Results of SDI Intervention for Chronic and Immediate  Crises

  • PATRICIA reports: “In addition to taking care of my dog [who immediately recovered from cancer],
    the effects of Philip Savage’s distant treatments apparently affected my whole family…. My sales at
    work tripled… a sugar addiction I had suffered for 37 years, simply vanished. Both my dog and
    myself lost a significant amount of unwanted weight… and experienced an increase in physical

    My mother, who lives with us, has become more actively involved and interested in our family’s
    daily affairs…. My husband [with the undesirable habit of drinking alcohol] tried to drink a beer, on
    each swallow he gagged and had to spit it out!... For no explainable reason, my 28 - year - old
    stepson spent the last three weeks (exactly the date of my proposal to Philip), finding, purchasing,
    and fixing up an SUV in order to present it to us (in exchange for his father’s vintage motorcycle).
    Our family considers this a miracle because we have needed a second car for two years but couldn’t
    afford another monthly payment. Although financially he could have, this stepson has never before
    taken action like this with us ....

    Since the first treatment by Philip {for the dog], and increasing in the last few weeks, my 11- year
    old daughter’s progress in school and performing arts has dramatically improved. For example, after
    one year of trying to attain her ballet toe shoes, she finally (all of a sudden) succeeded. Conflicts with
    teachers and even the school principal have resolved. Her grades in math improved from an “F” to a
    “C” and in science from a “C-" to an “A”. She has a noticeably more positive attitude, is better able
    to concentrate, and has started to want to do her homework. Philip told her that he would make her
    “invisible” to her teachers. This has definitely taken place….

    I can only express my deepest gratitude that my natural ability to ‘hear truth’ was sufficient enough
    to know that Philip Savage could and would bring overwhelming benefits to my dog, my family, and
    myself. Thank you for this extraordinary opportunity.”

  • CURTIS: This 50-year old man was separated from the mother of his 2 young children for more
    than two years, when he realized he would be completely left out of the upbringing of his children if
    things continued as they were. He moved from one continent to another where his children and their
    mother lived and unsucessfully tried to have contact with them. His children’s mother excluded
    Curtis from everything, physically, emotionally and every other way. There was no official court
    order granting Curtis any access to his children and he was increasingly frustrated, angry and
    desperate about what to do.

    When he heard about Philip Savage at a conference, saw the RUSH documentary and met one of
    Dr. Savage’s students, Curtis’s response was, “This is a no-brainer” and made an appointment
    immediately to meet Philip and ask for help with his children and their mother.

    Over the next days and weeks (and eventually years) after first meeting Dr. Savage, Curtis and his
    family life changed in extraordinary ways. Immediately, Curtis stopped drinking alcohol, gained focus
    and confidence and was able to communicate with the ex-partner in ways he had never been capable
    of ever before. Very soon, he was able to see his kids on a regular basis and they discovered a dad
    they never had before.

    After Curtis asked Philip to directly help each of his kids and then their mother, each of their lives
    took a “quantum leap” in happiness, productivity (in school), communication and trust. So many
    “impossible” things happened, that within a few months, the whole family was in another “world.”
    When holidays rolled around, Curtis was not only welcome, he was invited to dinner. When he went
    to pick up the kids, he was invited in to help fix something or mow the lawn. Soon he bought and
    fixed up a vacation van for the kids and their mother to travel around during their summer holidays.
    Today, several years later, Curtis (and his family still living separately) have a very happy family life.  

  • NATALIE: This 40-year old psychiatrist heard about Philip Savage at an exclusive scientific
    conference from one of Dr. Savage’s students, when Natalie herself was experiencing an emotional
    and professional crisis. She knew immediately that she wanted to meet Dr. Savage, which she did,
    after which she was able to resolve the problems facing her and was then able to focus on getting
    help for her sister and their parents.

    Two months later, Natalie, her sister and her parents went to see Dr. Savage, with remarkable
    results. The sister, who suffered a severe birth deformity was immediately lifted out of a life-long
    depression and eager to go home, get a new job and make new friends (which she did.)

    The parents, who were thrilled with the immediate effect on their disabled daughter, were shocked at
    what happened to them. After the father described to Dr. Savage how they had been “living” for the
    last 20 years (separate everything, including beds), all that changed. In fact, for the next 4 days after
    meeting with Dr. Savage, Natalie’s parents were not seen publicly by anyone else attending that week-
    long meeting. These two “lovebirds” locked themselves in their hotel suite, making up for the 20-

    This family happiness, energy, activity continued after that first meeting, with these grateful people
    helping Dr. Savage every way they could for the next many months.

  • BOB: This middle-aged very successful businessman heard about Philip Savage from his adult
    daughter and made an appointment to ask Philip for help with a serious health crisis, which he got
    and as a result no longer suffered from.

