SECTION 1: Higher Power

The two biggest killers on the planet today

    The first section of these most important experiments was designed to answer a fundamental need of all people:

To get the absolute certainty that some form of a "higher power" does exist and to get all the proofs and
scientific evidence that this "higher power" can be successfully accessed, processed and manifested
within our own space-time bio-continuum through very specific "transcendental bio-forces."

    The ability to successfully access and harness such unknown physiological processes on specific subjects suffering severe fire burn or
    shingles outbreak, and to bring about unprecedented positive outcomes, without the possibility of any psycho-suggestive or placebo
    interference in scientifically controlled experiments, would validate the very existence of those theoretical variable levels of reality,
    transcendental bio-forces and higher power.


    Fire burn accounts for more deaths than all other natural disasters combined.
    Shingles (Herpes Zoster virus) affects millions of people worldwide and has no known cure.

    Approximately 2.4 million burn injuries are reported every year in the United States. 250,000 of those are children. Primary treatment for a
    fireburn can cost more than $700,000. Civilian fire and burn injuries cost more than $7.5 billion a year. Some fire burn treatments initially
    require 3-6 months of painful hospitalization and grafting, sometimes for as long as 20 years. Scarring, disfigurement and trauma are lifelong
    miseries for many survivors. More than 4 million people in the U.S. suffer from Shingles (Herpes Zoster Virus) every year, with similar statistics
    in other countries throughout the world. The CDC estimates that 1 out of 3 adults in America will develop Shingles in their lifetime, and almost
    100% of Americans over 40 have had chickenpox which means they are at risk of developing Shingles. More than 1/3 of Shingles patients
    develop complications, including suffering very painful post-herpetic (PHN) nerve damage that can last for years, sometimes for the rest of their
    lives. In 2012, Americans spent $1 billion just on direct medical care costs for Herpes Zoster.

    What if there is a way to eliminate the pain and symptoms of fireburns and shingles within 30 minutes of fire exposure
    or the first day of outbreak of shingles?  What if the pain and suffering of fireburns and shingles
    could be eliminated remotely in any country in the world, for free?

    In 2009, Dr. Savage offered the solution with his Burn Eradication Project:

Dr. Philip Savage calls his system of human knowledge advancement, EXPERICISM - from the experimental proof, objective evidence, facts - versus  
empiricism (from theory, ideas, explanations or beliefs), and proposes to prove to scientists what mankind, until now, could only hope to be true.

Dr. Savage (and his family) has been "taking care" of people suffering from burns and shingles his whole life and knows how quickly the pain,
symptoms and suffering can be relieved under his cares. He knows, because he can do it, that this ability can be taught (for free) and that the same
positive results can be easily reproduced by his students and verified by other teams of scientists anywhere in the world. And he knows that what
he is doing is accessing a higher continuum of consciousness.

Fighting for acceptance right now, Dr. Savage's scientific experiments are the most important proofs that humanity has ever been
As always in science (as elsewhere), entrenched ideas and practices are difficult (and take time) to change. Vested interests, incomes and
economies are bound to the "old." New, even proven, paradigms require open-mindedness, intellectual honesty and material subsistence to reap
their significant positive benefits.

When the incontrovertible results of Dr. Savage's Experiments on Burns and Shingles show that the SDI technology has a verifiable
positive effect on severe burns and shingles cases, this not only has the potential to relieve two of the most agonizing and
deadly crises that humanity faces (fire and virus), it also demonstrates that something very significant is happening that
scientists cannot yet account for, understand or utilize.

While his results may look miraculous, what is actually happening is that "something more is going on than normal science can explain," something
that would be considered impossible, until scientists can verify the results with their own eyes and instruments.
Yet the opportunity to verify
the results using their own eyes and instruments has been available for over 20 years. The value of this ground-breaking knowledge
and free public use of this SDI technology is clearly priceless.

At the practical level, in the case of scientific experiments on severe burns and shingles, the interest and cooperation of media,
medical doctors, emergency first responders and scientists are needed to quickly forward victims' data and provide accurate
of exactly what they observed (and what they did NOT observe, i.e. pain, suffering and death). Unfortunately, these are the same people
who make their livings and careers on maintaining "traditions as they are," often regardless of the overwhelming potential public benefit of new facts.

To remedy this crippling "institutional" problem and meet this urgent challenge, in 1998, Dr. Savage enlisted the cooperation of a trusted team of
American scientists who introduced his
first Protocol for Severe Burn Eradication in renowned research universities and public burn centers in
the U.S. Those experiments and their unprecedented results are documented here in SECTION 1: Experiments 1-3 on Severe Burns and Shingles.


    Severe Fire Burn traumas and Herpes Zoster Shingles outbreaks are ideal SDI experimental cases. To eliminate immediately the pain, itching
    and lesions associated with severe burns and shingles virus within hours of injury or outbreak provides incontrovertible visible results that can
    be easily documented, recorded and videotaped by anyone, anywhere in the world. When processing burns and shingles, Dr. Savage calls his
    SDI technology "Distant Subliminal Neuro-Bypass (DSNB)." For optimum (and fastest) results, the SDI/DSNB team must be notified within 30
    minutes of Burn injury or the first day of Shingles outbreak.

