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S y n o p s i s

Burn injuries statistically account for more deaths worldwide than
HIV/AIDS...especially in children. The FireburnDoctor Team are a "grassroots"
group of professional volunteers offering a FREE (and always will be) humanitarian
service for burn injuries that is eradicating the needless suffering from burns
worldwide with a profound technology that provokes the body to fix minutes
and from a distance. The origins of DSNB (Distant Subliminal Neuro - Bypassing)
comes from ancient American traditions (Celtic and Native American).

Consistently in over 1300+ cases from 50 US states, 56 countries worldwide, people
are reporting the same results through calling the FireBurnDoctor. Pain is gone in
minutes, the blisters and red marks disappear in hours and in severe cases, just
days. No cost, no "product", no placebo, no risk and no scars.  Results the medical,
scientific and alternative communities cannot produce. This is the only work of its
kind in the world, the science of the unconscious mind producing physical proof
under medical, scientific and media scrutiny.

Several audio testimonials included.

B i o

Irish, former UK RN, (84' - '94) Alison McDermott became disillusioned with
mainstream 'healthcare', leaving the NHS to learn natural health modalities,
travelling extensively in Europe, Canada and the US.

Alison met the founder of FireburnDoctor 11 years ago, became a student of his
work and has witnessed his medically impossible results on hundreds of animals
and people, including herself and her children.

Since then she has been helping to get the world out worldwide about the
FireburnDoctor Team which aims to wipe out the world statistics on burns and give
the public direct, physical proof ...

Mother of two teenagers, Alison now resides in Northern Los Angeles County.

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