Shielded Room - Faraday Cage
documenting transcendental forces beyond electromagnetism


Conduct a series of controlled laboratory tests to document the effect of SDI processing done while Dr. Savage is within a shielded room (Faraday
cage that provides complete electromagnetic deprivation) on subjects located outside the shielded room, in order to determine whether SDI
processing is able to operate effectively beyond the limits of electromagnetism, and if so, to provide new territory for on-going scientific investigation.


A shielded room (Faraday cage) is built to block a wide spectrum of electromagnetic waves from entering or exiting it's structure so that nothing gets
through. When Dr. Savage is inside the shielded room, if there is an observable or documented effect on the subjects he is processing who are
outside the shielded room, then it demonstrates that his technology is not blocked by the shielded room and therefore has nothing to do with
electromagnetism, which is the basic structure of the physical world. If Dr. Savage's SDI processing was electromagnetic in any way, then it would be
blocked by the Faraday cage and there would be no effect on subjects outside the shielded room.

Experiment 4 was set up for Dr. Savage to do his SDI processing while he is inside the shielded room. The entire experiment was monitored by
laboratory scientists, medical doctors, participants and observers as well as videotaped while results are recorded on the AMI laboratory testing
equipment (a diagnostic Apparatus for Measuring the functionality of Internal organs).

The hypothesis is that any significant increase in the biological energy readings of the person being "processed" by Dr. Savage and recorded by the
AMI results, as well as any significant change in the actual behavior of the test subject as observed by the attendant scientists, observers and
videotape, will demonstrate effects not produced by any external electromagnetic input, but from some other, more fundamental "higher" field
beyond the physical or subtle electromagnetic energies currently acknowledged by modern science. Such results will prove that Dr. Savage's work is

Positive results of Experiment 4 not only prove that the "higher forces" that caused the unusual "non-electromagnetic" effects were located BEYOND
the electromagnetic structure known to modern science, they also confirm beyond any doubt that the validity, efficacy, reliability, and usefulness of
Subliminal Distant Influence technology can be proven or falsified by this kind of experiment. The value to governments, businesses, families, courts,
laboratories, clinics, organizations, groups and individuals for reducing crime, forcing truthfulness, fostering happiness, accomplishing missions and
bringing positive effects in any area of life is unlimited when utilizing the higher power and transcendental forces Dr. Savage demonstrates here.


Dr. Gaetan Chevalier, PhD, engineering physicist (University of Montreal), electrical engineering researcher (UCLA) and Lab Director at the
Institute of Human Science, explained the hypothesis of Experiment 4 to Dr. Savage and then set up the experiment: (1996, Encinitas, California).

Dr. Chevalier and Dr. Savage then agreed on the precise details of the first test where a healthy patient of one of the attending physicians will be
the subject of a ten-minute period of SDI processing, while she was connected to the laboratory's AMI equipment. The AMI diagnostic machine
(Apparatus for Measuring the functionality of Internal organs), which was designed and used for many years at the California Institute, registers
fluctuations of electromagnetic energy in the body pertaining to the traditional Chinese/Japanese medicine system of how the internal organs, e.g.,
heart, lungs etc., express increase, decrease or stasis of electromagnetic energy levels through specific meridians (which are channels that allow
energy flow akin to what veins do for blood). These meridian channels are tested with the AMI machine connected to the tips of the fingers and toes
of the test subject to produce diagnostic information of the patient.


The results of the Shielded Room experiment are unprecedented and visually shocking. In the case of the first subject, Debbie, the 40-minute video
recording of the experiment clearly documents that the subject was experiencing what can only be described as a 17-minute full-body physical
orgasm, with all the definite, unmistakable, positive effects.

    After personally witnessing the activity and analyzing the charts of Debbie's AMI "before and after" testing results, principle investigator Dr.
    Gaetan Chevalier, Laboratory Director at the California Institute, confirms the experimental hypothesis:

    "In order to understand Philip Savage's technology with higher levels of scientific methodology, we have subjected him to complete
    electromagnetic field deprivation (by putting him in a Faraday cage, a 'shielded room'). We have observed that Philip Savage's work is not
    impaired nor affected by such deprivation, a fact which defines his work as definitely non electromagnetic."



The ground-breaking results of the Shielded Room (Faraday Cage) experiment demonstrate conclusive scientific proof of the existence of a "higher
power" and "transcendental forces," beyond the electromagnetic laws and structure known to modern science, that effect outcomes in the physical
material world. This experiment also documents the enormous practical value of Dr. Savage's SDI technology, specifically in bringing forth a
personal experience every woman (and man) wants and needs, a healthy, liberating reset, which was recorded in the statistically significant 12%
increase in Debbie's immune system energy activity as documented on the AMI diagnostic equipment.

