behalf. I must merge with them until we are completely reunified, then we have to
merge together with the human superconscious. The human superconscious must merge with the Earth superconscious that must merge in
its turn with some cosmic hyperconscious until the ultimate Divine dimension is eventually activated.

Then the loop comes back the other way around. In the process, if the reciprocating sacrificial drive of the "healee" has been unequivocally
demonstrated, cathartic processes of extreme magnitude transfer most of their existential responsibility upon myself. Then, and only then can
they start to experience unconditional self-love and unconditional self-respect for the "healees" to break free forever from their bio-existential

Therefore, to answer your question, it is a process and a technique as well. Actually, it is much more than that, but I am convinced we may
have another occasion to talk about it further. Should novices try such a system? Unless they do have a death wish or enjoy going insane
from the very first attempt, I wouldn't advise them even to think about it.

Since this is a very unconventional method of healing that is actually the antithesis of modern day healers' work in many ways, please
explain why this method is actually more effective.

It is not a very unconventional method of healing at all. As I have just told you, empathetic techniques are the very benchmark of authentic
healing in a normal traditional environment. In our times of mad technological race against nature and of conceptual gimmickry, it might
just sound somewhat... obsolete, that's all. Actually, from my perspective, it is what you call "those modern day healers" who represent a "very
unconventional method of healing."

And to answer your question on "empathetic healing" techniques versus a would-be "modern healing school," I think we are just not talking
about the same concept of healing at all. In my opinion, the very few of them which have some therapeutic value, only relate to the field of
peripheral or internal human energies (such as the "Chi"). They are using "vibrational technique" that link them directly to the medical
domain, holistic or alternative medicine, especially. On the contrary, traditional healing only takes place on a dual spiritual and existential
level, without direct correlation with medicine.

I am sorry to say that, in my eyes, most of the other would-be "modern healing schools" are totally worthless. They just represent some trendy
mockery of "healing" that only feed on our compulsive race for new "conceptual gadgets." When, very seldom, they may eventually provoke
some kind of limited and subjective results, it only comes from placebo or pseudo-hypnotic self-stimulation. When I was conducting very
advanced scientific healing experiments in Europe, in the most renowned universities, I always loved to confront those "gimmick healers,":
just to see how far their cute little "hypno-babble" may fare when they have to affect vegetal or animal isolated cells under a microscope,
under strict scientific scrutiny….

How do you activate the sacred bio-channeling of your ancestors in your healing process, and what is meant by the term bio-channel?

Bio-channeling means that I must resort to the mediation of Life itself, in its most sacred perspective, to try to provoke the attuning of my
"healees" with the bio-continuum, which is, in my view, uncompromisingly Divine. And in fact, I have already partly answered this question.

Now, if you want me to explain the role of my ancestors and cooperators in this procedure, I must digress briefly on my concept of
"Transcarnation" versus reincarnation. Contrary to a very common mistake, Druids never really believed in reincarnation. The famous Druidic
"metempsychosis" differs from common reincarnational systems in the sense that, in the ancient Celtic paradigm, nothing moves in a linear
fashion, but in circles and cycles. Druids, like the most advanced physicists today, didn't believe in time as a separate, intangible and
distinct dimension. Instead of a sequential succession of different lives, they believed in a multiple simultaneous super-existence. In this
system, one may be a man and a woman in the same time. A human, an animal, a mineral and a plant as well. A drop in the ocean, a quark
and a galaxy just the same. One lives now, before and later without separation. What one does (not DID) in the seventeenth century
influences what one does (not WILL DO) one thousand years from now. In fact, the old Druidic system sounds very much like the theory of
multiple parallel universes.

That's why my ancestors ARE actually my cooperators. That's also why I may shift my consultants from one reality into another.

Actually, there is no such thing as one reality, but different levels of many realities. Virtual realities that just wait to be activated. It is those
strange shifting abilities of mine that drive some of my "healees" to feel just like in the "twilight zone" after my "treatment." We have actually
shifted together from one former pathologic reality into harmonious non-pathological parallel reality. Another dimension in which people
have never been sick, have never been in secession from the Divine Natural Order and where self-empowerment, also self-identification,
reign instead of chaos and entropy.

You rely on the "mysterious process of self-regeneration" from generations of Druids. Please explain what this process is. Can it be
taught? Is it sequential? Nonlinear? Please be specific.

Self-regeneration relates directly to those processes of shifting between different virtual realities. It represents some kind of bio-alchemical
transmutation in which the "lead" of one pathological scenario turns into "gold" in another wholesome one. Of course, all this can be told
after the students have been cleansed from all their delusional cultural entropy that keeps them from expanding on to a higher reality.

Then they would just have to learn how to "surf" from one-dimensional wave to another. Such a "surfing" is, of course, non-lineal and non-
sequential and the "surfboard" is clearly holographic and trans-chronological.

You say that you give the client your life force and primal animalistic homeostasis. Please define. Do you tap into an unlimited supply of this,
and is it why you never get sick when you work on someone? Did this take time to learn?

