HUNDREDS of documented cases, from A-Z, of people and animals suffering
or dying from health-related crises or other personal, business, family or
government problems, all successfully resolved by Dr. Philip Savage
throughout the last 40+ years.
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CASES A-Z shielded room old
"Many people have
come to see
Cloudy. Some have
cried looking at his
graceful and
movement. Cloudy
is an enigma...."
Scientific Results of SDI
Car Crash:  Tad Dodge neck was broken in a near-fatal car
crash. Same C2 break as Christopher Reeve. After immediate
SDI processing, he was walking the first day and BACK TO
WORK in ONE week, with full range of motion within one month.
"I didn't need any therapy for this neck." (Fully documented at
UCLA medical center.)  Video report.
Broken Neck
Global Security
"Signature" SDI cases of Dr. Savage are classified.
Detailed information is available upon request.
For general information, see the many  documents on his
Subliminal Distant Influence technology on the Science page of
Drug Addiction:  Christian Forlani, brother of Hollywood actress
Claire Forlani was a violent drug and alcohol addict for 20 years.
After SDI, he was drug-free, suffering no pain, no withdrawals,
and no need for a "rehab center."
Project IMAGO
Age 50, looks 30
EARTH: Rescue, Transformation, Survival.
Dr. Savage's most amazing cosmic project is called IMAGO,
Quantum BioCybernetic Evolution. Raising human consciousness
quickly. Building transmutational pyramids all over the planet.
HEALTH: Individual Restoration, Enhancement, Morphogenic
. Cases from A-Z, including Cellular Anagenesis
(reverse aging), Genomics (changing dna), Optimization (back to
original blueprint), Crises (chronic and life-threatening) Brain
Reset (partial and complete).
Arthritis Horse:  Paddy, 19-year-old Irish Cob crippled with
arthritis for three years, RUNNING around the field, pain-free,
FIVE minutes after one Subliminal Distant Influence (SDI)
treatment. (Live video doc
Child Sexual Abuse Trauma:  Toni Bourke, 67, and
Jeremy Newman, a 41 year old world-record tri-athlete, sexually
and physically abused as a child, were FREE from life-long pain
and trauma after one SDI treatment. Video Report.
HIV/AIDS:  Buz Crump suffered from AIDS for 10 years. After
seeing Dr. Savage once, Mr. Crump's viral load suddenly dropped
from 36,000 copies to less than 50, without any change in
medication or diet. (See Lab Corp test results
BURNS: Dr. Philip Savage, the FireBurnDoctor, has been taking
care of burns his whole life. Recently he has trained some of his
experiment has been using Distant Subliminal Neuro- Bypass
(DSNB) technology to help people worldwide: 1550+ burn cases
from 58 countries and 50 US states, ALL with the same amazing
results: Pain gone in minutes, burn erased in hours. FREE
"Instant Burn Recovery."   Call +1-818-332-6445 within first 30
minutes of burn.
ShinglesDoctor: Using the same FireBurnDoctor DSNB
technology on virus (herpes zoster), Dr Savage and his students
achieve the same remarkable results: "It was amazing. After 5
minutes the pain was completely gone from my head, the itching
and pain around the rash was very much less and the area of the
rash itself was reduced." Call +1 818-332-6445 within 24
Live video documentation.)  
Brain Mapping and other testing of Philip Savage: Dr Philip
Savage's Brain Mapping test reveals a completely unique
phenomenon known by scientists to occur only in the brains of
large sea mammals, such as killer whales. In testing at UCSD
Neurobiology program, data from resting to processing mode
showed an increase in Alpha Band of 40 TIMES. Dr Savage can
not only maintain his own brain level at 100%, he can also
increase others as well as do a partial or full reset on any client's
brain, back to its original blueprint, as it was designed to be.
Brain Mapping
Birth Defects - Corpus Callosum  Four-year-old Carlos was
born without a corpus callosum and was unable to move before
Dr Savage took care of him. Video documentation of the
astonishinsg results of SI processing.
Cancer  Two year old Danielle was suffering from lung cancer
and had already had one round of chemotherapy when
Danielle's medical doctor and Philip Savage began taking care
of her. After four weekly treatments of Subliminal Influence
processing, Danielle no longer needed chemotherapy. One
year later, she was still cancer free. Read the doctor's report.
Danielle's Doctor
Cystic Fibrosis  Dr. Savage took care of the baby of a pregnant
woman that was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, an incurable
genetic disease, and the mother before the birth. The child was
born perfectly normal and the hereditary anomaly had also been
corrected within the mother. This was a premiere
in genetic engineering.
Video of case reported on national
television, TF1.
Shielded Room experiment  Scientific testing of Dr Savage's
Influence Technology at the California Institute of Human
Science (CIHS) produced dramatic results on AMI, EEG and
Faraday Cage texts.
Double-Blind Clinical Trials:  of Philip Savage’s Subliminal
Hypno-Programming Technology, March 30, 1999 Summarized
University of California, San Diego. 100% Success in
Reepithelization of Severe Third-Degree Burns for Treated
AMI & EEG Testing of Philip Savage:  Scientific testing of Dr
Savage's Influence Technology at the California Institute of
Human Science (CIHS) produced dramatic results on AMI and
EEG tests.
Historic Hospital
Burn Study
References, Reports and Letters of Appreciation
from Europe and America
Judge Moskowitz