The attending scientist observing the data said that a 6% reading would be borderline average, which means, with the 12% increase, first, that
something unprecedented had been achieved in going beyond the electromagnetic barriers of the shielded room, and secondly, a statistically
significant increase in immune system energy broke all previous records of the AMI testing equipment. Furthermore, in this case, the SDI test subject
was visibly experiencing an ecstatic physical experience, exclaiming,
"I feel like a vibration of love...and more!"  To which Dr. Savage later remarked,
"Bio-bliss on tap," something he and others refer to often when speaking about the people he has processed throughout his 40+ years career, when
he says,
"All my people just glow."

EXPERIMENT 4:  Faraday Cage

Dr. Chevalier conducted tests on very short 10-minute period of Dr. Savage's SDI processing
in order to provide certainty and reliability.

In order to provide comparisons of results, Dr. Chevalier recorded AMI diagnostic readings
of the volunteer subjects before and after the SDI processing.

Dr. Savage remained in the Shielded Room at all times, completely separated from the subjects
and researchers and their activities and results.

Timing of the testing was synchronized and recorded on the clocks and watches of Dr. Savage
and Dr. Chevalier.
The subjects were asked to keep their eyes closed and to relax deeply and completely
throughout the experiment.

At the end of the 10-minute SDI processing, Dr. Chevalier tested the subjects again on the
AMI diagnostic equipment to attain comparative readings of results.

The entire experiment was videotaped.

In each test, there is no risk, no interference with normal medical procedures, and no drugs.

Excerpts from Videotape Transcript of Experiment 4: Subject Debbie

Dr. Chevalier documents what is happening during the processing and then
explains the results of Debbie's "before and after" AMI readings

    20:55 After six minutes of processing, Dr. Chevalier: "What we’re doing next is we are doing another measurement in about three or four
    minutes. Here we’ll have some measurements for 10 minutes [of processing] and after that we’ll be able to compare the two readings. If what
    Philip is doing is electromagnetic in nature, it will not get through and I will not see any significant difference. If it’s not electromagnetic in
    nature, then I am expecting the energy of the subject to be much higher and also the immune meridian to be more balanced. That’s from past
    experience, from other work we’ve done. We are attempting to measure a subtle energy that is not electro-magnetic in origin."

    28:00 After thirteen minutes of processing, Debbie (deep breathing, ecstatic sounds):  "Oh God! (more ecstatic activity)."

    32:00  End of experiment, Dr. Chevalier: "Alright Debbie, do you want a drink of water?"

Debbie: "I feel like a vibration of Love… and more!"

Dr. Chevalier: "Great. Ok, let me explain what I see so far. Thank you.

    "This is the reading that was taken before the ten-minute concentration or healing treatment by Philip Savage and this is after [holding up test
    results on the AMI chart printouts].

    What I’ve seen basically is that the over-all pattern of energy in the person has not changed. There is though an increase in energy of about 6%.
    But the most interesting thing here is an increase in the immune function by 12% which is pretty amazing for 10 minutes.

    The only other thing I see is this circle corresponds to the data taken from the fingers and basically reflects the energy in the upper part of the
    body, while the other reflects the energy in the lower part of the body. As you can see here, she’s got more energy here in the upper part of the
    body, so that the balance between the lower and upper part of the body is much greater. We can see also here that the two dots right here
    are closer to the center than they are here, that's something else."

Film Maker: "In a pre- and post test, between the first and second test, if there were no healing intervention done, would there be any significant
difference between the first and second test after 10 minutes of time?"

Dr. Chevalier: "After 10 minutes, normally I see a less than 5% difference - even for the energy of the immune system. So the fact that I have a
6% increase in energy is kind of a borderline thing; that isn’t significant. But the 12% increase in the immune system is something that is noticeable.
Normally if you take some readings with AMI you get 5% difference so a 12% difference is significant."

Shielded Room Video Links are on PSproof.com Videos page.

Debbie: "Oh God!... I feel like a vibration of love... and more."

Dr. Savage explains in an exclusive documentary interview:

"Once again, it goes back to the experiment. I can prove what I’m doing. People don’t have to understand it, they just have to experience it
and do it themselves. They’ll be glad with doing it and not explaining it. Since most processes relate to self destruction, what it takes me is
just to bypass you, to circumvent your will of self-destruction, to re-establish the harmony and normal functioning of the soul, mind, body
interactions, and nothing else.

