Tested at University of California, San Diego, Neurobiology Program, La Jolla, California
Alpha Band increased 30-40 TIMES during Dr. Savage "processing" (healing) activity.
This phenomenon has never been observed before (or since) in a human brain.
FACT: In 1991, Philip Savage (along with the famous TV host Patrick Sabatier) was the INNOCENT victim of
a vicious Politically-motivated PERSECUTION by France. (See background documents on www.thulea.org).

  • FACT: Most importantly, Dr. Philip Savage is not and NEVER was a "fugitive from justice" in any country. (He is the champion of
    Justice and all persecuted peoples.) In 1991, he was a "persecuted Holy Man" (a refugee in exile like the Dalai Lama), who had to
    seek political asylum in the U.S. to protect his life. While Dr. Savage was in Greenland setting up a therapeutic center there, the
    Marxist French government of Francois Mitterand FALSELY charged Philip Sauvage with "practicing medicine without a license"
    and "persuading credulous people of the existence of the imaginary", which is called "fraud" in France. "Fraud" in the U.S., as in most
    countries, has a different meaning, and implies monetary fraud. The French knew this twist of the word and used it intentionally in
    their schemes against Philip Sauvage. Of course, as everyone knew then (and now), Mr. Sauvage never "practiced medicine"
    anywhere... Moreover, he CAN prove that the "existence of a higher power" is not imaginary! As the revenge of Francois Mitterand
    (from the "near-fatal clash" with Sauvage mentioned above, whereby Mr. Sauvage refused to take care of Mitterand who was dying
    of cancer), the French government got Interpol to issue a warrant for his arrest on those ludicrous false charges. Instead of returning to
    France where his life was now at risk, Mr. Sauvage left Greenland and sought political asylum in Canada and then in the U.S., where
    the FALSE CHARGES and the French conspiracy against him was brought to light in 1993 by U.S. Federal Judge Moskowitz, who
    clearly saw it for what it was: Sauvage was the victim of French religious, cultural and political persecution, and exonerated by Judge
    Moskowitz as the Holy Man of the ancient Celtic Druidic tradition that he is.
  1. FACT: In his 1993 legal decision, U.S. Judge Barry Moskowitz clearly pointed out that there never were "hundreds of
    complaints from people who had not been healed," that no one had been "cheated" out of money, that the only complaint the
    French government produced evidence of had been forced and was later retracted, and that "there was no evidence of fraud"
    and, furthermore, even if there had been evidence presented, Judge Moskowitz said the charges made against Sauvage by
    the French government were not fraud and were not a crime in the U.S., but rather were activities fully protected
    by the U.S. Constitution First Amendment as the legitimate practice of religion, culture and freedom of thought
    and speech.
  2. FACT: Judge Moskowitz also declared that Philip Sauvage did not "flee the country" (of France), nor enter the U.S. unlawfully,
    but rather was a REFUGEE coming from Greenland, fleeing illegal persecution by the French government. In fact, in 1991,
    Sauvage had a current French passport to travel throughout Europe and the Americas under the visa waiver program. Had he
    shown that passport at the border, he would have been immediately detained by French agents, who were ordered to eliminate
    him. (Having worked for years as French undercover special agent, Sauvage knew exactly what would have happened to him -
    he would have never gotten to France alive).
  3. FACT: In 1995, Mitterand's French government tried one more time to eliminate Sauvage by holding a farcical trial against him,
    his French organization and the TF1 television show host, Patrick Sabatier, and his TV producer who invited Sauvage as their
    special guest in 1990. Knowing that Mr. Sauvage could not attend that trial without losing his U.S. political asylum claim, the
    French court was able to find him guilty, not of fraud, but of not showing up for the trial (in absentia). In France, in absentia
    convictions carry the fullest penalty, which the French knew would mean Sauvage could not return to France for 5 years, until
    the false conviction was removed from the record (which was eventually done in 2001).  Everyone else at that farcical trial
    received either charges dropped or suspended sentences, proving again that the entire so-called legal debacle was aimed at
    persecuting Mr. Sauvage... which Judge Moskowitz had already determined and ruled on two years before.
  4. FACT: However, the damage to Sauvage by Mitterand's French government had already been done and resulted in 6 more
    years of torment, harassment and false accusations by the ignorant U.S. immigration lawyers trying to defend their mistaken and
    illegal treatment of Sauvage in the U.S. Eventually, these corrupt INS lawyers and agents made a bureaucratic mistake and
    illegally deported Sauvage, then covered their mistake by falsifying the removal documents and submitting those false
    documents to the federal courts. Those are some of the false statements repeated by the dumb BBC reporters who did not
    even notice that they were citing an opposition lawyer's brief rather than the Supreme Court of the U.S. Had they known that
    the immigration lawyers statements were lies, the BBC reporters might not have quoted them. For instance, Philip Sauvage has
    never broken any law against bigamy, as incorrectly printed by the BBC. Nor did the U.S. Supreme Court ever deny any
    petition made by Philip Sauvage.
  5. FACT: Catharsis lawyers informed the BBC of these and other false representations well before they broadcast their slander
    show. The BBC producers had sufficient time to correct their mistakes and didn't do so. They are fully and legally
    responsible for their inaccurate, biased and libelous reporting in 2006, and are still libel for the defamatory online article they
    continue to publish.

