EXPERIMENT 9:  Doctors' Testing SDI

Clinical Testing of SDI on Dozens of Doctors' Patients
documenting unprecedented results of transcendental science, key to healing


Conduct tests to investigate the effects of Dr. Savage's Subliminal Distant Influence (SDI) processing, in person and from a distance of many
miles, of dozens of patients, while doctors tested and recorded results using their own various methodologies and equipment.


Positive results of using Dr. Savage's Subliminal Influence technology in dozens of cases where patients were suffering from all kinds of diseases
will constitute unprecedented success in the field of human health and healing. The hypothesis of Experiment 9 is that all the patients' test results
of Dr. Savage's SDI processing will not only be positive, but will also show that something has happened that medical science considers
impossible, thereby opening the field of "healing" to seriously consider, study and use what Dr. Savage calls genuine or authentic healing.  


Seven medical and professional research doctors are included in Experiment 9, each in different geographical locations and using their own
specific design criteria which are explained in each case description below. In all cases, test results of Dr. Savage's processing of their patients
are observable through visual and laboratory test records. Results are reproducible and empirically falsifiable, essential factors in reliable
scientific research. Some tests are done while Dr. Savage processes in person, others from a distance. All results are quickly observable
visually or within hours on laboratory testing, and are so self-evident, they require no interpretation or argumentation.


The test results of all the doctors' patients that Dr. Savage processed with his Subliminal technology were positive and unprecedented, visually
and on laboratory records, regardless of the nature of the illness or request, or the distance or specific testing equipment used by the doctors.
All patient cases are reported and described below by the attending doctors.


Renowned Physician, 60 years Clinical Practice, San Diego, California

Internal Medicine, Montgomery, Alabama  


Dr. Lawrence Williams reports:
"I am a medical doctor of internal medicine in practice since 1983 in Montgomery, Alabama. Mr Crump had been a patient of mine for
over 20 years. In 1991, he was diagnosed HIV positive. According to Mr Crump’s laboratory history, his viral load fluctuated between
7,025 and 97,000 copies. In the spring and summer of 2004, tests show a dramatic decrease to less than 50 copies. According to
University of Alabama (U.A.B.) medical records there has been little or no significant variation in Mr Crump's medication regimen for the
past 2 ½ years.

There is, in my understanding, no medical explanation (other than drug therapy) to explain why Buz Crump's viral load had such a
dramatic decline from an average of 37,000 copies to a test result of <50 copies in August 2004. Furthermore, according to U.A.B.
doctors' evaluation and my own medical evaluation, there [are currently] no negative symptoms appearing in Mr. Crump's over all
physical condition. In fact, Mr. Crump appears to be doing and feeling exceptionally well."

Mr. Buz Crump states:
"I am healthy and have no AIDS/HIV Viral Load! What more can I ask? I would only hope that others like me suffering year after year
from deadly diseases will also find Philip Savage. Philip gives hope for all of us in whatever dreadful crisis we are
facing on this planet."

    Seven Participating Medical and Professional Research Doctors:

    1. Dr. VIGIL, MD
    Clinical Director, Orange Coast Health Center, California

    Renowned six-decades private practice, San Diego, California

    3. Dr. JACOBSEN, PhD, ABCN
    Clinical Neuropsychologist, Integrative Medicine Research, Scripps Clinic, La Jolla, California

    4. Dr. WILLIAMS, MD
    Internal Medicine Practice, Montgomery, Alabama

    5. Dr. TARG, MD  Director, Complementary Medicine Research Institute, California Pacific Medical Center, San
    Francisco, CA  (See Section 1, Experiment 1 for full details and discussion.)

    6. Dr. VILLANUEVA, DO  Private practice, Santa Monica, CA  (See Section 2, Experiment 6 for full details,
    discussion and video documentation.)

