Results of SDI Intervention for Chronic and Immediate  Crises

    • CAR CRASH – BROKEN NECK. Tad Dodge broke his neck in a near-fatal car crash when a
    large Jeep SUV going 40mph slammed into his small Nissan, spinning it across the intersection and
    into a light pole, pinning Tad inside.

    The police commented he was surprised Tad wasn’t mashed potatoes.  His neurosurgeon told him he
    had the same C2 break as Christopher Reeve, who was a quadriplegic until he died several years later.

    The doctor also told Tad that, “Nobody comes out of an accident like that without multiple facial
    fractures, skull fractures, torn tendons, brain bleeding (if not permanent brain damage), and chest
    cavity injuries , and that he was pleased to report that I had none of the above.”

    Instead, Tad received immediate SDI processing by Philip Savage within 6 minutes of the accident
    and as a result suffered no pain, was walking the first day, and was out of the hospital the next day,
    He was back to work in a week and had full range of motion in less than a month.

    Tad said not only did he not die, he didn’t even lose consciousness. The nurses and EMTs were
    dumbfounded that he refused pain medicine and he never needed any therapy for the neck.

    This case is fully documented by police reports and University of California medical personnel.
    ( and the RUSH documentary film for full reports.)  

    • BIKE CRASH – BROKEN NOSE. Two years after breaking his neck in a car crash, Tad Dodge
    was riding his bike home from work with a heavy pack on his back, when suddenly he fell head-first
    off the bike and smashed his face on the cement, breaking his nose and hand.

    The face and nose being DIRECTLY in front of the neck, the risk of crippling, life-threatening
    wounds were certain. ALL the doctors and physical therapists Tad had seen two years earlier
    repeatedly warned him to be VERY careful about stepping off a curb... meaning that one wrong
    move and he could be dead or in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

    Still on the ground, Tad called immediately Philip Savage’s team and asked for help.

    He then reports, “I walked away from this bike crash with no pain, not even the slightest twinge in
    my neck, got X - rays of my face, neck and hand taken at a local lab and went to work the next
    morning. Two weeks later, I took the X - rays from this accident to my former neurosurgeon to find
    out what might have happened to my neck.

    Dr. Khoo was shocked and amazed at the new X - rays, saying that NOTHING, absolutely
    NOTHING had happened to my old broken neck... which he said had healed up perfectly then... and
    was STILL in perfect shape even after I had just smashed my face and broken my nose!

    He said the joint spacing was right, there was no tightness of tendons, my range of motion was great,
    and if he weren’t my neurosurgeon from before, he wouldn’t even know from the current X - ray
    that my neck had ever been broken. And that was amazing.”

    This case is also fully documented by lab reports and medical personnel. See and the
    RUSH documentary film for more information.      

    • CHILD INJURY: Report from a client of Philip Savage:

    “Before my friend went to see Philip, she was visiting me with her two children, a nine - year old boy
    who had Autism and a three - year old girl. The children were playing when the little girl fell and
    smashed her nose. She came running to her mother screaming. The bridge of her nose was flattened.

    I had been to see Philip just six weeks before this and so I did what [“processing”] Philip said to do
    and within a minute of the accident, the child was jumping down from her mother's lap saying, ‘The
    pain has gone mummy’ and went running off to play again.

    This was the most amazing miracle I have ever seen, and of course for my friend also, who then
    went about arranging to go and see Philip.”