Book and Movie  
Extraordinary Superhuman Existential Destiny * The True Story of "The Most Controversial Figure of the Century" * Proposed Trilogy
Quantum Biocybernetic Evolution
Most Amazing Cosmic Project in All Human History * Transmutational Pyramid Prototype Constructed in 6 Months * Evolutionary Leap to Higher Human Consciousness Long Overdue
Eco-Humanitarian Corporation (1999, California)   
Dramatic Individual, Societal, International, Environmental Change *  Genomics, Cellular Anagenesis, Morphogenic Composite-Ideogram Cybernetics (MCC) * Sapiential Bio-Institute (SBI)
Award-Winning Screenplay
True Story of the FireBurnDoctor Team  *  Earth Angels transformed from the most unlikely motley British crew
The FireBurnDoctor's Global Burn Eradication Project   
Free Instant Burn Recovery within the first 30 minutes of injury * 1500+ cases from 50 US states and 58 countries worldwide * All with the same results: Pain gone in minutes, Burn erased in hours.
Subliminal Distant Influentiality
Most Powerful Mind Control Science & Technology in the World  * Health, Enhancement, Morphogenic Transformation, Legal-Business-Family Crises, Counter-Terrorism, Private/ International Security  
World Shift Master
Direct Lineage of Ancient Hyperborean tradition * Scientist, Undercover Special Agent, National Cultural Figure * Proven, Unparalleled Track Record  
History-Making Internatioanl Press Conference TBA
Scientifically-controlled, Media-documented Laboratory TESTS on Cells: BURN them and VIDEO what happens * Control groups die * Treated groups don't die * PROOF that Cells have a Mind of their Own
Award-Winning Feature Documentary  
The Most Valuable Film You Will See This Year  *  All-true
Why not? It's painless to try!
Viggo (Aragorn) handing out FBD Stickers at Cannes FF
I M A G O    
PROOF of a Higher Power, for the FIRST time, Scientifically-controlled, Right here, Right now - Access it, Know it, Use it for Survival of Life on Earth
QUANTUM BIOCYBERNETIC EVOLUTION - THE WAY OUT                                                                                      

+1 760 415 4550
                     R U S H
        When you're in a CRISIS...           When you BURN yourself...           When you care about the EARTH...



"If god had a god, oh blasphemy, it would be Justice"