Actually, I don't give my consultants my life force and my primal animalistic homeostasis; I reconnect them with our common Divine Life
Force and common Divine Primal Animalistic Homeostasis. The sublime bio-harmony within and without from the very beginning, that is. An
undreamed-of state of inner and outer balance in which people are perfectly united in their mind-body connections. United with one
another. United with all living things on earth. And, above all, united with God. The glorious primeval condition in which our individual
physiological balance echoes the collective physiological harmony of our sacred Earth. A time of no disease, no antagonism, no doubt, no
alienation, no delusion and no injustice. A time that still survives in our deeper unconscious as this universal human nostalgia of a long gone
"golden age" of total happiness. Sometimes when people are going through some kind of deep mystical ecstasy and experience feelings of
unconditional compassion for God and for all living things, they recall a like homeostasis.

To answer another segment of your question, I don't know if God actually has an unlimited supply of divinity... but from my insignificant
perspective, the tank sounds pretty darn full!

Now, when you say that I never get sick when I work on someone, you are dead wrong. In fact, I always get very sick when I am taking care of
a sick person and I nearly die when trying to rescue dying human or animal brethren. It is just the "phoenix property" of my ancestors and co-
operators that makes me eventually raise from my own ashes and recover from the ultimate sacrifice. What about teaching it to some
"student" or "apprentice?" There is no major reason it can't be done after adequate cultural and behavioral cleansing.

Whether you are working on someone like Bruce H. with extreme chemical exposure, a dog, or a fetus, is your technique(s) always the
same or does it vary from case to case?

It is never the same. Each procedure is absolutely unique and almost equally risky for me from a spiritual, physical and ethical standpoint,
especially. WE are all one, but we are all different. Unity in multiplicity. That's why, by the way, it is absolutely impossible for me to give my
consultants an appraisal on the symbolical cost of the whole operation before I have a chance to get all the parameters of their existential
crisis. That's also why this varies considerably from one person to another.

Since you are talking of a dog and of a fetus, I'd like to profit by the opportunity to emphasize how much easier it is for me to take care of a
plant, an animal, a fetus or a baby when compared to a fully grown-up human. It is also much easier for me to take care of adults who are
absolutely incapable of knowing what I am trying to do for them (people in a coma for instance), than persons whose system of values needs
to be overcome. It seems to me that there is some kind of reverse correlation between what you could call consciousness and what I would
call Awareness. Incidentally, this also proves -- if it would still be necessary -- that what I am doing for my consultants has nothing in common
with any "faith healing" or psycho-suggestive techniques. Just try to explain to a plant or an animal that they need first to believe in Druids to
have a chance to get healed....

You say that our repressive cultural abilities have frozen up our healing abilities. Please explain and elaborate.

I believe that human beings are born with more than our miserable five senses. Aren't we using our brain at less than 10% of its real
potential? For instance, if you attach to young subjects an appliance that keeps them from seeing or hearing, then later on when you remove
the appliance, they have become blind or deaf. The eye-camera has not been damaged in the slightest, but the cortex has not established
the neuronal and synaptic connections on time. They have become brain-blind forever. Or likewise brain-deaf.

Similarly, when people do not acquire at the proper moment, senses such as self-healing, geomagnetic perception, telepathic interaction,
out-of-body instant travelling, and so many of those additional senses absolutely normal to our "superhuman" ancestors, all those
unsuspected abilities of ours just freeze up. Most of the time never to reappear, but on rare occasions they can partly come back. In such an
instance, they are interpreted as "paranormal" when actually they should be absolutely normal in the scenario of a completely developed
human brain, the way things were only a few millennia ago.

Now, to answer your question as to which one of the current cultural paradigms is the most detrimental of all, I cannot really make a choice.
What is the worst -- AIDS, cancer or plague? From my "prehistoric'" or "post-historic" point of view, I think all our civilizations are being born
equally disruptive and mutilative.

There is no doubt, however, that some religious or cultural paradigms established on extreme anthropocentric alienation are more damaging
than traditional native models. Patriarchal patterns also tend to estrange people from their Natural connections much more than matriarchy

Your goal is to transform every client into their own healer. How, exactly, do you do this?

I don't transform any consultants into healers. I am trying to bring them back to their primordial condition of healers.

Everybody is a natural born healer. We just forget how to heal ourselves, that's all. Sometimes under the influence of prayer, hypnosis or
suchlike, people access some of their primal self-dealing processes. My role is to re-establish the connection with our innate self-healing
ability. Through some kind of a going-back from the entropic subhuman beings we have become to the magnificent super-humans we were
meant to be. An awakening from the nightmare of our pathetic individual self-deification to the dream of our amazing collective Bio-Divine
Nature, with all the wonderful faculties it entails.

You mentioned that the client must be receptive to the healing process in order to become free of diseases and pain. How can one increase
their receptivity?

I have never said that to get healed people must be receptive. As mentioned before, my best results are always obtained on plants, animal,
babies or people who don't even know I am trying to help them. Therefore, the mindset of my consultant is flat irrelevant when it comes to
the effectiveness of my "healing" processes. What I need though is a genuine intent to get better. Sometimes people don't really want to
improve. Their pathology has become the only meaning of their self-aborted existence. They are used to being pitied and taken care of.
They need a scapegoat or some system of psycho-transference to project their own existential failure which they still refuse to acknowledge.