    7. Dr. DILLON, PhD  University of California San Diego, California Institute of Human Science, President and
    CEO Catharsis

                    In all cases, there is no risk and no interference with normal medical procedures.
                                                               CASE SUMMARIES

CASE 1.  Medical Dr. Thomas M. Vigil conducted a four weeks period of trials on sixteen patients covering a wide array of pathologies,
viruses and physical symptoms that were processed by Dr. Savage, including HIV, Cancers, Parkinson´s and Anorexia. Dr. Vigil was using at
least eight forms of quantitative testing instrumnts to evaluate specific affective and objectifiable clinical changes in his patients. None of the
health conditions being tested were disclosed to Dr. Savage. The ages of the test group varied from eight to eighty-four years old. There was
never any physical contact between the patients and Dr. Savage. 70% of the patients gained beneficial symptomatic responses and all of them
elicited a desire to continue receiving his cares of "spiritual treatment."  Dr. Vigil states,
"I have never been a party to a more interesting inquiry"
that warrants
"the progressive health care and scientific communities to pursue and quantify the potential of a 'Geosomatic Science," Dr.
Savage's ability
"of interfacing religion and modern science."

CASE 2.  Medical Dr. Saccoman, with 60 years in private practice, submits that he has seen the "tangible and laboratory proven changes" in
his patients that have benefited from the
"prayers [of] a pure spirit who is blessed by God. I feel privileged to introduce Philip Savage."

CASE 3.  Dr. L. Dee Jocobsen, PhD, Clinical Neuro-Psychologist offers a unique and perfect example of the "impossible" effects of SDI,  
expressed in a statement from Dr. Savage's "Protocol of Transdimensional Refraction:"
[SDI] forms the experically objective possibilization of
the axiomatically subjective impossible."

    Dr. Jacobsen's Alzheimer´s patient (Mr. T), whom he had first evaluated over two year`s previously as having mental impairments that
    correlate with dementia of the Alzheimer´s type that strongly affected his memory, cognitive ability, slowing his response time in
    conversation and limiting his ability to actually speak more than two or three words at a time without long pauses in between. Subsequent
    evaluations indicated his incompetence to manage his business affairs and a conservator was hired to replace him. As of December
    1999, Mr.T´s wife reported that an alternative and experimental treatment for dementia (Dr. Savage's SDI contractual protocol) was
    making significant changes, reversing the previously noted degenerating abilities of Mr. T. When interviewed privately to update Dr.
    Jacobsen´s previous evaluations, Mr.T was cognizant of the problems the conservator was causing in his business and readily made the
    recommendation that his wife take over the running of the business. Mrs. T confirmed all the improvements of cognition, memory, verbal
    expression, curiosity and energy levels that Dr. Jacobsen's latest evaluation had positively observed in Mr. T.

    This Alzheimer's case was a major motivator for Dr. Jacobsen to then investigate the many other "bio-restorations" that Dr. Savage had
    been responsible for (many of which are documented here in the "12 Experiments"). Stimulated to inquire further, Dr. Jacobsen wrote a
    "Memorandum" on the political and social applications and implications of SDI. Dr. Jacobsen, in conversation with Dr. Savage, says he  
    was informed that SDI has been used to alter consciousness in individual terrorists, politicians and businessmen with dramatic impact in
    short time periods, days to weeks (hours when necessary). He writes that,"SDI clearly supersedes remote viewing, telepathy,
    psychokinesis, phenomena that the U.S, Soviet Union and other countries investigated as potential intelligence or weapon systems," and
    that SDI is uniquely precise at forming pre-conscious neuro-modifications of the brain: "A mind force that alters human consciousness
    and behavior in subtle, pervasive [and dramatic] ways to render the targeted individuals [or groups] in some manner dysfunctional,... to
    experience and exhibit aberrant thoughts and behaviors that could prompt early retirement, hospitalization or other specified non-lethal
    results." As Dr. Jacobsen personally found, Dr. Savage's SDI technology will also produce positive psychological and behavioral effects.