    Then Bob continued to see Dr. Savage for everything else in his busy life. Over the next year, his
    building supplies company was the first to open in China, he got what he asked for in every divorce
    court hearing with his ex-wife (which meant she did not “take him to the cleaners”), he was able to
    get a great deal on purchasing a new home (with his girlfriend), his ex-wife suddenly stopped drinking
    (joined AA and started spending time at the local meditation gardens), and his cat didn’t die (as the
    vets said he would).

    Besides the great results for his family of four grown children, who were thrilled to have their mother
    sober and happy (for the first time they could remember), Bob’s best story is what happened with his
    bookkeeper, his report of which will follow in the “Business” case summaries below.

  • MELISSA: This mother of two young children heard about Philip Savage from a medical doctor
    friend of hers and went together (with other friends) to meet him. At the time, Melissa was embroiled
    in several difficult and violent family crises, including one (her pending divorce case) that landed her
    in jail.

    This time, however, after having seen Dr. Savage, Melissa experienced an unusual calm, no
    emotional attachment, what she described as an “out of body experience” and was in and out of
    custody within 12 hours. Weeks later, at the “restraining order hearing,” Melissa said she was “very
    focused” and received everything she wanted: Temporary Protective Order, child support and
    temporary custody of the kids. Two days after that, she had found all the paperwork necessary to
    prove her case, while the ex-husband had nothing on tape that he could use to destroy her, and the
    judge wound up very accommodating and pleasant toward Melissa. Shortly after that, Melissa said
    that her exhusband was “more willing to work out issues” and that her answers were “more definitive
    to ‘no.’”

    A month later, Melissa reported several remarkable events:
    1) One evening two weeks after seeing Dr. Savage, Melissa was home when her brother slipped and
    fell on the kitchen floor and was screaming and crying from pain to his knee. Melissa helped him to
    his room, then left to meditate and ask Philip for assistance for her brother. Within 5 minutes, her
    brother knocked on Melissa’s door and was no longer in any pain.

    2) During those next few weeks, Melissa also noticed a 50% improvement in her son’s learning
    behavior and speaking ability and that her daughter was not crying constantly nor emotionally
    traumatized anymore from the prior domestic violence in their household.

    3) Melissa said Dr. Savage’s assistant told her that she would be living with her brother and sister-in-
    law as at least a temporary solution to her dysfunctional family situation. In total disbelief, Melissa
    said her brother and she had not been talking to each other for over 2 years. Then sure enough, that’
    s what happened and Melissa reported that “our relationship is now wonderful – he helps with my
    children especially my son, Jay.” (And of course, that’s the brother who received a fringe benefit
    when Melissa got immediate help for his knee injury, reported above.

  • ROSIE This is the fortunate 33-year-old, single woman who heard about Philip Savage from a good
    friend and eventually was able to not only fix her own chronic health crisis, but also able to get life-
    saving help for Paddy, the Irish Cob (see “Arthritic Horse” page on, after which she
    was given the ability to take care of animals herself (which she did – see “Rosie’s Animal cases” on

    Rosie writes about her experience with Dr. Savage, which includes a short but life-changing statement
    about herself, her family and especially her two children: “I went to see Philip because I was sick,
    had always been so. All my life I had suffered from candida, which made me unresponsive and
    distant with deadened senses, and had tried everything that I came across to try and fix it. As my
    family have always told me, it’s like I was on another planet, like a misfit. I was debilitated and fairly
    dysfunctional; had always been teased for being sluggish and low on the uptake. People perceived me
    as stupid.

    Now, fourteen months after seeing Philip, my health is profoundly better, more vital and robust than
    I ever thought it could be. My eyesight is fully restore d from having to wear glasses all the time; now
    I can read small print all day, with no pain, and with no glasses! Also, I have vastly increased energy
    reserves, more stamina; my brain functions far better and the pain that I felt about my childhood has
    go ne.

    My relationships with both of my children are stronger, more beautiful and more rewarding. My
    sense of spirituality is greatly enhanced, enabling me to cope better with life. My brain is faster, more
    responsive and my common sense is sharper. Also, I have great rushes of exuberance and happiness
    and no longer have any cravings for sweet things. I feel feminine and no longer physically

  • HARRY: When Harry first heard about Philip Savage at an event hosted by a long-time friend and
    business partner, he realized he had an opportunity to change his whole life and possibly save the life
    of another friend who was dying in a hospital. As he researched the information about Philip Savage,
    the FireBurnDoctor, Harry called to ask for help.