FACT: In 2001, Philip Savage was UNLAWFULLY deported by U.S. INS, who broke the law and falsified
removal documents to do it. (ALL original falsified documents available for inspection.)

  • FACT: While Philip Sauvage's legitimate and documented political asylum claims were still pending in three US courts, the INS
    immigration agents broke federal and international law, violated local regulations and falsified documents to remove him as part of their
    general over-zealous post-9/11 sweep in November 2001. The Washington Post reports intense bi-partisan SUPPORT from
    Congress to stop the illegal deportation, but it came too late. The bureaucratic blunder had already happened, Philip had already been
    swept away on the next plane to Paris, thus creating a 10-year nightmare for Philip Sauvage and his four young American children, all
    innocent victims of the brutal incompetence of the U.S. INS immigration.
  • FACT: Philip's life-threatening removal to France brought years of severe hardship and trauma to everyone involved. The U.S. State
    Department, who vigorously opposed his deportation, monitored Philip's situation to make sure no physical harm came to him or his
    family.  As a result, the French officials guaranteed his safety, and in fact met him in Paris with welcoming open arms and courtesy due
    to his renowned stature and law enforcement background.
  • FACT: In March 2001, the French government had issued Mr Sauvage a new current French passport, removing ALL traces of their
    previous false charges against him, making it perfectly legal to return to France or travel anywhere else in the world, except America.
    The 10-year US bar from the INS forced his unbearable and continued separation from his young American children, until that bar
    finally ended in September 2011.
  • FACT: In March 2004, Catharsis opened an office in Switzerland where Dr. Savage continues to meet regularly with supporters,
    students and patients from all over the world.

FACT: In 2006, the Incompetent BBC is caught LYING (again) when their Vicious Slander is Proven Wrong
by the Simple Documented FACTS.