CASE 4.  Medical Dr. Lawrence Williams reports the ground-breaking clinical results for his HIV/AIDS patient, Buz Crump, just after one
Subliminal influence "treatment" by Dr. Savage in person in 2004. Following thirteen years of being HIV positive, chronically ill and consistently
on regimens of therapeutic drugs with no significant alterations in treatment or HIV viral load over the past two and half years, Mr. Crump's test
results showed an average of 37,000 copies of virus per milliliter of blood (that fluctuated between 7000 to 97000 copies). Immediately after Dr.
Savage' Subliminal processing, Buz Crump's viral load became undetectable on two different laboratory tests, that was confirmed by doctors
from both facilities. This dramatic decrease in viral load had no medical explanation according to Dr. Williams (other than some other unknown
drug treatment), who also confirmed that all physiological examinations and psychological observations of Mr. Crump (who was his patient for
over twenty years), proved "exceptionally" good. Mr. Crump was fully satisfied with the results of Dr. Savage's processing and stated:
"I am
healthy and have no more HIV/AIDS viral load. What more can I ask? I would only hope that others like me suffering year after year from deadly
diseases will also find Philip Savage. Philip gives hope for all of us in whatever dreadful crisis we are facing on this planet."

    Medical Dr. Joseph Lofeld, pharmacologist and specialist in AIDS medication, commenting on Buz Crump´s viral-free condition,
    declared: "Without the intervention of incredible doses of chemical treatment...that´s unheard of! If it is due to some other process - that´s
    unbelievably impressive. As far as I know there are no drugs on the market that can eliminate HIV viral load in this way."

    Sociologist Dr. Anne Reynolds, keynote speaker at an AIDS symposium in 2004, addressing thousands of medical professionals
    on Buz Crump´s results, stated that after being at the forefront of the AIDS pandemic, working with hundreds of AIDS patients on all kind
    of combination drug therapies, she knows for a fact that "No one has ever reported an elimination of viral load like Buz Crump´s."

CASE 5.  Medical Dr. Elizabeth Targ, MD launches the "Historic Burn Study" that eventually culminates in the first documentation of "healing"
severe third-degree burns, naturally, without grafting or scarring, from one SDI intervention, on cue, from a distance of hundreds of miles, using
only Dr. Savage's advanced "mind-force" technology.
(See Section 1, Experiment 1 for full details of this absolutely ground-breaking double-
blind experiment.)

CASE 6.  Medical Dr. Dina Villanueva, DO reports on two ground-breaking cases working with Dr. Savage. The first a is a two-year-old girl
suffering lung cancer after receiving one round of chemotherapy. After only four weekly treatments with Dr. Savage, she no longer needed
chemotherapy and a year and a half later was still cancer-free. The second case is the four-year-old child, Carlos, who was born without a
corpus callosum, was unable to move, and suffered multiple illnesses and complications. After working with Dr. Savage, Carlos's illnesses were
resolved and he was able to sit up by himself, speak, interact, play with his puppy and do simple tasks. (This remarkable case is fully
documented with text and videos in Experiment 6.)

CASE 7.  Dr. Jane Dillon, PhD, Sociologist, in a three year period alone, documents a cross-section of a few dozen cases, that not only
quantifies the consistently life-saving interventions of SDI in critical time-sensitive crises, but qualifies the outstanding "impossible" nature of
such immediate results, erasing fears, symptoms, chronic and acute disabilities and completely defying imminent death for the majority of the
hopeless cases when doctors can do no more except recommend, "go home and prepare for the end."

    Eight cases of Cancer: Bone, brain, breast, lung, lymphatic, ovarian cancers, all mostly in their final stages and hopeless states, all
    recovered rapidly, regaining a new lease on their preciously-won lives. Even an "incurable" nine-year-old dog was running uphill, eating
    voraciously and playing like a puppy minutes after a single SDI treatment, that was impossible for her to do the day before. A teenager in
    a coma from a car crash that was fatal for all the others involved, was out of the coma and escaped physical damage by the luck of a staff
    member calling a Congressman at home while he was hosting Dr. Savage, who applied SDI with the usual outstanding life-saving effect. A
    very debilitating case of Alzheimer´s for a previously successful and astute businessman, after three years not even being able to readily
    speak, recognize or move well, quickly began to recuperate all his original abilities and gain some others to the excitement of his wife, like
    dancing, playing catch with a grandchild and resuming bedroom activities, thanks to SDI. Alcoholism and the other problematic issues that
    combine with it within families and relationships were summarily resolved for three different families in this time period.