Space/time, once again, this great illusion. It’s, therefore, so easy for me. When I am taking care of someone in really bad shape, really
dying, first thing I blend. It’s easy, we’re always one, but you just don’t know the system, I do. We blend. Then we just detach from this little
reality, this realm of limited possibilities, and go to another one where things are much easier to fix, and then go back.

People in a deep coma, who then wake up from a coma. Animals, of course, I’m an expert. I can do basically anything on an animal. I’m a
thousand times more effective on an animal than I am on a baby. A thousand times more effective on a baby than I am on a teenager. A few
dozen times more effective on a teenager than on an old person. It goes with proximity to life, to God, life potential, and many, many things.

It’s just what I call surfing in this multiple reality universes, pluriverses, just to surf between realities. There are other realities in
which it’s easy to heal oneself, you know. Those processes of self-healing. I'm just, basically, taking over your centers of control
when you have decided to destroy yourself."

You’re a prisoner. It’s your fear that keeps you from doing it. Any shaman would tell you exactly the same thing. It’s just your fear that keeps
you from flying, that keeps you from going to another universe, that keeps you from making a miracle, that keeps you from being young
forever, or powerful. This is fear once again, the greatest iron ball on this planet, fear. But, don’t underestimate this holocaust, this cultural
holocaust, that keeps you from being all that you can be, that took away so many senses, so many powers, so many capacities, this sensory
reality that you had: telepathic senses, telekinetic senses, and so much more that I cannot even explain.

So you’re afraid of the unknown. You don’t know what you are going to find, but you know what you are going to leave. No matter how lousy
your life is, after all, it’s better to have a lousy life than no life at all. Fear, fear, fear. That’s only fear.

Whether you're eighty years old or whether you are seven years old, you just need a complete transformation; you just need to break free
from your own cultural prison. Well, I can do that upon people. But better, I can teach people to do that upon others. That’s the whole idea, to
give them a completely different appreciation of themselves, of their own surrounding, of their reality, of the universe. To give them a sense of
duty and of happiness, of joy, of love, of self-love, at least. I think that’s what’s missing the most. It’s not unconditional love. All that is great and
beautiful, but it’s too theoretical. People should just love themselves at first.

We go from the basics: Love thyself, you know. Feel in love with your self. That’s the only order I’ll give every client, every patient, every
student of mine. And then, through their own self love, well, they just glow with this power for others to say, “But I want it also,” you know. “I
want to be in love with myself.” There is nothing wrong with this positive selfishness to a point, as long as we can relinquish it later on down the
road. People should be transformed dramatically, having learned how to love themselves. They cannot love others unless they love
themselves, first, the basic once again. But it’s easy because it’s the right thing

Well, if you can imagine... that’s the old druidic proverb: If you can dream it, you can do it. The proof of Justice, of a higher dimension in which
Justice reigns, is that everyone has ingrained a sense of “that’s not fair”. Everyone, in every race, every culture, every civilization, even
animals, share a sense of “that’s not fair”, a sense of there must be something different, better, higher. Well, if you can dream it, it exists. You
just have lost that sense. You are completely tied up with your heavy chains and your iron balls to one little reductionist reality.

But if you can dream it, it exists. And what you can dream is nothing compared to what your unconscious dreams, and can also do, and so
forth. And, this is with 10% of your brain, remember!.

While setting up the experiment, the videographer asked a question, to which Dr. Savage replied:

Videographer: "Philip, how long will this healing sustain for the person you have sent your energy to?"

Dr. Savage: "How many lifetimes can you count? It’s a shift, a change from one reality to another reality and there is no coming back
ultimately. Even if there is just a small difference in the reality, there is a shift happening. Then at the end, its more than a shift, it’s a switch
from a reality A to reality B, until there is no disease. But there is never coming back.

You can go from the reality B to the reality C or Y, but you never come back to the reality A because you are always in progression. Life is
never static. There is nothing static, but just our minds happening today. Everything’s a flux instead, a flux, a flow. And this is just what I’m
doing. I’m just riding a wave and switching at the right time. I’m merging with those people; I’m merging with, it may be a million persons or
only one person, it’s all the same. We are so collective in ourselves and our interconnectedness, that it's all the same."

"The shielded room is shielded from electromagnetic waves. Nothing gets through so if you go in there you cannot have any TV station, radio
station, any kind of transmission, or communication between the inside and outside, using electromagnetic waves. It’s not shielded for nuclear
radiation. For stuff like that, you need lead, three feet of lead or more. But for electromagnetic waves, it’s one of the best shielded rooms. If
what you’re doing has some sort of electromagnetic part or nature, it would diminish the effect to a very severe value. I mean it should prevent
anything from happening. If what you’re doing is not electromagnetic, it might go through. So basically we can tell if what you are doing has
some kind of electromagnetism."