  • FACT: In 2006, the criminal British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) was warned by Catharsis lawyers to NOT broadcast the
    "inaccuracies and misrepresentations" about Philip Sauvage that they had produced. Instead, the BBC reporters turned what was to
    be a 10-minute news segment on a "remarkable healer" into an hour-long slanderous TV "witch-hunt". Then, in 2009, Catharsis
    complained that their online summary of the slander show was outdated, illegal defamation that they should remove from their website.
    BBC lawyers refused to remove the online article, and instead intentionally highlighted what they knew was false reporting, slander
    and defamation.
  • FACT: The two people interviewed in the BBC slander show who complained either never met Dr. Savage (Pier, see below) or didn't
    contribute anything to Catharsis (Grant, see below). None of those interviewed, who had actually met Dr. Savage, ever complained
    that his "processing" didn't work. In the case of the libelous couple, the wife didn't contribute anything and the husband got what he
    wanted - a divorce (to the serious disgruntlement of the wife). In the case of the elderly woman the BBC portrayed as some "poor old
    lady," what a joke. Rhoda was a very dear friend of Alison for years - as a real adopted granny to her young children. This woman
    never met Dr. Savage and, although wanting his help, didn't want to pay for it. When Rhoda said that to the unscrupulous BBC
    reporters, they twisted her statements into a complaint and an attack on her friend, which it was never meant to be, and which Rhoda
    never knew anything about. In the case of the drug dealer from West Devon, Jenny went to Dr. Savage to "help the Earth", which had
    nothing to do with an ear infection. And Grant, who lied about paying anything to Catharsis (which he didn't), was told that his friend
    would have to call to get help for his son, whether in person or from a distance. All of these cases are documented on videotape by
    Catharsis. Had the BBC reporters actually wanted to know what people had to say about Dr. Savage's abilities to "heal", they could
    have easily researched and interviewed the many satisfied people in Southwest England who did meet Dr. Savage and had been
    dramatically helped by him. The BBC didn't do that. The few people they did interview who had glowing and positive things to say,
    the BBC did not feature on their show. Nor did they ask Catharsis officers for data or information. Instead, they broadcast and
    published a story with their completely wrong opinion as a title, and then passed it off to their unsuspecting public as "news."
  • FACT: The real story behind the 2006 BBC slander show is that it was false, biased and illegal journalism from the very beginning.
    And there was a reason for this, which no one knew until after the show had been broadcast. Christian Forlani's very wealthy father
    (also father of Hollywood actress Claire Forlani) and former scandalous business partner of Christian's godfather, Pete Townshend,
    successfully persuaded (paid) his old cronies at the BBC management to hire actors and trick the British supporters of Philip Sauvage
    (including 75-year-old philanthropist Mr. Layton)! The personal agenda of the BBC reporters who actually produced the show was
    to make a sensational "witch-hunt" documentary that they could then sell to other networks as "news" - which they actually did, to the
    shock of one TV station when they found out the show was not true and subject to a defamation lawsuit. To do this, the BBC had the
    lies of Christian's father to base their false story on. Pier Forlani did not travel 7000 miles to "fetch his son". Christian was a 36 years
    old drug addict who lived in England his entire life. His father moved to the U.S. when Christian was a teenager, leaving him in
    England. Christian had gone to Dr. Savage for help in 2005 and was completely recovered from drugs and alcohol addiction in one
    weekend, what he calls "rehab without rehab." Read Christian's story here and see his 2014 video update here. Christian was not
    suicidal as the BBC reported, nor did he agree to meet his father's so-called "counselor". He was forced by his father and soon
    escaped to safety, leaving his father furious.  
  • FACT: Christian's father then stated publicly that he would try to destroy Dr. Savage and his organization. Instead of helping to pay
    for his son's  recovery from 20 years of alcohol and drug addiction as he had promised to do, Pier Forlani became very alarmed by
    the awakened memories Christian was having of his father's illegal pornography and violent abuse during Christian's early childhood.
    Simply put, Pier Forlani attempted to silence and discount, publicly and forever, his son Christian, and all the people who helped him
    recover. And the BBC's slimy reporters agreed to help him do that, falsely presenting their story as "news". Tremendous damage and
    loss has occurred from Pier Forlani's criminal actions, for which Christian has filed civil and criminal charges against his father.
    Hundreds of innocent people suffering or dying were afraid to seek help from Dr. Savage because they believed the slanderous lies
    that were produced and perpetrated by the unethical, irresponsible, criminal BBC reporters. The BBC tabloid is actually sponsored
    by the UK government, who fortunately has since received bitter and unrelenting criticism from all sides, forcing a restructuring of the
    BBC so-called "news" department and firing of their chief, Mark Thompson. As CEO of BBC, Mr. Thompson was personally
    responsible for continuing to publish defamatory falsehoods about Dr. Savage on the BBC website, even after having seen with his
    own eyes the overwhelming evidence and documentation (i.e. 1000+ FireBurnDoctor reports, medically documented Broken Neck
    story, Video documentation of horse recovered from crippling arthritis, etc. etc.) proving that Philip Savage is indeed a "REAL
    Healer", contrary to the lies their online slander continues to make their readers believe.
  • FACT: The criminal BBC reporters, cameramen and editors are completely guilty of inadequate research and fact-finding, wire-
    tapping, misrepresentation, entrapment using actors, lying to witnesses, invasion of privacy, writing and broadcasting an hour-long
    libelous TV show, and continuing to publish defamatory, false information online, while knowing it to be untrue. In 2006, they were