Usually I can spot this category of "patients" in a split-second and I don't even consider undertaking their rescue unless they are sincerely
ready for a major existential shift. The only way for them to increase what you have called their receptivity is to choose unequivocally the
path toward Bio-Divine Sacrifice.

You talk frequently of sacrifice as a necessary ingredient in the healing process. Many of us who have been raised in the western world hav
e been taught to sacrifice ourselves in the name of God, our families, etc. If you are going to use this word, it needs further explanation and
definition. Please elaborate.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to explain what forms the "Philosopher's Stone" of my own alchemical system and of the ancient
Celtic spirituality, as well. First, the definition of sacrifice. It just means, "what makes the Sacred," according to its Latin etymology. No
meaning of "punishment," or "deprivation" as most people think. However, in my philosophical system, sacrifice still relates to some idea of
"gift," of "reciprocity" and of "reconciliation.'

Gandhi once said that, "A spiritual aspiration without an equal spirit of sacrifice in return is the worst possible sin of all." This is remarkable
thinking and pure Druidic teaching as well. To the ancient Celts (and all other aboriginal cultures on such a matter), a sense of sacrifice and
freewill are the two components of a common higher concept.

That concept touches our divine and specific human nature. We humans were meant to be the Guardians and the Midwives of the Divine
Natural Order here on Earth. We have been sent on this precious gem of cosmic life to protect and to serve all other living things, not destroy
them, subdue them or use them up according to our schizoid caprices. Instead of always hearing references to "human rights," I would like
sometimes to hear about "human duties." Human duties toward God. Human duties toward the Creator's Natural Laws. Human duties toward
our divine self. In my "healing" system, sacrifice is the sine qua non component of the whole process.

If people are not ready to reciprocate my empathetic sacrifice with a gift toward the Divine Natural Order of equal magnitude as what they
expect the Divine Natural Order to do for them, it just won't work, period. I am not talking only about money or donation, but about true and
substantial commitment. Unconditional commitment, actually, when my "healees" have already crossed the point of no return of their
terminal health condition. If people want a "miracle," people need to be ready to pay the price of a "miracle," with all the respect required
for such an apparent violation of logical rules. Not respect to me, but respect to themselves. Respect to their higher Bio-Divine self without
which they are but delusional "bubbles of ego" derisively inflated by their own blasphemous self-deification.

To get attuned with their Divine self, people need to atone to the Earth, to all living things and to atone to their true human self, ultimately.
This is the very sense of my "Reciprocating Sacrificial Procedure." Thousands of years before an American martyr expressed a feeling very
similar in essence, my Druidic ancestors never ceased to repeat:  
"Instead of always asking yourself what God can do for you, why don't you
ask yourself what you can do for God?"

Do you have projects in America?

Since I was a child, I do not have any other agenda but trying to buy back what is left of Nature on earth. Then to put in such "green arks" as
many children, endangered species and persecuted people as I could.
It is not without reason that my Jewish and Israeli collaborators in
Europe used to call me "Green Noah." My first project in this Country is to acquire a vast territory of pristine wilderness and to start training in
it my first team of Gaiatricians (Healers of the Earth). For the very first time in my life, I am ready to teach and delegate part of my powers
and wisdom to people whose existential fortitude and environmental commitment match my minimum standards. Even though those people
may not have any prior skill in the art of healing, I guarantee that after proper training they will become outstanding etho-therapists, head
and shoulders above any known "healer" on the face of this Earth.

The more Gaiatricians I will teach, the more we will be capable of helping our human brethren and, in return for our help, the more we will
be able to
acquire new territories and so expand ad infinitum our "green crusade." You have millions of people in the world who would make
very substantial donations to such wonderful "harbors of life," in exchange for the most amazing and undreamed-of health benefits for
Especially when our gaiatric treatment may be their very last hope when it comes to the so-called incurable diseases. In the
meantime, since I represent by myself the entire tribal and native consciousness of the so-called white people, I would like to reunite all
aboriginal traditions in the world and start a unified etho-synergy for raising human bio-consciousness. The reconciliation of Man and Earth
has always been my ultimate aspiration in the hope that a new bio-covenant will eventually mark a rebirth of our planet, our species and all
other living things. I call this project "Biophylaxis" (Guardians of Life").

I would like that not only all native expressions worldwide could merge in my first Biophylactic Center, but also the best pioneers of the new
scientific paradigm to come
. From the blending of the most ancient indigenous Lore on Earth and the most advanced scientists of
alternative medicine (physics, biology, etc.), we will represent the most fantastic tool when it comes to individual health issues and our
global survival as well….

I may even train a special unit whose purpose will be to raise dramatically human consciousness on the subliminal level, through very
advanced techniques of "mental refraction." I have been working more than twenty years on this project of
"remote doing."(Subliminalistics). We
can no longer be only "viewers" or "tourists" when our Mother the Earth is dying. Our
"mind rescue operation" could very well form the
evolutionary catalyst from which our species would make the necessary Quantum leap toward a new beginning instead of a premature abortion.
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