Philip Savage, Ph.D., is a scientist, paleontologist, criminologist, former
undercover special agent, youngest lieutenant of his generation and unique
cultural figure from Brittany (France). He comes from the direct matriarchal
lineage of Ancient Hyperborean (Celtic, Greenlandic) tradition. Dr. Savage is the
founder of the advanced science of Subliminal Distant Influentiality (SDI) and is
renowned in the US and Europe as the mind power expert able to resolve
life-threatening health crises in thousands of cases, producing unprecedented
results from a distance or in person. He is the author of many books and articles
and the subject of innumerable press, radio and TV presentations.

SDI advanced mind control science is non-physical, non-therapeutic, non-
pharmaceutical and painless. It has been tested and validated for more than
twenty-five years by medical professionals, universities, laboratories, media and
most recently in global public experiments on burns and shingles. SDI is used for
health, enhancement, morphogenic transformation, success in legal, business and
family crises, and most potently, against terrorism. The results are precise,
efficient, laser-like and certain. It is the most powerful technology in the world.



Dr. Philip Savage, PhD

"The most valuable movie
you will see this year"

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Everyone needs relief, enhancement, improvement, a "reset," more of something;
another chance, safety, security, money, time, health, happiness, purpose, meaning,
success. Or simply to access and use more than 10% of their brain, their senses,
abilities and powers!

    "Whether you are eighty years old or whether you are seven years old,
    you just need a complete transformation; you just need to break free from
    your own cultural prison. Well, I can do that upon people. But better, I can
    teach people to do that upon others."   ~ Dr. Philip Savage ~

Dr. Savage has an unparalleled track record, repeated visual proof under strict
scientific medical scrutiny, and is the only one who can do what he does. His
requirements are: 1) permission (from the client), and 2) a substantial material
contribution to his Eco-humanitarian projects (reciprocity). Then he is able to bring
concrete results on any agreed-upon contract or assignment.

It's up to us to use him. We are using him. You can too: scientists, governments,
individuals, families, businesses and social/political groups.

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Results are precise,
efficient, laser-like and

Dr. Jane Dillon, PhD  
President of Catharsis
This website offers PROOF to the public -
visible, scientific, certain proof, on their
own bodies - that SDI works.
"SDI is the most powerful technology in the world.
"Philip Savage is unique, there's no doubt
about it. We need no more proof. We have all
the proof we need. It's up to us to use him."
                                       ~ Dr. Jane Dillon, PhD ~

I. Security - National, International, Private:  SDI offers governments and
citizens unlimited possibilities to accomplish social and political assignments
and non-lethal military strategies. Examples include removing terrorists,
making criminals tell the truth, stopping threats before they happen, targeting
hotspots. Dr. Savage says,
“I cannot think of a person or a group of persons
working together toward a specific goal or toward some material outcome, who
would not benefit from using my subliminal influence technologies to bring about
a complete change of attitude (political, commercial or personal) of some targeted
individual or individuals."

II. Earth: Project IMAGO is the ultimate step in Quantum Biocybernetic
, the evolutionary leap to humanity’s higher  consciousness that is
long overdue. The first prototype of IMAGO transmutational pyramids can be
constructed and secured in just 6 months. Dr. Philip Savage uses an even more
advanced application of SDI mind control technology that requires physical
materials and cybernetic substances for processing people to their fully
evolved potential, bringing the long-awaited “cosmic” paradigm shift necessary
for humanity to survive on Earth.

III. Health: Philip Savage's Subliminal Distant Influentiality (SDI) brings
immediate, dramatic change, catharsis – individual, societal, international,
environmental. Specializes in Genomics (changing dna), Cellular Anagenesis
(reverse aging), MCC - Morphogenic Composite-Ideogram Cybernetics (reduce
crime), and teaching private clients and qualified student candidates how to
use the power of subliminal mind control.
Video Introduction to Philip Savage
"I have personally observed a series of most impressive biorestorations by
Philip Savage, including recovery from advanced brain cancer, coronary
artery disease and virulent shingles (herpes zoster). Contemplation of these
essentially inexplicable clinical outcomes prompted my decision to further
explore Mr. Savage's remarkable work and the possible underlying
mechanisms of his
mind power technology called "Subliminal
that can be employed to recover health or for the purpose of
modifying a person's thoughts and behaviors at a distance.   
           ~ Dr. Dee Jacobsen, PhD, ABCN, Clinical Neuropsychologist ~
I didn’t realize what a huge
painful burden it was and how
much it had been dragging me
down until Philip took care of me
and it was gone. Tell people he’s
a bargain!!!”     ~ Toni Bourke ~
Car Crash: Tad Dodge neck was broken in a
near-fatal car crash. After SDI processing, he was
walking the first day and back to work in one week,
with full range of motion within one month. (Fully
documented at UCLA medical center.)
Drug Addiction:  Christian Forlani, brother of Hollywood
actress Claire Forlani was a violent drug and alcohol
addict for 20 years. After SDI, he was drug-free, suffering
no pain and no withdrawals, with no "rehab."
Arthritis Horse:  Paddy, 19-year-old Irish Cob crippled
with arthritis for three years, RUNNING around the field,
pain-free, FIVE minutes after one Subliminal Distant
Influence (SDI) treatment. (Live video doc
Child Sexual Abuse Trauma:  Toni (above) and
Jeremy Newman, a 41 year old world-record tri-athlete,
sexually and physically abused as a child, was FREE
from life-long pain and trauma after one SDI treatment.
HIV/AIDS:  Buz Crump suffered from HIV/AIDS for 10
years. After seeing Dr. Savage once, Mr. Crump's viral
load suddenly dropped from 36,000 copies to less than
50, without any change in medication or diet. (See Lab
Corp test results
here.)  Global public experiment using
Distant Subliminal Neuro- Bypass (DSNB) technology on
burns. 1500+ burn cases from 58 countries and 50 US
states, ALL with the same amazing results: Pain gone in
minutes, burn erased in hours. Global FREE "Instant Burn
Recovery."   Call
+1-818-332-6445 within first 30 minutes
of exposure to fire.  See FBD website
Save the number, save a life
ShinglesDoctor: Using the same FireBurnDoctor DSNB
technology on virus (herpes zoster). Results for Mary:
"It was amazing. After 5 minutes the pain was
completely gone from my head, the itching and pain
around the rash was very much less and the area of
the rash itself was reduced."
Call +1 818-332-6445
within 24 hours. (See Live VIDEO documentation.)
SDI - The Advanced Scientific Solution to the
Three Global Crises Facing Humanity
"People actively exposed to my subliminal procedure are driven
to do, unconsciously, things they otherwise would not do, or vice versa,
not do things they otherwise would do."     ~ Dr. Philip Savage ~
Brain Mapping of Philip Savage from University of California San Diego
Neurobiology Program. Results were considered “Unprecedented” when the
Alpha Band Power increased 30 to 40 TIMES from resting mode to processing
mode. Scientists said this phenomenon has never been seen in human
beings, only in large sea mammals.
Exclusive Interview with Dr. Philip Savage    click here