    After it became clear that his dying friend’s family was not interested in help, Harry focused on his
    own problems, which were many, with his son’s two-year-long depression as his top priority. Harry’s
    22-year-old son, university graduate, professional athlete had suddenly lost his future career when
    funding for his sport (professional volleyball) was eliminated during the 2008 financial crisis. This
    young man hit the couch, his father’s, (and the drugs, his own) and basically stayed there engrossed
    in the TV for almost 2 years. Harry was distraught and at a loss at what to do next.

    Within days of speaking with Dr. Savage’s team, Harry’s son “woke up”, began talking about his life,
    and his dad asked if Dr. Savage had already done something. The answer: “Yes.” Soon the whole
    story was out, which included a life-long conflict with the mother of Harry’s son, who Harry was still
    supporting and “tortured” by. Eventually, Harry was able to finance his trip to see Dr. Savage and
    take care of himself, his family and his rapidly declining (previously very successful) business.

    The results of seeing Philip ONE time were astounding. The son traveled with Harry and met Dr.
    Savage personally. He returned a totally new person, with enormous (youthful) energy, an unfaltering
    determination to create his own business as a coach for college teams, a fitness expert and his part-
    time music business with a friend.

    The two days after Harry’s son got home, the two college teams he was coaching won their games.
    As each team was playing, Harry’s son was able to see (and “feel”) what Philip was doing to
    “enhance” those teams, something akin to “legal steroids” was actually happening. Before he left,
    Harry’s son explained that the team for which he was head coach had absolutely no chance of
    winning, that he was just glad they were in the competition and hoping they played well. The other
    team for which Harry’s son was assistant coach did have a slight chance to win but was definitely not
    expected to do so. Amazingly, BOTH teams won those game, and Harry’s son knew why.

    As the months continued, Harry’s entire family (and business) completely changed. The mother (who
    Dr. Savage processed from a distance) moved back to be nearer Harry and the son, the son
    reconciled completely with the mother, Harry eventually married the mother of his 24-year-old son,
    they all moved to a happier situation, the son’s business ventures became very successful, and Harry
    (see report under “business” below) saw his professional film production contracts triple and three of
    his properties sell quickly and for near-full value (in a very unfavorable market). Most important for
    Harry, was the “restoration” of his family, especially his one and only most beloved adult son.

  • SOPHIE: This 23-year-old woman heard about Philip Savage from her new boyfriend, who told her,
    “I know someone who can help you.” Those words turned out to be a huge understatement.

    Sophie had been abused (physically and emotionally) by her mother, father and grandparents within
    an outwardly “successful” family life. Eventually, when the mother left on her own personal
    adventure with a new boyfriend (resulting in a formal divorce with Sophie’s father), Sophie was left
    with a depressed father, a drug-addict, gambling teenage brother and a late-in-life 9-year-old third
    child of her parents. Sophie was expected to “step into” the role of the mother while Sophie was
    finishing university, working part-time and trying to escape her horrendous emotional prison.

    When she was 23, Sophie left on a vacation to “think about” what to do with her life (secretly hoping
    to never return home). And that’s when she met her new boyfriend who wound up “saving her life”
    (and is still with her 6+ years later). After researching the online information, Sophie called to ask for
    an appointment At that time, she was full of hate, anger, depression, confusion, and fury over her
    horrible (and unfair) situation. She loved her younger sister, but completely resented being forced into
    the role of “mother”. She never wanted to see her own mother again, and was financially dependent
    on (and furious about) her father, who was visibly sinking into a wasted life of work, alcohol and TV.
    She wanted to go to graduate school, yet really wanted to travel all over the world which she knew
    she couldn’t do unless she abandoned her younger sister.

    Immediately after seeing Dr. Savage the first time (literally upon leaving his office), Sophie was
    leaping with happiness, clarity, laughing, feeling so grateful and relieved of burden for hours and then
    days of enhanced focus and resolution of conflict, a new sense of purpose and meaning, and never-
    before-experienced happiness and joy. Sophie was one of those brilliant academics (biologist) who
    never believed in anything, except that everything dies and that’s it. She was always terrified of dying
    and mostly of missing out on life.

    Over the next months, Sophie learned (quickly) SO much from her new studies and experiences of
    what Philip Savage gave her (and her boyfriend who knew Dr. Savage since he was 13 years old).
    Her life changed completely, a 180 degree turn-around, where she is now a successful journalist,
    reconciled with both parents within an appropriate distance determined by herself, proud and pleased
    with the upbringing (which she did) of her sister who is happy, successful in school and social life and
    on-target for the university, and most important totally free of the fear that had crippled and all the
    horrors that came from it (hate, anger, depression, etc. ALL gone). She now lives with a new-found
    power, ability and sense of the sacred that she never had access to before Philip gave her a new life;
    she’s happily living it to the fullest.