    Three cases of kidney failure. One, a chronic case led to a total collapse at work, where an advanced diagnostic machine read "no
    energy" left in the kidneys. This man needed a rescue and lucky for him, his friend knew Dr. Savage. One treatment saved and restored
    his life. The next case was already dependent on a dialysis machine for over a year and in need of a transplant, with other complications
    in his legs compounding the issue, creating a legitimate fear of impending death that made the prospect of attending his daughter's
    wedding seem remote. All three issues were quickly resolved and he made it to the wedding on the mend with a few treatments of SDI.
    The third case is of an elderly man kept alive for six months without any kidneys at all until he was "ready to go," after his son gave him
    the opportunity with a few treatments of SDI from Dr. Savage. Eyesight restored for a woman who was near-sighted for forty years, legally
    blind without glasses, and then suddenly vision returned to glasses-free normality, just by her association with Dr. Savage, to whom she
    credits the improvement. (Similar experiences have also been reported from a number of others regarding improvement of vision just by
    association with Dr. Savage). AIDS, Herpes Zoster, Cystic Fibrosis and other extreme pathogenic viral illnesses erased. As with severe
    third-degree burns, there is an INSTANT effect, a visible, immediate improvement and an overnight full recovery from burns, broken
    bones and virus through the immediate application of SDI in response to an emergency that "just happened."

    A three years, brief yet substantial, compendium of complex illnesses and their accompanying problematic issues have without exception
    found swift effective resolution, without remission, proving, once again, SDI to be the most advanced Science and Technology on Earth.


Transcendental Healing Experiments, 1996
Orange Coast Health Center, 1755 Orange Ave., Suite F, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Evaluation of Specific Affective and Objectifiable Clinical Changes, Over a Pre-Determined Four Weeks Period

It must be noted that within the given test group that no changes in treatment plans were made, either prior to or during the period
of observation and collation.

In all cases, no explanation relative to methods used by the “healer, other than “Spiritual,” were afforded, expounded upon, and/or
delineated directly and/or indirectly. It therefore becomes of prodigious importance to note that all data collected, objectively and
subjectively could not have been prejudiced, and all possible psychosuggestive components duly and strictly avoided.

Due to the “unusual” nature of this protocol, no information was available to any clinic staff, and all recordation, files, and/or reports,
remained in my possession at all times. All computer files are confidentially encoded and inaccessible.

Flow Cytometric Analysis
Doppler Studies (IEX 9000)
Coulter Hematologic Interpretive Analysis
Mass Spectrophotometry
Spirometric Evaluation

It is important to note that this study cannot be construed as more than an initial clinical trial.

Furthermore, it is my recommendation that further investigative trials be pursued. However, all findings revealed have been
affirmed by appropriate sub-specialties, and clinical experts, with any and all available scientific imperative, mechanisms,
modalities and protocols. Scientific implications resultant from this analysis should be cursory or irresolute.

The concept of Bioenergy, premised on one of our most rudimentary laws of Physics (All forms of matter are predicated on vibratory
rate), was introduced to me by Philip Savage, a European-born Spiritual Healer, around whom the whole experiments of
Transcendental Healing were centered.

Since this idiom is to be accepted, within its thematic basis, as an empirical fact, it then becomes plausible that matter is influenced.
Therefore, antipathetic postulates are invalid within their own constitution. It was then agreed that I would observe, record, and
evaluate each case – inclusive of any physical changes exhibited by Philip Savage prior to, and immediately subsequent to each
“spiritual healing.”

The nature of pathogenetic conditions existing with each case were not disclosed. In all cases, clinical diagnosis had already been
determined by the appropriate specialty. The ethnicity of all cases was Caucasian and aged from eight years to eighty-four.
Socioeconomic consistence was not demonstrated. All cases were United States born.

Metastatic Adenocarcinoma
Alcohol Abuse (with impaired hepatic function)
Symptomatic HIV positive (with elevated P24 antigens and a depressed CD4 and CD8 ration)
Two Asymptomatic HIV positive cases (both hematologically exhibiting depressed T-cell Lymphocytes and Platelet counts)
Peripheral Neuropathy
Peripheral Vascular disease
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Prostatic Carcinoma
Post-Surgical Facial Palsy
Parkinson’s Disease
Sydenham’s Chorea
Atopic Dermatitis
Chronic Sinusitis

Seventy (70)% of cases showed specific affective beneficial responses.

