Results of SDI Intervention for Chronic and Immediate  Crises

SDI “Signature” cases are highly classified. Details of actual cases are available to authorized agents only
from Dr. Savage in person.  For general information, see the many documents about the effects of using
Subliminal Distant Influence technologies, which can be read on the SDI Science page of www.PSproof.

Dr. Savage explains, “People actively exposed to my subliminal procedure are driven to do,
unconsciously, things they otherwise would not do, or vice versa, not do things they otherwise
would do."
Clearly, such results of SDI processing are astonishing and unprecedented. One of the most
valuable (and unique) features of SDI is that the “processing” is done from a distant, which means
“it leaves no tracks.” No one can ever trace the “cause” from the “effects.”

This means that the only ones who actually know what happened are the clients who requested the SDI
intervention – the non-physical, non-local, mind control “processing”. Everyone else just figures their
“prayers were answered,” which in fact is the layman’s way of understanding SDI, prayers that work:
s like, think and it happens.”

See Cases above for actual examples of SDI: Athlete Arthur and “legal steroids,” Cameraman Harry and
the sale of 3 properties, Businessman Bob and the removal of his intolerable accountant, Dan and the IRS
agent, etc.)  Remember also (or Google) the high-profile cases of Slobodan Milosevic, or Lionel Jospin, or
Trent Lott to study some public theoretical examples of the extraordinary value of SDI processing.

  • SLOBODAN MILOSEVIC, Serbian and Yugoslavian President  (eventually tried at the Hague
    for war crimes), all of a sudden, totally expectedly, shocked the world by “stepping down” from his
    position of almost-absolute power, instead of fighting (politically) to retain power as he had done for

    This unexplainable “downfall” has never been credibly accounted for by analysts. It can easily be
    explained by a precise SDI “hit” at the right time and the right place.  

  • LIONEL JOSPIN, the Prime Minister of France and the Socialist Party candidate in the 2002
    French presidential elections, suddenly and totally unexpectedly, lost the first round of voting to the
    “right wing reactionary” very unpopular candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen, eliminating Jospin from
    running against the front-runner Chirac for president of France.

    The astonished global media reported this upset as a “Political Earthquake”, and the world was
    totally shocked, first at the voting results and then again as Jospin immediately announced the “End
    of my political) career” (a promise that was kept, intentionally or not), as he then permanently retired
    from politics and immediately stepped down as Prime Minister.

    Political pundits and seasoned analysts were at a complete loss to explain what happened and why
    Jospin who was a shoe-in for second position in the election, instead lost it, stepped down and
    actually retired from politics.

    A precise SDI “hit” at the right time and the right place can easily explain such a political anomaly.  

  • SENATOR TRENT LOTT was a powerful and outspoken leader of the U.S. Republican party and
    Senate Minority Leader in 2002, who attended a special 100th-year birthday celebration for Strom
    Thurmond, the most notorious “Segregationist”  (a.k.a. American racist) in U.S. history.

    Unfortunately (for his career), when Mr. Lott stood up to give a resounding toast to his good friend,
    the great leader of segregation, he declared that had the rest of the country voted for (racist)
    Thurmond for president in 1948, “We wouldn’t have had all these problems over the years.”

    A shocked and efficient news media reporter who was present at the event, then wired Lott’s
    OUTRAGEOUS words within minutes for the whole world to see.

    Over the next days, Sen. Lott was apologizing publicly, denying that he meant what he said.

    Over the next weeks, the public outcry and criticism demanded he resign and 2 weeks after the
    birthday “party”, Lott stepped down from his Minority Speaker position.

    While no one was particularly surprised about Senator Lott’s racist personal or political views (since
    his track record was very public and very clear), what is interesting here is a perfect example of what
    it means when we say that SDI processing can make anyone tell the truth.

    In this high-profile case, the truth was always there within Trent Lott (which his colleagues and
    public knew). His undoing came from him SPEAKING that truth OUT LOUD at the wrong place
    at the wrong time.

    This particular “truth-telling compulsion” of SDI makes the SDI Subliminal Distant Influence
    technology clearly THE MOST valuable tool for Government interrogators, Intelligence
    agents, Politicians and Businesses worldwide.