    warned by Catharsis lawyers to NOT publish the TV program due to "gross inaccuracies" and "misrepresentation of historical facts"
    and if they did, Catharsis and the victims damaged by their show would sue them. The BBC went ahead and knowingly broadcast
    their sensationalist slander anyway and even won an award by the British Crown for their dirty lies!
  • FACT: The BBC knowingly lied about the Burn Study.  In 1998, Dr. Jane Dillon, Ph.D. from the University of California,
    conducted a three-month "Pilot Burn Study" at the Grossman Burn Center in Sherman Oaks, California, with permission from Dr.
    Grossman to work with Burn Center pediatrician, Dr. Matt Young. The results of this study were unprecedented in that the 5
    severely burned children treated by Philip Savage recovered in record time, required little or no grafting or pain medication and had no
    scarring, while the 5 severely burned children who received only the normal cares from the burn center suffered pain, infection and
    grafting, were hospitalized for longer periods of time, and in two cases of fire burn, the two children actually died. (The tragedy of
    these two deaths happened because the burn center staff would not contact Savage's team).   When the BBC reporters investigated
    this remarkable story, they did not interview Dr. Dillon or Dr. Young, nor did they request to see their evidence. Instead, they filmed
    the owner of the Burn Center, Dr. Peter Grossman, giving his contradictory opinions on what happened at the time the Burn Study
    was conducted in 1998. First, Dr. Grossman stated, in the same interview, that Dr. Dillon's study had never happened at all. Minutes
    later, he stated that all Dr. Dillon did was "ask to pray for the patients" and denied the unusual positive results from Philip Savage's
    treatment that was documented by Grossman Burn Center staff physician Dr. Matt Young. Had the BBC reporters been interested in
    facts, they would have asked Dr. Grossman how Dr. Dillon knew the names, birthdates, place of birth, date/time and extent of injury
    of the five children in the Philip Savage treatment group if the Burn Study never happened. They would have also asked why then if
    "all they did was pray", did the 5 "treated children" heal so much better (as documented in their own hospital records) than the 5
    children who were not treated by Philip Savage? The BBC never did that research and instead broadcast and published the easy lies
    of Dr. Grossman, who no doubt had been advised by his attorneys to "deny everything" for fear of a lawsuit from their patients
    involved in the Burn Study, from whom Dr. Grossman had neglected to obtain human subjects permission.
  • FACT: The BBC knowingly lied about the "Healed of AIDS" story. Buz Crump suffered from AIDS/HIV for 10 years until Dr.
    Savage took care of him, which was documented by two independent laboratory test results showing that Mr. Crump's viral load
    suddenly decreased from 26,000 copies to less than 50 copies, overnight! To confirm that this "healing" was the result of Philip
    Savage's treatment, Mr. Crump's personal physician reported that there had been no change to Buz Crump's drug regimen. When
    the BBC investigated this dramatic "healed of AIDS by Philip Savage" story, they did not call or interview Buz Crump, his personal
    physician, or the American laboratory doctors who documented the decrease in Mr. Crump's viral load. Instead, the "biased" BBC
    reporters asked a spokeswoman (not a doctor) from some British AIDS research center to comment on the two independent lab
    reports. Her non-medical opinion was that the reports were not true because an immediate reduction of viral load was impossible
    unless there had been a change in drugs. Rather than report the medical evidence from the scientific laboratory reports, the BBC
    reporters-with-an-agenda broadcast this woman's ignorant defamation (lies for which she undoubtedly receives in exchange, prestige
    and a paycheck from the so-called AIDS research center).
  • FACT: The BBC knowingly lied about Philip Savage's legal status in the US and Political Persecution by France in 1991-
    1995. In 2006, Catharsis lawyers informed the BBC of these and other false representations well before they broadcast their slander
    show. The BBC producers had sufficient time to correct their mistakes and didn't do so. They are fully and legally responsible for
    their inaccurate, biased and libelous reporting in 2006, and are still libel for the defamatory online article they continue to publish, for
    which the statute of limitations has not even begun to run out, as the article is still doing damage worldwide every single day it appears
  • FACT: The BBC violated every aspect of Editorial Standards, privacy law, and common decency. Since 2006, the BBC has
    continued to publish the lies they created by posting their libelous online article on their website to this day. When in 2009, over a
    period of a full year, Catharsis continuously confronted the BBC with the crimes they committed in producing their slander story, and
    which they continue to commit by posting it online, BBC management, including CEO Mark Thompson, and the BBC legal
    department refused to change, compensate or remove the article. Instead, their legal department advised rearranging the article to
    highlight their falsehoods and lies. In the long run, the BBC refusal to remove their lies, comply with legal justice, and publicly
    apologize for this ongoing gross criminal act of slander and intentional defamation will only serve to help the Catharsis legal action
    against the BBC. Every day the online article appears on the website, is another delay in the statute of limitations to sue the
    slanderous, lying, corrupt corporation BBC for enough money to put them out of business for good.
  • NOTE: Defamation, slander and libel are crimes. It should be obvious that anyone who reads and believes the VICIOUS
    FALSE BBC online article should refrain from wasting their (and our) time calling us for help. Such people's level of intelligence is
    clearly too low to qualify for any consideration from Dr. Savage or his team. We have provided some of these historical facts for the
    people who support Dr. Savage and his work, so they have a basic understanding of just how vile the BBC article is and why
    Catharsis is pursuing defamation lawsuits against the BBC and other perpetrators of these lies, including anyone (in person or online)
    who repeats the slander and libel, who are also guilty of defamation.

