Christian's Story:

I went to see Philip Savage because I was a drug addict for over twenty years. Now I am not. At 36, I had been
seriously damaged by LSD, DMT, ecstasy, cocaine, heroin, amphetamines, crack, mushrooms, marijuana, hashish
and alcohol. Philip removed the addictions and the misery of an entire lifetime engulfed in alcohol, drugs,
pornography and the violence that was the consequence of these afflictions.  Now, for over a year, no drugs,
no alcohol, no violence.

There was absolutely no pain or symptoms of withdrawal. My hearing, vision, memory and balance, damaged from head
injuries and substance abuse, were restored during the course of two visits to Philip Savage. In fact, it was so miraculous and
immediate a restoration of health and strength that I went hiking in unfamiliar mountains, my legs and footwork coping with
steep grades and unstable surfaces underfoot better than they ever have. Covering 25 miles over a 24-hour period I slept
out in the open, feeling no cold and no fatigue. My sense of direction was dramatically enhanced and accurate.

It is an ecstatic experience to be blessed by Philip’s cares, to receive so much in just minutes with him, having spent years
consciously and unconsciously destroying my own abilities and potential. I have also been relieved of the horrible blame I
held against family members for the death of my mother; this has been transformed into an awareness of my own
judgmentalness and assumptions against them, which had been feeding the violence all those years.

Restoration is an understatement; enhancement is the boon of Philip’s cares, radical enhancement. But not just me.
Everyone I know who has met with Philip Savage has received major miracles. A friend of mine suffered a life of sexual abuse
and rape since she was a baby. Her physical posture and verbal expression revealed deep perturbations; it was clear she
was deeply traumatized. After seeing Philip Savage she could stand straight and proud, a liberated woman, declaring “none
of it ever happened”.

Mary, before seeing Philip, was terrified of being outside alone at night. One night without a word, Mary put on her coat and
went for a walk on Dartmoor alone. She returned glowing, so excited and happy with her new confidence and experience of
the night. She has not consumed any alcohol since seeing Philip. Alison was totally transformed in appearance. She lost five
stone and looks 15 years younger. The arthritis in her hips is gone and so is her eating disorder. Alison’s children, Sonny
and Hollie, have made huge steps by integrating into school and at home with three adults. They respect and obey their
mother’s advice and keep themselves occupied without needing unnecessary attention. Jane Clements was a hard person to
take seriously. Her mind was so wild and abstract it made one worried for her safety. She has become much more centered
and practical since meeting Philip. Her enthusiasm is more contagious because of this. It has direction and its all connected
to the miracles that have happened to her, her children, and her friends. Rosie has had major miracles transform her life
inside and out. A lifelong battle with candida which affected her energy levels, intelligence, eyesight, and looks. Now she is
an irrepressible force of attraction, energy, enthusiasm and intelligence. Her eyesight has totally improved. Her dog was hit
by a car and crushed from the waist down, with internal bleeding. One phone call to Philip’s people and the dog was up on
her feet, walking in three days and running properly within three weeks. No vets, no medicine, no drugs.  I personally
witnessed all this.  Sarah was a disheveled, constantly agitated drug dealer before seeing Philip. In one year, she has grown
in stature physically and emotionally, now centered, calm and clear in her expression and presence.

These personal accounts bring light to our direct relation to the environment and the world at large where now we need the
biggest miracle of all for our Earth herself – those degradations, diseases and disasters that have been perpetrated upon
the earth and that are now imminently threatening were giving me nightmares throughout my entire childhood. Never has a
solution been offered to eradicate these gravest threats to life facing us all, now, and this is what Philip and his organization,
Catharsis, are doing. Having experienced the transformation of my most negative personal attributes, it is now of the clearest
logical consequence that everyone grasp the essence of this unique possibility to avert total global disaster. No-one is
exempt from the three strands of destruction converging on us right now – climatic, viral and geo-political chaos are taking a
major hold over the world. Scientists,environmentalists and the common man have been crying out for a global solution for
decades. The world’s richest men are lonely at the top. They do not have a solution and they know it. Philippe Sauvage is at
ground zero calling and calling and reaching out to us -- for all his life and for the final time -- informing the world’s elite of his
unique ability to help.

Without Philip’s cares, I would already be dead. My life only seems worth living in the knowledge that his gift can save all life.
Whatever can be done to get the attention and financial backing for our “last chance” is of course the greatest reason for
living. Thank you Philip. Thank you Catharsis. Thank you for my life. I now see how important your presence is for

Christian Forlani, May 21, 2006    818-744-6138  

Wasting life from 16 - 36 years old..
Drug free just after seeing Philip -- one time.
No pain, No withdrawals, No rehab !
Three years later... still drug-free !
To Contact Philip Savage:   (1) 760-415-4550, (1) 760-494-0090