In no single incident was there any physical contact between healer and patient.

In all cases Philip Savage showed all symptoms usually and typically associated with severe hypotensive conditions,
lasting approximately 15-30 minutes in duration.

All the individuals involved in this investigation have overtly expressed their desire to continue “spiritual treatment” with the
healer without reticence.

It is my firm opinion that Philip Savage, however enigmatic, cryptic, and/or unconventional, can and
does specifically affect sickness.

Unfortunately, due to the absence of additional investigative modalities, personnel and instrumentation, numerous scientific
curiosities remain unresolved.

Throughout the field of health care and wellness, I have never been a party to a more interesting inquiry.
Further resources and participation are definitely warranted.

I encourage any and all health care professionals to engage the possibility of interfacing religion and modern science.
More expressly, in the interest of a progressive health care community, I urge the entire scientific community
to pursue and quantify the potential of a “Geosomatic Science.”


Press Release, December 2004

Contact: Dr. Jane Dillon, president, Catharsis   760-415-4550, jddrssr@aol.com

Montgomery, Alabama.
Catharsis, a not-for-profit California corporation, releases astounding HIV viral test results for Buz Crump, 50-
year-old gay businessman diagnosed as having HIV/AIDS for 10 years. Despite arsenals of medications, Crump suffered numerous
infections while his HIV viral load (a blood test measuring amount of copies of virus present per milliliter) fluctuated between 7,025 and
220,000 copies according to University of Alabama (UAB) lab records. In spring of 2003, Crump’s viral load stabilized at around 37,000
copies with a drug regimen he maintained for over a year.

But then, in the summer of 2004, after seeing Philip Savage only once, Buz Crump's HIV viral load dropped dramatically and
immediately from 37,000 to less than 50 copies (<50) !  The test results, from two independent labs, are extraordinary:

Medical doctors and professionals confirm that Mr. Crump's dramatic reduction of viral load (without changing his drug regime) is
absolutely unprecedented.

Dr. Peter Fenwick, MD, Psychiatrist
National Health Service, London UK

Graphic Analysis of unprecedented AIDS recovery
    1. Lab Corp of America reported a drop in Viral Load from 37,000 down to less than 400 copies on July 28,
    2004.  (<400 is as sensitive as the Lab Corp test will allow).

    2. The University of Alabama (U.A.B.) Clinic reported a drop in viral load to less than 50 copies on August 26,
    2004.  (<50, otherwise referred to as undetectable, is as low as the UAB test will go).

AIDS Symposium Keynote Speaker, sociologist Dr. Anne Reynolds (Auburn University at Montgomery),
addressed thousands of medical professionals in 2004 in Mobile, Alabama with Buz Crump's results:

"My sociological research and activity has put me in the forefront of the AIDS health crisis. I work with hundreds of AIDS
patients who are taking all kinds of combinations of drug therapies and no one has ever reported an elimination of HIV viral
load as Buz has experienced. If drugs could do this, AIDS patients worldwide would be taking those drugs and be free of
AIDS like Buz Crump."

Pharmacologist, Dr. Joseph Lofeld, Specialist in AIDS medication,
refers to Buz Crump's dramatic elimination of HIV viral load, exclaiming,

"Without the intervention of incredible doses of chemical treatment... that's unheard of !  If it is due to some other process
-- that's unbelievably impressive. On the one hand, you have a man whose immune system is killing him, letting him die; on
the other hand, the man's viral load is now insignificant, virtually non-existent. As far as I know, there are no drugs on the
market that can eliminate HIV viral load in this way."