FACT: In 2006, Dr. Philip Savage began media campaign to prove the Truth with global free Fire Burn tests:
Expose the Un-Truth, by scientific means, once and for all.

  • Philip Savage's immediate response to the BBC's slimy slander in 2006 was scientific (and brilliant): Dr. Savage offered to prove it to
    them and the world -- for FREE. Test him on fire burn victims anywhere in the world. Watch what happens to people severely burned
    by fire after they are processed from a distance with his Subliminal Distant Influentiality (SDI) treatment, for free. Film the absolutely
    impossible dramatic elimination of pain, accelerated restoration of skin, no grafting, no scarring and no trauma. Cover the stories and
    document the people who go back to work and normal life in record time. Broadcast these results, hundreds a day, for week after
    week, until everyone is satisfied something extremely extraordinary has happened. Then reap the unprecedented ratings reward for the
    media outlet with the exclusive story. The short-sighted tabloid BBC not only missed the truth, they missed their chance at the real
    news, which the FireBurnDoctor has since provided as an "answer for the world" since 2009: More than 1250 "Instantly Recovered"
    burn victims from 52 countries worldwide, whose pain was gone in minutes and burn erased in hours (!) after Distant Subliminal
    Neuro-Bypass (DSNB) processing by Dr. Savage and his team.
  • The point of all Dr. Savage's tests, experiments and health cases is to PROVE, by scientific means, the existence of a higher power,
    accessible to us in crises. Tests on fire burn victims are particularly valuable because the results are immediate, always 100%
    successful, and very visible -- the audience can SEE the seemingly miraculous recovery on camera right in front of their eyes.
  • Amazing 2009 video, FREE Fire Burn Tests PSA, shows the world exactly what to do when someone is burned by fire: Just call, text
    or email the FireBurnDoctor (Philip Savage) at 1-818-332-6445 or fireburndoctor@aol.com, IMMEDIATELY, within 30 minutes of
    exposure to fire. Spell NAME, PLACE of birth and DATE of birth of burned victim. Text a photograph if possible. Watch or
    videotape the immediate DRAMATIC results  Nothing to lose, everything to gain.
  • Recent 2015 documentation in the award-winning film RUSH, tells the story of the dramatic Instant Burn Recoveries with a number of
    eyewitnesses telling their remarkable stories. Not only do these astonishing accounts reveal without any further question, the disgusting
    FALSEHOODS and blatant, intentional LIES of the BBC, against this beloved "Scientific Miracle Maker" and the thousands of burn
    victims and people he has so humbly helped, RUSH also documents the most dramatic cases of impossible immediate recoveries of
    people and animals suffering from near-death car accidents, life-long drug abuse, crippling arthritis, and unfair divorce settlements.

