Contact: Dr Jane Dillon, president
CATHARSIS, non-profit California corporation

CATHARSIS releases astounding test results for
man who has won 10-year battle against incurable
immune disease: From 37,000 to less than
50 copies -- overnight.

Montgomery, Alabama. CATHARSIS, a California
non-profit corporation, releases astounding HIV
viral test results for Buz Crump, 50-year-old
gay businessman diagnosed as having HIV/AIDS
for 10 years. Despite arsenals of medications,
Crump suffered numerous infections, while his
HIV viral load (a blood test measuring amount of
copies of virus present per milliliter) fluctuated
between 7,025 and 220,000 copies
according to University of Alabama (UAB) lab
records. Last year, Crump's doctors stabilized his
viral load at 37,000 with a drug regimen he
has maintained for a year.Crump's HIV load is now
<50 copies!

In May 2004, Buz Crump applied to CATHARSIS
for help and to arrange a way to meet Philip
Savage directly. In June, Mr. Crump flew to
Europe to meet Dr. Savage. In July, Crump was
tested again -- by two independent labs. His test
results are astounding:

1. On July 28th 2004, Lab Corp of America
reported a drop in Viral Load from 37,000 down to
less than 400 copies (<400 is as sensitive as
this test will allow).
2. On August 26th 2004, University of Alabama
(U.A.B.) Clinic reported a drop in viral load to less
than 50 copies (<50 is otherwise referred to
as undetectable).

Medical Doctors confirm that Buz Crump's dramatic
reduction of viral load (without any significant
change in drug regime) is absolutely
unprecedented. "I am healthy and have no
AIDS/HIV Viral Load! What more can I ask?" Buz
Crump states. "I would only hope that others like
me suffering year after year from deadly diseases
will also find Philip Savage. Philip gives hope for all
of us in whatever dreadful crisis we are
facing on this planet."

On November 3rd 2004, Mr Crump's personal and
local physician, Dr Lawrence T. Williams, cites
Crump's latest lab results & states:
"According to U.A.B. medical records there has
been little or no significant variation in Mr Crump's
medication regimen for the past 2 ½
years, There is in my understanding no medical
explanation (other than drug therapy) to explain
why Buz Crump's viral load had such a
dramatic decline from an average of 37,000 copies
to a test result of <50 copies in August 2004.
Furthermore, according to UAB doctors'
evaluation and my own medical evaluation, there
[are currently] no negative symptoms appearing in
Mr. Crump's over all physical condition.
In fact, Mr. Crump appears to be doing and feeling
exceptionally well."

Las Vegas pharmacologist, Dr. Joseph Lofeld,
Specialist in AIDS medication, refers to Buz
Crump's dramatic elimination of HIV viral load,
exclaiming, "without the intervention of incredible
doses of chemical treatment... that's unheard of! If
it is due to some other process -- that's
unbelievably impressive. On the one hand, you
have a man whose immune system is killing him,
letting him die; on the other hand the
man's viral load is now insignificant, virtually
non-existent. As far as I know, there are no drugs
on the market that can eliminate HIV viral load
in this way."

Dr. Anne Reynolds, Sociologist from Auburn
University at Montgomery (AUM), keynote speaker
at an AIDS Symposium in Mobile, Alabama,
in November 2004 attended by 1000's of medical
professionals and "consumers", states, "My
sociological research and activity has put me in
the forefront of the AIDS health crisis. I work with
hundreds of AIDS patients who are taking all kinds
of combinations of drug therapies and no
one has ever reported an elimination of HIV viral
load as Buz has experienced.If drugs could do this,
AIDS patients world-wide would be
taking those drugs and be free of AIDS like Buz

Scientist / author Dr. Philip Savage, eco-champion
and forerunner of a new scientific field, Subliminal
Influentiality, has been helping
thousands of people and animals suffering or
dying from all kinds of health crises for almost
thirty years. Medical doctors and research
scientists have been documenting the
extraordinary results of Savage's Subliminal
Science in private researches, as well as double
clinical trials at the best European and American
universities and laboratories. A Washington Post
article of December 24th 2001 reports
these results. Some of these case studies are also
available on Philip Savage's website, along with extensive materials on
extraordinary background and the development
and application of his advanced Morphogenic
technology, MCC.
Press Release - December 1st 2004
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