Integrative Medicine Research, Scripps Clinic, La Jolla, California

NOTE: The following two documents consist of, 1) excerpts from a clinical report by Dr. Dee Jacobsen, neuro-psychologist at
Scripps Clinic in California documenting the absolutely "impossible" psycho-behavioral changes in test results of his own Alzheimer's
patient who was experiencing the extraordinary effects of Philip Savage's Subliminal Influence Technology. This case is absolutely
unique in clinical records and, as such, documents precisely the latest "Protocol of Transdimensional Refraction," which describes
Dr. Savage's SDI results as forming,
"The expirically objective possibilization of the axiomatically subjective impossible," a.k.a., a
miracle. 2) A Memorandum on SDI documenting Dr. Jacobsen's understanding and recommendations on the value and use of Dr.
Savage's Subliminal Distant Influence technology.



Mr. "T" was first evaluated by myself more than two years ago. At that time, neuropsychological testing
revealed a diagnosis of dementia, possibly of the Alzheimer's type. During the past two years, Mr. T's cognitive abilities continued to
decline in a manner that appeared to be consistent with a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. Cognitive impairment was notable for
relatively severe memory dysfunction, as well as a moderate dysfluent aphesia characterized by limited abilities to speak
spontaneously. In addition, Mr. T exhibited a long response time. Subsequently, he underwent several brief evaluations which
indicated that he was no longer competent to manage his relatively complex business affairs. Eventually a conservator was assigned
to manage Mr. T's affairs. ...

Mr. T's most recent formal assessment took place on 10/26/1999. At that time, he was manifesting signs of progressive dementia as
he continued to exhibit moderately severe expressive aphasia and had great difficulty speaking spontaneously.... Mr. T's memory
abilities were still impaired, as he was slow to retrieve information. His expressive language abilities were also significantly impaired
in that he was unable to spontaneously speak more than two or three words at any given time without long pauses...

Since sometime in December of 1999, Mr. T has reportedly been undergoing some experimental alternative treatment for his
dementia. His spouse... reported that she has observed significant improvement in [his] energy level, his level of spontaneous
curiosity and information seeking, as well as his memory abilities and his ability to speak spontaneously. Therefore, she requested
an updated neuropsychological evaluation....

For purposes of the current evaluation, Mr. T was interviewed privately.... When Mr. T was asked how [the Conservator] has
behaved, he responded, 'Her behavior is devastating - she got her - she went to fighting with most of the people who work for me.
She has been selling our buildings and I am fighting with her. She is harassing everybody.' When queried about how she has been
harassing people, Mr. T stated 'she is going in there and she is giving people a hard time.'

Mr. T was asked if he wishes [the Conservator] to remain his conservator. He responded, 'No, I would like my wife to take the job!'
When he was asked why he wants [his wife] to take over the conservatorship, he responded, 'Number one - she knows how to do
the business. She knows how to make friends and she really controls the business and makes our operations flow easy - she knows
how to run the business."...

When asked, "Do you trust [the Conservator]? Mr. T. replied, 'No.' He was asked, 'Do you trust [your wife]?' He responded, 'Yes.' Mr.
T was also asked, 'Will [the Conservator] take care of your needs?' Mr. T. replied, 'No, she didn't take care of me.' He
spontaneously added, 'My wife has been taking care of me all of the time since I have been sick.'

Mr. T was asked, 'Do you feel like you are getting better?' He responded, 'Yes.' When asked, 'How are you getting better?' he
stated, 'My ability to remember more - my thinking is quicker than it use to be, and my memory is good. I use to talk very slow - I can
now talk about everything and also able to talk with someone to get enough clearness. Also very good - I like having my wife around
to help me.'

When Mr. T was asked to estimate his net worth, he replied, 'I am not sure.' He was asked to offer an estimate. He replied, 'I think I
am over - something like --.' When asked if he is worth more than one million dollars, he stated with a smile, 'Oh yeah!' He
spontaneously added, 'I could call the office and get the exact figures.'...

When asked to identify his main business holdings, Mr. T stated, 'a construction business and several Burger Kings.'...

INTERVIEW WITH MR. T's SPOUSE...  Mrs. T reported that during the past week, [Mr. T] has exhibited significant changes in his
behavior. For example, she indicated that he has demonstrated increased intellectual curiosity and actually last Thursday evening
was up all night exploring all of the drawers and papers in his bedroom. He appeared to be filled with energy despite the fact that his
medications have not been changed in any way. She also indicated that [Mr. T] has clearly demonstrated an increased level of
energy, as well as an increased ability to speak spontaneously....