FACT: In 2010, Dr. Philip Savage, the Bio-Matrix Hacker, explains how he is Breaking into the Bio-
Continuum to Upload Compatible "Bio-Reparative" Softwares. (Read more than 1300 "Instantly Recovered"
Burn Cases documenting his 100% results on www.fireburndoctor.com)

  • In 2010, using the commonly-understood analogy of computers, software and worldwide Internet, Dr. Philip Savage is finally able to
    describe how he manages to generate the kind of bewildering results he's succeeded to produce for over 25 years, on fire burns, and
    also on all kinds of health cases, addiction, accidents, etc on thousands and thousands of human and animal subjects.
  • Describing himself as the "Bio-Matrix Hacker" and his technology as the way to break into the "Bio-Fields continuum" (the "Matrix")
    that interconnects us all with one another (and with all living organisms) like a global "bio-internet," he explains how he "writes a new
    specific bio-program with appropriate bio-algorithms that resolves and corrects a specific person's problem (a burn injury, for
    instance)" just as a computer expert can write a program to fix and resolve the specific software problem of a crashed computer.
  • Dr Savage then "hacks" the bio-matrix so he can upload the program, where it will be automatically downloaded immediately to the
    individual "computer" (the person) that has experienced the crisis. He explains: "Just as in the internet analogy where the information
    itself is stored everywhere and nowhere in the same time, but nevertheless can be accessed by each and every individual computer in
    the world, all living creatures on earth are interconnected to one another in some sort of a bio-web. Similarly, all the people's
    individual consciousness also works in a higher and collective networking pattern in a form of psycho-web (the "Psycho-Fields" theory
    and the "Jungian Collective Unconscious" theory in modern science.)
  • For example, in a fireburn injury scenario, Dr Savage's new program will, in 100% of cases, immediately provoke a neuro-bypass that
    successfully keeps our brain from sending the wrong message to our defense and immune systems. In a severe pathology situation,
    even in cases of so-called "incurable disease," the whole protocol is very similar (although infinitely more complex and time
    consuming), yet works in reverse: Rather than to inhibit deleterious self-destructive physiological processes as in burn injuries, he must
    instead write a specific new program to release and to engage extremely potent defense and immune processes and mechanisms
    which were either lethally blocked or not accurately programmed and calibrated.
  • Prior to writing and "installing" this new program on the person's behalf, there was very little chance that he or she could successfully
    fight and win against toxemic, infectious, autoimmune or oncogenic agents. When the software is inadequate or corrupted the
    computer cannot work or it crashes. When he installs new compatible and totally "bug free" softwares, as well as a new potent
    "antivirus" after doing a  "hard reset" or "reformatting," Dr Savage's patients then experience those astonishing, unprecedented,
    successful results, even in the most "incurable" cases, for which he is renowned for more than 25 years in Europe and America.

UPDATE and WARNING:   Read ALL this History BEFORE you speak about THE Most Controversial Figure of THIS Century!

DR. PHILIP SAVAGE, Ph.D., The "Amazing Fire Burn Doctor"

Setting the Historical Record Straight... from 25 years ago!

How the Simple FACTS Expose,
1) the Ignorant BBC SLANDER (10 years old!),  
2) Brutal French Political PERSECUTION (25 years ago), and
3) the UNLAWFUL deportation by the U.S. Immigration Department, INS (15 years ago)

NOTE: Dr. Savage has been freely living, traveling, and meeting with clients in Europe since 2001 to the present,
in the USA from 1992-2001, in Greenland and Canada in 1991-1992, and in France from 1961-1991.
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