Results of SDI Intervention for Chronic and Immediate  Crises

People who receive Philip’s processing are immediately enhanced and so is their business, as this report
from a clinical neuropsychologist indicates .

  • Mr. T. was a multi-millionaire businessman diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer’s, who after  
    five years, became less and less able to manage his relatively complex business affairs. He was slow
    to retrieve information, could barely walk with constant help, and was capable only of speaking two
    or three words before a long pause. His cognitive abilities continued to decline with cognitive
    impairment notable for severe memory dysfunction as well as dysfluent aphasia characterized by
    limited abilities to speak spontaneously. Eventually a conservator was assigned by a court to manage
    his affairs.  

    Just after seeing Dr. Savage, Mr. T’s doctor summarized the dramatic results of his testing:

    “Mr. T ’s overall level of cognitive function has improved dramatically…. He has exhibited a marked
    improvement in his ability to express himself spontaneously… to be cognizant of the fundamental
    issues relating to the operation of his business and the possibility of replacing his conservator.”  

    In fact, Mr. T’s wife reported that Mr. T. had stood up in court at the last hearing and very loudly
    declared to the judge that he wanted his business back! Shocked, the judge called for a recess and the
    battle for the business began. Mr. T. spoke full sentences and said the conservator was not doing a
    good job.

    Mr. T’s neuropsychologist quotes Mr. T. who said: “She is fighting with us and instigating everyone.
    She has messed up most of the business operations. She is interfering in the business. She should not
    be there if she is going to create lots of anxiety…. Her behavior is devastating. She went to fighting
    with most of the people who work for me. She has been selling our buildings and I am fighting with
    her. She is harassing everybody. She is going in there and she is giving people a hard time.”  

    When asked what he wanted to do about this, Mr. T. said, “I would like my wife to take the job!
    Number one, she knows how to do the business. She knows how to make friends and she really
    controls the business and makes our operations flow easy, she knows how to run the business,” and
    added that his wife has been taking care of him all of the time since he has been sick.

    Apparent to everyone, including himself, Mr. T. was getting better. He said, “My ability to remember
    more, my thin k ing is quicker than it use d to be, a nd my memory is good. I used to talk very slow,
    I can now talk about everything , and also able to talk with someone to get enough clearness … .
    Also, I like having my wife around to help me.”  

    Mr. T’s recovery was truly dramatic. He began attending events and at one of his own parties was
    telling stories and dancing with his friends. His wife was amazed and thrilled, reporting that her
    husband has exhibited significant changes in his behavior. She says that he has demonstrated
    increased intellectual curiosity and was up all night one night exploring all of the drawers and papers
    in his bedroom. He was filled with energy despite the fact that his medications hadn’t changed in any
    way. His ability to speak and interact with her and his grandchildren has dramatically improved,
    giving him a great deal of happiness.

    She said he has also shown signs of interest in sexual activities, which totally shocked her. Mr. T.
    was clearly back to living his life, all within weeks of seeing Dr. Savage for the first time.

    (Report from Neuro-psychologist Dr. D. Jacobsen, PhD, ABPP)