IMPRESSIONS: These results indicate that Mr. T's overall level of cognitive function has improved dramatically. More specifically,
he has exhibited a marked improvement in his ability to express himself spontaneously. He also appears to be cognizant of the
fundamental issues relating to the operation of his business and the possibility of replacing his conservator. He clearly articulated on
several occasions his displeasure with the actions of his current conservator and also clearly stated that he believes that his current
conservator needs to be removed.


Re: The Potential Political and Economic Applications of Philip Savage's Subliminal "Distant“ lnfluentiality

The attached documents describe Subliminal Distant Influentiality (SDI) which is the unique and powerful bioenergetic mind-force
technology developed, tested, and implemented by Philip Savage over the past 25 years. SDI can be utilized to recover health or to
modify human thoughts and behaviors at a distance, subliminally, without the subjects' knowing.

Potential applications of SDI are virtually unlimited in the areas of bio-restoration, national and international security, political and
economic affairs. At this time, Mr. Savage is still prepared to offer his services for the benefit of the American people.


Over the past five years, my clinical and scientific work has led to many illuminating experiences and a heightened appreciation of
the healing/restorative powers of the human mind. It was in the course of this exploration that I encountered Philip Savage and his
remarkable works of Biorestoration (healing). During the past year, I have personally observed a series of most impressive bio-
restorations, including recovery from advanced brain cancer, coronary artery disease and virulent shingles (herpes zoster).
Currently I am monitoring the recovery of one of my own patients who suffers from advanced Alzheimer’s Disease. I have also
reviewed the outcome data from a controlled randomized study in which Mr. Savage provided treatment of children who had suffered
severe third degree burns. The five treated children recovered more quickly with far less pain, scarring and skin grafting than the
control group children. None of the children were aware of the special treatment they received, thereby eliminating the 'placebo
effect' as a possible explanation.

Contemplation of these essentially inexplicable clinical outcomes prompted my decision to further explore Mr. Savage's work and the
possible underlying mechanisms. Initially, I reviewed electro-physiological measurements (electro-encephalographic and
acupuncture meridian energy measurements) obtained during a Savage Bio-Mediation (meditation). The EEG revealed the
presence of atypical slow wave (delta) activity of the type most frequently associated with deep sleep. In addition, the level of energy
measured in the main acupuncture meridians increased by 38+% over one hour. The magnitude of this increase was
unprecedented in previous research conducted upon other 'healers.' More notably, comparable pre- and post-treatment energy
measurements obtained from a seriously ill man (severe depression and kidney disease) revealed a 100+% increase that was
sustained 18 days following a single 20-minute treatment. The patient reported dramatic improvements in his mood, energy level
and urinary output that have been sustained for two years.

When queried about the physical, psychological and spiritual mechanisms underlying his work, Mr. Savage informed me of the
development of his mind power technology called 'Subliminal Influentiality.' He pointed out that this technology can be employed to
recover health or for the purpose of modifying a person's thoughts and behaviors at a distance.


After numerous discussions with Mr. Savage and reading his writings regarding 'Subliminal Influence technologies,' I have learned
that he has successfully utilized this technology many times in the past. Applications have included alteration of consciousness and
behavior in individual terrorists, politicians and businessmen with an impact that is typically dramatic over a period of days or weeks.

My own study and observations of Mr. Savage’s Subliminal Influence work have indicated that his special abilities clearly supersede
those “psychotronic,” (e.g. telepathy, remote viewing, psychokinesis, etc.) phenomena that were previously investigated as potential
intelligence or weapons systems in the Soviet Union, USA and other countries.

Subliminal Distant Influentiality (SDI) appears to be a uniquely precise form of bio-energetics in which molecular polarity of neurons
is modified at deep pre-conscious levels of the brain. This unique mind force can be utilized to alter human consciousness and
behavior in subtle, but pervasive ways that will render the target subject, in some manner dysfunctional. For example, the subject
may exhibit aberrant feelings, thoughts and behaviors that could prompt early retirement, hospitalization, or other desired, but non
lethal outcomes. This technology can also be employed to potentiate positive psychological and behavioral outcomes, as well.

