What Is MCC?

    Unique means there is only one Cybernetician, Dr. Philip Savage, in the world right
    now who can PROCESS the morphogenic "composite ideogram" and bring about
    dramatic, immediate changes in ALL the people which that "ideogram" represents.

Scientists and technicians are able to input genetic and morphic details into the most
advanced "morphing" computer system in existence today. Such computer systems exist in
Hollywood, where they were designed and manufactured over the last 15 years in order to
produce out-of-this-world special effects for their blockbuster movies. (I.e. Avatar, Matrix )

Scientists are also capable of creating "composite-ideograms" by BLENDING those large
data bases of genetic and morphic input, into ONE composite that represents the entire data
set. The resultant "composite ideogram" is much like a snowflake, whereby there is ONLY
ONE ideogram that represents that specific data set of people.

With the unique, advanced science of Subliminal Influentiality originated by Dr. Savage, he is
able to
PROCESS that composite-ideogram (that represents a large group of people), just as
he processes a single individual or small group of people such as a family.

The astonishing results are the same... precise, efficient, certain and immediate changes in
ALL the people represented by the ideogram.

  • For example, a large data set could contain the personal details (DNA and
    photograhs) of 1000 criminals living in the city of Chicago (e.g. known child  
    molesters, drug dealers, or thieves).
  • Dr. Savage's team of scientists working in collaboration with criminologists in  
    Chicago law enforcement, would input to the main-frame morphing computer       
    those data of the 1000 selected criminals (e.g. child molesters).
  • The scientist team would then "blend" those data and create ONE composite-
    ideogram that represents those specific 1000 child molesters.
  • Dr. Savage then PROCESSES that one ideogram (as he would process one
    individual) and the results would be the same.
  • Those 1000 criminal child molesters would CHANGE dramatically overnight,
    henceforth being completely incapable of ever molesting a child again.
  • From the public point of view, they would be "normal" people, no longer criminals in
    any way. From the criminals' point of view, they would feel good, relieved and
    interested in doing "normal" things (possibly for the first time in their life).

    Imagine, now, what MCC can do for our world...
    in every city, country, and field of endeavor.

All that is required to implement MCC on this global scale (Societrics) is to buy that advanced
"morphing computer system" (that Hollywood uses) and set it up in the secure territory that Dr.
Savage and his team of scientific specialists and technicians need to work.

Clients (businesses, organizations, governments) from any part of the world can then contact
Dr. Savage's team and request to use MCC for their specific assignments.

    With enough funding for MCC, we can change the world overnight...
    With a little funding for MCC, we can do a lot of damage control right now.
Morphogenic Composite-Ideogram Cybernetics (MCC)