    Although each experiment in Section 1 took place in different locations, they all share certain design features described below.  

Catharsis: Biognostic Unit of Geonoetics 1999
Copyright @ 2009, All Rights Reserved

Common Design Criteria:

No cost, no risk, no therapy for subjects.
Subjects may receive standard medical treatment as well as SDI processing.

Elimination of any Placebo effect whenever possible.
Many burn victims and shingles subjects are young children or people who do not know that someone else has called the SDI team
to request help for them. Many severely burned subjects are also already unconscious.

Results are observable and refutable.
Results of SDI processing can be seen and documented visually by video recordings,
thus affording potential detractors their best opportunity to try to scientifically falsify the experimental hypotheses.

Tests are low cost and easy to organize and duplicate, requiring a minimum number of people:
1) Subject (burn or shingles), 2) Person who calls for help, 3) SDI team member who processes the case,
and 4) Experts (medical and media staff) who visually document the results.

Large sample of statistical data is possible.
Up to one hundred case-studies of burns or shingles may be processed in only one day of experiment.

Non-therapeutic domains that do not directly represent a major financial concern to any pharmaceutical private interest,
nor constitute a disturbing or potentially dangerous infringement into some sensitive scientific preserves.

    Tests may be done remotely, from a distance.
    Subjects can be separated by thousands of miles from the SDI team without any difference in the effectiveness of the SDI

    The exact location of the burn victim is not required by the SDI team to process the case.
    Only a few basic coordinates or a photograph of the subject(s) is required.

    Results are quick and certain, immediately observable (within hours) and so self-evident, they will elicit
    no argumentation or interpretation.
    Severe burn-related injuries and Herpes Zoster Shingles cases are very well-known traumas that have been studied and detailed
    with all required scientific criteria. Therefore, any major discrepancy in the logical sequence of events that normally follows a
    Shingles outbreak or burn-related trauma will stand out immediately and unambiguously.

    SDI processing for burns and shingles is easy and quick to teach to large groups of people
    (professionals and lay persons) anywhere in the world without charge, for free.
"Every year, there are hundreds of millions of people who are burned. Since 95% of these accidents occur in low-income countries, no one
knows for certain how many people actually die, are maimed or disfigured for the rest of their lives. UNICEF officially reports 750,000
deaths due to burns annually, but the actual number is much worse. About half of the people killed or dramatically injured from
burns are young children. Thus, this is not a form of disaster that happens far away from home (on the road or in the air)
since half of those burn injuries occur at home.

The societal and financial costs are simply appalling: Just for the U.S. alone the lower estimate is $10 billion (and this does not include
the DALYs – disability-adjusted life years -- which makes the actual cost a lot more catastrophic). In fact, burn injuries are the
most costly of all forms of accidents: $200,000 is average for the initial severe burn injury, which easily exceeds $1 million
when all the surgical procedures and tissue transplants that often follow are taken into consideration….

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), fire kills more Americans than ALL natural disasters combined.

This is a human catastrophe of the first magnitude, comparable to the AIDS catastrophe in terms of global emergency. (Actually, since
1981 about 25 million people throughout the world have died from AIDS, whereas burn-related casualties approach twice this figure.)
More than $25 billion will be invested in 2010 just for HIV/AIDS research. Yet our societies are doing absolutely nothing to find a
solution to the scourge of fire burns and very little to help the millions who will die or be disastrously and permanently
disabled for the rest of their lives due to burn injuries.

We DO have a solution. What it requires is some unprejudiced open-mindedness, as our methodology might seem at first highly
unorthodox, and a sincere willingness to find a solution to this unacceptable human disaster.

To accept to live according to the proven truth alone, rather than behave according to the 'unreal,' 'faith,' or 'chimerical teachings'
is the way to go. Aside from being the healthiest form of tolerance and the best token of humility, the capacity to accept to be
proven wrong and adjust accordingly towards new angles in one's own quest for the truth, constitutes the greatest gift of
modern science to mankind as far as I am concerned.

As one of my professors of Paleontology used to say, 'When the facts have proven the theory wrong, we must change the theory,
not the facts.' And truly, in the world of science, in physics most particularly, there have been numerous occurrences where
'fundamental truths', held previously inviolable, have been successfully replaced by newer and more valid paradigms which
were at first thought to be sheer 'science fiction.'

That is why it is through science itself that for the first time in human history, I propose to prove, once and for all,
the existence of a 'higher power' and of 'transcendental forces'."
Dr. Savage predicts:

"Using the specific bioforces and transdimensional shifting that come from an ancient scientific wisdom thought to be
extinct for millennia, this multi-biocontinuum can actually be penetrable and to some extent modifiable,
with effects that typically go well beyond the regular course of "physical laws."