According to Mr. Savage’s testing, desired outcomes can be reliably obtained over 95% of the time, if appropriate target data are
available, e.g., biographical and psychological profiles, as well as timely feedback regarding changes in behavior.


The process of scientifically demonstrating the effective reality of SDI to prospective employers should not be too complicated. Once
an agreement on implications of a positive test outcome has been obtained, Mr. Savage will provide several quick, uncompensated
field demonstrations of SDI, as follows:

Five or six human targets would be designated. Each target should be well known so that adequate baseline behavior could be
profiled. The desired (but unexpected) change of behavior would be designated and defined for each subject. A simple individual
Likert scale could be easily developed for establishing with reasonable reliability the nature and degree of behavior change for each
target. An acceptable time frame for accomplishing desired changes in behavior would also be required.

Subject selection for the field experiment would be conducted by the potential employer of Mr. Savage and his SDI team. Four of the
six subjects should be local and well known to the potential employer. This would facilitate pre- and post-test behavior assessment.
Two additional subjects could be minor, but well known international undesirables (e.g., Haiti's President Aristede) whose removal
from power might be desired.


The universal natural laws and principles governing the operation of SDI determine how this technology may be applied. More
specifically, Mr. Savage cannot utilize SDI to intervene in human affairs, unless he is requested to act and receives a "warrant" to act
from one or more individuals with whom he has established a contractual relationship. In other words, he cannot carry out actions of
his own volition, nor can he act solely for the purpose of personal benefit.

Further, he operates on a reciprocating basis. He cannot employ SDI effectively unless he is compensated. Any financial
compensation he receives must be utilized, with the exception of living/security expenses, to support needy children, rainforest
preservation, native peoples, ecology related research, etc. Unless these conditions are respected, he is unable to act.

Mr. Savage has also informed me that his twenty-five years of experience testing and modifying SDI have revealed additional
limitations. Most importantly, SDI cannot be applied to directly terminate a life or for the purpose of inducing a disease state. Neither
can SDI produce psycho-behavioral changes in targeted individuals that would lead directly to the destruction of innocent or
harmless people.

During numerous discussions, Mr. Savage has outlined for me his fundamental ethical principles. He has stated,
My sole agenda is to protect and serve life and natural harmony by all legal means necessary.'

He is also bound to respect the laws of any country in which he resides. He is also an extremely loyal person who has served past
private military and governmental employers faithfully. He is neutral and unaffiliated in political affairs and therefore has no political
agenda of his own. He has characterized himself as 'an ideal mercenary' who will serve without question almost any employer, with
the exception of those who would act most blatantly to harm the living earth.


Mr. Savage's special bioenergetic abilities originate in his Celtic heritage and childhood shamanic training that was
rooted in thousands of years of orally transmitted tradition.

These skills were developed further during several years of clandestine counterintelligence and counter-terrorist work conducted
under the auspices of the French government. This work was sometimes conducted in close cooperation with U.S. Intelligence
operatives. His government service was followed by a continuation of his education as he completed advanced degrees in
Anthropology, Criminology and Human Behavioral Science.

During the 1980's, Mr. Savage was also renowned in Europe for his healing work and his advocacy for the Breton independence
movement. This work yielded much notoriety and financial success.

Complementary Medicine Research Institute, California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, California

Efficacy of Distant Healing Intentionality (DHI) in Treatment of Severe Burn Patients
Principal Investigators: Dr. Elizabeth Targ MD, Dr. Jerold Kaplan MD, Dr. Michael Cantwell, MD, Dr. Jane Dillon PhD  

(See Section 1, Experiment 1, for full details and discussion of this historic burn experiment)

Independent Research Scientist, Clinical Sociologist, President of Catharsis 1999-present
Faculty and Co-Director, Human Science Program, California Institute of Human Science 1997-1999
Department of Sociology, University of California, San Diego, 1984-1999

Dr. Philip Savage (Philippe Gouezh-Breton, Sauvage-French)
French press, "Les Guerisseurs" (The Healers), 1989
Articles in Science and Magic
and the Journal of Medicine